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A/N: dear readers, I am SOOO sorry for the incredibly long wait!! I had exams then I had to move houses... then blaaaaahh, it's been crazy so I'm so sorry. I honestly had all of Chapter 10 written except for the ending, which I might add is the best part ;) so I'm so sorry for the wait. Although, I do hope you enjoy this chapter. I had a ton of fun writing it!! Also, I'd like to personally thank ToReleaseMe, e.stewart526, Owlpost68, TheBattleOfHogwarts, and Candinoxrush for being superduper awesome reviewers!! You guys have been with me from the very beginning so thank you!

I'd also like to dedicate this chapter and really, the rest of this story to liza_potter/lizaac. I miss you and thank you so much for being my beta reader for all this time. And every time Oliver growls, it'll be for you. Much love <3

Disclaimer: You know the usual... JK Rowling owns the recoginisable, the rest is mine :) 


--- Chapter 10 – Oh Merlin, it’s Halloween---


Oliver Wood:

I was not entirely sure how long I had sat there when she left but it was long enough for Fred and George to come find me. They had thought I was trying to drown myself in the shower again but I think what they found was far worse than that version of me. 

When they found me, I was still sitting on the bench staring into my hands, wondering how the hell everything went so wrong. In one day, I had lost possibly one of the most important matches of my Hogwarts career and lost my friend.


No, not just any friend. I lost Keegan. Again. 

All because of my stupid fucking arrogance, my need to be angry at the world, at her, at Flint…


I just couldn’t see straight and she was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Of course, I didn’t mean anything I had said. Of course, I knew she was trying to help and even after her little speech, I knew how she wanted to just be there for me… yet I couldn’t… I just couldn’t be happy. It was as if being happy for even one split second made me feel guilty, guilty over having let down my team and I chose some stupid idiotic thing to retort back at her. 

I didn’t mention the spat between us to anyone but I think everyone knew something happened anyways. For the next week, she kept sending me death glares and she would purposefully walk the other way if I was walking towards her in a corridor.


One time, when I tried to apologise to her, she literally covered her ears screaming and ran down the stairs.


Somehow, and lord knows how, I think our spat has actually made her more insane than she originally was. 

What makes matter worse, I found out the ‘friend’ she had met with was Justin-sodding-Dodgson and she was ‘meeting’ with him more often now. I don’t know if she was doing it to spite me or if she really liked the prat but I didn’t like it one bit. 

Not that I was jealous.

I just didn’t like Dodgson. He was… a Hufflepuff. Why would you willingly like a Hufflepuff?

“Mate, please come tonight!” Fred pleaded for the umpteenth time.


We were all sitting around the fireplace, enjoying a nice Saturday morning, but every few minutes, Fred or George would beg me to come to their stupid Halloween Bash. I don’t even like Halloween all that much—too many drunken idiots in ridiculous outfits trying to grope each other. What’s the point?

“No, I told you I’m not in the mood.”  

“You’re never in the mood lately!” George told me with a sad pout. “I mean you’re not even holding any trainings this week!” 

“I thought we needed a break,” I mumbled. 

It wasn’t entirely the truth. I mean I was still going out there every evening, flying about but I just wasn’t ready to be a captain yet. I needed some time to myself and I was using Harry’s minor concussion as an excuse for a break.

Pathetic, I know. 

“Whatever, we all know you’re moping over…” and then there was a loud whack as Fred smacked his twin in the face with a pillow. 

I rolled my eyes at the two and resumed my staring into the fireplace. I was being a moody git, I know but hey, I was Oliver Wood. Wasn’t moody my middle name or something like that? Or at least, that’s what the girls used to say last year. 

“I heard Keegan was going,” Alicia piped up and we all turned to look at her as she walked towards us from the portrait hole with Angelina beside her.  


“I don’t know,” Alicia smirked. “Just for anyone that wants to know, Keegan Riddell is going with her not yet official easily-break-up-able boyfriend, Justin Dodgson.” 

“She was supposed to go with me!” George whined. “Stupid Dodgson stole my date.” 

Everyone ignored George’s whining and I shrugged at the girls. “I repeat, so?”

Alicia shrugged and went to sit by George on the floor and Angelina took her spot on Fred’s lap in the lone armchair. 

“Oh, I also heard Miranda was forcing her into a pirate outfit,” Angelina threw out nonchalantly. 

I ignored this comment. So what? She can be a bloody pirate all she wants.  

“And I heard it’s frightfully skimpy.”


This was a stupid idea.


Stupid bloody idea.


