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Chapter 18 

Harry again sat across from Dumbledore after his newest mission, though this time a smile was on his face. Dumbledore understood immediately. “Am I to take it you had a successful mission last night?”

Harry nodded. “You were right. I didn’t panic last night. I didn’t even lose my calm. Thank you sir.”

Dumbledore smiled at him then. “You are most welcome Harry. I am most pleased to have been able to help.”

Harry nodded. “You’ve always been there for me sir. Even when you thought I was going dark when I first came back, you were trying to help me. I see that now even though I didn’t then. I just didn’t look at it from your side back then or I’d have explained it all to you back then. I admit I was a bit of a git about all of that. But you were there for me when it counted again as always. I appreciate it sir.”

Dumbledore smiled proudly. “Harry, you will always find me beside you in your times of need. Now, however, I will have to take a few steps to the side because I fear your future wife would not take well to me being the first one you talk to about your problems. But I assure you, if ever you need council, I will never be too busy to lend you an ear.”

Harry smiled. “Thank you sir.” Then his smile faded. “Oh no, she’s going to kill me!”

Dumbledore’s face changed to one of shock. “Who and why?”

“Ginny, because I’d forgotten that I needed to help Mrs. Weasley book the place for our wedding until just now.” Harry’s eyes were wide.

Dumbledore began to laugh then. “Then go, Harry. I assume you don’t have work to do today. Your life calls to you and now you must answer to your responsibilities to your family.”

Harry smiled for a moment. “Finally, a responsibility I don’t feel burdened by. Goodbye headmaster.”

“Goodbye Harry.” Dumbledore said as Harry apparated. Then he shook his head. “That boy will never change. He will always be moving to the next thing in a such a hurry.”


Harry knocked on the door and when Mrs. Weasley answered she smiled. “Hello Harry dear. How are you?”

Harry smiled. “I’m a bit nervous. I promised Ginny I’d help you a few days ago, and then Fred and George decided I needed a day out, and then I had work, and I forgot until this very minute. I’m sorry Mrs. Weasley.”

Mrs. Weasley smiled. “It’s okay Harry. While you did need to get her quickly, it is fine that you’ve not been till today. Ginny will understand you work, and if Fred and George were involved and she knows, she’ll be amazed it only took this long till you got here.”

Harry laughed. “I guess you’re right.” He said. “Ginny said you were having trouble getting the place she wanted the wedding to be. She figured I’d be a good help there. She was also talking about my part in things. I’ve gotten rings, I think I’ve got good clothes, and I’m going to ask Remus to be my best man.”

Mrs. Weasley smiled. “How long did it take you to pick Remus dear?”

Harry laughed. “Till Ginny said to just pick him so I didn’t hurt Kei or Ron.”

Mrs. Weasley laughed. “She knows you well, she does.”

Harry nodded. “That she does. But I figured I’d ask your opinion on the things I’ve done after we book this place Ginny wants, if that’s okay with you.”

Mrs. Weasley nodded. “Its fine dear, but shouldn’t that job go to Eileen or Tonks?”

Harry’s eyes widened. “I don’t know. Should it?”

Mrs. Weasley smiled. “You have no idea how special it would be to them for you to ask their opinions. You have to start remembering that the Weasleys are not the only ones to care about you, or about this wedding. There seems to be lines forming to help you in any matter you seem to have. Please remember that Harry.”

Harry nodded. “I understand Mrs. Weasley. I just still don’t know exactly how all of it works. I get confused by it all. I wasn’t trying to keep this just among the Weasleys, its just aside from Sirius, you were the only ones who I always felt had time for me. Everyone else has work, and responsibilities that seem like I’d bother them if I interrupted. But you always just smile and hug me and tell me to come in like its no bother.”

“That’s because it isn’t a bother Harry, but a happy part of my day when I see you. You have to know by now that they all feel the same way though Harry.”

“Yeah, but its hard to escape all those feelings I had when I was a child. I’ve improved greatly since then, but I’m still getting used to all my new family.”

Mrs. Weasley smiled. “It will take time, but you will have to take that time Harry. You don’t have call to ignore it and let it wait anymore. Don’t miss your chances anymore.”

Harry nodded. “You’re right. I’ll talk with them later. Now I need to work on making Ginny happy though. So where are we heading to?”

