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'Can you please give me back my shoes? I really need them.' I asked, a slight sigh escaping my lips.


The group of Ravenclaws simply laughed some more and the leader stepped forward, 'Is something finally starting to get under Looney's skin?'


I smiled and shook my head, 'No, I'm just a bit tired having to pull all of the glass and other things out of my feet every day after school.'


The girl gave me a once over and then sneered, 'Typical Looney.' And then she tossed my shoes towards me, succeeding in hitting me in the stomach.


'Thank you!' I called as they turned to leave. They rolled their eyes and continued on their way.


I rubbed my tummy and winced a bit, there was probably going to be a bruise. Nothing major though, at least I got my shoes back.




I turned at the sound of my name and smiled as Harry came to a stop in front of me.


'Hullo Harry, I got my shoes back?' I said, holding up them triumphantly by their laces.


'I see.' Harry rose an eyebrow but then shook his head, 'Luna. I could have helped you get them back a week ago you know.'


I shook my head and crossed my arms, 'I can take care of myself Harry. Just because you have saved the world doesn't mean you need to save every pair of my shoes Harry.'


Harry simply laughed and I joined in as we started towards the Great Hall, 'Luna Lovegood you amaze me each and every day.'


'I know, because you say that every day.' I smiled and opened the doors, 'I hope they have pudding and orange juice.'


Harry laughed again and started towards our usual table, 'I'm sure they will.'


See, Harry had come back to finish his 7th year after the War, and I couldn't complain. I had my best friend back again.


'Luna, next time let me help though? I don't like seeing you hurt.' Harry sat down and started to dish things onto his plate.


I pulled my shoes on before I sat down next to him and sighed as I shook my head, 'I wasn't hurt Harry, they are the ones that are hurt.'


Harry gave me a questioning glance.


I smiled and started to pour the orange juice into my pudding and cereal concoction, 'See, they hid behind a mean mask because they are the ones that are really hurt.'


Harry kept looking at me, biting his lower lip as if holding back a retort.


'You'll see. Some day.' I said taking a spoon and stirring my meal around before bringing it to my mouth.


Harry shook his head and smirked, 'If you say so.'


'Attention! Everyone, attention!' Headmistress McGonagall called.


I turned, the spoon halfway to my mouth, towards the teachers table.


'We'll have a new student joining us...well, really an old student, but I want you all to treat him with respect.' McGonagall sounded very serious.


I turned to Harry, confused. Harry looked panicked, his mouth was open, 'No, i—it can't be...'


'He has suffered and taken the consequence for his actions, and I expect you all to welcome him with acceptance.' She said, looking pointedly at each table, 'Kindness, understanding, and forgiveness.'


The students nodded, curious as to who the student was.


McGonagall pursed her lips in a smile, 'Please welcome back, Draco Malfoy.' Draco stepped onto the platform from a side door, looking as awkward as anyone could be.


His hair had grown a bit, and it wasn't greased back. Draco's shoulders were slumped and his hands dug deep into his pockets, his bright grey eyes looked worried, wondering how everyone would react to him. He didn't have to wait long.


Whispers started up and the teachers started to clap, probably from an earlier threat from McGonagall.


I turned to Harry who looked like he had forgotten to breath.


'Harry? Are you alright?' I asked, gently touching his forehead, 'You feel average.'


Harry shook his head and removed my hand from his forehead, 'He can't be back! H-he can't! He is evil!'


I looked back to the boy who stood on the platform...well, man now. Everyone seemed to have grown up since the war, and Draco was, in fact, nineteen now so he was man-age.


I tilted my head, studying him. He could be labeled a man, but he looked like a scared boy as McGonagall motioned him towards the Slytherin table. He forced a smile and took his seat, more whispers running down the tables as people moved farther away from him.


'I don't think he's evil Harry, I think he's scared. His mask has been stripped off of him without his consent.' I said, my eyes not once leaving the young Malfoy, 'And now he's trying to make a new one for himself.'


I could see Harry shake his head from the corner of my eye, 'Yes, his Death Eater mask must have been terribly hard to strip him off. It's something that simply can't be replaced.' The venom in Harry's voice was hard to miss.


I shook my head, more fervently this time, 'No Harry, give it some time. I think the real Draco will come out in time.'


Harry huffed and crossed his arms, 'No, I'd rather not see the real Draco.'


I turned to Harry, feeling sad for him, 'Sometimes forgiveness is the best route, Harry.'


Harry just shook his head.


'I'm going to go sit with him.' I said and stood up before Harry had a chance to stop me. I knew what it was like to have people whisper about you, and move so as not to touch you and catch what ever disease they think you have. I didn't bother me, but to someone who use to be the Slytherin Prince being so unpopular looked like it was taking it's toll on him.


Draco sat with a good two foot radius on each side. I could feel the eyes on me as I walked towards the Slytherin table, not as many though. People had gotten use to the crazy things I did.


'Hullo!' I smiled, taking a seat across from him. Draco's dull grey eyes met mine, his brow raising so it disappeared into his bangs. He looked to tired to try and do anything about me sitting down though.


'Lovely day it's going to be!' I smiled, pouring myself some pumpkin juice, 'So how was Azkaban?'


I saw him flinch.


I tilted my head, 'Does it bother you to talk about? You know, it shouldn't. It's in the past, you faced the consequences and you are forgiven now—like Professor McGonagall said.'


Draco moved around the eggs on his plate, not saying anything.


I bit my lip, thinking of another topic, 'So...which classes do you have?'


Draco looked up to me, his eyes growing a bit annoyed, 'What does it matter to you, Looney?'


I shrugged and took another sip, 'Just curious. You don't seem like the type of person that likes to be alone with your thoughts. Because when you are alone, guilt sets in—probably the that you feel unlovable as well and you feel all alone and being alone reminds you off that.' I smiled, sympathetically and reached for his hand.


Draco pulled back, 'I don't like being alone because it remind me of being alone? No duh.'


I laughed a bit, causing even more people at the table to look at us, 'Yes, that was very redundant of me, so much for Ravenclaw wit.' I smiled and took my hand back, 'You like being in control, to have power and such, or at least that's the mask you used. Now that has been taken from you, you don't know how to react. What you should do. Or say, even.' I took another sip and stood up.


'Well, I best go gather my things from my room. I have Potions first thing. Best to be on time for that.' I stepped over the bench and started on my way before I stopped and turned to him, 'If every you need someone, just find me, Draco. Because you're not alone.'


'I'll remember that.' Draco crossed his arm, a shadow of the old sneer coming back to his face as he turned away. But even he couldn't mask the slight brightening in his dark eyes.


I smiled as I headed back to the Tower.


I had a new goal for this year, right after finding a Nargle and right before receiving my first kiss.


I pulled the list out of my pocket and quickly scratched on it Take away Draco's Mask, find the real Draco.


AN -- This story is inspired by, and dedicated to, Msladyvampireangel for her fanfiction vid Luna & Draco -- all about us. She also made an amazing vid for this story entitled Draco & Luna -- i am understood. She rocks my socks and shoes! = )

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