What did I expect was going to happen tonight at that bloody Halloween Bash anyways? Keegan to suddenly forgive me for being a prat just like that? When did that bint ever forgive anyone that easily?


I remember when Edan spilled juice all over her favourite Montrose Magpies jersey she ignored him for a full month till her dad finally forced the two to sit in a room together for a full hour. However, I don’t think locking myself in a room with Keegan for an hour would get her to forgive me, actually I think we’d end up killing each other.


As much as she was a top lass, Keegan had a way of winding me up. 

“Fred, what in Dumbledore’s name are you wearing?” I spluttered as the redhead emerged from the seventh year boys’ toilets. Fred was decked out in an oversized hat with flowers sticking out of one side and a dark royal blue dress with frilly arms.


Oh, and a tiara. 

“I’m the Queen of England!” he told me happily.

“But… you’re… uh… why?”  

“For a laugh, mate,” Fred chuckled. “Sometimes you got to just unwind. Come on, Oliver. You’re wound up too tight!”

“I am not!” I said as I folded my arms.


Yes I was, but I’m not going to admit it to the twins—or one of them. 

“Yes you are,” Fred arched his very heavily powdered white eyebrow at me. “I mean look at you, you’re dressed as a bloody Quidditch player. We already know you are one!” 

“Not a Puddlemere player…” 

“Oliver, come on!” Fred insisted. “Wear something crazy… you want to win over Keegan, right? So show her what she’s missing out on.” 

I glared at him. “I don’t want to win her over, I don’t like her like that!” 

“Right, sure you don’t!” Fred chuckled. “Let me dress you and I promise you she will talk to you by the end of tonight.”

“And if she doesn’t?” 

“You can kick my arse, mate, that’s a promise,” Fred grinned wickedly.


I feel like I shouldn’t agree to this because if I’m right, he already has something planned. But I was a desperate man and desperate times called for desperate measures, in this case making a deal with a drag-wearing ginger. 

Bollocks me!


Keegan Riddell:

I was going to kill Miranda!


I was going to murder her and stuff her into a chimney somewhere! This outfit was utterly the most ridiculous thing I have ever laid eyes on! When I said please could you just grab me something simple in Hogsmeade, as I was too busy with work, I did not expect her definition of simple to mean ‘lacking of clothing’.


Seriously bollocks my life!

“Oh Jesus!” Penny cried out as she came out of the toilets in a long black gown with long sleeves and her hair fluffed up into a crazy fro. She was the bride of Frankenstein. 

“Don’t you even dare,” I growled at her.

She laughed and went to sit on the bed to stare at me some more. “I wasn’t going to say anything, I think your outfit does all the saying for me.” 

“Shut up, Penny, I look like the biggest slag to ever exist!” I cried out. “I cannot go out looking like this!”


I turned around to stare at possibly the sexiest cat I’ve ever seen. Miranda had on a fluffy black tube dress that was tight around the chest area and extended out into a mini-skirt.

But even compared to her, I looked like horrific… 

“Miranda, honest to Merlin, I can’t!” I whimpered pathetically. 

“Keegan Elizabeth Riddell, you are wearing that outfit and that is final,” Miranda said in her sternest voice. “You are going to make Justin wonder how he got so bloody lucky, you’re going to make every boy lust after you and most importantly, you’re going to make Oliver Wood wish he had you.” 

“But I don’t want Wood to…”

Miranda shut me up by putting a finger to my lips and ushered me into the chair by the full-length mirror. At this point, I knew better than to argue with her because as much as I hated my outfit, I hated angry Miranda more. 

I sighed and threw Penny a withering look but the Prefect just shrugged her shoulders and smirked at me. 

I seriously needed new friends… 

About half an hour into Miranda’s massacre of my face, Lucy finally decided to grace us with her presence, ultimately, causing a big bloody uproar in our dormitory.


You see, ever since that sodding Gryffindor versus Slytherin match, we’ve all been a bit peeved at the blonde. She had stepped over a line by deliberately hurting Seamus and getting with a Slytherin. Oh and not any Slytherin but the black-haired two-faced greasy slimy git named Miles Bletchley, who, I might add, had been suspended from the game for allegedly trying to jinx the Potter kid.


That in itself should throw off some bloody alarms!


But no not to Lucy because ‘it’s only Quidditch, he’s really a rather nice bloke outside of it’… What a crock of lies! I had never wanted to hurt that girl more in my life than in that moment!

“Lucy,” Miranda said curtly.


