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The Time of Cupids
By: Gryffindorgirl153

Chapter Twelve

James Potter

The night ended with a long, nonstop complaint from Dominique about how utterly disappointing the reception was. It was boring, and square. The music was slow and sluggish, and the dance floor practically stayed seventy percent clear the entire night. Although I found myself somewhat entertained for most of the night, I couldn’t help but side with my cousin on this one. We were all expecting a Victoire/Teddy type party. Hell, we would have settled with a Weasley party. Unfortunately, instead of a night filled with fun and drinks, we were faced with the Delacour’s and a bunch of snotty French A-holes.

We blame Uncle Bill. It was totally his fault.

He surrendered to the wrath of his wife and agreed to invite the majority of her family. Silly man wasn’t man enough to say no. But then again, Aunt Fleur is part Veela. If I were him, I’d have trouble saying no to the woman as well.

“It’s only nine and everyone is going home…” Dominique grumbled as we stepped into the lift. She pulled the pin from her up-do and let her blonde curls fall down her shoulders. She had shiny hair. “What kind of bloody—I can’t even…”

I chuckled and patted Dom’s shoulder. “Lighten up, Dom.”

“Piss off, James.” She grumbled again.

From beside me, Victoria sighed and patted Dom’s shoulder as well. “It’s okay, Dom. At least this gives us a chance to get out of these uncomfortable heels earlier than planned.”

Her voice warmed my body.

Did I really just say that?

I feel like someone just swept in and preformed a lobotomy on me.

“Let’s just spend the rest of our night at the pool.” Layla suggested. “I’m sure that the adults are too tired to do anything but sleep, which leaves the roof to us.”

“That’s actually not a bad idea.” Desmond encouraged.

A ding sounded and the doors of the lift opened. ‘Floor Forty-Two’ It said.

We all filed out of the lift and headed down the carpeted hall towards our rooms. “Let’s gather everyone up and have a little party of our own upstairs!” he suggested with excitement as he grinned from ear to ear.

“And I shall provide beverages.” Tyler piped. “So you girls change into what ever skimpy shit you packed, and we’ll meet you three on the roof? We’ll round up everyone else.”

The three girls agreed with a nod and quickly entered their room.

“How exactly are you going to get drinks, Tyler?” I asked as I unlocked our own room.

“No idea.” He answered immediately with a shrug.

I rolled my eyes as I opened the double doors of my bedroom. I walked to my trunk and pulled out a pair of swimming trunks that I had thrown in last minute. I quickly pulled off my clothes and slipped the trunks on before I grabbed a nearby towel. Viola. James Potter had just transformed from perfect gentleman, into perfect, sexy beast.

“James, you ready?” I heard Desmond’s voice through the door.

“Yup, just give me a second!” I rushed to the mirror situated beside the bathroom door and checked myself out.

Oh yeah. I was definitely sexy.

Before I reached the door, something red caught my eye. Something that did not belong in my room.

It was a giant red cooler placed on the round wooden table by the window. There was a note on top.

“Hey James,” Tyler began as he suddenly entered my room. “Is it just me or is Rhiannon McKenzie looking mighty fine to you these days?”

I ignored him.

Hey mate,
Thanks for standing up there with me.
Merlin knows that it must have been boring as hell for you. Sorry for the lame party. Even Victoire is embarrassed by the lameness. At least the food was good, yeah? We blame Aunt Fleur and her guests. To make it up to you, here’s a little gift for you and your friends. It refills instantly, but there’s only one kind in there. It’s a Weasley’s product, but Uncle George doesn’t keep it in stock in the shop. It’s strong, I’m warning you now. I’ve given most of the adults free passes to the spa, so you kids have the roof to yourselves! Don’t be too loud or else the hotel management will be forced to check in on you.

P.S. Don’t let Hugo have anything to drink. Hermione has a knack of performing drug/alcohol tests on him these days. Make sure Rose doesn’t get much to drink either.
P.P.S. If caught, don’t let them know who provided.

Teddy Lupin

“I love your cousin, mate.” Tyler said in awe as he peered over the large cooler.

“God-brother.” I corrected.

“Tyler and I will take this upstairs.” Desmond said as he grinned over the goods. “You round up everyone, yeah?”

I nodded.