Mrs. Weasley shook her head quickly. “Oh dear you’re right. Come Harry, I’ll make a portkey and we’ll get this settled. This will teach them to laugh saying I’m preparing your wedding it will.”

Harry smiled at her words and followed her.


“Hello Eileen. How are you today?”

“Harry! What a pleasant surprise. I’m doing well thank you. How about yourself?”

Harry smiled. “I’m feeling wonderful. I’m back to normal and I’m getting married soon. I was wondering if you were terribly busy or if you had some time?”

Eileen set down her quill. “I’ve got all the time in the world for you, Harry. What do you need?”

“Please meet me at the manor in a few minutes. I need to pick up someone and then I’ll meet you there. I need your help.”

Eileen nodded. “I’ll get this all put away and I’ll be there.”

“Thank you.” Harry said before apparating to the aurors office. He then walked into Tonks’ office. “Hello boss.”

Tonks looked up and smiled. “You don’t have a job today and I didn’t call you. So this is your first social visit to my office. How are you today?”

“I’m great, but I need your help and it’s important. Do you have time?”

“Of course I do.”

Harry nodded and grabbed her hand and they apparated to the manor. “Sorry, I know you can apparate, just wanted to get her quickly and quietly.”

“What’s going on?” Tonks asked.

“If certain people knew what was going on I’d never be able to get away from them.” Harry said seriously. “Excuse me for one second. I have one more person coming but I need to ask Remus something quickly.”

Harry walked to the kitchens and asked Tinky of Remus’ whereabouts before going to the man’s study. He smiled as he saw Remus pouring over all the information in front of him. “Planning an attack on someone?”

Remus looked up and smiled. “No, looking into becoming a bounty hunter. Jose says I have a knack for it. I figure it’s something to keep me busy during the day. It does get kind of boring with nothing to do.”

Harry nodded. “I understand that. Just be careful Remus. May I ask you a question?”

“Of course Harry.” Remus said.

Harry smiled “Would you be the best man at my wedding?”

Remus looked shocked. “Are you sure you wouldn’t rather ask someone else?”

Harry shook his head. “With anyone else someone gets hurt, and I can’t choose between Ron and Kei. They both stand equal in my mind. But you stand out. Will you?”

Remus smiled. “I’d be honored.”

Harry tossed Remus his mirror. “Good, your first job as best man is to call Kei and Ron and ask them to get here as fast as possible. We’ve all four got work to do for this wedding. If they say anything tell them they have no one to blame but Kei, because he’s the one who always says we must have a strong, united front.”

Remus laughed. “I’ll get on it now.”

“Thank you Remus. I have to go consult a couple women on a few things and then I’ll be back.”

Harry went back downstairs and to the living room to see who he was trying to avoid as well as those he asked to come. “Who told them?”

“I had to Harry.” Tonks said. “When I saw Eileen was the other person you invited I knew you wanted a woman’s opinion and these are two very much women.”

“Great.” Harry said. “I didn’t invite them because they crush my confidence when dealing with anything involving a relationship.”

Rena shook her head as she stood up. “Not anymore we won’t Harry. With dates before we worried about you getting nervous. This is marriage. If you get nervous you might not do it, and that would hurt you and Ginny. We aren’t cruel.”

Harry nodded. “Okay then. You can stay.”

Rena smiled. “Good, but since you didn’t ask Ginny we decided there was still one more person. She’ll be along in a second.”

Harry shook his head. “I wanted this to be a small dealing. Now it seems that will never happen.”

Tonks laughed. “Harry, Eileen and I talked when I helped you with the ring. We both agreed from that moment forward that we didn’t want to miss anything else. So if you invite one, we’ll invite everyone. Just so they all have the chance to be involved.”

Harry smiled and nodded. “You aren’t taking anyone from something they really need to do are you?”

Tonks shook her head. “We’re all unattached to anything specific right now.”

“Tonks, I’m here.” Hermione said from the main hall. “Dining or living room?”

“Living room Hermione.” Harry said. He smiled at her when she came in. “Looks like I had a meeting with all the men, and now all the women.”

Tonks laughed. “You need a woman’s mind, and now you have five. So what do you need?”

“I need all of your opinions on a few things. If you’d all follow me.”

They all followed Harry as he walked up to his room and he pulled a few things from his closet before turning to them. “I need your opinion on the clothes and the rings.”

Rena smiled. “And why didn’t you think to ask immediately before doing these things? You know you’ve already gotten them wrong.”

