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"Peter Cain Pettigrew," Mrs. Potter scolded as the blond boy touched the marble floor and stood meekly beside a snickering James. "What did I tell you about screaming in the Manor again?"

"Not to do it 'coz it frightens the house elves?" 

Hermione gripped Harry's wand tightly for reassurance. It took everything she had not to Avada the little rat bastard right then and there in Potter Manor--how dare he step inside this home, let alone speak to any of the Marauders or the kindly Mrs. Potter at all? Hermione had doubted she'd ever felt as much hatred toward a person as she did at that moment toward Peter Pettigrew; It was molten, toxic...inconceivable

This man had ruined so many lives. This man killed James. This man killed Lily and in a way this man killed Harry, too. This man cost Sirius twelve years of his life in a godforsaken prison and Remus? Poor Remus was left all alone. Tears burned behind Hermione's closed eyelids.

"Are you alright?" It was Remus who spoke to Hermione first and peering up at the handsome young man who stood before her in torn at the knee skinny jeans, Doc Martens combat boots and a sleeveless Union Jack shirt, Hermione couldn't help but smile at the soft voice that contrasted the wild outfit. Remus John Lupin was the same no matter the era or the whacky attire.

Hermione could see why Remus was into the punk rock scene. Trapped forevermore in the clutches of a truly horrendous disease, it was no wonder why he rebelled. Punk rock of the 70's was all about rebellion after all. And peering closely, Hermione could see tiny spider-web like scars that made zig-zags across exposed flesh--perhaps those scratches weren't seen to quickly enough by Madame Pomfrey? Hermione smiled sadly. Of all the Marauders Hermione felt for Remus the most, for having to live on when the others didn't. And Hermione could certainly empathise now.

"I'm fine." Hermione's voice sounded stiff to her own ears. "I'm just a little tired. I had a long day, as you can no doubt see." Hermione weakly lifted her weighted arms slightly and winced from the strain.

"Oh! Let me help you with that!" Remus was quick to assist (as he always had been) and took half of Hermione's bags, letting out a breath of surprise. "Whoa! What've you got in there? A sack of quaffles?" Remus promptly shoved half the bags into Sirius' arms, snickering when the dark haired youth stumbled under the sudden weight addage. "You're a Black, aren't you? I thought you pure blood bigots were raised to be chivalrous." Remus held out his free hand. "Remus Lupin, by the way."

Hermione beamed back at Remus, taking his warm hand into her own and shaking it. "Hermione Granger. It's a pleasure to meet you, Remus."

Remus blushed at Hermione's genuine smile and nodded. "You too, Hermione."

Sirius meanwhile was pouting. "'It's a pleasure to meet you, Remus.'" He suddenly mocked with a high falsetto in a pretty bad impression of Hermione, before dropping his voice to its regular deep tone and pouting at the two. "It's always a pleasure for anyone to meet Remus--what makes him so special?"

Feeling bold, Hermione reached up and tugged a lock of Remus' hair. "It's because he's adorable, of course." She stated rather matter-of-factly as if reciting something she'd memorised from a book, amused when Sirius grinned in response. "That, and I've always been partial to gingers."

If Remus wasn't blushing before he certainly was now. "Uh..."

Sirius meanwhile roared with laughter, the barking noise so reminiscent to that of a dog attracting the attention of Pettiscum, James and Mrs. Potter, all three of whom curious at Remus' flushed face.

"What has you so amused, Sirius?" Mrs. Potter smiled, looking between the trio. "And what has Remus putting tomatoes to shame?"

"Nothing, nothing." Sirius snorted cheerfully, before looking at his still pink-faced werewolf friend. "Well Moony, lets go drop these off in Hermione's room, yeah?"

"Righty-o Padfoot. Lead the way?"

"Why certainly." The two boys both briskly turned and headed up the staircase with Hermione's bags, leaving the young girl gaping.

"They didn't need to do that!"

Mrs. Potter laughed. "Chivalry isn't dead, Hermione dear."

"No...appears not." Hermione smiled up at the two boys joking around with each other as they continued on up the grand staircase.

"Hermione!" James then chose to interrupt with a wide smile, catching Hermione's attention. "I want you to meet a mate of mine."

Turning to look at the younger Potter, Hermione barely managed to withhold the grimace that wanted to pull at her lips when she spotted Peter standing beside him.

