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It couldn’t be. No. he wouldn’t do that.




All those thoughts and millions of others ran through Freds head as he sat up on his bed, slightly sweaty and breathing heavily. One thought stood out from among the others.





That answer was simple: he loved her. Always had, always will.



But that only answered half the question. There was another person in that room, one who he had trusted above all others. Why had George betrayed him?




“Bugger” Fred said, feeling completely childish for saying such a thing after he had just witnessed his other half torturing his- well, his other other half.




He quickly threw on a tee shirt, keeping his pajama bottoms on, and got parchment and a quill.




Lists he thought Hermione always said make lists when you’re confused. 




But what to make a list of?



How he was acting. Fred thought maybe he’s under a spell…




Monotone voice


Unfocused eyes

Calling someone ‘Master’


Unaffected by his actions



Fred scribbled this down on paper and decided that after breakfast he was going to go somewhere he had never went before- to the library.




As he walked into Great Hall for breakfast, everyone turned to look at him. Harry sat at the corner of the table, looking longingly at Ginny, and in his usual spot next to her was- a Slytherin.




But not just any Slytherin.




Draco freaking Malfoy. Kissing his sister.


“OY!” he yelled at him from across the hall, quickly walking towards the couple. “WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?”


Draco smirked at him “I think” he said, putting his arm around a giggling Ginny “I’m snogging your sister.”


“WELL STOP IT!” Fred said, exasperated.

“I don’t think I will” Draco said, his smirk getting bigger “She seemed to be enjoying it quite a bit.”




And that is how Draco Malfoy ended up on the floor of the great hall, bleeding profusely from the nose.


A couple hours later, after a many forced apologies after a berating from Ginny and a few pointed looks, Fred sat in the library, surrounded by books.



“Come on” he muttered, leaning over a book, “You’ve got to be in here somewhere…”



Suddenly, he found it. 



The Inanis Curse:



This curse wipes the receiver of all emotion, memories and thoughts. They are under the control of the caster of the curse. This is thought to be similar to the Imperius curse, but it is more dangerous in the fact that it cannot be fought. The person will not remember his or her deeds the next day, but if commanded to do something while not under the curse, will do so, without thinking it out of the ordinary. It is punishable by life in Azkaban.




This was it.




Fred sighed in relief. He really is under a curse…



Suddenly, he felt a tapping on his shoulder.




Fred looked up to see a very sheepish looking Malfoy staring at him.



“What do you want” he ground out, saying the word 'you' like it was the dirtiest of curses.



“I’m here to help” he said, raising his hands innocently.




Fred thought for a moment. He could be some help… he was the son of a Death Eater, he was bound to know something about the curse George was under.




“Shoot” he said, motioning for him to go on.




“Ginny explained to me what happened to Hermione.” He started, speaking quickly, eyeing Fred warily “And then I started noticing weird things happening in the dungeons. I heard someone crying a few nights ago so I-”




“WAIT. How long have you and Ginny been dating that you noticed someone crying a few nights ago?” Fred asked, shocked



“OH not long… maybe a few weeks?” Draco said guiltily, looking anywhere but at Freds face. Fred started to talk again, but Draco interrupted “AS I WAS SAYING. I went to go see what was happening and I saw your brother, standing over a crying Hermione Granger.”



“She’s okay? Did she look healthy? Were they hurting her?” Fred asked, rapid-fire.




“Slow down there” Draco said “One at a time. She was okay, as far as I could tell. She most definitely did not look healthy. They had just finished torturing her when I got there.” Fred got a pained look on his face. “ANYWAY. The whole point of me telling you this was- I know were she is, and I’m willing to take you there. Tonight.” 



Fred looked shocked. He broke into a smile. Then he did something unexpected.



He grabbed Draco and hugged him.




“THANK YOU” he yelled, beaming. He stopped suddenly, a confused look on his face.




“Why are you doing this? You hate our family.”




Draco shrugged “I cant hate you. You gave me her.”



Fred nodded. Maybe there was more to Draco than what everyone thought.



Draco met Fred in front of the Gryffindor common room at midnight. After an awkward pause, they set into motion, and Draco explained that they were going very deep into the schools dungeons.



They cast Disillusionment and Muffliato charms on themselves and their feet, and set off.




They went down, down, deeper and deeper into the dungeons. The walls had an eerie glow about them, and everything looked slightly green.




“I would hate to live down here” Fred said to himself






“Tell me about it…” Draco muttered




Finally, they approached a door at the end of a long corridor.






“This is it” Draco whispered, opening it.



And there sat Hermione Granger, her face dirty, and her clothes in rags, unconscience on the floor.



Soooooooo…. Whatcha think???????

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