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Harry Potter and the Legacy of the Fallen by LilyandJames4ever
Chapter 21 : Epilogue - Wedding Bells
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Epilogue – Wedding Bells


I can’t remember feeling love like this, I’m so alive

I can’t imagine living life without you by my side

Day after day you find a way to make this grown man cry

It’s so true, I’m all for you

-Keith Urban, All for You


Something old.


Something new.


Something borrowed.


Something blue.


The Muggle world and the magical world might be completely different in so many ways, but that was one tradition that both worlds had in common.


Ginny fingered the fabric of her white veil nervously. It was made of the finest ivory silk tulle, held up by her deceased Great Aunt Muriel’s goblin made tiara. There it was – something old.


She stared at her reflection in the mirror. Her dress was one shouldered – the strap made of a vine like string of small silver flowers and silver jewels. The corset had a heart shaped top, and the silver strap continued over the left breast and then underneath the right, and continued along to the back.


The bottom of the corset was lined with tiny pale silver flowers, leaves and jewels. From there the dress billowed out into a long skirt of white silk. There were three dramatic, ruched pick-ups, and lots of graceful ruffles. The silver flower/jewel embroidery appeared again in between the first and second pick-ups. The whole dress was finished off with a slight pearl accent. Something new.


Ginny saw Hermione come up behind her through the reflection. It was completely silent as she gently pushed Ginny’s hair to the side and hooked her pearl string necklace around Ginny’s neck. Something borrowed.


“Flowers.” Luna said in a soft voice, appearing next to Hermione in the mirror. Ginny took the bouquet in her hands, her hands beginning to shake and her heart starting to beat fast. The bouquet was made of white lilies and blue roses. The lilies had been Fleur’s idea, surprisingly. The small gesture to Harry had set a touching mood to the wedding. The finishing touch – something blue. 


Her hair was pinned up in soft coils, with the exception of some loose strands to frame her face.


Her eyelids were softly coated with a sparkly silver eye shadow. Her eyelashes had been perfectly brushed with volumizing mascara to a state of flawlessness and not a single, miniscule clump. Her cheeks had been rubbed with a rosy blush, and her lips were coated with a shiny pink gloss.


There were three bridesmaids – Hermione and Luna, of course, and Dorothy White, Ginny’s closest friend on the Harpies. Dorothy hair, frizzy and brunette that was usually pulled back in a pony tail was now soothed into shiny dark coils cascading down her back, as was Luna’s and Hermione’s.


Dorothy wore a sleeveless chocolate brown dress that went to the knees. A baby blue sash was tied around her upper torso.


Luna wore a sleeveless knee length chocolate brown dress. Small brown buttons trailed down on the middle top of the dress and continued about two inches after that.


Hermione, the maid of honor, wore a baby blue knee length dress. It had one strap that had three miniature flowers of the same color. The top was again heart shaped, and a thin, almost belt like baby blue strap beneath her bust.


They each carried a bouquet of dark blue roses and wore silver strappy high heels.


“Smile,” Hermione said softly.


Ginny tried to create a shaking grin on her face, but it appeared as more of a grimace.


Mr. Weasley walked in. “Showtime,” he announced.


Ginny’s heart started beating ferociously. “I can’t do this!” she wailed.


Even with her back turned on her, Ginny could just see Hermione rolling her eyes.


“You’ll be fine,” Hermione said. “Just be calm. This is Harry we’re talking about here.”


“Deep breaths,” Dorothy advised.


“Deep breaths, deep breaths,” Ginny muttered to herself.


“Time to go,” Hermione announced.


Ginny took a deep breath and walked out of the tent that had been assembled for the procession’s use. Outside, Teddy, the ring bearer, and Victoire, the flower girl, and Mr. Weasley were waiting.


Teddy was wearing an adorable little tux, and Victoire in a fairy like cream colored dress and wore a wreath of little yellow flowers on top of her bouncy silvery curls.


The sound of violins beginning to play the traditional wedding march filled the air. Victoire walked into the view of the congregation, and out of their view. Ginny could just see her skipping down the aisle, tossing flower petals. Victoire was followed by Teddy, who was followed by Hermione, Dorothy, and Luna.