Peter looked nothing like his best friends. 

On the slightly pudgy side, Peter wore his mousy blond hair combed back as opposed to James, Sirius and Remus' longer locks that flowed freely (and messy, in the case of James Potter). Unlike his friends also, he wore clothes that defined him more as a wizard; dark Gryffindor red robes over a charcoal pinstriped suit. His grey eyes were as watery as ever (or Hermione mused, as watery as they would come to be if one considered timetravel) and he appeared rather nervous as he watched Hermione scrutinise him. Hermione was disgusted to find that he was handsome, but not quite to the extent of the other three Marauders. In any case, it wouldn't be hard for him to get a date if he tried. He suddenly spoke. "Peter Pettigrew."

How the fuck did you ever get into Gryffindor?

"Hermione Granger." Hermione replied shortly, her skin crawling.

She needed to get away.


Mrs. Potter, as if seeing Hermione's discomfort in being in Peter's presence spoke. "Hermione, no matter how lovely Remus and Sirius are I feel as though I should tell you that they're still sixteen year old boys." Mrs. Potter's lip quirked in amusement when Hermione's expression paled.

"They wouldn't?" She gasped, flushing.

James, seemingly understanding what Hermione and his mother were talking about flushed as well while Peter stared between everybody, confused.

"While I'd trust young Remus not to peek, I'd have to be a right idiot not to realise that Sirius Black would be able to resist the urge." The woman snorted. "Why don't you head on up after them while I get James and Peter here to help make afternoon tea."

"Oh yes, of course." Hermione squeaked, and without looking back she dashed up the marble staircase.


"Padfoot you bloody pervert, there's no need for you to peek!" Hermione heard Remus shout-whisper from Hermione's bedroom and crossing her arms underneath her chest, Hermione prepared herself to yell.

"Aww, but come on, Moony! How often do you get to check out a girl's knickers?" Sirius whined. "This is a golden opportunity! You can't deny Hermione isn't hot."

Temporarily forgetting her anger, Hermione flushed in embarrassment.

I'm hot?

Hermione Jean Granger, that's Sirius Black talking! Come on, your best friend's Godfather!?

"What is going on in here?" Hermione suddenly shouted as she shoved her bedroom door open, gaping widely at a snickering Sirius and a reluctant Remus who both turned to Hermione, the lacy black bra Sirius holding above his head dropping to rest on his dark tresses. 

"34B Hermione," Sirius smiled gaily as Hermione stormed over and snatched her bra off his head angrily, flushing a dark red when Sirius held both thumbs up. "Not bad."

"Pervert! Oppugno!" With a flick of Harry's wand a flock of red and gold canaries appeared out of thin air and attacked Sirius viciously, the handsome boy shrieking in surprise and alarm while Remus roared with laughter. "You're a Gryffindor aren't you Sirius Black? Where the bloody Hell's your chivalry! Don't you know you shouldn't go through girls' unmentionables?"

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, make them stop!" Sirius screamed as he ducked behind a bent Remus who was now crying with laughter and with a snort and a flick of Harry's wand the birds vanished, Sirius sliding to the floor with relief.

"Oh Merlin," Remus gasped as he leaned against Sirius' shuddering form, wiping the tears from his eyes. "That was brilliant!"

Crossing her arms underneath her chest again, Hermione stood in front of Sirius and tilted her head so she could look him in the eyes. Her hair tickled his nose. "What did we learn?"

"Not to peek at your underwear when you're in the room?"


"Okay, okay. Not to get caught peeking at your knickers." Sirius grinned at Hermione widely despite her deep frown and sighing loudly, Hermione shook her head.

"You'll never find a girlfriend with that attitude, Mr. Black." She tutted gently, smirking.

"Who says I need a girlfriend?" Sirius replied cheekily, "Girls just flock to me."

"Flock to you like my canaries will if I catch you peeking at my underwear again?"

Sirius paled and Remus laughed again. "Oh, Hermione, I think you and I will have a great relationship."

Hermione smiled. "I'm glad to hear it, Remus."

