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 Chapter 31: Annabelle and Snuffles

Friday April 22nd, 5:43 am

A little girl was laying in bed, her chocolate brown hair spread out under her, resting on the pillow. She was tucked into bed and giggling as an older man read her a story.

'But daddy you read this story every night,' she laughed.

'Are you telling me it's not your favorite? Well then, if that's the case I'll just give this book away to another little girl who will like it.'

'No!' The little girl yelled, jumping up from her bed and taking the book possessively into her tiny hands. 'Read me the story,' she said relinquishing the book once she felt it would no longer be taken from her.

'Alright,' the man said, flipping open the book as the girl curled in bed. 'There was a little girl named Annabelle. Annabelle wasn't a normal girl, she and her family were witches and wizards. Annabelle had a dog named Snuffles. Together Annabelle and Snuffles would go on adventures. Because Annabelle liked to go on adventures her parents would place a protective enchantment on her to make sure she was safe. One day Annabelle stole her dad's broomstick because she wanted to fly. Snuffles sensed danger and tried to get her down by grabbing her shirt with his teeth and pulling her away, but Annabelle wouldn't listen. Annabelle got on the broom like how she'd seen her dad do it and pushed her tiny legs away from the ground. She slowly started rising higher and higher into the air. Below her Snuffles was barking and running around trying to get her down but Annabelle didn't care. Annabelle was having fun until she soared too high and was above the trees. Snuffles looked like an ant on the ground as he ran around. Annabelle tried to move the broomstick down but her hold on the broom wasn't strong enough and she started falling. Annabelle tried to grab at the broom as she fell but her tiny hands couldn't find it. She looked at the ground as it grew closer and saw her dog Snuffles changing. Annabelle closed her eyes as she neared the ground but instead of hitting a hard ground a warm pair of arms were holding her. She slowly opened her eyes and saw her dad. She looked around for Snuffles and couldn't find him. Her dad then told her how Snuffles was her protection and that wherever she was, wherever she went, he was there with her.'

The man closed the book and looked at his daughter whose eyes were slowly closing as she drifted off to sleep. He smiled and leaned over, enclosing the blankets around her small body. 'Goodnight my little girl,' he said brushing her hair back and kissing her on her head.

'Goodnight dad,' the little girl sighed sleepily. The man smiled down at the little girl as he pulled out his wand and waved it over her, mumbling a spell as a golden dust shot from it and fell over the little girl. 'Protecting me just like Annabelle?' The little girl asked.

'Yes sweetie,' he replied.

'Snuffles too,' she said, holding up a toy dog.

The man laughed and performed the same spell on the toy dog. 'Goodnight Avery,' he whispered before leaving her room.

With a sudden lurch I was jolted from my sleep. The dream hung on me like a dead weight.

Since I was young. He's been a secret spy since I was a little girl.

It made sense now that I thought of it, it was like the dream had brought back memories as a child that I never thought were weird but as an adult seemed to give a little insight into my dad's secret life. I remember that anytime he would leave he would place the charm on me, always joking that he's afraid I'm going to get ideas like Annabelle and fly on a broom, but now I see he was doing it for my safety.

I guess he's where I learned all my protective charms from, they'd always come so naturally to me but now I know it's because I grew up with them. I feel slightly manipulated, he used childhood stories to mask his secrecy.

The silence of the bedroom left too much room for me to think so I walked to the bathroom and turned on the shower. When I stepped inside I could feel my thoughts slipping from my head as the hot water tracked down my body. I stood in the shower until I could hear life beginning on the other side of the door, and even then I was reluctant to leave.

"You're up early," Lily commented when I stepped outside of the bathroom.

"A dream woke me up," I answered as I dried my hair and searched for a clean school uniform.

"Avery, could I borrow some of your shampoo? I just ran out," Heather called from the bathroom.

"Sure," I responded. Heather and I had come to be on civil terms. It seems she had forgiven me for 'stealing' Sirius from her after a boy from Ravenclaw started paying her attention. "So how's the party coming along?" I asked Lily.

"Fantastic," she responded somewhat distressed. "I think Cassi asked me to help so she didn't have to lift a finger."

"That would be Cass," I snorted. "Anyway, I'm going to head down to breakfast early. Get all the best food, ta."

