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Melody by Marissa
Chapter 12 : Of Lovers and Friends
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Of Lovers and Friends

“So its official, Lily Evans is dating Will McMullen!” Chanel called as she strode into the dorm. Anna and Melody looked up.

“Oh he’s lush, she’s lucky! Have you heard his voice?” Anna gushed.

Chanel rolled her eyes. “Ugh, match made in cutesy overload heaven. They make me want to barf!” She exclaimed.

Melody smirked. “You’re just jealous he didn’t pick up on your obnoxious advances.”

Chanel huffed as she fell on her bed. “I don’t understand! What is it about her that drives everyone barmy?!”

“Her auburn hair?”

“Her green eyes?”

“Her flawless skin?”

Chanel glared at her friends. “You’re not helping. Besides-

She pouted, leaping off her bed and towards the vanity table, patting her cheeks gently.

“-I have flawless skin too.”

“Well there could be the fact that she’s oddly nice to everyone.” Anna piped, twirling a strand of chestnut hair around her finger.

Chanel scowled. “Blokes like a bitch. We’re more likely to take control in the bedroom.”

Melody choked and Anna snorted. “Real classy lady you are.” She said sarcastically.

Chanel simply shrugged. “What can I say, it’s genetics.”

Melody shook her head in amusement.

Chanel returned to her bed and fell back with a sigh. “Well, on the bright side, she can take her little spell off Potter now.”

Anna glared at the blonde. “You’re also incredibly subtle.” She shot a pointed look at Melody.

Melody shrugged sadly. “It’s okay, he deserves to move on and Lily’s a sweet girl. I’d prefer him with her rather than some tart.”

Chanel scoffed. “Seriously Melody, how can you be okay with this?!”

Anna willed her to be quiet.

Melody sighed. “Chanel, I broke up with him, remember?”

Her friend scowled. “But why?! It’s clear you’re still not over him. None of this makes any sense! You’re not making any sense.”

Anna sighed in defeat and instead waited for Melody’s response.

“You know, you never did tell us why you broke up with him.” Anna said softly when Melody wouldn’t answer.

“Is it honestly that you don’t have feelings for him anymore?” She prodded gently.

Chanel crossed her arms and waited silently.

Melody took a shaky breath as she stared off. “Something like that.”


“Healer Rosin will be with you shortly.” The kind looking nurse said as she smiled encouragingly at the anxious couple and their equally nervous and silent daughter.

As the nurse left, Amelia Milonas sighed shakily, grasping her husband’s arm tightly. Alec squeezed back fondly before turning to his only child. “How are you feeling, sweetheart?”

Melody looked up, her eyes blank and her dark hair falling softly along her back. “Fine.” She said simply, her voice nothing more than a soft whisper.

Amelia’s face twisted and she let go of her husband’s arm to kneel in front of her daughter. The two were almost identical in appearance; the only difference was the slightly sharper and enhanced features on the older woman, something that only came with age.

“You aren’t fine Melody, please; tell us how you’re feeling!”   

Melody gave a lingering sigh and crossed her arms tightly, protecting herself.

Amelia’s eyes watered and Alec leaned forward to help his wife up. “It’s okay.” He whispered, brushing her long black mane comfortingly.

Suddenly the door creaked open and a man dressed in lime green robes stepped inside, a sombre expression lingering on his face.

Melody looked up again and sat straight as the healer closed the door firmly behind him.


“There’s obviously something else bothering her. What I don’t understand is why she won’t tell us!”

Anna sucked her cheeks in as she closed her textbook.

“And I know for a fact that she isn’t over James.” Chanel observed pointedly.

Anna rubbed her temples. They’d been trying – and failing - to weasel information out of Melody for days now. It was beginning to seem useless.

“There you are! Merlin, I have a pile of essays to complete. Looks like I won’t be getting much sleep.” Melody exclaimed as she joined the girls, a mountain of textbooks in hands. Anna and Chanel exchanged a glance.

“What?” Melody asked.

Anna cleared her throat and propped her feet on the table. “Nothing, believe me, we’re having the same problem. You know, I don’t think the professor’s communicate much. Either we don’t have any work at all, or we have an overwhelming amount.

Chanel snorted. “Oh they communicate alright; they communicate how to make our lives more miserable.”

Melody huffed. “Well whatever it is, I really wish they’d give us a break once in a while, I’m absolutely exhausted!”

