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Disclaimer: I do not own the lyrics to Lean On Me by Bill Withers, nor do I own Teenage Dream by Katy Perry, nor do I own anything Harry Potter in general. 
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“The oatmeal looks like diarrhea today.” I said, taking a spoonful, and then letting it drop back into my bowl with a disgusted look on my face.


Stupid diarrhea oatmeal.


“Thank you, Dessie, for that wonderful thought that you placed in my head while I’m eating my breakfast.” Sydney said sardonically, and though she was smiling slightly, she pushed her bowl of fresh fruit away.


“It is true though, the house elves’ quality of food has really gone down.” Roxy commented, but still shoved half a pancake down her throat.


She really is a classy lady.


“I don’t know what you guys are talking about,” Heidi said, as she piled eggs, ham, potatoes, bacon, and French toast on her plate.


James, Weasley, and Logan all grunted in agreement as they stuffed more food into their mouths.


“Well, you’ll eat anything these days because you’re eating for t-“ Roxy started saying, but Sydney quickly elbowed her in the gut, and shot a very pointed look to the guys, all of whom were looking us with very confused expressions.


Heidi was glaring at Rox with an extremely scary expression. Her eye was even twitching…HEY! That’s my bloody eye twitch! I can’t believe it! She stole my eye twitch! That bitch.


“Eating for t-t-Turnip Awareness Month!” Roxy exclaimed, trying pathetically to cover up her mistake.


Roxanne has got to be the thickest human being that I’ve ever met. And that includes her brother, which is definitely saying something.


“Turnip Awareness Month?” Weasley questioned, raising an eyebrow at his sister.


Heidi slammed her head to the table causing quite the ruckus, but Roxy took this as a sign to keep going.


“Yeah, you know! Turnip Awareness Month! November is the month where people all over the world eat extra food to… er, spread awareness about the rapid fall of turnip production.” She said in a high voice, nodding her head eagerly.


“It’s really quite the tragedy.” Sydney said, playing along to the shit that Roxy was spewing out of her mouth.


“So how come we’ve never heard of ‘Turnip Awareness Month’?” Logan asked with a very amused expression on his face.


What the hell. Might as well join in on the fun.


“Well, you see, not very many people are aware of Turnip Awareness Month, also known as T.A.M., so next month there is Turnip Awareness Month Awareness Month, or as I like to call it, T.A.M.A.M.” I informed them with a ridiculously big smile.


Heidi was now repeatedly banging her head on the table, which I, personally, was rather unnecessary. I mean, we were doing a pretty damn good job covering for Roxy’s complete and utter stupidity.


“You guys should participate next year.” Sydney said, smiling as well.


“Oh yes, it’s quite the hoot!” Roxy exclaimed, grinning widely.


We should really go into a profession that involves lying because we are honestly the best liars that I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.


The guys were staring at us with expressions that clearly told us that they thought we were completely mental.


Thankfully, we were all distracted by the owl post. I was extremely, yet delightfully, surprised to see Mason’s owl, Bob, fly in and drop a letter onto my lap, which a stashed away in my pocket.


Why he ever named his owl, Bob, I will never know, but it’s a whole hell of a lot better than Dipshit. And at least Bob doesn’t bite.


“Heidi, love, you’re going to give yourself a headache.” James said, smirking slightly as Heidi continued to slam her head into the table.


“I’m having fun.” She grumbled, and went back to damaging her poor, innocent skull.


“Quickly, James! SAVE HER FROM HERSELF!” Sydney cried dramatically trying to hide huge grin on her face.


“Heidi! Don’t you see what you’re doing to yourself!? SNAP OUT OF IT!” James yelled theatrically, drawing the attention of a few others in the Great Hall. He grabbed Heidi by the shoulders, and shook her. “LOOK HOW YOU’RE HURTING YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS! We hate seeing you like this!”


Heidi was trying to refrain from bursting into laughter, as was I when I said I gently took her hand and whispered, “Please, Heidi, do this for me.”