The common room was deserted save for one fourth year sitting at a table, frantically writing on a piece of parchment as if his life depended on it. Once in the Great Hall it was eerily quiet, aside from me there was only two other people in their, both in Hufflepuff. I dropped my bag to the side and hastily grabbed at the bacon and eggs. Steam was still rising from the food as I happily shoved it into my mouth, only pausing to drink pumpkin juice.

"Ms. Muze," the voice startled me and I jumped in my seat, dropping my fork in the process, causing egg to splatter on my lap.

I looked up and saw McGonagall standing across from me, her lips fashioned into their usual tight expression. "Yes Professor?"

"Dumbledore would like to see you in his office."

"Have you found my father?" I asked jumping up in my seat.

"I'm afraid not," she said with an actual look of sympathy in her eyes. For a moment I saw her lips curve down into a frown, as if she were displaying some sort of emotion. "If it's at your convenience I ask you to follow me."

I nodded my head and picked up my backpack, wordlessly following behind McGonagall. The trip to Dumbledore's was awkward, neither of us said anything as I followed behind McGonagall whose robes dramatically billowed out behind her as she walked. For such an old woman she was a quick walker, I was practically jogging to keep up with her. When we reached Dumbledore's office she said cockroach clusters and the gargoyle jumped aside. McGonagall nodded at me to go in and I stepped ahead of her, the door closing her out.

Dumbledore's office seemed all too familiar to me at this point, having spent more time in it the past few months than I had my entire life. When I entered his office I was surprised to see someone else there. The man was odd looking, he was short and had greying hair. But the most interesting part of him was that he had a fake eye and it appeared a part of his nose was missing, along with other scars running down his face and arms.

"Ah Ms. Muze, so glad you could join us. Lemon drop?" Dumbledore asked.

"No thanks Professor," I politely declined, taking a seat.

"Oh where are my manors, Ms. Muze this is Alastor Moody. He is a top auror and a member of the Order." I nodded my head at Moody who only looked at me through his good eye, sizing me up with a look of disapproval on his face. "I'm sure you're curious as to why I've asked you here today." Dumbledore paused, crossing his hands in front of him, a sign that the situation was serious. "We are planning an attack in the next few days. We are going to try and infiltrate one of the safe houses designated by Death Eaters. We have some hope that a hostage could be held there."

"You mean my father?" I asked hopefully.

Dumbledore nodded his head, "it is a possibility. I do not want you to get your hopes up Ms. Muze, many people have been captured in this war."

"If there's only a small chance it will be my father who is found why did you call me to your office?"

Dumbledore smiled at me and leaned back in his chair, "in this next attack I would be grateful if we could use one of your defensive techniques. If you agree you will show Alastor here how to properly execute it and if you could, show him some of your defensive shields."

"Are you certain about this Albus? She hardly looks old enough to apparate." Alastor Moody said.

I scowled at Moody and balled my hands into fists. "I'm perfectly capable of this task Mr. Moody. My doubts lie with you however, are you so certain you can perform magic fully with only one working eye? It seems like a weak spot and people would be able to pray on your weakness easily," I said fighting back.

Moody looked at me for a moment before a grimace that I assume to be a smile formed on his lips. "Aye, I like her Albus, she's got a mouth on her."

I looked at Moody confused, the comment I had made was meant to insult not compliment. I shook my head and chose to ignore the odd exchange. "So, shall we get started?"

Teaching Moody only took me twenty minutes to do, as a top auror he was a quick study and caught onto everything almost right away. In order to explain my defensive techniques I used chess pieces and moved them accordingly to have a better visual. The defensive shields took longer to teach, though not by much. Moody said that the shields were old magic and therefore harder to produce since we don't use that kind of magic anymore. It was easy for me to learn however because I had grown up with it all my life.

When the session was done I felt drained of energy. This combined with the nights James and Sirius had been helping me and Lily duel left me drained of energy most days and made it difficult to perform magic afterward.

"Where did you learn this magic from?" Moody asked as I packed away my things.

"My father," I said, choking on my words.

"Aye, yes, your father was a great wizard."

"Is a great wizard," I corrected.

Moody just looked at me and I adverted my eyes, I didn't want to see the look of defeat in people's eyes when it came to my father. I was clinging onto hope that he would be found and returned, alive. I could feel it, I could feel he was still alive. My father and I had always been close growing up and I knew that if he was dead I would feel a part of me go missing.