The first door I came to was Roses’ and her friends. After a short knock on the door, it was Scorpius who showed up. It seemed as though he was halfway getting rid of his tux.

“Who’s in there?” I asked immediately.

“Er,” Scorpius began as he loosened his tie. “Al, Ginger, Rose, Aria, Hugo, Corbin, Lorcan, Lysander and Bea. Why?”

I was taken aback by all the people that had took refuge in Rose’s room. “Party up in the pool.” I told him quickly. “Get to the roof in less than ten minutes, yeah?”

Scorpius’ face broke out into a grin. “We’ll be right up.”

The next room I arrived to was Fred’s. I pounded on the door loudly as I grew more and more impatient. Why did I have to be the one to round everyone up?

Rhiannon opened the door. “Hey, James.” She greeted with a polite smile. “What’s up?”

“We’re having a party up on the roof. Tell Fred, will you? And who ever else is in there. Bring your bathing suits and trunks!”

As conservative and smart as Rhiannon McKenzie was, she was a big party animal. On several occasions, Fred found himself unable to get wasted because he had his girlfriend to take care of.

She smiled, as expected. “We’ll meet you up there.”

The next room was Roxy’s. “Hey Rox,” I greeted the moment she opened her door.

“What, James?” she asked with an annoyed tone. She was already dressed in her flannel pajama’s and her red hair was up in a messy bun. “I don’t have time for your shenanigans at the moment.”

I rolled my eyes. “Goodness, Rox. Don’t be such a buzz kill. There’s a party going on upstairs at the roof. Bring your swimsuits, yeah? And bring who ever else is in there.”

She simply stared at me with a bored expression.

“What, Rox?” I asked, exasperatedly.

She rolled her eyes. “Whatever, James, we’ll be up there soon.” She shut the door at my face, and I was left utterly confused.

Merlin, I have strange cousins.

Before I called for the lift, I made a pit-stop at the girls’ room. It’s been about fifteen minutes and they still were not out yet.


I was a little bit surprised to find the door of their room wide open. I heard music coming from the bedroom; loud, booming music. It sounded like a remix of the Wild Ogre’s and Witch Mania.

“Dom?” I called loudly as I stepped into the room. “Layla?”

I followed the light streaming in front the double doors that led to the only bedroom in their suite. However, the moment I caught sight of Victoria, clad in only her underwear, I immediately regretted my decision.

Her was facing the bed with her back to the door. She was flipping through a book as she twirled a strand of her hair in between her fingers. My eyes traveled downwards… way down. She was wearing a pair of crimson red laced knickers.

Crimson, red, laced.

It’s like she just knew my weakness.

My eyes seemed to be permanently glued to her bum. Her luscious, round, bum.

Unconsciously, I growled.

I had never been so sexually frustrated in my life, and it was all because of this one girl.

I need to get laid tonight. I need to find some Veela chick to screw. Maybe one of Victoire’s friends is available.

Before I could turn away and bolt towards the door, Victoria turned around with her eyes still glued to her book. I noticed the cover. She was reading Alice in Wonderland for about the tenth time in her lifetime. Unfortunately, the change of her surroundings were too drastic. She noticed me right away.

“Potter!” she exclaimed furiously. Her hands immediately reached out for the nearest piece of cloth she could find to cover herself. To her dismay, the small t-shirt she chose did not do a very good job. “What in the bloody hell are you doing here?”

“Er—I, uh,”

Awesome. I was fucking stuttering now.

James Potter does not stutter.

“Get out!” she barked urgently.

“Sorry!” I bolted out of her room and into the lift before I punched the button that was labeled ‘R’. For the second time that night, I growled under my breath. It’s a strange sensation when reality turns out to be exactly like what you’ve always imagined.

By the time I arrived to the roof, Dominique and Layla—who were both already dressed in their colorful bikini’s—were already standing by Desmond and Tyler as they rummaged through Desmond’s CD collection. Only Albus and his crew were in the pool, whereas the rest of the Weasley clan were still in their suites.

“Why do you look so flustered?” Dominique asked the moment I reached them.

Did I look flustered?


Oh, I don’t know. Maybe because I just saw Victoria naked in the most delicious pair of knickers.

“It looks like you’ve seen a ghost.” Layla commented with a small laugh.