“I’m sorry, guys, but I can’t! I JUST CAN’T!” She yelled, and slammed her fists down on the table. Now the entire Great Hall was staring at us with interest as we all attempted to hold in laughter.


“But Heidi, you must!” Roxy exclaimed, taking her hands, and looking at her very seriously in the eyes. “You have to be strong!”


“We’re there for you, love.” Logan told her, pulled her to his chest, and started soothing her hair.


Weasley looked at her with the same serious face that Roxanne had, despite the hint of a smirk, and whispered, “It’s okay to cry, you know. We are not here to judge.”


That’s when Heidi burst into laughter that she made sound like hysterical sobs into Logan’s chest.


We all reached over, trying not to laugh ourselves, to rub her back comfortingly.


The Great Hall was silent except for a few whispers back in forth about whether or not she was okay and what had happened.


Professional career in lying? Pfft. More like professional career in acting.


When Heidi was done ‘crying’, she pulled away from Logan’s chest, and said, “Thanks guys, it’s good to know that I have such amazing friends in these troubled times.” She even sniffled a bit to add to the effect.


“We love you, sweetie.” Sydney said, offering a warm smile, and she squeezed Heidi’s arm.


“Oh, I love all you guys!” Heidi cried.


“GROUP HUG!” James yelled. Roxy, Weasley, and I actually climbed over the table, and we all attacked Heidi with what was most definitely the most bone-crushing hug that she will ever receive.


“Come on, let’s go to Charms!” She laughed with a great big smile on her face.


The seven of us linked arms and we skipped out of the Great Hall singing,


Lean on me, when you’re not strong

And I’ll be your friend,

I’ll help you carry on”


As soon as we made it out of the Hall, and around the corridor, we fell down in insane, hysterical laughter.


I fucking love my friends.





To my lovely little sister,


I deeply hope that you are either dead or in some kind of coma because you haven’t written me at all this school year, and it’s already November. You should be ashamed of yourself. Even Tosh wrote me, and he never writes! Then again, he was asking if he could send me his History of Magic homework to do for him because he was simply ‘caught up in the rest of his work’. What a load of bullshit. Keep an eye on him for me, will you? I don’t want him doing anything that he’ll regret later on.


But putting Tosh aside, I heard that you had a Hogsmeade trip this weekend, and I was hoping that you’d meet me at Three Broomsticks around 1ish for lunch. That is if you don’t have a date…scratch that, if you have a date, cancel it so you can spend time with your loving older brother instead of some bloke that’s going to try to get into your knickers.


Write me back soon or I’m sending a search party.


Love, Mason


PS, I’m serious about that search party thing…


PPS, Don’t let any blokes into your knickers, or I’ll kill them.


I laughed when I finished the letter written in my brother’s neat and tidy handwriting.


It’s really sad when a boy has better handwriting than you.

Logan once told me that it looked like I had a four year old let loose on my Astronomy essay.


But then again, Logan shouldn’t really be talking because all of his work looks like he wrote it using his toes.


“Who is the letter from?” Sydney asked from her bed, looking up from her book with curious green eyes.




“Mmm, I miss that man.” Heidi said, with a longing look on her face. “Tell him to get his fine arse back to Hogwarts.”


This is when I know that I need to make new friends.


“What’s with you always trying to get with her brothers?” Roxy asked, poking her head out of the bathroom with a green toothbrush in her mouth.


“Thank you, Roxanne for making a very valid point.” I said, with a disgusted grimace on my face.


Rox was so excited that she actually did something right today that she clapped her hands together once, and threw a fist up in the air in success before retreating back to the bathroom.


This is when I know that I definitely need to make new friends.


“Hey, it’s not my fault that you have extremely attractive siblings!” Heidi laughed as she pulled her pajamas out of her trunk.


I wrinkled my nose. Ew.


“Yes, but you don’t need to keep talking them, it’s bad enough that you shagged one of them!” I exclaimed, and Heidi rolled her eyes.