Back in the Great Hall it was packed with students eating breakfast. I quickly found a seat next to Sirius. He smiled at me as I sank down next to him and put his hand on my thigh, giving it a gentle squeeze before returning to shoveling food into his mouth. I smiled and tried to shake the goosebumps that covered my body anytime Sirius touched me. I'd begun to think that the feeling I'd get with Sirius, the goosebumps and butterflies, would never go away.

"This day is going to go by so slowly," Cassi complained as she played with her oatmeal. "Why can't it be tomorrow already?" She sighed dramatically, laying her head down on her arms.

"Never one to forgo the dramatics, are you Cass?" I laughed.

"Life needs more zest. Anyway, what are you wearing tomorrow?"

I shrugged, fashion had never really been my thing. "Probably just a t-shirt and jeans."

Cassi snorted and rolled her eyes. "I figured as much, which is why I took the liberty of ordering this for you." Cassi reached under the table and produced a box. She opened the box and took out a yellow piece of fabric. She slowly unfolded it and revealed a beautiful yellow halter-top dress. "Ordered it from Witch Weekly and just got it today, the color will look fabulous on you." She said handing me the dress.

"Oh Cass, you shouldn't have," I said taking the dress from her and holding it in my hands. The fabric felt like water as it laid in my hands, the material was beautiful and the color so bright I would look like the sun when I put it on.

Cassi waved a dismissive hand, "think nothing of it. I've taken a look through your wardrobe and the brightest thing you have in there is a dark red. And the dress is low-cut too, I figured Sirius would appreciate it."

"Always looking out for my best interest Cass," Sirius said smiling at her.

"Yes well, I think we're all getting tired of you asking Avery to unbutton her blouse."

Everyone laughed and Sirius shrugged, unembarrassed. "Clothes are just a tease, we all know what lurks under them, why don't we just put all of our bits on display?"

"So wise," Cassi said. "Next will you be solving the cure for world hunger?"

Next to her Remus snorted into his milk and started choking. "Bloody hell Cass," Remus said between gasps for air. "We should make a new rule; no jokes at the table."

"Don't be so touchy, just because you can't masticate properly."

Across from Cassi Sirius spit out his pumpkin juice, coating the people across from him in his drink. "If he can't what properly?"

Cassi used the sleeve of her robes to wipe away the pumpkin juice from her face. "Masticate, it means chew. Merlin Sirius, get your mind out of the gutter. Anyway, I better be off. I've got more planning to do for the party tomorrow." Cassi stood up from the tables and kissed Peter on the cheek.

"What about class?" Lily questioned.

Cassi tilted her head to the side and asked in an honestly confused tone, "what about them?" Before she turned around and walked out of the Great Hall.

"Does anyone have any idea how that girl manages to pass classes?" James asked.

"Babes, pay attention to me for once." Sirius complained later that night in the common room.

Dinner had just let out and I was sitting on a couch studying potions. Exams were a little over two weeks away and I could feel the pressure rising. Between everything that was going on, worrying about my dad, dueling lessons from James and Sirius, helping out with the Order, I hardly had time to study for exams. And it seemed that every spare moment I had for studying was filled with Sirius's cries on how I don't pay enough attention to him anymore. I hardly had time to brush my teeth, let alone frolic around with Sirius. And it's not like I didn't want to. I would much rather be snogging Sirius in the hallways.

"Sirius, we have a little over two weeks left until exams are over. After that, I'm all yours."

Sirius huffed and crossed his arms over his chest. "Pay attention to me now, or I'll take my shirt off."

I looked at him and rolled my eyes, pushing my hair away from my face. "You are such a child sometimes."

"I am not!" Sirius cried defensively. "Is it too much for me to ask you to pay attention to me? All you've done lately is study."

"That's because we have exams, not all of us are like you and can not study and still pass every class."

"That's not true, I do in fact study." Sirius said, his voice suddenly dropping as he inched closer to me.

"And what subject would that be Sirius, your reflection?" I said using humor as an attempt to diffuse the fact that the closer Sirius got to me the more distracted I became.

"Your anatomy, of course," Sirius said as he leaned his body against mine, letting his hot breath run down my neck as he nibbled on my earlobe.