I let out a frustrated sigh after I noticed the knowing looks Desmond sent in my direction. Why does the Cupid have to know everything?

After a couple of minutes, it dawned on me. Victoria. I couldn’t even fucking screw any other girl because of Victoria.

My fists clenched at my sides.

As if he knew exactly how I felt, Desmond reached into the large, red cooler and pulled out a glass bottle with pink liquid inside. “This has got to be the strongest drink I’ve ever had.” He said.

I took the drink and popped the cap open with ease. I took a swig and recoiled slightly as my mouth met the unfamiliar taste of a hundred and ten percent alcohol. “No wonder they stopped selling this.”

“I found it!” Tyler exclaimed to no one in particular. He transfigured the CD into an old fashioned record disc and placed it on top of the record player provided by the resort. The White Banshee’s immediately filled the roof. Tyler laughed in triumph and suddenly pulled Layla aside to dance with her. Together, they laughed and danced like a bunch of goof balls.

At that very moment, the door of the roof opened, and Victoria stepped out. She was wearing nothing but a bikini in a deep shade of red. Her hair was straightened, probably by magic, and pulled into a ponytail on the top of her head.

“Vicky!” Dominique exclaimed happily. She set her drink down on the table and immediately grabbed Victoria to dance.

For a while, I watched her. Victoria, I meant. Not my cousin.

I watched as her body moved with the beat. It was nothing dirty—nothing that I would have preferred. It was a goofy kind of dancing. The kind of dancing where her face was distorted by a silly expression and her movements were too erratic for anyone else to follow. It was… cute, almost sweet. I couldn’t help but laugh as I watched the two of them dance together.

“James,” Desmond captured my attention with his warning tone. “You better be careful with her.”

I sighed and looked away. The fact was painful enough. I didn’t need Desmond to constantly remind me of it. “I know,” I told him without even bothering to hide the annoyance in my voice. “I just wish I knew how to.”

Desmond chuckled. “You’ll figure it out eventually.”

I turned to look at Desmond and punched his shoulder in a playful manner. “Stop talking in riddles, Cupid. You’re no crystal ball.”


It turns out that word about the party spread quicker than rumors did in Hogwarts; quicker than wild fire. Even Victoire’s boring guests showed up that night for a drink, a dance, and a dip in the much too crowded pool. Even kids that we didn’t know showed up, and eventually, Hugo was sent to man the entrance since he wasn’t allowed to drink.

Dominique and Tyler had left the party about an hour ago and retired in our suite. Apparently they were going to put on a muggle movie and spend the rest of their night sitting in front of the television, but I seriously doubted it. If sitting in front of the television is code word for snog fest, then sure, I concur.

The roof was crowded. Entirely too crowded. I was almost positive that the amount of people on the roof had surpassed the occupancy limit about an hour ago. There were girls in bikini's lined up on the edges of the pool, in the pool, on the chairs or dancing next to the pool. There were girls snogging as well. In the pool, on the sun chairs or in the shady corners of the roof. They were everywhere. I felt like I had just died and gone to heaven.

Apparently, every other male agreed as well. There was not a pair of eyes that were not focused on a girl.

I couldn't blame them.

This party was busting with Veelas.

So I found it incredibly strange when I realized that the girl I could not keep my eyes off of was just a regular witch. There were plenty of prettier and sexier girls around me. Hell, there was one standing not three yards away. She had her eyes on me all night.

She was a brunette with long curly hair. She was wearing a white bikini. Her body.. her body was bloody amazing. Her lips were painted dark red, and her eyes were coated with black garbage.

I never understood why girls wore layers and layers of make up.

In all honestly, yes, some girls really did need it. I can't begin to explain how many times I've woken up next to a girl who went to sleep looking like a goddess, and woke up only to look like a dirty old mountain troll. However, there were those girls that had natural beauty. As a bloke—as a straight bloke—it's disappointing to see a gorgeous girl cake her face with make-up.

She was still staring at me.

For a while, I stared back.

Her lips were curled in a small smile. She had a single dimple right above the right corner of her plump lips.

The girl was beautiful. She was gorgeous. She was sexy. She looked intelligent, funny, mature and sophisticated.

I looked away.

I found that my interest was suddenly not on pretty girls that I had never met.

My interest was directed towards the blonde who was laughing in front of me.