“And I’m paying for that, aren’t I?” She snapped, walked to the bathroom, and then slammed the door.


Perfect. I hate pregnancy hormones.


I sighed, reached into my nightstand, pulled out a piece of parchment and quill, and scribbled out a response to Mason.


To my dearest older brother,


I think that you need to be reminded that I’m not the only one that hasn’t written this year. Don’t forget that that letter was the first one that you sent to me too! Just because I’m the girl that doesn’t mean that I need to start the letter chain…Merlin, such a sexist.


I didn’t really do that grand of a job looking out for Tosh because he already did do something that he’ll regret. I’ll let you know what it is later because it’s not really something that I can disclose in a letter.


And I don’t know if I can make Hogsmeade…I mean, I was really looking forward to shagging some random pimp daddy in a broom closet. Damn, looks like I’m going to have to cancel.


Hold off the search party for now because I’m alive and kicking.


Love, Dessie


PS, Heidi wants me to tell you to get your fine arse back to Hogwarts.


PPS, Don’t tell Landon that or I’m pretty sure he’d beat the shit out of you.


I found an envelope in one of my drawers, and I sealed the letter in it. “I’m going to go take this to the owlery.” I announced and climbed out of my bed.


Sydney stared at me like I was mental. “Des, it’s nearly midnight, and all you are wearing your pajamas! You’ll get caught and then freeze to death!”


“Eh, I’ll be fine.”


“Just go in the morning!” Sydney told me, but I was already out the door.


The castle was a seriously scary place in the middle of the night, and freezing with out the light from the lanterns that were scattered down the hall.


I’m fairly certain that I heard footsteps and whispers from behind me a few times, but when I turned around, there was no one there.


Needless to say, I ran like a mental patient the rest of the way.


When I actually reached the owlery, I had to walk through about fifty miles of bird shit with only my wand as a light. Like honestly, don’t they ever clean this place?


“Dipshit!” I had to mutter a few times before my charcoal colored owl came flying towards me.


The bastard couldn’t do this quietly. No, he had to hoot obnoxiously, causing at least half of the other owls to join in. Stupid fucker.


“Take this to Mason,” I whispered, and put the letter into his beak. I actually thought I had gotten away with not getting bit or injured by him this time, but as started flapping his wings to leave, he dug his talons into my bare shoulder, and pushed off.


“Ouch, you little shit!” I screamed after him. Right as I was about to turn to leave, someone clamped their hands over my eyes, cutting off my vision.


What the fuck? Shit man, this is not how I wanted to die…in the owlery, and practically knee deep in poop. Plus I wanted to be wearing something pretty. If my body gets discovered, I don’t want my hair to be in a sloppy, messy bun, and wearing black boxers with little red quaffles on them and a gray tank top.


I want to be in a fucking floor length ball gown encrusted with diamonds and some expensive arse jewelry with my hair done. That’s the proper way to die.


“Who is this?” I asked, trying to not sound like I was shitting my pants, but more like I was some tough ‘hey, I can kick yo arse’ chick.


I’m pretty sure that I wasn’t succeeding.


“Your worst nightmare.” A deep voice growled into my ear, and I shivered slightly.


The voice sounded somewhat familiar though…


I was about to scream, but then I heard another voice say, “Your worst nightmare? Really?”




And then another voice that sounded a whole hell of a lot like Weasley’s said, “Yeah, mate, I think you’re getting a bit too theatrical there.”


Whoever was covering my eyes, which was most likely Logan, sighed, and said irritably, “I was adding to the intimidation and scariness appeal, but you guys just shot that all to hell.”


Yup, definitely Logan.


“Yes, we were going for those things, but then you made it sound creepy and to be honest a little cheesy.” Weasley said, and then added, “No offence,” when Logan huffed angrily.


“You guys just don’t appreciate good drama.” He muttered.