“Good luck,” Hermione sent her a smile before disappearing from sight.


Ginny took a deep breath and took her father’s arm and stepped out.




Harry Potter was nervous, to say the least. He could feel the eyes of everyone trained on him. What were they thinking? Were they judging him? Did they disapprove?


Beside him Ron nudged him with his elbow. “You look like you’ve seen Moaning Myrtle. Lighten up.”


Although his comment was joking, Moaning Myrtle had indeed tried to get an invitation to his wedding. Much to her displeasure, she was turned down.


It was one month after Terence Higgs had died on the Hogwarts Express, late July. The case had wrapped up with tons of media coverage and mountains upon mountains of paperwork. Harry’s mind, however, couldn’t have been farther away from the look on Higgs’s face as he fell. He was completely focused on not making himself look like an idiot as premarital nerves took their course.


 He surveyed the familiar faces in the crowd gathered before him. All of his old Hogwarts Professors were seated somewhere in the middle of the left rows. He stifled a chuckle when he saw McGonagall scowl at something Trelawney had muttered, most likely about his impending doom.


Summer Meadows was grinning at him from the second row of the left set of rows. After the incident on the train, she turned out to be fine, and had since then been spending a lot of time at Harry’s house, due to the absence of her parents.


Mrs. Weasley was already sobbing into a handkerchief in the first row of the rows to the right. George patted her awkwardly on the back. The rest of the Weasley clan was gathered in that general vicinity.


The front row of seats in the rows to the left had been left empty, in honor of the place where Harry’s family should have been.


Kingsley Shacklebolt sat in the row directly behind the empty seats, and next to him was the Auror Department. (Kingsley had refused to let his security detail accompany him to the wedding, so Harry conveniently placed the Aurors right next to him.)


Neville, Hannah, and a bunch of other friends from Hogwarts and the D.A. sat behind the Weasleys in the right rows.


Towards the back sat Harry’s original Quidditch team – Oliver Wood, Katie Bell, and Alicia Spinnet. George and Angelina were up front, and Fred was forever absent, but never absent from their hearts.


Harry tuned out the sound of some boring old man droning on and on. Why was he even here? They should have had George say the monologue. That would go down as the best wedding speech in history.


Harry was jolted back to reality with a start when the wedding march began. A rush of fear passed through him. How had time passed so fast? It couldn’t be time! He wasn’t ready for this!


But then he saw tiny Victoire prance down the aisle, and then his godson following close behind her and her relaxed. He could do this.


It was an outdoor wedding. Chairs had been lined up in two sections, leaving room for the aisle in between. They did not invite a huge number of guests. Harry received enough attention as it was, and with such a hugely publicized wedding, it had been nearly impossible to keep the location a secret.


The congregation was seated over a beautiful grassy landscape. The sun was shining down on the perfect summer day. The aisle led to a flower arch, by where Harry, Ron, and a minister stood.


Some yards behind the arch, the ground dropped off in a cliff, and a long stretch of sparkling water went on for miles in front of the guests. It was picturesque, like it was taken directly from Brides Magazine.  


Harry smiled as the bridesmaids stepped out, Hermione in the middle. Harry could have sworn he saw Hermione wink at him (Or was it Ron?).


The bridesmaids arrived up at the front and stood to the left of Harry and Ron. Harry’s heart started to pump fast as the traditional wedding march began to play on violins.


The pounding transformed into his heart swelling and overflowing with love and joy and affection as Ginny and Mr. Weasley stepped out.


Words couldn’t even begin to describe her beauty. She was perfect. She was gorgeous. She was incredible. And soon she would be his.


How drab he must look. He was simply some guy in a tux standing next to her – the epitome of perfect.


The procession reached the altar. Ginny took her place next to him and sent him a small smile. It took everything Harry had not to grab her and kiss her right then.


The preacher man droned on. Harry shut him out and let himself be captivated by Ginny’s beauty.


Suddenly Harry found everyone in the crowd staring at him and Ginny was staring at him expectantly.