Bloody, fucking, Victoria.

I was surprised to find that Victoria willingly stayed by my side for the entire night. I wasn’t sure why, but she did. Sometime during the night, I found myself in the furthest end of the pool, not more than five feet away from Victoria. We didn’t speak much. I was a bit too frustrated with both her and myself to strike a civilized conversation. Perhaps she knew of the frustration that I was dealing with and she decided to let me deal with it in my own way instead of meddling, like how she always does.

She frolicked about with Layla while they tossed around an old, tattered, American football. It was difficult since both were incapable of moving quick while submerged in water. However, did well. For girls, at least.

Once I grew tired of simply watching the two girls toss the football back and forth, I made my way to Victoria’s side and grabbed it from her hand. “You’re throwing it wrong.” I informed her.

She laughed. I could tell she was tipsy. “Show me then, oh-so-great Quidditch Captain.”

I rolled my eyes as she mocked me, but nevertheless, I smiled at her. After I gently positioned the football in her hand, I placed mine over hers and guided it over her head. “You’re putting too much swing into your wrist rather than your arm.” I advised. “It’s kind of like throwing a Quaffle at a precise thirty degree angle while coming out of a spin.”

From the corner of my eye, I caught the brunette scowling. She turned her head away and she leaned back against the edge of the pool. I had seen that look on girls countless of times. Her thoughts were practically voiced. She was wondering why someone as sexy as me (not to sound conceited—oh who the fuck am I kidding, I'm a sexy beast), would find interest in someone like Victoria.

I loved proving girls wrong. It was pretty fucking typical of them to feel as though they can capture a blokes heart with one simple look. They were self-centered and egotistical in a way that matched most mens infamously large ego.

They just refused to admit it.

With some added strength on my part, she threw the football swiftly. It was a good throw. It went past Layla’s head and into Desmond’s waiting hands. He responded with two thumb’s up, and Victoria laughed merrily at her accomplishment.

“Since when did you know how to play American Football?” she asked curiously. Her hands began to fiddle with the straps of her bikini which was tied behind her neck. “Ugh, this thing is coming loose.” She complained with a scowl. “I told Layla not to buy from that ruddy store.” I watched closely as she turned around in the water and pressed her back against me. “Do you mind? I can’t really reach that well.”

My breath hitched in my throat as my hands began to move on its own accord and made their way up to her neck. I pulled on the strings, suddenly aware of how much power I had over her at that very moment. A little slip and her entire top could just fall.

But what good would that do me? It would only give every other male in this pool something to look at, and I definitely would not want that.

Although most male eyes were focused on hot veelas and snogging girls, there was still a chance that Victoria's breast would fall into their line of vision.

So I retied the strings of her bikini tightly. On several occasions, my hand brushed against her neck and her shoulders, which made me even more… frustrated.

Once I was done, she turned and smiled at me. “Thanks.” She said. “It was bothering me all night.”

For the remainder of the night, all I could do was stare at the back of her neck, and her shoulders, and her bare back. All that exposed skin… I just wanted to rub myself all over her and kiss every inch of her body. More than once I had to shake my head to rid my mind of the dirty thoughts that seemed to never leave. To my own dismay, the cause of said thoughts was standing right in front of me. There was no way I could have controlled it any longer.

I wanted her.

Fuck, I wanted her bad.

But at the same time, I wanted to punch myself for even thinking about wanting her. The mere thought of wanting Victoria made my stomach churn in ways that I had never experienced before. It was more bitter than sweet, but Merlin, she was sweet.

Soon, Desmond grew tired of throwing around a football and ushered Layla onto the sun chairs that were settled by the side of the pool. Victoria and I watched as they shared one and started talking.

She turned to me with a smile. “They’re talking again.”

“Yeah, it’s great.” Alright, James. That was a terrible attempt at trying to sound enthusiastic. I was happy for Desmond. Honestly, I was. He deserves someone as great as Layla. They were bloody perfect for each other. I just had more pressing matters at hand.

Fortunately for me, Victoria wasn’t paying enough attention to notice the lack of enthusiasm in my voice. She was waving at someone behind me.

Three guesses who.

Austin fucking Willow.

Honestly, he was like a roach that just never died. He was appearing everywhere, all the fucking time.