“Right, that’s it-“ James started, but I interrupted by saying, “Look, I hate to break up this little chat, but do you mind telling me why I’m currently being blinded, and held against my will because that would be absolutely grand.”


“All in good time, Dessie!” James said cheerfully, and suddenly, I was being picked up, and thrown over somebody’s shoulder for the second time in less than two nights, but when I opened my eyes, I still couldn’t see anything despite having Logan’s hands removed from my face.


I instantly knew that it was Weasley from the hardness of the muscles that were underneath my stomach, and the hand on my arse. He started carrying me out of the owlery, but to where, I had no idea because I was still fucking blinded. “OI! PUT ME DOWN! I’M NOT JUST SOME SORT OF RAGDOLL THAT YOU CAN DO WITH WHAT YOU PLEASE! I’M A HUMAN FUCKING BEING AND-“


“Somebody silencio her please before she wakes up the entire bloody castle.” Logan groaned, and then suddenly my voice was cut off too.


Stupid prats. I squirmed around as much as possible, pounded my fists into Weasley’s back, and with all the power that I could muster, kicked the absolute apeshit out of Weasley’s stomach.


Unfortunately, he was barely even bloody phased. “Blazer, if you keep struggling, I swear to Merlin, that I will put a full body bind curse on you, and drag your sorry arse there.” He threatened, grunting slightly as he tried to maintain control of me.


Might as bloody well. The bloke already took away my vision and speaking ability. What’s next? Are they going to take away my ability to taste too?


Oh fuck, I’ll never be able to have cheesecake again! I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT MY CHEESECAKE.


I attempted to huff angrily, but of course, no noise came out. I stopped struggling, and folded my arms across my chest in an annoyed way, but mostly, I was just trying to get my boobs to stay in my tank top because hanging upside down without a bra on, wearing just a tank top is probably not the best idea in the world…especially if you’re with three teenage blokes.


We walked the rest of the way to wherever the hell we were going in silence, except for the noise of James’ feet as he skipped down the corridors, and Logan whistling merrily.


Finally, finally, Weasley stopped, I heard a door open, and we walked inside. The next thing I know, the door was slammed, and I was being put in a hard, metal chair with my arms magically bound behind my back and my ankles tied together.


What the flying fuck? What the hell gives them any right whatsoever to practically kidnap me…not even practically, actually kidnap me, throw me over someone’s shoulder, and then tie me up in some unknown room?


This is bullshit.


“Alright, give her voice back,” James commanded after I felt him check the restraints.


As soon as I heard Weasley mutter the counter curse, the first words out of my mouth were, “Where the bloody hell are we?”


“I’LL ASK THE QUESTIONS!” Logan shouted as if we were on some awful muggle interrogation show.


I raised an eyebrow him, I heard Weasley punch him, and then James mutter, “You need to calm yourself down, mate, because you’re starting to scare me a little bit.”


“Can I please have my vision back?” I asked in the most polite and sweet voice that I could muster after being abducted.


“No, it’s more intimidating this way.”


Screw being polite. “If you don’t give me my vision back then, Weasley, I’ll tell Roxy that you were the one that flew her favorite broomstick into the Whomping Willow. James, I’ll tell Lily that you threatened to string her first boyfriend by his neck from the astronomy tower unless he broke up with her. And Logan, I’ll tell the whole school that I caught you last year in your room, dancing and singing by yourself to Teenage Dream.”


I heard them all take a collective gulp, and suddenly my vision was back. I smirked triumphantly at their annoyed and slightly scared expressions of the dirt that I knew on all three of them.


“Now, would one of you three care to explain the reason why I’m tied to a chair in what looks like to be a broom closet?”


The three all shared glances with each other before looking at me with determined faces, but it was James that spoke, “So Heidi is pregnant, yeah?”


Fuck. My. Life.


I felt my whole body freeze as I searched for something to say.


Come on, Dessie, be cool. BE COOL.


“What makes you say that?” I asked nonchalantly, raising an eyebrow.