“I do,” Harry said, hoping that wasn’t the wrong thing to say. Ginny smiled slightly and turned back to the preacher man.


“Do you, Ginerva Molly Weasley, take thee, Harry James Potter, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; do you promise to be faithful to thee until death do you part?”


Ginny grinned broadly. “I do.”


“You may kiss the bride.”


Harry did not need further encouragement. He scooped her up and sealed the marriage with a kiss. As their lips met, the sun set, and the sky became a blur of reds and blues and purples. The setting sun shone between their closely entwined bodies. It was magical.


The crowd roared their approval. Over the din, the celebrant shouted: “Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Mr. and Mrs. Harry James Potter!”


Harry didn’t want the kiss to end. The setting sun shined brightly between the cracks in their connected faces. Reluctantly Harry pulled back.


“I love you,” Ginny whispered.


“I love you more.”




“Good morning, beautiful.” Harry settled down next to Ginny on the porch swing overlooking the Pacific Ocean, gripping a cup of steaming hot coffee.


“Morning, handsome,” Ginny smiled, looking up at him, and then blushing slightly as Harry planted a kiss on her soft cheek.


“What do you want to do today, Mrs. Potter?” Harry asked her as she rested her head on his lap.


“Well, I was thinking we could go snorkeling, muggles do it a lot, and we could see some of the volcanoes, or we could go down to the beach…” Ginny trailed off in a content sigh as Harry stroked her hair and enjoyed the way her heart skipped a beat when his warm fingers brushed against her face.


“Or we could just stay here…” she said, grinning up at him.


“That sounds like a great idea,” Harry said huskily. There was a small moment of silence which was broken by a scream of surprise when Harry hoisted Ginny up and threw her over his shoulder.


“Put. Me. Down!” Ginny screamed, thrashing, but laughing at the same time.


“Not so fast,” Harry said as he started down towards the beach.


“I’m going to kill you!” Ginny laughed as she stopped struggling.


“Nah. You could never live without my charming smile.” Harry smirked.


“Yes I could!” Ginny said stubbornly as Harry set her down on the sand.


“Lies.” Harry said softly as he propped himself up on top of her and shot her a cocky grin.


Ginny pouted. “Not fair!”


“Admit it. You luuurve me.” Harry muttered as he kissed her neck softly.


“No.” Ginny said stubbornly, but Harry could hear a slight waver in her voice as her defenses weakened.


“You. Love. Me.” Harry sang as he traced patterns on her arm. He smiled as her arm erupted in goose bumps.


Finally Ginny laughed. “You are so cheap,” she grinned before throwing her arms around him and kissing him full on.


Harry responded with full force as she ran her hands through his hair and he wrapped his arms around her waist.


They stayed that way for a long time, before finally collapsing next to each other on the warm sands of the Hawaiian Islands.


“You still want to go see the volcanoes?” Harry asked jokingly.


Ginny laughed and responded by clasping his hand tightly in hers and curling up next to him.


“I love you,” she mumbled into his chest.


“I love you, too, Gin.”  




A/N: Wow, that's it.

First of all, I have to thank a couple of people who made this story what it is. Most of all to my brother, who came up with pretty much all of the good ideas in this story. To two of my friends, who came up with horrendously corny pick up lines without knowing the reason why. To all of my fabulous readers and reviewers - you guys our amazing.

I hope I wrapped up all of the loose ends in the story. If you have any questions, just ask in a review and I'll do the best I can to answer.

I'm not sure where I stand on the sequel. I had a good idea for it, but now I'm having second thoughts on the plot. I will definately write one, but it won't be for a while. And I will probably write the whole thing before starting to post chapters to avoid long delays. Immediately after this is validated I will post a oneshot/songfic called Superman. It's a companion to this, with the same Harry and Ginny in this story, but no specific links to the plot. Keep an eye out for it! I also have a short story collection that I'm writing, so watch out for that in the next month or two.

To all of those who have stuck with this story throughout the whole this, thank you so much. It has meant the world to me. If you read this story but never left a review, I would love it so much if you leave a review for this last chapter.


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Harry Potter and the Legacy of the Fallen: Epilogue - Wedding Bells


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