I growled under my breath unconsciously. I placed my hand on Victoria’s waist and guided her to the edge of the pool, away from Austin. She frowned at this gesture. “Is there something wrong?” she asked in a confused manner.

Victoria grabbed the drink that she had left on the edge of the pool and took a long sip. “Ah, this is really good.” Just as she was about to take another drink, I pulled the bottle away from her and placed it far away. “Hey!” She cried resentfully. “I wasn’t done.” Her bottom lip curled into a pout.

A rather cute pout.

“You’ve had enough for tonight.” I told her. “That’s your third bottle.”

“And I’m still not drunk!” She said with a grin. “My tolerance is like, way high!” She suppressed a giggle.

Drunk Victoria was kind of cute.

Kind of.

“Hey Potter,” She began. “Why did you come into my room earlier?”

I swallowed. “Er, I was wondering why you girls were taking so long.”

Unexpectedly, she grinned. “Did you like my red knickers?” she asked suddenly. “I heard red—no sorry, crimson red is one of your favorite colors. Well… when it comes to knickers.”

I chuckled. “How could you possibly have heard that?”

She shrugged. “Girls talk in the lavatory.”

Of course girls talk. That's all girls ever did. Talk.

She reached for her drink once more, but I beat her to the punch. I stretched out to grasp the edge of the pool and my arms locked her in place. “What do you think you’re doing?” I asked.

She frowned at me. “I want a drink, Potter. I’m thirsty.”

“You’ve had enough.” I repeated sternly. “You’ll wake up with another hang over tomorrow if you drink any more.”

This time, Victoria pouted. It took every fiber in my being to stop myself from kissing her lips. “You’re such a party pooper. Party doo-doo-er.” She giggled at her own joke. “Aren’t I funny?” she asked with a laugh. “I think I’m hilarious.”

I laughed. “Yes, Victoria, you’re very funny.”

I suddenly felt someone shove against me. Consequently, I was pushed closer to Victoria. In an instant, my body was pressed tightly against hers and she became trapped between the wall of the pool and my body.

“Watch yourself!” I barked at the idiot who had just shoved me. He was a scrawny git that was playing with the abandoned football.

When I turned back to Victoria, her laughter had faded and her face suddenly turned serious. My scowl washed away from my face as I felt her move against me. “James.” She said, her eyes still attached to mine.

Woah, it wasn’t Potter anymore?”

“What?” I asked.

“Can you do me a favor?” she asked softly, moving against me some more.

“It depends.” I answered. “What is it?”

“Can you kiss me, please?”

I chuckled. “Victoria, you’re drunk.”

She shook her head stubbornly. “I’m not drunk, Potter.”

“Yes, Vic, you’re dru—”

I wasn’t able to get the last word out once Victoria attacked me with her lips. Her arms rose from the water and grasped both sides of my face before she planted her lips on mine.

I remembered Desmond, and sober Victoria. She was drunk, and this was wrong. But how could I deny something so sweet?

So I kissed her back. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her closer to my body if it was even possible. She sighed into the kiss and wrapped her legs around my hips. It was almost effortless to hold her in the water.

Almost instantly, the rest of the world disappeared. There was no longer anyone in the pool but Victoria and myself. The music and the chatter faded and all I could hear were Victoria’s throaty moans and heavy breaths. We were the only two people in the world, and it felt bloody amazing.

She tasted like vodka mixed with strawberries and pineapple, which was weird since her drink was pure gin. Nevertheless, the flavor on her lips was intoxicating. I’ve tasted her several times, but not once did she taste like this before. I wanted to drink her in. I wanted more of her. I wanted to drown in the way she tasted and felt. She was like a drug, and I was addicted.

All too soon, Victoria pulled away. “I need to get out of the water.” Her chest heaved up and down as she took deep breaths.

I, myself found it difficult to breathe as well. “Sure.” I pulled myself out of the water before I reached my hand out for hers. I pulled her up and silently, we made our way to the lift. “Do you want to go back to your room?” I asked in a slightly dazed voice. She had just snogged the living fuck out of me, and all of a sudden, she’s acting as if it had never happened.

“Will you come with me?”

“… Sure.” Was all my brain was capable of generating.

