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A/N: Hello all! This is my first attempt at a fanfic. I welcome all constructive comments that will help make this a better story! Please read and review! Thank you!! 

Anything you recognize belongs to the awesome J.K. Rowling! 

As I was going back and rereading my story, I noticed that I never really introduced Al the way I wanted to, so I give you the edited version of Chapter 1!!  :)

Albus Severus Potter, middle child of Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley Potter has lived with a uniqueness about him that neither his older brother James nor his younger sister Lily had. Born with messy black hair and brilliant green eyes, he was basically a miniature version of his famous father.


James Sirius Potter, two years older than Albus, was always jealous that it was Al that looked like his Dad and not him. James, with his dark auburn hair, chocolate brown eyes, and very outgoing personality, loved being the center of attention. Unfortunately, Albus usually suffered the brunt of James’s wrath if that didn’t happen. When James came home for the Christmas Holidays during his first year at Hogwarts, he found out that Madame Pomfrey had sent an owl to his parents stating that, according to his annual exam, he needed glasses. Ginny already had an appointment made for him at St. Mungo’s and James had his new glasses before Christmas. Now he at least looked a little more like his Dad, which made him feel more important.


Al was thankful that James had been appeased for the moment and was allowed some peace and quiet to read during the holiday. While Al loved his brother, he was the complete opposite of him and preferred to have his silence whenever he could get it while James was home from school.


Al’s younger sister Lily, on the other hand, was a mix in personality between James and Albus. She could be outgoing when she wanted, or be just as happy in a quiet environment with a book. Albus really connected with Lily ever since she came home from St. Mungo’s. James was too busy with starting primary school and his friends to bother with his little sister, but Albus...Albus was enchanted by her and spent as much time as possible getting to know her. They were as close as siblings could get without being twins.


Al hated leaving the comfort of his house and family....for anything. Everywhere he went people stared at him, acted like they knew him, and were always touching him. It made him very uncomfortable and he didn’t like it....not one bit. He lost count of how many times he was told that he looked exactly like his dad. Quite a few people even mentioned that it was too bad he had perfect vision because if he wore glasses he would be a miniature “Harry Clone.” He shuddered at that thought. The last thing he wanted was to lose the one physical trait that set him apart from his dad. He just wanted to be Albus....that’s all.


It wasn’t as bad when he was younger, but as he got older, the stares and comments became more and more frequent. What made it worse was that his dad didn’t even seem to notice and pretended like it wasn’t happening. Every time it happened Albus had the same thought go through his mind. ‘Why isn’t he telling these people to shove off and mind their own business?’ Since the family tended to attract more attention when Harry was with them, Albus slowly grew to loathe going anywhere with him. As much as he loved his Dad, he hated being constantly compared to him.


When Albus started his first year at Hogwarts, he felt uncomfortable from the moment he got on the train. Fortunately, his favorite cousin, Rose Weasley started Hogwarts the same year, so at least he wasn’t alone on the train. Several people stopped to look in the window of their compartment and James came in a couple times because he promised his parents he would make sure Al was okay. Other than that, Al and Rose had a pleasant time during the ride to Hogwarts.


When his name was called to be sorted, Albus walked up to the stool while trying not to show just how nervous he was. He could hear James saying something about Slytherin, but decided not to give him the satisfaction of acknowledging it. As the hat dropped over his brow, he heard it speak to him.


“Ah yes...another Potter. Hmmm. You are very much like your father, yet you strive to be different. It seems I am faced with the same dilemma that I had with him all those years ago. You have many qualities that would place you in either Slytherin or Gryffindor. Ah, but you are afraid I will put you in the house of the snakes and you really don’t want to be there. Well, then I better put you in your other choice then. Better be....Gryffindor!!”


Being sorted into the same house as James would prove to be just as irritating as it was comforting. James pretty much ignored Albus since he was too busy with his friends, but Al didn’t mind. Fortunately, Rose was also sorted into Gryffindor, so at least she was there with him as well.


Al’s first year at Hogwarts was going very well. He made lots of friends from all of the houses, and even had a girlfriend, much to James’s disbelief. She was a 2nd year Hufflepuff named Marcy that Al met while frequenting the library almost every night. They seemed to have quite a bit in common and hit it off rather quickly.


However, during the week before exams, Al’s world started to fall apart. His friends began to ask him several questions about what he’d be doing over his summer holiday and whether or not he was allowed to invite people over to his house. Then, he was bombarded with inquiries as to whether or not his Dad would be at King’s Cross Station when the Hogwarts Express arrived, and would he allow them to get their picture taken with him. Al was exceptionally hurt by this, not believing that these people he called friends were actually just using him to meet his Dad. Using his final exams as an excuse, Al began avoiding everyone, except Marcy. She was the only one who still really seemed to care about him, and he confided in her how awful and betrayed he felt. She made him feel special.


