Chapter 24

Minister, may I write a note home to my family?

He’d handed me a piece of dirty parchment and a tattered quill with a small amount of ink, telling me that an assistant would be here in the next evening to pick it up and mail it.

He’d leered at me, making sure that I knew that they would read it and reread it before testing it with every spell under the sun so that they were positive that my letter did not hold secret messages.

I had to be careful.

Dear Dominique,

                How are you? My wounds have yet to heal, but otherwise, prison suits me. I only fear that I am missing Callie’s life, which I am. Does that make me a bad mother? I hope not. How is everyone fairing? It’s still weird without having anyone to talk to. Sometimes the loneliness overwhelms me so much that I wish I would die already.

                I do hope you know that, that I am not likely to survive the war; I’m sure you’ve been informed.

              But that is all the room I have on my parchment.

All my love, Rose

I contemplated the letter and nodded once, glancing out of the window to see if I could distinguish the time; it’d been heavily raining for the last week, the clouds so dark that I could never see the sun.

I hardly ever saw the sun anymore.

I heard a grunt and someone banged on my cell door, causing me to look up. A very disgruntled man was standing there.

“Don’t know why they are letting you write to your blood traitor family,” He muttered bitterly when I handed him my letter. “Don’t know why they haven’t killed you yet.”

I didn’t say anything, and he leered smugly at me.

“I see someone was smart enough to finally maul that pretty little face of yours,” He continued, more sure of himself now that I hadn’t spoken, “Can’t say I blame them. My girlfriends have been wanting to do it themselves for years. I do hope that before they kill you, they let some of us have our fun first,” He continued, “The wounds shouldn’t mark up your body too bad.”

I stayed silent as he taunted me, telling me all about how I’d make such a good urgh.

As if.


Finally, upon looking at his pocket watch, he realized the time and swore loudly, sprinting away quickly, my note crumpling in his hand.

Poor note.

But wait –girlfriends? What group of girls would want to date that slimy creep?

Off the topic here.

I just hoped that Dom and Lucy would be able to distinguish my code for what it was and not what I was sure the Ministry would think it was.

If that makes sense.

Slowly, I inched myself back on my bed, my joints creaking with the old metal frame, and I lay back gently, resting myself. What I’d written in my code was true; I needed to rest before I had the energy to fulfill my promise.

Because I would –I had to.

Hello darlings! Here's the next chapter of Vanishing Act. I really hope you enjoyed it. You might want to take another look at that letter --I spent a long time playing with it. :D *is all-knowing* Four chapters left! 

Also, anyone who has time, I've got a new James II / OC one-shot, and it's a bit unloved. Just take a glance at it, and I'd be so happy! :)

Love you!


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