Despite my best attempts to keep a cool head about the situation I shuddered at his proximity and his teasing. He started running his finger up and down my arm and even though there was fabric separating his finger from my bare skin my body still felt like it had been set on fire. He brushed my hair away from my neck and left a soft trail of kisses. My entire body let out a shudder and I could feel Sirius smile into my neck.

"I guess a ten minute break wouldn't kill me," I said closing my book and standing up.

Sirius smiled and jumped up from his seat and sprinted towards his dormitory completely forgetting about me in his excitement. I smiled and started walking towards the stairs and up to his dormitory. When I opened the door Sirius was standing in the middle of the room naked and smiling at me.

"What took you so long?" He said smiling like a Cheshire cat.

I laughed and closed the door, making sure to lock it behind me.

"Oh my god! I just stabbed myself in the eye for the tenth time," I whined as my hands unsteadily tried to maneuver a eyeliner stick.

"Well if you would just let me do it for you," Cassi said jumping up from my bed and moving towards me.

"No," I said, protectively pulling the eyeliner to my chest. "I'm a big girl now, I can do this."

"A big girl whose going to be blinded."

I glared at Cassi, "why are you here again? Shouldn't you be in your room, you know, in Hufflepuff."

Cassi shrugged and pulled a magazine from her bag, idly flipping through it. "I guess, but you need more help than them."

"Thanks for making me your project," I said sarcastically as I pulled down the bottom of my eye and tried to once again apply eyeliner.

Twenty minutes later I had my make up finished, my eyes only slightly red and still slightly watering. I had been the last to finish getting ready, my need to do my makeup by myself took longer than any of us anticipated and we were going to be late for the party that Cassi and Lily had planned. I finally was able to put on my dress and when I slipped it on it felt like a cloud enclosing around me. The fabric was so soft and so light it felt like I was wearing nothing at all. And the color was so bright that it seemed like everything around me was glowing. However, no one was quite was colorful as Cassi. In her orange dress and hot pink boots she could stand out of any crowd, she was never one to blend in.

"McGonagall is going to be throwing a fit," Lily hissed as we walked quickly down the stairs. "Everyone will be waiting for us at the entrance, I bet they're just going to cancel the party altogether."

"Oh don't get in such a tiz Lily-Pad," Cassi said in a calm and rational voice.

"Don't call me a Lily-Pad, it's something frogs jump on, I'm basically a welcome mat for the slimy species. Call me something more fitting like, Princess Lily or Her Highness."

"Oh of course, Her Highness," Cassi said stopping in the middle of the corridor and bowing before Lily. "Would you like to step across my back to cross the threshold, Her Highness?"

"If we encounter a puddle that will be necessary," Lily said tilting her head up and smiling. "Now let's hurry, everyone has got to be waiting for us at the entrance."

Lily quickened her pace to the entrance of Hogwarts. When we rounded the corner we saw a group of students standing there, Slytherins included Dumbledore wouldn't let Cassi and Lily leave them out, looking impatiently at McGonagall whose expression was drawn into a tight lipped frown.

"So glad you ladies finally decided to join us, I thought we'd have to send a search party after you," McGonagall said with no hint of mirth in her voice.

I could feel myself blushing as everyone's eyes shifted over to us, I still wasn't used to a lot of attention and every now and then it would catch me off guard. I kept my head down as I looked for Sirius in the crowd of seventh years. I felt a pair of arms snake around my waist and was drawn into a human body. I looked behind me and saw Sirius smiling. The color reflected off my dress and onto his face, making it look like he was glowing.

"Now that everyone is here we may leave, please stick together." McGonagall instructed as the doors of Hogwarts opened and allowed us outside.

Sirius grabbed my hand as the students started pushing to get out of Hogwarts. He leaned over and whispered in my ear, "you look beautiful." I smiled and blushed, kissing him on the cheek. "Since you're the sun I'll be a planet and orbit around you all day," he said with a suggestive wink.

"Sirius Black," I said laughing and pushing him away from me.

"What?" He exclaimed, throwing his hands up in the air and looking around innocently. "And might I add, that top does wonders for your breasts."

"Never one to forgo being blunt, are you?"

"I'd like to think that's what makes me so loveable." Sirius said nuzzling my neck and nipping at my ear.

"Oi, break up the love fest and behold my work," Cassi said dramatically as we arrived at Hogs Head.