Hermione was sure to sit in between James and Sirius when Mrs. Potter, the Marauders and Hermione sat down for afternoon tea (Mr. Potter was apparently out visiting an old friend and wouldn't be home until suppertime). Hermione's eyes were constantly trained on Peter, watching his every move as she sipped her tea and nobody seemed to notice Hermione either, thankfully. Even though she was from the future she doubted anybody would believe that innocent, shy Peter Pettigrew would be the one that would one day end James and Lily Potter's lives and put his other best friend Sirius Black in jail for twelve years for a crime he didn't commit. No, Hermione doubted it.

Harry's wand lay in Hermione's lap and it kept her calm, it felt almost like Harry was there with her. And mentioning her wand, Hermione was rather angry at herself from having hexed Sirius earlier. She wasn't really surprised to find she didn't get a letter from the Ministry for her misuse of magic, but then again Hermione was eighteen years old and technically an adult in the wizarding world, timetravelling or not. What she was more surprised about however was the fact that Sirius and Remus made no note of her use of magic inside the Manor and outside of Hogwarts. Didn't they notice she received no letter? The two were clever so surely not. Maybe they didn't think that she would get into trouble as she was not technically a Hogwarts student yet? Perhaps they thought she had been magically trained by her family members at home and so the Ministry's rules didn't apply? Hermione let out a shaky sigh.

"So, Remus, Peter. How long will you both be staying with us?" Mrs. Potter asked as she set her teacup down on her saucer, smiling as she picked up a biscuit.

"Oh, shouldn't be too long, Mrs. Potter." Remus replied with a smile, "We weren't told you had another guest over." Remus sent a scrutinising gaze at James and Sirius, both whom rolled their eyes.

Mrs. Potter laughed. "Oh nonsense, Remus. You and Peter know you both are welcome here for as long as you want, you know how much I love a lively house." Remus and Peter smiled. "So how have your holidays been, Peter?" Mrs. Potter asked and Hermione zoned out when Sirius and James started talking amongst themselves.

"Oi Padfoot, where'd those scratches on your face come from?" James asked mid-chew and Hermione wrinkled her nose when she saw sprinkles of food leave James' mouth.

'Ughh. Well Harry, your Dad's not perfect...'

Sirius laughed and winked at Hermione. "Well it turns out Miss Granger doesn't approve of peeking."

James snorted. "Seriously?"

"That's my name. But yeah, a flock of canaries--right at my face! Have to admit it was pretty brilliant. I've never seen a spell like it before--what's it called, Hermione?" Sirius leaned toward Hermione with a wide smile.

Hermione raised an eyebrow. "And have you use it against me or someone else? No, I don't think so. Besides, it's a Hermione Granger original spell. Nobody other than myself knows how to cast it." She winked at Sirius' wounded expression.

"An original spell?" James asked in slight awe, seemingly looking at Hermione in a new light. "That's brilliant! Cast it at Sirius again!"


"What? Pervert, you shouldn't have been looking at Hermione's knickers anyway." James laughed, causing Hermione to smile.

"James is right, Sirius. You shouldn't have been looking at my knickers." Hermione admonished gently, calmly sipping her tea.

"But I wasn't even looking at your knickers--I didn't get that far yet!" 

"And my bra on your head when I walked in on you in my bedroom wasn't an indicator of where things were going?" Hermione smirked, tilting her head in Sirius' direction and ignoring James' blush and snicker.

"No comment." Sirius winked. "But like I said, Hermione, not half bad." Thumbs were up again and James laughed when she slapped Sirius' head in response.


Hermione noticed that Peter's eyes were on her then and she lifted her teacup again in order to hide her scowl.

She didn't want him looking at her.

She wanted to jump in a shower; Just knowing he was looking at her made her want to scrub herself clean in the bath for hours, it was disgusting.

Afternoon tea passed without incident though Hermione rarely spoke to Peter unless he spoke to her first. She somehow managed to survive without hexing anybody and she was quite proud of herself for that. After tea Hermione escaped to her room quickly, pleading tiredness and that she had to unpack her shopping. Mrs. Potter let her go without argument and while the Marauders tried to convince her to hang around a little longer they soon changed their minds when Hermione brandished her wand and told Sirius the birds could do a lot more than just peck. Fearing her wrath, the boys left her alone after that and Hermione retreated to the sanctity of her bedroom. After unpacking her clothes and sitting on her bed with a book she'd pulled from the shelves behind her, Hermione drew her knees to her chest and cried for hours.

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