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 The next morning I awoke bright and early. Now, this was not on my own accord, let me make that clear. I was having a perfectly peaceful night sleep, dreaming about being back at WDB with Michael, when they four lovely boys who I had shared a dormitory with last night decided to grace me with all their body weight on top of me.  That, I must say, weighed a buttload of pounds. Honestly, I was lucky if 600 pounds was a minimum! So, I did what any normal person skilled in wandless magic and defensive reflexes would do. I sat bolt upright and cast a shield charm so strong around myself that they flew about ten feet in different directions around me.

“Bloody hell, Skyler! What was that for?” James asked as he rubbed his head sitting up. I quickly tried to stifle my laugh, but, sadly, it was to no avail.

“Serves you guys right for jumping on me to wake me up in the morning! Forgive me for having strong defensive reflexes. They develop quickly when you live with a ton of aggressive boys.”

All the Marauders got up and sat on the end of James’ bed.

“But we just thought you wanted to know you were running late, and you had a quidditch practice today.” Fred said innocently.

“Crap! How long do I have until breakfast?” I asked, wide awake now, but still not panicking. After all, I could get ready to kick some serious criminal arse in less than one minute on any day, so why should it be all that different than getting ready for school?

“You have about ten minutes until breakfast.” Matt told me.

“Why’d you wake me up so early then!” I asked exasperatedly. I could have had another eight minutes of sleep! All of them just looked at me oddly.

“Um, what do you mean early? You have ten minutes! My sister takes about two hours to get ready in the morning!”

“Yes, you guys gave me a ton of time! See, watch at how fast I get ready. Turn around.” They all gave me an odd look, but none the less, did what I told them and stood up and turned around. I tore my clothes off quickly and changed into my uniform from yesterday. After all, I had only worn it for like two hours yesterday, and my trunk with all my clothes in it was up in my dormitory. I pulled my hair up into a pony tail, cast a spell to put my make-up on, cast another to magically clean my teeth and freshen my breathe, and then made the bed and folded my clothes. All this took less than a minute.

“All right, turn around.” They all did hesitantly, but then they all looked astonished.

“Wh- how-wow! How did you do that!” James exclaimed. I just smirked and wiggled my fingers.

“Magic,” I said mysteriously, adding a wink.





We all took our time getting down to breakfast in the Great Hall. Mostly because they wanted to see how much I remembered from our tour yesterday, and I got lost once or twice. But I finally managed to find it, and we were only a couple minutes late. When we walked in though, everybody was staring at me.

I turned to James, who was walking on the right of me and whispered, “Um, James, why are they all staring at me?”

James just smirked and slung his arm over my shoulders.

“That would be because all the girls wish they were you right now, because you are hanging out with us, and all the guys think that you are extremely hot.”

“Good to know,” I sighed before walking over to the Gryffindor table with them (They pointed it out last night when they were showing me around.) We walked over to a table filled with a bunch of redheads and sat down.

“James, why do you have to bring your ‘catch of the day’ to sit with us?”  One of the red heads asked.

“Excuse me, but Skyler here is not a ‘catch of the day’ or whatever you just called her! She is a transfer student who arrived here yesterday, and McGonagall asked us to show her around.” James answered as he reached for more food to fill her plate with. The red head studied me a bit more before smiling.

“Well, alright then. You look like you could be interesting, and we all know we need more fun here, so why not give you a chance? I’m Lily, James’ little sister. I’m also in fifth year.” She said smiling. Wow, this girl is seriously bipolar or something, I thought as I smiled back.

“Like James said, I’m Skyler. And I’m in sixth year. It’s nice to meet you Lily.” I said still smiling.

“It looks like you already met all the Marauders, so I’ll introduce you to everyone else. This is Rose, also in sixth year, so you will share a dorm with her.” Rose smiled and waved to me, as did everyone else when Lily introduced them. “This is Rose’s little brother, Hugo, also in fifth year with me. Then there is Dom, she will also be sharing a dorm with you. Then Roxy, Fred’s twin sister, so that makes her a seventh year as well, and then Louis, Dom’s little brother, who is also in fifth year. Then our other cousins, Molly and Lucy, and in Ravenclaw, and then our brother, Albus is in Slytherin. He is also in sixth year, so you will probably have some classes with him. So, any questions?” Lily finished with a wink.

“I’ll try to remember names, but no promises, people!” They all just laughed, smiled at me again, and continued eating. I started to pile my plate high with food, but stopped when all the Marauders were staring at me with mouths open. And that is not a pleasant sight when some of them have not finished chewing their food.

“Um, is there a problem?” I asked them confusedly.

“NO! I’ve just never seen a girl so skinny eat so much food! I mean, some of the girls in our family eat a lot, but that is just a Weasely trait!” Fred responded quickly.