Damn, I’m so cool, I’m like a fucking iceberg up in here.


“Hmm, well let’s see,” Weasley started, and acted like he was in deep thought by folding his arms across his chest, and rubbing his chin. “It could be the fact that Roxy almost said this morning about Heidi ‘eating for two’ and then tried pathetically to cover it up.”


Shit, I knew we hadn’t gotten through that so easily.


“Or it could be the fact that she’s recently taken to eating like a fucking truck driver.” Logan added.


That’s not entirely fair. I mean, Heidi always ate huge proportions…now she just eats pretty much anything placed in front of her and at an alarming rate.


“Or possibly that she looks like she gained about five pounds and it’s all in her boobs and her lower stomach.” James finished, and they all gave me looks that clearly said, don’t even bother denying because we just about shit all over your life.


So what did I do? I denied, of course.


“I have no clue what you guys are talking about. Are you on some medication that I should be aware of that causes you to see and hear things?”


They decided to ignore that, and James asked, “So who is the father?”


They were definitely not going to give up any time soon so I decided to be an annoying bitch.


“Who is the father, as in like my father?” I asked in an innocent voice and then added in a creepy, deep voice, “Or like, ‘Luke I am your father!’?


They looked slightly amused but annoyed at the same time so I decided to keep going, “Because the former would be David Blazer, and the latter would be Darth Vader…”


“I knew that she was going to be difficult,” Weasley muttered, “Bring it in,” He said, and Logan left to go get what ever ‘it’ was.


This is getting a bit too sketchy for me to handle. What if ‘it’ was a chainsaw or something and they were going to saw me open until I told them everything.


I’m too young to die by chainsaw. Actually, I’m too young to die in general, chainsaw or no chainsaw.


“Bring what in exactly?” I asked, but James and Weasley just smirked.


Then the door opened and Logan was holding something even worse than a chainsaw.


Lily’s orange kitten, Vivian. First of all, Vivian is a boy, and what sane person name’s a boy, Vivian?


Second of all, literally the moment he stepped in the door holding the purring devil, I started sneezing.


“Seriously,-sneeze-this-sneeze-isn’t-sneeze-funny!” I started struggling to move my chair away from the Vivian, whom Logan was slowly bringing closer, but it wasn’t working.


“Just admit it, Dessie, and we’ll remove little Viv from your presence.”


This is, for real, the cruelest way to get information out of me, ever. I couldn’t stop sneezing, and I was having troubles breathing normally.


My eyes were burning to be itched, but because I couldn’t itch them, I had to blink them just about a million and five times, which caused them to water uncontrollably. My nose felt stuffy and itchy at the same time so I had to twitch it in a weird way to try to fix it.


Not to mention the fact that if that fucking cat got any closer then I would start to break out in hives or a rash.


So basically, I was falling apart on the spot while James, Weasley, and Logan stared at me like I was going mental.


“I don’t think this is such a good idea anymore, mate.” James whispered to Weasley.


You think?


“Can’t. Breathe.” I managed to wheeze out, and I felt my throat constrict even more.


“SHIT!” They screamed in unison. Weasley and James started to try to get me out of the restraints as I continued to struggle to breathe and managed to cough or sneeze every so often.


“What do I do with the cat?!” Logan yelled in a panicked voice, holding a hissing Vivian as far away from his body as possible as if he was afraid that he would catch the allergy of cats too just by being in the presence of one.


“Throw it out the window!”


“We’re in a broom closet! There are no bloody windows!”


“Then take the fucking thing outside the damn closet, you git!”


With Weasley’s words, Logan nodded frantically, and ran out the door with Vivian.


They finally removed the last of the bonds, Weasley picked me up, and ran me out the door. This was the first time that I didn’t argue because I just wanted to get the bloody hell out of there.


I mean, seriously, what kind of person puts a cat in an extremely small room with a girl who is deathly allergic to them.


That’s some fucked up shit. Like psycho level fucked up shit.