Anna scowled. “You’re always tired!”

Melody squirmed uncomfortably. “I am not.”

“Yes, you are. You’ve never been one to sleep in on the weekends and nowadays you’re always the last one to wake up every morning. But it’s okay; we forgive all of those times you used such crude ways to wake us before the crack of dawn.” Anna said.

Chanel didn’t look so forgiving. “Speak for yourself; she’s interrupted more dreams than I can count.”

Anna snorted. “I wouldn’t call those things you have, dreams.”

Melody made a face and dug her nose into the textbook.

“Well this is refreshing!”

All three girls looked up to find Remus standing over them, a smile playing at his lips. “I wish the others would sit and study for once.”

Chanel scowled. “I’m glad our pain amuses you.”

Remus gave her a playful grin and fell beside her. Anna moaned. “How do you do it Remus? Teach us your ways! How do you remain so calm when all I want to do is set doxies on my professors?!”

The librarian appeared out of thin air to shoot them a deadly glare before rushing off to kick out a group of rowdy boys.

Melody scowled. “She actually scares me.”

Chanel grimaced. “She scares all of us. But is it any wonder she’s batty. I mean, she spends every day in a bloody library.”

“That’ll be you one day if you don’t shut up and study.” Anna grumbled.

Chanel shot sparks with her eyes before shoving her own nose in the nearest textbook.

“Chanel, you’re holding it upside down.”


Two weeks after his conversation with Lily, Sirius stood outside Anna’s class, fidgeting nervously. Sooner than he liked, the bell sounded and slowly his fellow classmates filed out of the classroom, eager and excited for lunch.

Sirius caught Lily’s eye as she walked out, laughing merrily at something Alice was saying. She winked knowingly in his direction and gave him a subtle thumbs- up before following the herd towards the great hall. Anna was one of the last to come out, speaking animatedly to Melody as she struggled to stuff papers into her shoulder bag.


Both girls turned around. Melody gave a half smile, preferring to hang back as Anna waved. “Hey, what are you doing here? I would have thought you’d be racing to the great hall by now.”

He flashed his trademark smirk and smiled with a renewed confidence as a few girls behind them sighed. “I’m a growing boy, what can I say?”

Anna rolled her eyes. “Well then big boy, perhaps you can walk and talk, because I’m starved.”

“I er...I actually wanted to talk to you...privately.” He said, throwing a fleeting glance Melody’s way.

Melody raised her brow. “I guess I’ll see you in a few.” She said, nodding at Anna and then turning on her heel.

After watching her leave, Anna rounded on Sirius. “Did you have to do that?! She’s hurting enough as it is!”

Sirius raised his arms in defence. “Whoa, hold on, I asked to speak with you privately because I actually need to speak to you privately. I didn’t send her away because I didn’t want her around.”

Anna frowned suspiciously. “Fine, what did you want to talk about? And this had better not be about my date with Anderson, I understand he’s a Slytherin, but he’s actually pretty sweet and he isn’t on the Quidditch team.”

Sirius felt an overwhelming disappointment. “Excuse me?”

Anna rolled her eyes. “I knew it! Honestly Sirius, you’ve dated outside Gryffindor before and a quarter of them have been on their Quidditch teams. Believe me, I want Gryffindor to win just as badly as you...okay, maybe not as badly, but still. I would never share classified information, not that I know anything. I hardly understand Quidditch as it is - “

She was suddenly interrupted as Sirius swooped down, capturing her lips with his own. She responded with equal fervour before pushing him away- eyes wide and chest heaving.

“Wha –

She opened and closed her mouth a few times before shaking her head clear. “Sirius –

“This is really awkward for me, so before you say anything, just let me finish. I like you Anna, I really like you. The day we got back, when we talked, it didn’t come out the way I wanted. Actually, to be honest I didn’t even know what I wanted. The truth is, if you’ll have me, I’d like to try it out...with you.” He stopped nervously.

“Yeah, that’s it.” He finished awkwardly, clearing his throat.

She blinked a few times and fiddled with her fingers before finding her tongue. “I’m flattered, Sirius, I really am. But –

“Not the ‘but’.” Sirius chuckled nervously.

“- But,” Anna continued as if she had not been interrupted. “Your friendship means a lot to me. I don’t want to ruin that because of a sudden whim.” She said apologetically.

Sirius furrowed his brows. “This isn’t a whim, Anna. I wouldn’t be here pouring my heart out like a pansy if it were.”