Miranda was the most peeved out of the three of us, mostly because she had been on the receiving end of all of Elbie and Adam’s rants about Lucy. I’ve been around for a bit of their bitching sessions too but I tried to stay close to Seamus since this whole ordeal has made me extremely protective of my great big teddy bear. Not many people realise it but he really is a softie inside—as much as he tries to deny it. 

“Miranda,” Lucy said quietly. “You girls look fantastic! And wow, Keegan! I can’t believe Miranda got you to wear something like that!”

“Hmmph,” I mumbled in response.

I still loved the girl and wanted to be best mates with her again but right now, I just wanted to be pissed off for Seamus’ sake. Merlin knows he’s refusing to be mad at Lucy.  

“Penny, are you mad at me too?” Lucy said, her voice cracking as if she was on the verge of tears.


My heart nearly broke down at this point and by the quiver of Miranda’s lips, I could tell she nearly did as well. We hated when Lucy cried. Absolutely loathed it, and ever since first year when a bunch of third years made her cry, we both have tried so hard to protect her. In some ways, Lucy was like our baby sister. She was bubbly and she can be so innocent and naïve sometimes, which is why she was so easily hurt by people. She was a smart girl for sure, but Lucy lacked… common sense sometimes, thus explaining this little tryst she has going on with Bletchley. 

“Lucy, I…” Penny looked at us and sighed. “I want to reserve judgment for the sake of being the peace-keeper but even I have to ask, why Bletchley?”  

“He’s not that bad, guys,” Lucy said, her voice now barely above a whisper. 

“Oh for fuck’s sake, save the lies, Lucy!” Miranda cried out, losing her cool and any sympathy for Lucy now. “Bletchley is a no good dirty Slytherin prick! I thought you could do so much better but now, I’m not too sure. If you’re not willing to see how much of a manipulative prick he is then fine! But look at what you’re doing to Seamus!” 

“Seamus?” Lucy was shouting now. “Is this about Seamus? I’m losing my best friends over Seamus bloody O’Connor? Oh, this is enlightening, isn’t it? I can see where your loyalties lie now, Miranda.” 

Woah, what the… 

“My loyalties?” Miranda scoffed, glaring at the much smaller girl. “Oh God, you are so vain, Lucy! You’ve always been so good at manipulating every situation to make you out to be the victim… well you’re not this time, okay! You’re the bloody cause of the problem!” 

“Miranda…” I warned, but I was easily ignored because Lucy was now firing just as much venom back. 

“Maybe I’m a little vain, but at least I’m not a self-righteous bitch!” Lucy yelled out, but I knew Lucy regretted it as soon as she said it. Miranda, however, just went white with fury. She took one last look at Lucy before shoving past her and slamming the door shut. 

The room went silent before Lucy stumbled onto her knees, crying as if the world relied on her tears and her tears alone. I looked down at the girl; her hair was matted against her face, clinging onto the wet trails her tears left behind and her body curved into a ball. She was rocking herself back and forth and I knew that I had to be the bigger person and forgive her for being a dolt because right now, she needed a friend…

I moved to sit beside her and wrapped my arms around Lucy. “Shh… it’ll be alright, I promise.”

Lucy looked up at me, her eyes bloodshot. “No, Keegan, it won’t. I messed up this time. I messed up so bad and I don’t… I don’t think the boys or Miranda can ever forgive me…”

“You didn’t do anything terribly unforgivable,” I told her truthfully. “You messed up, but you can fix it.” 

“What? By breaking up with Blet – Miles?” 

“Well that’s a start,” I told her. 

She shook her head defiantly. “I can’t… If I do then… no, I just can’t.”

“Why not?” I asked incredulously.


Merlin, I wanted to yell at her but I couldn’t. I won’t be another person that yells at her too. 

Lucy sighed. “It’s a long story…” 

“We have time, right, Penny?” I said, looking up at the other girl for support. 

Penny sighed, “yeah, sure.”

“No, we don’t,” Lucy left the comfort of my arms and stood up. “I need… I need to get ready and fix my makeup. I’m sorry, Keegan. I really am. I… I like Miles and that’s that. I know you don’t understand and if you want to hate me like Miranda then I’ll understand too.”

I got up onto my feet as well. “Lucy, I don’t hate you but I’m not going to lie and say I approve of this. But if you do somehow like him, I’ll be here for you.”  

“Me too, Lucy,” Penny said, coming to stand beside me. “I’m not good with the emotional stuff but if you need to me give someone detention, just ask.”

For the first time in a long time, Lucy smiled genuinely at us, and suddenly, the small blonde came flying at us, enveloping Penny and I into a tight hug. She buried her face into my shoulder.

