I spent the next two weeks with Freddy and Vicky. Mostly Freddy though. Vicky missed lunch twice a week. As for David I only saw him in potions he didn’t really talk to me much. I didn’t get it. He was so moody. Friday was the first trip to Hogsmead this year. I met Freddy in the Great hall early in the morning. We ate breakfast and then walked to Hogsmead. Vicky was meeting Teddy there and I didn’t have any Idea what David was doing like I said he didn’t really talk to me.



I was surprised when Freddy took my hand. I just went with it. This is what a date was supposed to be like.  Freddy took me to Honeydukes and bought me like a pound of candy. I told him I would pay for it but, he insisted. Then we headed to Weasley Wizarding Wheezes. Fred’s father bought out Zonko’s long ago. I loved the Pygmy Puffs, so I always played with them. Fred offered to buy one but I insisted that I could pay for it. Fred’s dad came out of the back..



“Fred, how’s school going?” he asked.



“Well it’s school,” Fred told his dad.



“Who’s your friend?” Mr. Weasley asked me.



“Dad, this is Lizzie, Lizzie this is my dad,” Freddy introduced us. “Lizzie is Victoire’s best friend.”



“I thought you looked familiar. You were here once with Teddy and Vic, there was another young man here with you… He had dark hair and was just about Fred’s height.”



“David McAllister,” Fred said. “He’s one of Vic’s friends, as well as Gryffindor Quiddich captain.”



“I see. Do you play quiddich Lizzie?” Mr. Weasley asked me.



“Yeah, I’m actually captain of the Ravenclaw team.”



“What position do you play?”



“Keeper,” I answered.



“Fred you found yourself a keeper,” Mr. Weasley grinned.



“Good Pun Dad,” Fred said.



I picked out a red Pygmy puff and reached into my pocket to pay for it. “don’t worry about it Lizzie, you can have it.”



“I can’t do that Mr. Weasley I wouldn’t feel right?”



“I can’t take your money Lizzie you keep the money and the Pygmy Puff. You’re practically family, which by the way I make my own children pay for things so you’re a rare occasion.”



“He’s not kidding,” Fred said. I reluctantly took the Pygmy puff and Fred and I headed to the three broomsticks for lunch. Teddy and Vicky joined us after a little while.



“Hi Lizzie,” Teddy smiled. “Fred.” He nodded to Fred in acknowledgement.



“Hi Teddy,” I said. We chatted for a while. Vicky and Teddy went off into lala land like they usually do.



“All summer long it was like this!” Freddy said.



“I can imagine,” I said. “I would have taken this over Russia any day. In fact I would have rather stuck my head inside a dragon’s mouth.” Freddy laughed. I had only mentioned that I had a bad summer holiday but not what had really gone down the only people who knew were David and Vicky. Vicky was currently getting Teddy’s tongue stuck down her throat.



“What do you say we head back up to the castle?” Freddy asked.



“Yeah that sounds like a good plan.”



The Hogsmead trip was fun and Freddy and I were sort of dating. I guess. He kissed me before I went inside the Ravenclaw tower. I did like it, but I don’t know I thought something was missing. It could all just be in my head. A five weeks later Freddy showed up to dinner late. The whole room was buzzing. Freddy took a seat next to me. I noticed he had a black eye and was having a hard time breathing. “Freddy, what happened to you?”



“Nothing,” he lied. I knew he was lying. It’s not like he walked into the hoops on the quiddich field and did this.



“Freddy,” I said disappointedly.



“We’ll talk about it later. I’m starving.”



“You can barely breathe!”



Freddy just ignored me. I just let it go the quiddich game between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw was in just a couple of days. Tensions were rising between not just me and David, but me and Freddy. I expecting this to happen with David. But since they’ve been practicing every night I wasn’t exactly sure what to think. David had been avoiding me since I accepted the Freddy to go to Hogsmead. It was really strange and I was starting to miss arguing with him. He was always silent during potions and always just listened. Something was totally up. Vicky said he wasn’t talking to her either. This was rare because Vicky was always nice to everyone and never betrayed anyone’s confidence.



“I’m going to go to bed bye Freddy,” I said. I left him with a kiss on his cheek. I headed towed my common room but walked very slowly. I was trying to figure out what I should do. Things were so different this year than last year. I turned a corner and walked into someone and fell backwards I closed my eyes bracing myself for the cold floor that never came. Two strong arms grabbed me around my waist. I opened my eyes to see David’s face. He pulled me up but didn’t move his arms.



“I’m sorry Liz,” David said.



“Uh… don’t worry about it,” I said. David leaned in closer to me and captured my lips with his. I was taken completely by surprised. I would be lying if I said I didn’t like it. I felt like the whole world had stopped and I was floating. I could feel David’s ab muscles against my stomach as his hands pulled my body closer to him. I let my arms wrap around his neck. Then the thought hit me. I pushed David off of me. “David! What the hell? I’m dating Freddy!”






“You’re the one who gave him that black eye didn’t you?” I accused David. David looked down at his feet ashamed. “I can’t believe you! Freddy’s done nothing but good for your team and you give him a black eye because…” I didn’t want to admit it. Well I kind of did. “You’re jealous!” David opened his mouth to say something but I cut him off. “Save it McAllister. I hate you!”



I walked away. I had really messed up. I could still feel David’s lips on mine and the tingly feeling they left was intoxicating. But, I had just unwillingly cheated on Freddy. I didn’t know what to do. I felt like I didn’t know anything at all. And what I did know was 1. David was a excellent kisser 2. That I for sure didn’t feel anything for Freddy 3. I needed to break things off with Freddy before I hurt him worse.

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