“How are you holding up there, Blazer?” Weasley asked, looking down at me in his arms with an apprehensive expression on his face as he walked with a fast pace down the corridors.




I started to finally itch my eyes because my hands were now free. Sweet, sweet relief.


He opened his mouth to respond, but Logan came running up behind us, and, looking very proud of himself, said, “I put Viv outside.”


James gave him look that clearly said, you are the biggest bloody idiot that I know.


“Logan,” He said slowly, “Do you mean outside as in outside of the castle?”


“Duh, where else would ‘outside’ be?”


“Mate, he’s an inside cat. He’s never been outside before.”


“Oh fuck.”


“Yeah, oh fuck is right, you little shit. Lily’s going to kill me, and-,” James was saying, but he was cut off by Weasley yelling, “Oh shit, Blazer, what the fuck happened to your face?!”


I’m used to jabs coming from Weasley about my face, but normally they were just immature comments trying to piss me off enough to cause a scene because if there’s one thing that you learn about Weasley in the first twenty minutes of meeting him is, he adores causing scenes.


Like literally, I think he would marry causing scenes if he could.


But that’s beside the point. The point is that this time when he was making a comment about my face, it wasn’t that my eyes were too close together, he honestly looked genuinely disgusted and worried as he looked down at me, which cannot be good in any way shape or form. 


James and Logan glanced over at us, and immediately looked extremely freaked out. “What? What happened? What’s wrong?” I asked frantically, sneezed, and then reached up to rub my eyes again.


Weasley started walking even faster, and Logan caught my hands, “You might not want to do that,” He said, and handed me a mirror that James conjured.




That’s literally the first thing I thought when I saw my face. My eyes specifically.


They were bright red, extremely puffy, and had little hives underneath them.


I looked like some sort of mutant from outer space that fed off of people’s blood.


“We need to get to McCarthy.”


The name tore me away from my demented looking face, “I can’t see Mr. McCarthy like this!” I cried, then sneezed, then coughed a few times, and then sneezed again.


“Your spastic sneezing and coughing is exactly why you need to see McCarthy.”


“Look at my eyes!” I sniffed, and then sneezed. “I can’t go in looking ugly!”


They all glanced at each other with knowing looks.


Oh fuck.


“Somebody has the hots for Luke McCarthy!” James sang annoyingly with a stupid grin on his face.


“That’s kind of fucked up, Des. I mean, he’s like twice your age.” Logan pointed out and I frowned.


“It’s disgusting.” Weasley added with an annoyed looking grimace on his face.


“Excuse me, but who are the ones that drool over Miss Summers on a daily basis. You have no right to judge.” I said, sneezed, and then scowled.


“That’s different.” Weasley answered quickly.


“How the hell is that different?”


“It just is!”


“That makes no sense!”


“Your face makes no sense.”

“Oh wow, I’m literally suffocating in all that wit.”


“Shut up.”


Good come back, Weasley. How long did it take you to come up with that one?” I asked, raising an eyebrow and smirking.


“Yeah, mate, that was pretty weak. I’d quit while you’re already behind.” Logan said, and James nodded in agreement, causing Weasley to scowl deeply.


“All of you shut the fuck up,” Weasley growled, and then looked down at me with an irritated expression, “Blazer, you’re seeing McCarthy and that’s final.”


My mouth dropped open in rage.


Who the hell does he think he is? Since when does he have bloody control over my life?


James pushed open the door to the hospital wing, and Weasley set me down on the first bed that he saw. “Don’t you dare move because all three of us will come chasing after you.” He told me, and I glared menacingly at him as he ran to Mr. McCarthy’s office.


James and Logan both sat down at the foot of my bed, and chatted happily with each other while I frantically tried to smooth my hair, and adjust my pajamas so I didn’t look totally hideous.


“What are you trying to do, Dessie? Look nice so that way McCarthy will take you back to his office and have his dirty way with you?” James smirked.