After his last exam, Al went to meet Marcy down by the lake. When he got there, she was stretched out on a blanket enjoying the sunshine. She smiled at him as he sat down next to her and took her hand. They shared some small talk and were soon lost in a warm, tender kiss. It wasn’t the first time they had kissed, but it was definitely the longest and least awkward. As they broke their kiss, Marcy, with eyes still closed, took a deep breath and sighed, ‘oh....Harry....’


To say that ruined the moment would be an understatement. Al couldn’t believe what he had heard. His girlfriend too? Was there no one he could trust? Why did such a great year have to end so badly? If he had his way he’d never set foot in Hogwarts again. He was so hurt. He quietly excused himself, got up and set off toward the castle. If he heard Marcy yelling apologies to him, he didn’t acknowledge them. He went to his dorm, pulled his hangings closed, cast a silencing charm around his bed, and cried himself to sleep. He spent his last few days at Hogwarts secluded from everyone else in an effort to avoid feeling as bad as he did that day. He could not wait to get home and hide from everyone for awhile.


Unfortunately, he could not avoid getting his education, so he went back to Hogwarts in the fall. He spent the entire year avoiding everyone else, except for Rose, when he could. After a few weeks, people pretty much stopped trying to talk to him and left him alone. He vaguely remembered Rose mentioning a new girl in her dorm, but never asked any details because he didn’t really want to know.


Al was a dedicated student who was devoted to and excelled in his studies. Professor Longbottom told his second year students about the elective class they would have to choose to study beginning next year. They would all be adding Care of Magical Creatures to their schedules, but they had to choose between Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, and Divination to also add to their schedule.




As I stare down at the parchment I had been writing on for the last few hours, I realize I have way too many thoughts going through my head.  Next year will be my third year at Hogwarts, and I can finally take an elective class in addition to my other subjects. The three classes we have to choose from are Divination, Ancient Runes, and Arithmancy. I already know that I have no interest in Divination at all, leaving me just two to choose from. The problem is that Professor Longbottom told us that our decision had to be made by the last day of term. We were told of the deadline about a week ago, but now it seems like only yesterday.

Professor Longbottom thought it would be a good idea to have us write an essay about ourselves to help us make this important decision. To be honest, I couldn’t figure out how writing an essay could help me decide…until I started writing. We were told to look deep inside ourselves and write about that. I don’t think I’ve ever looked that deeply inside myself before, and as I did, I understood why I don’t. Now as I’ve almost finished the essay I am trying to imagine the look on Professor Longbottom’s face if he actually reads it. All I can hope for is that he won’t treat me differently afterwards, because some of the stuff written on the page will probably shock him. When I think I’ve written just about all I can, I decide to read it over one last time before going to bed.

“A Deep Look at Myself” by Albus Potter

When I take a look inside myself, I see a boy who is struggling with an identity crisis that has been there for as long as I can remember. One identity is the person that everyone else assumes I should be (the clone of my father Harry Potter, aka “The Chosen One”) and the other identity is just plain old me, Albus Severus Potter.

The one thing that I would definitely change about me if I could would be how I look.  I look almost EXACTLY like my dad. I’m sure some kids would love to look like their famous dad and be mistaken for him, etc. but I don’t. I hate it when people see me either from behind or at a quick glance and call me Harry! The only difference between my dad and me with regard to our physical appearance is the fact that I don’t wear glasses and my dad is practically blind without his. I cherish this physical difference more than anything in the world because it is the only thing on the surface that makes me Albus. If the day ever comes when that precious difference is taken away, I think I might die a little inside because I will lose the one thing that the outside world can see that makes me….me.

Please don’t misunderstand; I love my dad more than anything. I also know he has been through more in his life than anyone should ever have to endure and he has earned every bit of respect and fame that he has. The problem is that I am not my dad and I am the only one of my siblings who looks just like him, eyes and all. Maybe someday I will embrace the idea of looking like my dad but, at this moment in my life, the resentment of it is a very strong feeling inside me. The desire to be unique is so strong that I don’t even really feel guilty about what I’ve written above.

I do know that my deepest, strongest desire in my whole life is to finally have a true friend who likes me for who I really am on the inside and not for who they think I am because of who I look like or who I’m related to. It is something I have never had in my life and I feel that maybe if I had just one true friend my identity crisis would cease to exist as well.