“Thank you, Keegan.”


“Gerroff me, Penny!” I slurred, pushing the bushy-haired brunette from my lap. In one short hour, we had managed to completely pressure Penny into downing five consecutive Firewhiskey shots and now the usual non-drinker was a total mess. 

“I have… never seen her like this!” Adam hiccupped beside me. “It’s bloody amazing!” 

“Piss off, Nicholson, you twat!” Penny growled.

“Apparently alcohol makes her into even more of a bitch,” he murmured under his breath as he tossed me an amused grin. I merely shook my head in response. 

Elbie fell into the common room then jumped back up onto his feet, saluting the air with his foam sword. He was currently dressed as a musketeer or something that was supposed to resemble that. “Guys, we should go to the party now.”

“I think we’ve taken predrinking to another level at this point,” Seamus agreed as he walked over to stand by – and support Elbie up. 

He was probably the only one of us that was slightly sober—smart boy because Penny was a mess, Adam was hornier than usual (and that is saying a lot!), Elbie kept thrashing his sword at anyone that came into his vicinity, Miranda was currently lying face first on the sofa, and I… I was… I was not too bad.


I just sound like I have a speech impediment… no big deal. Seriously…

“We should… move… Justin, meeting him soon,” I managed.

Adam snorted and I kicked him in the shins. Adam had a problem with Justin, Merlin knows fucking why, but it’s not like Adam’s disapproval bothers me. I disapprove of most of Adam’s conquests. 

“Come on guys, letshhgo.” Penny suddenly proclaimed, bolting from her seat, and pulling me along with her. Actually, pull is putting it lightly; I was practically dragged out of the common room by my wrist, which was also how I found that a drunken Penny was a dangerous Penny. 

We staggered out onto the staircase where Penny swayed headfirst into the brick wall before trying to manoeuvre herself down the stairs from the Ravenclaw Tower. I probably should have been the one to lead but my brain was all jumbled up. After about a full ten minutes of taking each step meticulously and trying not to trip to our death, Penny spotted her boyfriend who was probably coming to find her, shoved me to the side and flew at him. 

I, as a result, crashed down the stairs and into a suit of arms. Percy Weasley had the decency to toss me an apologetic look but then upon realising his girlfriend was pissed off her face, he glared at me as if it was my fault.


Hey, I only… you know, poured the shots… shoved them in her face… and said she was a pansy arse if she didn’t down them. Totally didn’t force her!  

“What did you do to her?” he spat out. 

For Merlin’s sake, he’s acting as if being drunk is the worst thing in the world! Penny was bloody legal, what was the problem? 


“We got her drunk, sorry, mate,” Seamus said coming to my… no, Percy’s rescue.


I would have kicked him in the face like a ninja… a Scottish ninja… although, I don’t think those exist. I could be a first… 

“Of course you did,” Percy snarled before grabbing his girlfriend, who was now trying to unbutton his shirt and stormed off.


Probably to… clean his textbooks or something. Poor Penny… 

“What’s up his arse!” Adam shouted. “He nearly ruined my buzz!” 

“Mine too,” I agreed. “I need to dance! I need to snog someone’s face off! And for Merlin’s sake, I need to take off this bloody corset top, it is squishing the life out of my boobs!”

There was a moment of silence when all three boys turned to stare at me… 

“ELBIE, STOP STARING AT KEEGAN’S BOOBS!” Miranda roared as she thwacked her boyfriend on the head before stomping off down the corridor towards the Room of Requirements.  

“Miranda, I wasn’t! I swear!” he cried out, running after her. “There was something… I was just… bollocks!” 

Seamus, Adam and I burst out laughing before running after the couple, falling every few minutes—well Adam and me were—while singing a Ravenclaw song. It was a wonder we haven’t been caught out of bed but I think the professors were giving us the night off considering it is Halloween. Or the Weasley twins has literally fool-proofed the entire Hogwarts, knowing just how drunk everyone got at their Halloween bash.  

Probably the latter… 





I was laughing so hard that I hadn’t even registered that we were now standing in front of the Room of Requirements till Justin stepped out through the door. He was wearing a sailor’s hat, a white tunic top and white pants. He looked dapper! 


Dapper… funny word, dapper was.

“Keegan?” he said as if he wasn’t sure it really was me. “You look… wow… your outfit… you… err, make a great pirate!”

I giggled, which was altogether a weird sound because I rarely ever giggle. But ever since Miranda told me I was too masculine for boys, I started to giggle a lot more.


Mostly at wrong intervals.


Last time I giggled, Professor Lupin had just assigned us a 3-page paper due for next week. 