We stepped inside of Hogs Head and I was honestly stunned by what I saw. The room literally glowed. Even though it was dark outside Cassi and Lily had somehow charmed it so that the windows glowed artificial light. Light bulbs hung from the ceiling, not leaving one dark place in the entire room. The bar-top was a mirror so that the light bulbs above it glowed in the reflection. The tables scattered across the room were covered in either orange or light pink tablecloths. In the corner of the room there was a stage set with people from lower grades at Hogwarts positioned with instruments. Part of the room was table free, the obvious designated area of the dance floor.

"Wicked," Sirius mumbled under his breath.

"You've really outdone yourself," I said, not able to tear my eyes away from the scenery. Everyone else was equally stunned as they looked around the room.

McGonagall's voice was the first to break through, "there will be a few rules before this starts. Professor Slughorn and I are here to supervise. No one is allowed to leave Hogs Head. If any illegal activities are found on the premises you will be escorted back to Hogwarts, this includes, but is not limited to; alcohol, drugs, or any purchases that can be found at Zonkos. We must respect this rented space. If anyone has problems with these rules please speak now and you may leave." McGonagall went silent and surveyed the room. "Very well then. Aberforth has been kind enough to volunteer to work tonight. You will be served either butterbeer or pumpkin juice." Without so much as a 'have fun' McGonagall turned around and stood by the door making sure no one would leave.

The band started playing a slow sound and people quickly broke off into groups, either finding a table or getting a drink from the bar. I noticed that the bartender, Aberforth, looked suspiciously like Dumbledore.

"No drinking my arse," Cassi said as she pulled three flasks from her purse. "Just make sure McGonagall doesn't see you," she said cleverly handing me one.

"Honestly Cass, the party hasn't even been going for five minutes yet and you've already exposed the alcohol," Lily said rolling her eyes.

"You're one to talk, if I remember correctly one of these flasks is yours," Cassi said waving a red flask in Lily's face.

"Don't be so obvious," Lily said, pushing the flask away from her face and down, looking to make sure McGonagall or Flitckwick wasn't watching.

"Oh Lily, lighten up. In fact, I think you should take the first shot." Cassi said challenging her and waving the flask teasingly in front of her face.

Lily rolled her eyes and grabbed the flask before muttering 'to hell with it' and taking a shot. James was standing behind Lily looking proudly at her as if he had just fallen in love with her all over again. Lily blanched and rubbed her mouth with the back of her hand.

"Well don't hog it all," I said grabbing the flask from Cassi and taking a large shot. Firewhiskey, like usual. The alcohol burned my throat as it went down, instantly warming my entire body. I realized then that firewhiskey and Sirius kind of had the same effect on me. Made me warm, a little loopy, felt like I was losing control.

"Oh Remus," Cassi said walking over to Remus and wrapping an arm around him. "I have to introduce you to Robyn, she's just dying to talk to you."

"Alright," Remus said stiffly, his nerves clearly overcoming him. I don't know why he wasn't very good with women. He was attractive, smart, kind and giving. On paper he seemed like the perfect guy, of course his lyncanthropy make him self conscious.

"Let me go get her," Cassi said walking over to Robyn, she was already stumbling slightly. I thought I had smelled alcohol on her breath before we left for Hogs Head but I wasn't sure, but there was no way she could be drunk already from only have two shots just now.

Within a few minutes Cassi returned with a girl who had bushy blonde hair. Her eyes were a dazzling blue but they were darting around frantically as if she were worried she was about to undergo attack. Her dress was a light blue with puffy sleeves that made her look slightly childish.

"Robyn, this is Remus, Remus this is Robyn." Cassi introduced. Remus stepped forward and shook Robyn's hand formally. Robyn took his hand and looked as if she were about to pass out. "Why don't you two get a table and talk? I'm sure you'll have loads to talk about."

Remus nodded and guided Robyn towards an empty table. "She looks like she belongs in the loony bin," Sirius noticed.

Cassi smirked and crossed her arms in front of her chest, a look of expected anticipation on her face. "I know, this should be fun."

"This was a set up?" Peter choked, a look of disbelief on his face as he glanced at his girlfriend.

"Of course it was, Remus is the only single one of your group and I couldn't find a girl fit enough in time for him so I figured why not have fun with it."

"I feel as if I should stop this devastation," James said noncommittally. "But she does look like she'll scare the piss out of him, and that could be a site to see."