“Nonetheless Sirius, I wish I could say I felt the same way, but I just don’t. I don’t want to hurt you, but I don’t want to lie to you either. I meant what I said the other day. I just...I can’t.”

Sirius nodded slowly, scratching the back of his head. “Wow...” He trailed off, swallowing the growing swell in his throat.

Anna shot him an apologetic smile. “I’m really sorry. You know I love you as a friend. I really hope this doesn’t change anything.” 

Sirius closed his eyes, remembering every time he’d ever said those exact words, knowing there was nothing but emptiness behind them. He opened his eye and nodded. “Don’t worry about it, I’ll live. We should get going though; James will have probably devoured everything by now.”

Anna laughed uncomfortably, nodding in agreement and eagerly leading the way as they walked towards the great hall in silence.


They were wrong, it had seemed because upon arriving it was clear James was too anxious to eat anything at all, staring between Sirius and Anna eagerly as they walked over.

His face fell quickly.

James had seen that look before.

He frowned and looked at Peter and Remus. 

Anna took a seat among her friends on the far side of the table, their heads bowed together as she rushed to explain.

Sirius squeezed in between Remus and Peter and grabbed a sandwich. “What, why are you all looking at me like that?” He asked with his mouth filled with food.

Remus made a face and James lowered his voice as he asked. “What happened?”

Sirius shrugged carelessly. “She said she isn’t interested.”

Peter’s jaw fell open and Remus squirmed uncomfortably.

“She actually said she isn’t interested, or you read between the lines?” James said, frowning.

“Believe me; I didn’t have to read through anything. She was quite clear about her feelings.”

James clenched his jaw. Hadn’t Sirius gone through enough?

Again Sirius shrugged nonchalantly. “Whatever, she’s only a girl, plenty of fish in the sea, as the saying goes.”

And that was exactly what Sirius set out to prove, dangling a different girl on his arm everyday and a different girl in his bed every night.

James, Remus and Peter tried to get him to open up, but it wasn’t surprising that Sirius had clammed up like a shell. His conversation with Anna might as well have been a distant dream by the way he was acting.

“Can you talk to him? Maybe he’ll open up to you. Every time we bring it up, he plays dumb. It’s really irritating and I’m sick of hearing moans in the dorm every night.”

Lily made a face. “It’s normal for him, I suppose. I mean he’s only ever been in one relationship, and it ended badly. He’s had very few experiences of anything besides friendship and sex. On top of that, Sirus has major commitment and trust issues thanks to his wonderful family. It’s only natural that he’d act out.” Lily explained as they walked around the grounds.

James sighed. “I just wish I could snap him out of it. Get him back to normal.”

“This is normal, for him. Just give him time; we all heal in our own way.”

James gave her a small smile. “Why are you so brilliant?”

 Lily laughed. “You’ll have to ask my parents.”

“He’ll be alright.” She reassured when his face fell again.

“He’s coping in the one way Sirius Black knows how.”


“Valentine’s Day. Excited or suicidal?” Chanel drawled as she and her friends lounged in their dorm. Valentine’s was in one day and nearly half the school had paired up for the much anticipated Hogsmeade trip.

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being single on Valentine’s Day. We don’t need a man to treat us or shower us with gifts, we can treat ourselves.” Melody reasoned.

Chanel scoffed. “That’s what single cat ladies say to make themselves feel better while they watch all the lovey-dovey couples rub their sexual satisfaction in their faces.”

Anna rolled her eyes. “You’re so melodramatic.”

Chanel whirled around. “You don’t get to talk miss ‘I sneak in to bed every morning because I think I’m sly’.”

There was a pink tinge in Anna’s cheeks as she flipped her hair. “I didn’t know you got up that early.”

Chanel brandished an accusatory finger at the brunette. “Aha! So it is you! Does Anderson not require sleep?”       

Anna sucked her cheeks in. “We sleep; I just think it’s easier to run back in the morning than risk detention at night.”

Melody giggled.

The dorm door suddenly burst open and the girls looked up with a start. Their dorm mate Miranda was practically bursting with the excitement of a new piece of gossip.

Chanel smiled eagerly. “What is it? Have Evans and Will finally broken up?!”

Melody and Anna shot her a reproachful look.

Miranda squealed. “No, this is even better! You’ll never believe it. Sirius Black’s found himself an actual girlfriend!”

Three jaws hit the floor.

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