“Okay, then. Well, you will just have to get used to it because I burn a lot of calories each day so  I guess you will just have to get used to it!” I said amusedly. “Now, shut your mouths and finish chewing if you will! You four are disgusting!” I added with a laugh. They all obeyed immediately, and shut their mouths all at the same time.

“So, Skyler,” Roxy started, “Do you play any sports?”

“I play quidditch, and am a competitive figure skater.” I told her as I started in on my mountain of food.

“Well, that is perfect! You will fit right into our family! And the figure skating thing is really neat, we always figure skate around Christmas, but none of us are very good. Lily and Dom are the best at that.”

“Well, that’s really cool!” I was interrupted by someone clearing their throat behind me. I turned around and saw McGonagall standing there with a piece of paper in her hands.

“Miss Clark, I’m glad to see you are making friends. Now, here is your schedule for the year, you will be in all N.E.W.T level classes, and in 7th year N.E.W.T. DADA. Is this a good schedule for you?”

“Yes, Professor, this is perfect. Thank you!” I told her as she turned around and walked away up toward the Staff Table. By this time, most of the people in the Great Hall had finished breakfast, and were leaving.

“So, who wants to play some quidditch?!”



Half an hour later, all Gryffindor hopefuls were standing on the quidditch pitch. After breakfast we had run up to the dormitories and changed and grabbed our brooms. Then we had all jogged down to the pitch because we were running late because Dom had had an issue with her hair.

“Alright, all you hopefuls, let us get a couple of things straight. I am James Potter, Gryffindor’s captain this year. If you were on the team last year, do not expect your spot back this year. Now, I want you all to do ten laps around the pitch. GO!” James called as everybody kicked off. I quickly passed the majority of the people and soon ended up in front next to Lily. Lily and I completed the laps side-by-side, and landed at the same time, quickly followed by the rest of the Weaselys’ trying out and Matt. The rest of the people landed, and James sent away those who were not good flyers.

“Okay, I want keepers and chasers over here, and seekers and beaters in the stands.”

I went over to James to ask a question before taking the air with the rest of the players.

“So, James, do you want me to try keeper or chaser for this?”

“Mmm…How about you try keeper first for the chasers, then once they all shoot against you, then join the chasers and shoot on the rest of the keepers? And just wondering, do you know your stats for either position?”

“Well, I’ve never missed a shot as chaser, and I’ve never let a ball in as keeper. So I would say they are pretty even.” I responded with a smirk before taking the air with the rest of the team. I was in goal first, and seven chasers lined up to shoot against me. They each had five shots to take on me, and I had to block as many as I could and they had to make as many as they could against me. Let’s just say, my stats stayed the same and I caught every ball they sent at me. After that, I joined the chasers to shoot at the other keepers. There were seven of them lined up as well, and the rules were the same, chasers had five shots for each keeper. Once again, my stats didn’t change, and I got all the balls through the goals. James sent most of the people back up to the castle keeping me, Dom, and Matt, for chaser positions, and me and another boy named Oliver Wright for keepers. He said he would narrow it down more after the beaters and seekers tried out. Not long after, Lily got the Seeker position, and Fred and Roxy were the Gryffindor beaters. So, with all of them as judges along with James, they tried to figure out what position I played better, keeper or chaser. Finally, James had a brilliant idea.

“Skyer! So, I want you to duplicate yourself. Then, one of you will be chaser, and one will be keeper, and then if you catch the ball you will be keeper, and if you make the shot, you will be chaser! This is brilliant!”

 Apparently everyone else agreed with him, so I had to duplicate myself. Which, for the record, is very advanced magic. I don’t know why James just assumed I could do it, but somehow he did. So I duplicated myself along with my broom and took the air. I was keeper while my other self was chaser. She started about halfway across the pitch and started at me with all the speed she could. She went into a triple axel, then a double fient, then shot with all her strength, which is quite a lot considering I’ve had to work out every day since I was seven, at the hoop that was farthest away from me. It took about half a second for my instincts to take over, and I leapt off my broom. I was flying through the air for about three seconds before I made contact with the Quaffle. Cradling it to my stomach, I remembered I was still flying through the air, and had about 15 seconds until I hit the ground full force. So I mentally accioed my broom and caught it right before I hit the ground, stopping my free fall. I swung myself back ontop of my broom and flew to where all the others were watching in the middle of the field.

“So, Captain, I guess that makes me your keeper.” I said with a smirk before tossing him the quaffle and flying back down toward the ground with a triumphant grin on my face. I didn’t even turn around to see their faces after my little stunt. I walked into the changing rooms and changed before I made my way back up to the castle, happy that I had made the team, and hopefully made my brother proud. 



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