The ride on the lift was slightly awkward. We were dripping wet while we stood in an air of awkward silence. She was fiddling with her hair while I wondered why my trunks did not have pockets for me to stick my hands in during awkward situations such as this. I suppose the designer of these trunks was lucky enough to have never been grazed by moments of awkwardness. My hands yearned to be plunged into something. Namely a deep pair of pockets that were attached to my own trousers.

Slowly and quietly, she led the both of us to her suite. I watched her. I felt incredibly awkward. Her movements were clumsy as she opened her door with a special key before she pulled me inside. The precise moment the door closed behind me, I was suddenly pressed up against it with a pair of lips covering my own.

As excitedly as she, I responded. I was excited to taste her once more; to feel her tongue wrestling against my own. My hands explored her body while I pulled her close. In a rapid motion, I flipped out positions and found out that I liked this certain arrangement better. Just like when we were in the water, she hooked both her legs around my hips and raised herself higher against the door. This gave me better access to her neck.

Victoria moaned and writhed against me during the time I sucked and nibbled at her skin. Her hands pulled and tugged at my hair tightly, but the pain was nothing compared to the pleasure that I felt from having her pressed so tightly against me. After leaving one large hickey on her neck, she pulled my head up to meet her waiting lips. Her lips were so plump and delicious. Like a large juicy grape that was as sweet as a cherry.

I gladly complied.

Once my legs began to grow weak from standing against the door, I quickly carried Victoria into her bedroom and roughly placed her on the bed as best as I could without interrupting our kiss. We were both still wet, but neither of us cared. I crawled on top of her but she clearly didn’t like it. Without warning, she rolled over and pushed me against the mattress. Her legs swung over my body, which allowed her to straddle my hips. Without clear warning, she grinned down at me, and I knew what was about to come. She began to tease me.

My hands flew to her hips the moment I felt her apply a bit of pressure against me. I growled in a way that made me seem more like an animal, and she simply smirked deviously. Before I knew it, Victoria created a steady pace as she ground herself harder against me. My grip on her hips tightened and I groaned this time. Rather loudly, in fact. We were still fully clothed (as far as swimsuits go), which made this entire situation even more painful. She was teasing me, and she was enjoying it.

My hips rose to meet her gyrations. In the most sexiest manner possible, Victoria threw her head back in pleasure and let out a soft moan. I couldn’t help myself any longer. I sat up and began kissing down her neck, around her collarbone before nibbling at her earlobe. She moaned in my ear as I sucked the soft spot around the junction of her jaw and her ear. “James,” she breathed. Her body was arched against mine while my hands were permanently fixed around her arse. I groaned and thrust upwards once more. “James,” she breathed again as her eyes fluttered shut and her brows knitted together. She looked so delectable, so fuck-able. Like a bloody sex-kitten. It was driving me mad. Without warning, I grabbed the back of her head and pressed her lips against mine. I kissed her hard and rough, and she responded eagerly and passionately. “Fuck,” she cursed.

Victoria pushed me back against the bed to my previous position. The smirk appeared on her lips once more as she bent down to kiss me again. This time, the kiss didn’t last very long. Her lips left mine and slowly trailed down my cheek, my chin, my neck, my collarbone, down my chest and back up. All the while, my hands ran up and down her sides, pausing shortly around her breasts. I sucked on her bottom lip hungrily, and Victoria showed her delight by eliciting a moan of pleasure followed by a quickening in her pace. Her tongue traced my top lip before she dove in and began exploring the contours of my mouth.

With a groan, I flipped her over to stop her ministrations. I practically groaned as I caught sight of the intensity of Victoria’s hungry and lustful expression. She was biting her already swollen lip, and her hands were by her head as if she was just waiting to be taken.

“You’re driving me mad, Vic.” I told her, my voice hoarse and my breaths heavy.

Instantaneously, her expression changed. Her brows knitted into a frown and she sighed helplessly. “Do you remember what you said to me last night?” she asked softly. Her voice was soft, yet coarse. It sounded like sex.

Merlin, I wanted her.

I don’t think I’ve ever wanted anyone more in my life.

“What did I say last night?” I asked abruptly.

So something did happen last night.

With a heavy sigh, Victoria pushed me off and sat up. “You came to me last night.” She informed me. She turned her head away, and my heart suddenly sank without reason. “You were drunk, and you found me in Desmond’s bed.”

