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Lightning just struck outside. It has been raining for about three hours now. Since Al and Frank came over. We'd discussed our options: to follow him, or to wait until he returns. We'd decided on the latter. Alice had seen that it was pouring and asked if they could spend the night. I'd conjured up a bed for them to sleep on.

Currently, I am comforting James, who has been crying since we decided to stay.

"Hey, honey," I say, lifting his chin. He looks at me with sad, puppy dog eyes. I hug him. "Everything will be fine, love."

Suddenly, I hear a faint pop! and a loud crack. I jump up and quickly run outside. I find Peter holding a frail-looking Alana. I see a black, skull-like mark on his left arm. I scream at the top of my lungs. James apparently hears this and runs out of the house quickly. I run to help take Alana into the house.

"Get away from me!" Peter yells in my ear. I stop in my tracks and let the tears fall from my face. The rain is making my hair stick to my face.

"Peter, let me help you," James says. Peter glares at him. He gets up and carries Alana down the street. We watch him as he stumbles down the street.

When I hear their door close, I turn into James' shoulder and cry. We walk into the house to find Al and Frank fast asleep. We quietly move upstairs. Once upstairs, James picks me up and I cry into his shoulder.

Two hours later, I finally stop crying. I look up at James, whose eyes are red from crying and lack of sleep. I kiss his cheek.

"Go to sleep, love," I say in a hoarse voice. "We'll see each other in the morning."

The Next Morning...

I wake up to James moaning my name in his sleep.

"Lily..." he says softly. I smile softly and snuggle into him.

"Lily, I love you..." he whispers. I smile widely and gently kiss his lips. This immediately wakes him up. He kisses back with a hungry passion. I lick his bottom lip. He opens his mouth a little wider and we kiss each other until he is on top of me. His hand slides up the bottom of my tank top. I break away quickly and shove at him to get off of me.

"James!" I say in a stern voice. He looks at me with a confused face. I shake my head and sit up. "Although you might find your hand up my shirt comfortable, I don't. Please remove your hand." Realization dawns on his face and he sheepishly moves his hand out from under my shirt. I kiss his forehead. "Thank you," I say. I get up and walk into the bathroom.

Half an hour later, James and I are eating breakfast. Alice and Frank had left earlier this morning. I had found their note sitting on their bed. I then used magic to put the bed away.

James is an amazing cook. He is making us french toast again. When he sets it down in front of me, I remember something.

"James?" He peers at me over his glasses. "I'm not sure, but I thought I saw the Dark mark on Peter's arm last night." He looks at me with a dark look in his eyes. He shakes his head at me and then looks away.

"I also saw that wretched mark on his arm," he says, the dark look still in his eyes. I look away from him, fear evident on my face.

"James," I whisper. He looks up and flinches. "You're scaring me." He puts down the food that he was making and comes over to me. He picks me up and we move to the couch.

"Lily," he says. I look up at him. "I did not mean to frighten you. I'm truly sorry." He kisses me gently.

There is a sudden knock at the door. I get up and answer the door. Professor Dumbledore is standing there along with Professor McGonnagall. James sneaks up behind me and wraps his arm around my waist.

"Pardon the interruption, Mr. and Mrs. Potter," McGonnagall says. "But we received complaints about Death Eaters in this area of town. So, from this point on, we are going to have to put you into hiding." I cannot believe my ears - hiding?! Dumbledore pulls out a piece of parchment from under his cloak.

"Your new address, along with your friends addresses," he explains. I look over the addresses.

"Wait, Professor," I say. "We're nowhere near our friends!" I hand the list to James.

"Hey, what's up with that, Professors?" He says. Dumbledore holds up a hand.

"First off, call me Dumbledore and you can call Professor McGonnagall by your fond nickname for her," he says with a twinkle in his eye. "Second, you two and Alice and Frank Longbottom are part of a prophecy. It will be explained to you later. But, now, you must pack your things." And with that, they decide to disapparate. James closes the door behind them and we hurry upstairs to pack our things.

Two Weeks Later

"James!" He runs upstairs to see what's wrong. I pull out the small velvet box that was sitting in his sock drawer. I was doing laundry the Muggle way. I look at him with a confused expression. He shakes his head.

"No! You weren't supposed to find that! Fuck!" He hurries over to me and takes the box. I jump back a little bit. He closes his eyes.

"I was saving that for tonight, Lily," he says in a soft, pained voice. He shakes his head again. "Well, it's too ate now," he says to himself in a low voice. He gets down on one knee. I gasp.

"Lily Marie Evans, will give me the honor of being your husband?" I fight back tears of joy.

"Oh, James," I say before hugging him. He doesn't know what to do at first. He eventually hugs me back.

"Is that a yes?" I look him in the eyes and smile.

"Yes, James," I say ecstatically. "Yes!" He has the biggest smile on his face. He kisses my lips passionately. I sit down on his knee and I kiss back with just as much fervor. This is the best day of my life.

I pull out my Magiphone and take a picture of the ring. The phone goes nuts with texts.

Oh. My. GOD! - Natalie

Lily Marie Evans, how could you hide this from us?


Damn you, woman!

Black, you're a bloody prick!

Shut it, Prewitt!

That's Longbottom, prat!

Well, I know that Natalie will be the prettiest one there.

Wait, are you serious?

Natalie, you spelled my name wrong. But all jokes aside, I really do like you. GO out with me?

She doesn't respond, so I'm assuming she is either bitching him out or snogging him.

I think there are going to be two weddings! Frank proposed!

OMG! Congrats, Alice!

You know what this calls for?


Lets go to Kleinfeld! Monday?


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