"Ladies and gentlemen," Cassi said bowing and holding one arm out to Remus and Robyn. "Your entertainment."

The next twenty minutes could only be described as disasterious. We had all taken a table next to Remus and Robyn and were paying rapt attention to them between shots of firewhiskey. It had all started out normal, Remus offered to get her a drink and Robyn asked for a butterbeer. But shortly afterwards things went downhill, and fast. First Remus had said something funny and Robyn had laughed with a mouthful of butterbeer, the butterbeer sprayed on Remus's face. He, being the gentlemen he is, said nothing about it and tried to discreetly wipe away the bits of liquid. Then Robyn reached her arm across the table to get a chip and the puffy sleeve of her arm caught on fire.

Startled, she started flailing around while Remus attempted to put out the fire. Instead she caught Remus's pants on fire and they both ran around the place like loons. Someone used their cup to put out the fire but whatever was in that cup only caused the fires to increase. McGonagall quickly set to the scene and with a simple flick of her wand the fires went away. Unfortunately for Remus and Robyn smoke was rising from their bodies and they smelled like a candle that had blown out and the unpleasant scent that followed being blown out.

By this point the majority of us were drunk and roaring with laughter. Remus glared at our table as he sat back down at his table with Robyn. We had to give it to him, the boy did not give up, no matter how pathetic the situation was.

"Oh that poor boy," Lily sighed as she laid her head on her hand, a dopy smile on her face.

"She's really quite pathetic, isn't she?" Cassi said, taking another pull from her flask. I don't know how McGonagall hadn't noticed it by this point, either she was blind or just stopped giving a toss.

"Cassi!" Lily exclaimed.

"What? She can't have claimed to make any effort. Her hair is in a frizzy state, her outfit looks like someone took every bit of puff they could find and stuck it on that dress, and there's more lipstick on her teeth than her actual lips.

"Cass," Lily hissed, "I think she can hear you."

"Let her," Cassi said standing up. "Oi, Robyn!" Peter promptly stood up and put a hand over Cassi's mouth, dragging her onto the dance floor where only two other couples were currently occupying the space.

"They've got the right idea," Sirius said standing up and walking in front of me. He extended his hand out to me and smiled, "care to dance my lady?"

I giggled and unsteadily stood up, taking Sirius's hand and letting him guide me onto the dance floor. He twirled me out and then back into his chest, resting one hand on my waist and the other clasped in my hand. I rested my head on his shoulders and breathed in his scent as he held me close to him. He started humming along to the music into my ear, so quiet that it could only be heard by us. Our movements, those a little shaky, were evenly matched. We moved our bodies slowly together, neither of us in a rush. It was nice for once to be able to slow down in life and appreciate Sirius.

Aside yesterday we hadn't had any time together and right now was making me remember how badly I needed him in my life, how hard it was without him. I couldn't imagine my life without him, and me neglecting him only made me yearn for him more.

"I love you," I whispered into his ear. I realize I hadn't said it enough lately and that I had grown so used to having him around that I had taken advantage of it and not shown how much I truly cared for him.

Sirius pulled away from me so he could look at me and smiled, resting his forehead against mine. "I love you too," he said, kissing me lightly on the lips. His eyes locked with mine and they became a dark color, the kind of intensity that shown when he was thinking and a thought was plaguing him. "I've been thinking," he started slowly. "Now, I know you have adamantly told me how you didn't think this was a good idea but it's all I've been able to think about lately. I couldn't imagine my life without you Avery and I only think that this could be the next step for us once we graduate Hogwarts." He paused and took a deep breath, the anticipation rising each second. "Move in with me. When you stood in that apartment a few months ago you belonged there, you and me were meant to live there. I couldn't imagine staying there alone, without you."

Before I could even give myself enough time to think the word came tumbling from my mouth, "yes."

A/N: Alright so this chapter was a little fluffy, mainly the ending. But someone mentioned how there hadn't been enough Avery/Sirius alone time lately and I realized she was right and I quickly had to change this!

Alright so there are 2 chapters left in this story and then a prologue (crazy, right?) And then the sequel will be posted right after (hopefully). The sequel is called 'Thin Ice' I thought it was a fitting title :) Anyway, tell me what you think :) I'm going to finish posting all the chapters for this story before updating Literacy and Longing so expect around a 2 week wait until the next update!  Thanks again to everyone who has reviewed I love you all <3

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