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Love Overdose by Why So Sirius
Chapter 1 : And the luck begins
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You’d think someone as handsome as me could get a girl easily. I have it all: personality, good looks, intelligence, sarcasm, modesty… (See what I did there?) but only ugly girls are attracted to that, apparently. That’s just lovely.

Anyways, you can’t blame me for dwelling on the fact that I will always be single; its tough being around all these couples. I mean, my best friend is getting married, for Merlin’s sake! Which reminds me, I’ve got to get back to sending out all these invitations. Lily has invited 500 people. Bloody Hell, I don’t even have that many friends! 

I flipped my hair, long black locks swaying out of my left eye and into my right. “Pfft,” I muttered, blowing it out of my way. My life sucks. 

“Sirius, you think you could take any longer with those?” Lily’s best friend Mckayla pranced to the side, painted red lips spreading wide on her face. “We have to get them out by tomorrow.” She nudged me playfully, her tight red dress hugging her hips like a two year old clinging onto its mother. Okay, not the best analogy, I know, but you can see it, right?

“Where are you going all dressed up?” I pretended not to look at her, focusing on writing the next address onto the faded envelope. It’s a good thing I have fantastic peripheral vision, because I’d much rather look at her.

“Wouldn’t you like to know, hm?” she tapped her fingernails on the table, like the sound of rain on a rooftop. I noticed her fingernails were red as well. God, she’s like a tomato. A very attractive, skinny tomato… just don’t tell her I said that. “For your information, I’m going to Lily’s bachelorette party.” 

“Ah. Don’t lose your dress,” I joked, a small grin forming on my lips. I slapped down the envelope I was working on, leaving 14 more to send out. 

“Oh, please, Lily’s party will be much more composed and appropriate than James’ was, which is no thanks to you,” she glared, mock angry. I had gone a little overboard when I planned James bachelor party, as it was complete with tons of beer, quidditch, and ladies wearing very little clothing. Oh, and we also had stellar food. I really wanted to get the recipe for the chip dip they had; it was like salsa mixed with ranch or something. It sounds nasty but it was amazing, I swear. 

“Let me guess, you are going to sit around all posh and stiff, drink tea, and discuss your feelings?” I suggested, shrugging my shoulder, completing another envelope.

“Oh, Sirius,” she sighed, resting her hand on my shoulder as she fixed her shoe, “you underestimate me. We are going to a fancy restaurant and then hitting some muggle clubs.” I tried to keep my jaw from dropping. See, Mckayla and Lily both would have never been seen with a Marauder back in the Hogwarts days, let alone celebrate Lily and a Marauder’s wedding by going to muggle clubs. I feel proud. 

“The clubs?” I raised my eyebrow.



“Did Lily agree to this?”

She paused, “No.”

…Exactly.  Miss Goody Two Shoes would NEVER agree to do such a thing, especially now she’s a “woman”.  If she was uptight before, I have no words to explain the strictness of Lily now. It’s like she wants to have no fun. 

“Evans needs to live a little,” I took a swig of the drink I had to my right, which might or might not have been an alcoholic beverage. You take a look at me and be the judge of that.

“Evans needs to live a little? Sirius, you’re at the prime of life- you are 22 years old, ruggedly handsome,” she paused. If only she was single. “Yet you’re sitting here, trudging around like a depressed old man! You say you have tons of fun, but let’s be honest:  you only get out about once a month. Get out; meet some girls, party till 1 AM like you used to.”

“But it’s not as fun without your best friend!” I whined. 

“Oh, that’s what it’s about, huh?” she grinned. I felt like she was my mother or something, and I was 13 again. She pursed her lips, sighing. “What about Remus?”

“Too busy chasing over Tonks. Yeah, like that’ll happen,” I snorted, rolling my eyes in remembrance of Moony’s pathetic attempts to woo Nymphador over. He’s had a crush on her since the 5th year, yet he still won’t admit he likes her. It’s kind of like Potter all over again, if you ask me.

“And Pettigrew?”

“Pettigrew’s a timid loser who can’t approach a girl without peeing his pants.”


                “Listen, I have a friend down in Spain- rich man, he is, almost attractive as you,” she winked, and then continued, “I also happen to have a train ticket down to Barcelona, and you can hang out with him. He’s very into the scene, and the club life… I bet you two would get along well. After the wedding, you can go meet him there. He’s a wizard, too, so no need hiding all that stuff.” She grabbed a train ticket out of her silver clutch, plopping it down on the table before walking out of the room.

Well, she always was one for dramatic exits.


                “Sirius! Mate, you made it! And you were early!” James exclaimed, clapping me on the shoulder.

                “What, no manhug?” I grinned, ducking to avoid a frufully curtain that was most definitely of Lily’s doing. Too much ruffles for James to agree to it.

                “Manhug? Seriously, Sirius, be classy,” Lily glared, but still grinned at me. She leaned over and gave James a kiss on the cheek, leaving him smiling like he was the happiest man on earth. Ew, their unconditional love sickens me. But if I do ever fall in love, I want it to be like that.

                “Oh, come on Evans, the word ‘class’ isn’t in my vocabulary,” I smiled, giving her a short hug. “Well, you two, congratulations! You made it past the stupid pointless school romance phase, and into the real world love. How does it feel?” I mock-interviewed.

                “Like a million bucks!” James turned to his right where Lily was standing, kissing her square on the mouth.

                “Ew, ew… TOO MUCH,” I groaned, only half kidding. Personally, I wasn’t too fond of their constant make out sessions. But maybe that’s just me; the whole rest of the world thinks it’s adorable. Maybe I’ve just been single for too long?


                “So, are you really going to Barcelona for a month?” James said, once he was finished eating Lily’s tongue.

                “Yeah. I mean, hey, someone offers you a free trip to an exotic place with beautiful girls, you can’t say no, am I right?” I laughed.

                “Yes he can, he already has a beautiful girl right here, right?” Lily nudged James, making sure he nodded.

                “But still, it’s so soon! You leave, what, tomorrow? That’s barely time to say goodbye! And Mckayla knows the bromance we have going on here; we need more than a day!” he joked, glancing at his fiancé.

                “I know, you’ll get over it,” I rolled my eyes, watching Mckayla from across the room. She was in an intense conversation with Adam, and I wished I could hear what they were saying. I could easily make my way over there; the church in Godric’s Hollow wasn’t necessarily a big one, but I didn’t want to seem creepy or interrupt anything. Truth is, I kind of liked Mckayla. Don’t tell her I said that, though.

                 That was when I heard the sobbing. I also heard a door slam, and Lily yelling out to Mckayla. Wow, I miss a lot in 5 seconds. I noticed Adam was gone, and Mckayla was making her way to the door, wiping her eyes.

                “Kay?” I stepped out in front of her, grabbing one of her shoulders. I took my free hand and swiped a blonde, curly lock out of her face.  My voice lowered to a whisper, so only she could here. “Are you okay?”

                “How did you just not see that?” she half chuckled through her tears, “I don’t want to talk about it, okay? I’ll see you tomorrow, at the train station, and maybe later on when the reception starts.”

                “But, I just wanted to-” I started, but she interrupted.


                “It’s okay. Goodbye.”

                And that’s the last I heard from Mckayla before I left.

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Love Overdose: And the luck begins


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