Harry looked down. “I’m still working on asking for help when it’s not related to work.”

Eileen looked at him sadly then. “I didn’t do a good a job as you needed did I? They really did destroy you in that way.”

Harry nodded. “I’m getting better. I just need to keep remembering I can ask for help.”

“Now I’m really confused. What are we talking about?” Rena asked.

“Harry’s muggle family.” Hermione said. “They forced him to have no one to turn to till he was eleven. He never really did turn to people much after that unless it was related to stopping Voldemort.”

Rena nodded slowly as she turned to Harry. “You’ve got a good family now though Harry. We want to help you any way we can.” Then she smiled at him. “Unless I could break a nail or ruin my clothes that is.”

Harry laughed. “I know. I just haven’t managed to break the old habits just yet.”

“Work harder at it.” Jen said. “You just need more practice. Now show us what you got so we can see how much help you need if any.”

“Okay, well these are the clothes I picked out.” Harry said as he showed them his new dress robes.

“Um, Harry, those aren’t proper wedding clothes.” Eileen told him.

“Why not?”

“They’re too… informal.” Tonks said.

“Not to mention whether they match the wedding theme or not.” Rena said.

“Wedding theme?” Harry was even more confused now. “Is this like a dance or something?”

Hermione laughed. “Not that kind of theme Harry. They’re referring to wedding colors and such.”

“I don’t know about that at all.” Harry said. “I haven’t been able to help Ginny or Mrs. Weasley much because of everything I’ve had to catch up on.”

Rena laughed, Jen sighed, Tonks and Eileen shared a look and Hermione just shook her head. “Okay, after we finish here, we’ll go talk to Mrs. Weasley, and then we’ll have to get your groomsmen together and get all your wedding clothes at once.” Hermione said.

“Okay.” Harry said before opening the box holding both the wedding rings. “How are these?”

Rena smiled. “Ginny is still planning on becoming an auror right?”

“Yes.” Harry said questioningly.

“And who would she be able to hit without breaking her finger wearing that?” Rena asked.

Harry’s head fell. “The adverts on telly say diamonds are what you get for marriage.”

Hermione started laughing again. “True, but that is nearly an entire mines worth of diamonds rolled into one. Also, you have to remember Ginny, her career, and the size of her hand.”

“It’s not a horrid ring Harry.” Tonks said. “You just need to scale it back quite a bit.”

Harry nodded. “Will you all help me?”

Eileen beamed at him. “I’ll make sure you have one of the best rings there is for her Harry.”

“Me too.” Tonks said.

“So will we.” Rena said as she put her arms around Hermione and Jen.

Harry smiled. “Thank you. I owe you all a lot.”

“We’re always here for you Harry.” Eileen said. “We’re just happy you asked us to help.”


The ladies were now torturing most of the men as three of them saw it. Custom made robes were not normally a problem, but all the necessary things they kept saying were needed took forever to arrange. Not even Remus was looking comfortable with everything happening.

“Remind me to never offer to be in your wedding again Harry.” Ron said.

“Do you think there will be another one for me Ron?” Harry raised his eyebrow curiously.

“I hope not, but if there is I’m not going to be in it.”

Harry laughed. “I guess it will just have to be the one time then. I believe I can be happy with that.”

Kei laughed as well. “I do hope so. If not I think you may have to rethink the wedding altogether.”

Harry nodded. “I’m sure. I don’t have any urge to get married again.” He said. “And even if I did, this process would beat it out of me easier than Ginny ever could.”

Remus laughed then. “So, just the preparations are enough to make you say you only need one wedding. I’m sure Ginny would find that inspirational.”

“Too bad I’ll never say it in such a way to her then.” Harry said with a smile.

“A wiser decision I’ve never heard.” Remus said.

“More wisdom in that answer than I can ever hope to have again.” Harry said with a laugh.

“Hey, after all this we should have another male bonding experience, just to get all this out of our heads.” Ron said. “Otherwise I see nothing but nightmares coming out of this with us.”

Harry smiled. “Maybe we can talk to Fred and George again. I think I could use more of their condolences after this myself.”

Kei laughed. “It would be entertaining.”

Remus just shook his head. “Trying to have as much time as you can with just the men before marriage might make Ginny worry you think they’re right.”

Harry shook his head. “No, I just enjoy everyone’s company. Fred and George are great to have around because you can never be truly serious around them.”