I sat up as well. “What did I say, Vicky?”

“It’s not important.” She replied. “Last night’s not important.”

I sensed her uneasiness. I wished we were still snogging. Things were much easier then. It was familiar ground. “Hey,” I began softly as I placed a hand on her arm. I turned her around and forced her to face me. For the first time since I’ve known her, I saw hints of genuine pain flash across her face. It was different from the sadness that would occasionally fight against her pretty face. It was something real, and I could tell that something inside of her was eating her away inside out. However, in a second, it was gone. Of course. How could I possibly expect anything more from Victoria Rose, resident Ice Queen? “Vic, tell me what happened last night.” I said sternly.

She shook her head stubbornly and refused. “No. Just—Potter I think you should go back to your room. We shouldn’t have… snogged like that.”

“Wait, hang on. Did I do something?” I was confused. One minute we were snogging. It was amazing, as amazing as fireworks on the forth of fucking July in America (as I was told). The next thing I knew, she pushed me away. For a long while, I thought that she wanted it too. I believed that she wanted me just as bad as I wanted her. She sure as hell made it seem that way.

I don’t understand women. Why do they have to be so bloody vague?

Men: I want you, let’s fuck.

Women: I want you, but I don’t at the same time. It’s rather confusing and I can’t really understand it myself either. So I’m just going to say no, even though I know that I want to have sex with you and my body obviously does as well since I’m drip—

Enough with my sarcasm.

“No.” She shook her head again. “You didn’t do anything. I’m sorry Potter, but…” She took a deep breath and ran her hands across her face with annoyance. “I can’t be that kind of girl.”

Was she annoyed with me or with herself?

“What kind of girl?” I asked.

“The kind of girl that you fuck and then dump.” She answered flatly. “I’m not another fucking notch on your bedpost.” Before I could say anything, she held up her hand. “Don’t even lie to me, I know it’s there.”

I rolled my eyes.


No, I take it back. I don’t roll my eyes. Is it possible to roll my eyes in the other direction so that it cancels out the first set of rolling?

I had just made a bad move. “C’mon Vic, you know that’s just a joke between Desmond and I. He has a set of notches too!”

“I bet if we went further tonight, you would have went home and added one, no?”

I couldn’t disagree.

She nodded at my silence. “I’m not angry with you, Potter. I just need you to go.”

“Are you serious? Only moments ago you were grinding against me moaning my name! You can’t lie to me and say that you don’t want it too. ” I exclaimed. My voice rose with every word. I hope these walls were sound proof.

“I never said I didn’t want you, Potter. Are you bloody daft? I fucking love you.” She snapped irritably. “Do you think I just go around snogging other boys like that for the heck of it?” I supposed she noticed her temper flaring since she took a deep breath in order to calm herself down. “Potter, please. Just go. I’m tired and I want to go to bed.”

“Me leaving won’t solve anything.”

“Yes it will!” she exclaimed suddenly. “Don’t you get it? I love you, okay? It’s not my choice, but I love you and I can’t do anything to change that! Do you know how horrible it feels to love someone who only wants to fuck you?”

“W—what?” I sputtered incredulously. “You think I just want to fuck you?”

She scoffed and rolled her eyes. “You sure as hell make it seem that way! C’mon, Potter, let’s not kid ourselves here. Since when did you look for something more than sex from a girl who you’re not related to?”

I fell silent. To be honest, she was right about one thing. Every other girl I’ve been with was just a toy. We would spend a couple of nights together, and once she bean to believe that things were getting serious, I’d dump her. Serious was not my thing. Mindless sex was.

That was the problem with girls. They were too into sappy relationships.

“That’s what I thought.” Her voice returned to its normal volume. She turned away from me again as if she was afraid to show the least bit of emotion for once in her life. “It’s not easy loving someone, Potter. Especially you. I can now fully understand all those girls who spent nights crying over you.”

Guilt washed over me in seconds. How did she do that? How did she make me feel so guilty in less than five seconds flat? I saw what she was doing. She thought that she was one of them; one of those girls that I hooked up with and then left within days time. She was scared that she would be like them.

I suddenly found myself sharing the same fear.

“Those girls are different.” I said, attempting to reassure her. “They’re not like you.”