I scowled deeply, and stopped fixing my hair. Logan laughed and added, “Your eyes might be a bit of a turn off, love.”


Fuck you, Logan Wood, fuck you.


The sound of a door opening caught my attention, and I turned to see Weasley talking to an extremely tired looking Luke McCarthy.


Merlin, he looked amazing. His dark brown hair was all messed up and tousled from just waking up, and he was wearing just navy blue sweat pants, and a light gray tee shirt. The tee shirt was tight and I could easily trace all of his muscles with my eyes through it.


“Stop drooling, Dessie. And close your mouth. It’s not an attractive look for you.” James said, and grinned at me as I broke my trance away from the hottest man to ever walk the bloody earth.


I glared at James, attempted to look somewhat normal, and tried to refrain from squealing like a fan girl as Mr. McCarthy approached me.


“How are doing, Miss Blazer? I’m told that you fell asleep in your dorm room, a student’s cat jumped on top of you, and you had an allergic reaction?” McCarthy said, and he frowned with concern as he saw my repulsive eyes.


Holy fuck, he’s gorgeous.


I glanced at Weasley, who was behind McCarthy’s back, and he was mouthing ‘go with it’.


I scowled.


Why the fuck should I bloody save their arses? They’re the dumb fucks that did this to me!


“Yeah, that’s exactly what happened.” I sighed, and sneezed. Weasley grinned.


I hate being a nice person.


“Alright, well, I’m going to give you something to stop the reactions that you’re having to the cat, but they’ll make you very sleepy.” He told me while digging though a cabinet full of various potions.


I learned a long time ago that any potion in that cabinet is evil and tastes like shit.

After many injuries from quidditch and Weasley pranks, I’ve had about twenty different kinds, each more disgusting than the last.


The potion that McCarthy brought for me this time was a disgusting booger color. “Drink all of this, and you should be good as new. Try to be careful where you fall asleep next time, okay?” He said with a dazzling smile.


“Right.” I all but growled as I drank the potion, and McCarthy left the room.


It tasted like dragon piss, and it made me want to barf.


“How’s it tasting?” Logan asked, laughing slightly at my disgusted expression.


Almost instantly though, I felt relief from all my reactions, but I also felt incredibly drowsy too.


“I hate all of you with a burning passion.” I said, but I sounded tired rather than mean.




“Sure you do, love.” James grinned, and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I wiped it off to show that I was pissed at him, but that only caused him to grin even more.


“Bye, Dessie!” Logan exclaimed, and waved as he and James walked towards the door.


Weasley followed at first, but then stopped, and told them that he’d be there in a few minutes. Logan shot him a confused look, and James a knowing one.


As soon as they left, Weasley smirked at me, and I knew what ever he was going to say was going to be annoying.


“Tomorrow night? Eleven o’clock? Charms room?” He said, raising an eyebrow, and smiling.


I could tell that he was slightly kidding, but also serious at the same time so I laughed a little bit, and said, “Don’t count on it after what you did tonight.”


“That’s cold, Blazer,” He grinned.


“Go away, Weasley.” I muttered as my eyelids fluttered shut.


I think I was already asleep so I might have dreamt it, but I swore I heard him say, “I’m sorry, Blazer,” before walking out the door.


But Weasley, actually apologizing for something? Impossible.  





A/N: I finished this chapter at 5 AM so that’s why the ending isn’t too good, but I wanted it to be done so that way I could put it right into the queue after it was open when I woke up.


This was kind of a filler chapter, but also not quite because James, Logan, and Weasley know that Heidi’s prego. They figured it out even though they are not 100% sure. I really liked the beginning of the chapter because I felt that it was just very cute friend fluff.


This was a long arse chapter, and it was a surprisingly quick update so you guys should be very proud of me. The next chapter will be Hogsmeade, and you’ll get to meet Mason, and I’m thinking that there will probably be some Tosh thrown in the somewhere too so you’re welcome (:


Favorite quotes/parts? They’re the best!


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