Remus smiled. “They remind me a lot of Sirius and James.”

Harry nodded. “That’s even more reason I like to have those two around now. I’ve seen them and I know that myself. They always wanted to laugh all day. Most times that’s all we did.”

Remus smiled sadly. “I’m sorry I brought them up Harry. I didn’t mean to upset you if I did.”

Harry smiled. “No, you didn’t. I’m happier when I think of them now. Sirius and Dad were always making jokes. Some days Mum and I would just sit and watch it all and laugh till we couldn’t anymore. Other days I’d even join in with them. It was a great time with them.”

Remus smiled “I’m glad you had such a good time with them.”

“Me too.” Harry said. “I forgot. They said you won Remus.”

“Won what?”

“Their competition. You won because you’re still here.” Harry said. “I never knew what the competition or stakes were, but I know they said you won it.”

Remus was quiet a moment and then began laughing. “They were always competing to figure out who the better marauder was. If I won then I can’t get the prize anyway.”

“What was the prize?” Harry asked.

Remus smiled. “The winner got the opportunity to have the others be his servants for a month.”

Harry laughed. “Well, you could. Just wouldn’t really help you at all.”

Remus laughed as well. “I would never accept the victory of that. I don’t think I’d survive them helping me by always doing something to make themselves laugh.”

Harry laughed then. “You could always say they were still ahead because they got the Order of Merlin first.”

“I could always say you won because you have two.” Remus said.

Harry shook his head. “One doesn’t count. I’d just say you won as the first ex werewolf to get one.”

Remus sighed. “Yeah, that would make me win. Being the first to get something you normally can’t would always beat getting more than one.”

Harry smiled and nodded. “Exactly. So pin it on one of them, or take it yourself. I don’t need that much trouble. I’ve got enough as it is.”


Harry walked up to Ginny at the Gryffindor table and sat beside her heavily with a sigh. “Today was a long day.”

“What happened?” Ginny asked.

“I got new wedding clothes because everything, even the color, was wrong. I also had to get new rings.”

Ginny smiled. “Who said everything was wrong?”

“Eileen, Tonks, Hermione, Jen, and Rena.” Harry said with a nod. “Also got clothes for the groomsmen now too.”

“That’s great. Did you talk to Mum?”

Harry nodded. “We managed the place you wanted. All the house elves are eager for you to come by to sample their food to decide which you’d like best at the wedding. Tinky and Bin have a large picture of the wedding cake they’d like you to look at as well.”

“Did you bring it?” Ginny asked.

“I would have except I have no way to show it to you. The picture is life sized and bigger than I am.” Harry said with a laugh. “They are very excited about it.”

Ginny laughed. “I imagine so. Did Mum see it?”

Harry shook his head. “No, she didn’t come to the manor today. She said she’d see it with you.”

“Oh, well at least it won’t be much longer till I’m out of school and then I can see to everything I need to handle.” Ginny said.

Harry smiled. “Actually, Your Mum sent a note to Dumbledore for you. You can stay at the burrow this weekend. She says there are a few things that you have to do immediately. Seeing to the dress is one of them.”

“I see. And what will you be doing this weekend?” Ginny asked.

“I was told unless you came to the manor I was not to get around you. Bad luck to see you in your dress and all.” Harry said with a slight smile. “I’ve been threatened by a number of people to make sure I don’t.”

Ginny laughed. “I guess I’ll have to come by as often as possible then.”

Harry smiled. “I’ll try to be there Gin, but I can’t guarantee it. We’re working to deal with the next part of the attack on the death eaters. Tonks is trying to get some information out of the ones we caught a few days ago. She wants me to do it because of how serious the situation is.”

Ginny smiled at Harry. “I’ll understand if you can’t be there when I drop by. Just promise me if you have a mission you’ll come to let me know you’re okay when it’s all over. If you do that I’ll be fine with not being able to see you. If not I’ll have to use my bat bogey hex.”

“Strong threat that.” Harry said with a slow nod. “I’ll make sure you always know I’m okay.”



A/N: More than a year since I manage to post something and its a fluff chapter... So sad. I'm already working on the next chapter because I finally got to where I wanted to be in this story. As much as its fluff this chapter is needed for later on in the story. I hope everyone likes it. I wish I had an excuse other than I couldn't find my way in this story. It just died in my head and took this long to come back to life.

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