Victoria scoffed again. “You’re right. They’re not like me.” She agreed with a blunt, cynical tone. “You actually chose those girls. Me? You’re just stuck with me. I’m like a pimple on the face of your life that will just never go away.”


“I’m the girl who will end up in love with you forever, while you will just never feel the same way.” she continued angrily. “You never wanted me, Potter. I’m just a fucking burden to you. I suppose you probably feel tied to me because of Desmond. You can neither screw other girls nor can you hit on anything with a pair of long legs and nice big jugs.”

I was getting frustrated that she was giving me nothing to disagree with without being a liar. She was throwing my lifestyle into my face. The fucking, the playing, she was all throwing it back at me. “Is it my fault that you’re in love with me?” I retorted angrily. “I didn’t ask for this, Victoria, it just fucking happened. I’m dealing with it as best as I can. You think I don’t like being able to screw other girls without hurting you? Fuck, I’ve been deprived of a good shag for weeks now, all because of you. But I’m not the one fucking complaining, alright? We both have a Cupid for a best friend, and he happens to think that they’re something in between us. I guess that’s what we get.”

“It’s called sexual tension, Potter! Every fucking teenager in the world has it with someone else. It’s nothing new.” Her eyes narrowed in my direction before a scowl appeared on her face. “That doesn’t mean that we deserve this.”

Sexual tension. This must be the first time anyone has voiced the tension that had been growing between Victoria and I over the years. I didn't agree. There was never sexual tension between Victoria and I. Our friends simply fancied insinuating the idea of 'sexual tension' in several of our conversations. They were idiots, and idiots didn't know any better.

“No one deserves this.” I replied with a hint of annoyance in her voice. “But it happened, and we just have to fucking deal with it.”

Then, she glared at me. Her eyes were piercing through mine like a set of daggers. “You can only say that because the only thing that’s been taken away from you is your freedom. Or so you believe. You think you’ve got it bad because I’m apparently stopping you from sleeping with a your little slut for a girlfriend, Elkin. No one is stopping you, Potter, but I suppose the guilt finally got to you, huh?”

“I’m fucking doing this for you, Vic. You think I like it? You think I’m doing this for my fucking health? No, I’m doing this for you.” I reminded her. She was being unreasonable and ungrateful. “If I wanted to I could go fuck some girl right now, but I restrain myself, for you.

She let out a sarcastic laugh. “Let’s give James the git faced Potter a medal for being concerned for my feelings, shall we? It must be the first time ever!”

I scowled at her. “Don’t patronize me.” I snapped coldly. “Forgive me for respecting your feelings. Would you prefer if I didn’t care? I’m doing you a favor, you ungrateful girl.”

“What the bloody hell, Potter. You act like you’ve got the worst end of the fucking stick in this situation. How arrogant can you get? You think not being able to sleep with who ever you want is bad? You’re not the one who’s fucking in love with a bloody git! You trying being in love with someone like you and see if you fancy it! You’re a bloody arsehole half the time, and the other half, it’s almost impossible for you to actually think with your head instead of yo—”

“I’m sorry I can’t be like you, little Miss Ice Princess!” I shouted. “That’d actually require me turn into a bratty ice box with absolutely no personality! The world doesn’t fucking revolve around you. You’d do well to remember that little fact.”

Victoria’s face grew red with anger, and I felt my own bubbling in my stomach. Only Victoria and I could ever go from being on the brink of fucking to arguing like we wanted to kill each other.

“You’re a mother fucking sleaze ball, Potter!” she spat loudly. “Maybe I’d stop being a bitch to you if you actually learn how to be a human being for once. Not ever fucking girl in school fawns at the sight of you. Some of us, namely me, can’t stand the mere sight of you.”

“Oh I beg to differ.” I spat back.

“Arsehole.” She muttered furiously.

“Bitch.” I countered.

“Get the fuck out of my room!” She pointed at the door, but I was already halfway there before she managed to get the last word out. “Never fucking speak to me again!” she screeched through the already closing doors.

I shut the door to her suite behind me with a loud bang and entered my own room.

Victoria could fucking go to hell.

A/N: hey guys!

so here's the first chapter that's completely in James' point of view. thoughts comments? i hope you guys enjoyed this one! the next chapter, they'll still be in the resort, and the one after that, they're going back to school!

love, gryffgirl.

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