After reading my essay, I decide that it’s good enough and I think I have decided which class I want to take next year.  I know it’s late and I’m beginning to get a headache from staring at the parchment for so long.  I put my essay in my bag and get up to head to my dorm. I notice as I’m looking around the room on my way to the stairs that everything looks a little fuzzy. Now I know I’m tired and sleep is the cure. Rubbing my tired eyes, I head toward my dorm and settle in my four-poster for some well deserved sleep. 

I woke up the next morning feeling slightly refreshed. It was the last day of term and the big feast is tonight. Then we go home tomorrow morning. I remembered that I had to turn in my essay to Professor Longbottom and tell him that I had made my decision. I had decided to take Ancient Runes. I’ve always liked reading and puzzles and I figured that Runes would be a pleasant combination of both. I also thought it would be really neat to learn a new language. I am a definite bookworm and extremely introverted; a trait which my extroverted brother doesn’t understand which makes summer vacation miserable at times for me.  My favorite part of summer break is when I get to go to the muggle library down the lane. It’s nice and quiet there and it helps me get in tune with myself. I can’t wait to see what non-magical things I can learn this summer!

I snap myself out of my thoughts, get dressed and go down to the common room to meet my cousin Rose to go down for breakfast.

“Did you finally get your essay done for Professor Longbottom? Have you decided what class you’re going to take yet? I think I’m going to take Arithmancy since I’ve always like working with numbers,” rambled Rose.

“Yes….Yes…and congrats on your decision! I’ve decided to take Ancient Runes for my elective,” I replied. Rose gave me a sad look.  I’m sure she was hoping we’d be in the same class, but she’ll have to get used to it because I’m not changing my mind.  “C’mon, let’s go down to breakfast,” I said grabbing her arm and leading her out the portrait hole.

I finished eating my breakfast and looked up at the clock on the far wall to see how much time I had left until we were supposed to see Professor Longbottom at 9:30. Clearly the fuzziness in my vision hadn’t yet cleared up from going to bed so late last night because I was having a hard time reading it, but eventually I figured out that it was only 9:00. I had 30 minutes to kill so I decided to read my essay one more time.

All I could think of after reading my words was that, if the person reading this didn’t really know me, they would assume I was a very unappreciative, vain person.  That is so far from the truth. I am not vain at all and I am thankful for everything I have. 

I’ve seen people obsess about what they look like and practically go into hiding if they get a pimple or whatever. I really don’t care what I look like. My hair always sticks up everywhere; zits don’t bother me, etc. I remember my sister Lily crying for days when she failed her eye exam and had to get glasses. I don’t know what she was worried about since she’s cute as a button with an awesome personality to match. It wasn’t until she went to go pick them out that she actually thought she might look okay after all. Plus she got all excited because it was something she could have in common with dad. Lily looks like a clone of my mom and she seems to like it, and now she has a bit of dad in her too. I wish I could have just one characteristic that doesn’t scream “Harry Potter” to the public eye, other than perfect eyesight, of course.  The only thing that matters to me is my own unique identity, which I haven’t really been able to have because I look so much like my dad. 
Time flew by as I sat outside Professor Longbottom’s office lost in my thoughts.  The next thing I knew Rose and the other 2nd year Gryffindors were making their way to where I was sitting. It was now time to tell the Professor my decision and get on with my day.  Part of me really hoped that, since I had already decided my class for next year, he would have no need to read my essay.  Although just writing the essay brought feelings back to the surface that I had buried long ago and didn’t like to think about.  Now those feelings were fresh again and I was having a hard time suppressing them.  I could not wait to get home and go hide in the muggle library all summer. It was the nicest place for me to go and clear my mind.

Later that afternoon I was upstairs packing my trunk for the ride home. I really hate rushing around at the last minute and I had nothing better to do anyway. I packed the essay that I wrote last night. Since I had decided on my class for next year I didn’t have to show it to Professor Longbottom. Needless to say I was quite relieved to hear that.

Once I had finished packing I grabbed the library book I had checked out last week and headed to the common room to relax and read until it was time to get ready for the feast. I headed down the stairs and made a beeline for my usual spot. It was a window sill that was pretty secluded and let in the perfect amount of light to read by. Settling onto the seat, I opened my book and began reading.

“…Can you believe it?  …She’s actually taking Runes? …How lame is that? …I don’t know anyone who is taking Runes. …Everyone knows that Divination is the class to be in.  …One would think the way she sticks her wand in her ear that she had a natural antenna or something…”

I looked up from my book when I heard the girls’ voices heading toward the stairs. I had no idea who they were talking about, but it seemed like there would be at least one fellow Gryffindor in my Runes class next year. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that because I’m okay with being alone. Also, I don’t recall anyone who sticks their wand in their ear, not that I really pay attention to most people.  It did make me wonder why anyone would stick their wand in their ear.  It seemed pretty strange to me.

Sighing, I went back to reading my book.






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