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Flying Backwards by webeta123
Chapter 1 : Gryffindor vs. Hufflepuff
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Fred Weasley, part of the Weasley Twin Legacy, older brother to his ickle Ron and Ginny siblings, and Beater extraordinare. At least in his mind. He never saw himself as anything less than the smart one of the Weasley twins. Or the more attractive
one(which his twin would say was untrue, but whatever). He was wonderful beater and often the mastermind behind many of the pranks that were pulled. It made for a great time.

Kaitlyn Carlson, Hufflepuff, Quidditch lover, girlfriend of Oliver Wood. Anything that her boyfriend could do, she could do better and with more vigor. She was very competitive and this showed when she hit the Pitch. She took out her aggressions with her Beater bat and many a player had been the victim of what people called, "The Carlson Smack", including her own boyfriend. It was that fact that had developed their relationship. Kaitlyn had nursed Oliver's broken arm back to health since Madame Pomfrey had been out of the Potion needed to heal broken bones and along the way the two fell for each other.

It was an early Saturday morning, the morning of the match between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff that would decide who would win the Quidditch Cup. From across the tables, tensions were high as the Ravenclaws were siding with Gryffindor and Slytherins were siding with Hufflepuff. One by one each of the players left to their respective tables and went to the Pitch. Fred got several pats on the back and gave a couple back as he got up, his breakfast of eggs and bacon rolling in his stomach. While he hated to admit it, he was always nervous when it came to Quidditch. With his position, there were many things that could go wrong.

He went into the Dressing Room and slipped on his uniform, tying the shoulder and knee pads onto his body so that he wouldn't get seriously injured. He then grabbed his trusty Beater's Bat and his Cleansweep Five before walking out to the pitch with the rest of the team.

Madame Hooch stood in between the two teams with the chest of balls in her hands. She opened the lid and the Snitch flew off. After the Bludgers started their reign of terror, Madame Hooch quickly tossed the Quaffle in the air and the game began. Everyone shot up on their brooms and Fred began to scower the field for the Bludgers that were trying to hit his team. He shot off when a Bludger was ready to slam itself into his brother, but George was quick to smack it away.

Fred pulled himself back over the Pitch, level with Harry, who was searching for the Snitch. "Hello there Harry." Fred said.

Harry pulled his eyes away from the Pitch and said, "Hey Fred." With that comment Harry shot off, leaving Fred alone to watch for Bludgers. He saw one heading for Katie so he aimed himself  for an almost vertical dive. He pulled himself up and smacked
the ball away from Katie with a resounding crack, heading for a seemingly stationary Kaitlyn. She began to wind her arm in a windmill type fashion signalling that she was about to do her signature move and when the ball came inches from her, she hit the ball straight for Fred. He hit it back and so began a fight for which of them the Bludger was going to knock teeth out of.

Every eye was focused on this war, no one caring when Gryffindor made a goal. "You're pretty good Carlson. I'll give you that." Fred said as he hit the Bludger again.

"Thanks. You're pretty good too I suppose." Kaitlyn said grudgingly, smacking the ball with a growl, as though it was the ball's fault for not hitting Fred off his broom already.

"I've been compared to a human Bludger." Fred said cockily. He rather loved that title that had been given to him when he was a second year and doing his first game.

"Well good for you. You repel everyone in sight. Why would anyone want to be hit by a Bludger?" The crowd "ooh"ed at this. Fred put extra force into his hit. That was when they heard a victorious whoop by one of the Seekers presumingly catching the Snitch. Kaitlyn looked up to see who had caught it, when she got a Bludger in the chest and arm. She fell off her broom from the force of the hit and tumbled down to the grass with a thud.

"Ow." She breathed as everyone rushed onto the Pitch and huddled around her. The last she saw was Professor Lupin and Dumbledore standing over her with worried eyes as she passed out.

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Flying Backwards: Gryffindor vs. Hufflepuff


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