“Thanks,” I beamed. “You look DAPPER!” 

He laughed, extended his hand out for me and I giggled some more, smirked at Adam and Seamus, before taking it. Adam rolled his eyes and Seamus just looked on proudly.  

The four of us walked into the party, which was already in full swing, and I was quickly consumed by the bass-pounding sounds and the smell of alcohol filling the air.


It was only eleven! Bloody hell, Hogwarts students were all closet alcoholics, I swear… 

Adam quickly pounced on the nearest group of sixth year girls, who I think were from Hufflepuff. They looked at him and I think I saw one swoon.


Oh yeah, did I mention Adam was shirtless and was wearing big purple satin pants. He was a genie or something… I think he just chose the outfit that allowed him to be as naked as possible. I swear the boy belonged on a nudist colony… the amount of times I’ve seen him naked… well it’s disturbing to think about. 

Justin interlaced our fingers—which I found made me squirm awkwardly—and led me towards the makeshift bar. It was a long wooden table with a fake head lying in the middle of it with blood constantly dripping from its severed neck into several tubes, which led to a blood red punch bowl. The whole setup made me nauseous yet I really wanted to try the punch… like really, really wanted to try it…


Hmm, does that make me a cannibal? 

“So how are you feeling?” Justin smiled his dimpled smile at me, while handing me a cup of the blood red punch.

I gingerly took a sip and squealed gleefully. It was spiced rum and cranberry juice! 

“Awesome!” I laughed and quickly finished my drink, grabbed Justin’s hand and pulled him onto the dance floor where I started to bust a fricking move! 

“You’re insane, you know that?” Justin grinned at me. “But a very sexy kind of insane.” 

I smiled back, barely acknowledging his compliment, as my mind was lost in an alcohol-induced haze.

Merlin, I loved life right now…


Oliver Wood:

 She arrived with Justin Dodgson!


She arrived with bloody Justin Dodgson!


And what in bloody hell was she wearing? That top, that skirt, those… those bloody legs! 


Merlin, her legs…  

She should cover up! Stupid sodding bint needs to cover the hell up!

Or at least come over to me so I can tear it off…

WOAH! What the fuck was that? 

No, no, no! I do not want anything like that with Keegan. She is my childhood friend, that is so wrong, Oliver. So wrong!


But then again, I was a red-blooded male, right? I was just… appreciating. That’s all.

“…and so Daddy finally got me a pony instead!” the girl in front of me was giggling. I turned to look at her, at her heavily made up face and her ruler-straight blonde hair, and for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what we were talking about or who she was. My thoughts were entirely consumed with Keegan, thoughts both pure and completely and utterly… not. 

“Oh Laura, you are looking so delectable tonight,” Fred charmed. “But I apologise, we must steal our man here for a few minutes, is that okay?”

The blonde, Laura, stared appreciatively at Fred and nodded her head. Fred gave her a smile and I had to hand it to him, for a boy dressed as the bloody Queen of England the fact that he can still manage to dazzle girls is amazing. 

Fred pulled me off to one side where George was waiting as well as Lee Jordan, Alicia, Katie and Angelina. Was this a bloody intervention or something?

“Alright mate, so she’s here,” George quickly said as soon as I came into hearing distance. 


“And we have a plan to get that Dodgson bloke away for her for at least half an hour,” Alicia continued conspiratorially.

“So you have a half hour to get her to forgive you,” Angelina told me, her eyes narrowing slightly.


Although she didn’t know what I said to Keegan, I think she knows that I had been a twat…

“Or you could just snog her senseless for a half hour,” Fred winked at me. 

Blimey, this is altogether a very surreal experience, isn’t it? And the three glasses of punch don’t help either.


My head felt like there were a million buzzing tiny little angry bees that all wanted to sting the life out of someone, someone specifically beginning with a J and ending in USTIN.

“I don’t fancy her,” I told them for umpteenth time.


I don’t, okay? Seriously do not… maybe I think she’s a bit fit and when she glares at me, sometimes I want to push her up against a wall… but only sometimes! But that’s just the red-blooded male in me talking—and Keegan’s a girl… a girl with all the right parts.  

“Yeah, mate, and I’m bloody gay for Lee,” Fred scoffed, and Lee looked uncomfortable. 

“Well… you did stumble into my bed the other night and tried to spoon me,” Lee said slowly. 


Everyone guffawed loudly and seeing this as my window of opportunity, I began to sneakily slink off so I didn’t have to be involved in this… whatever the hell this was. 

“Oi! Not so fast, Wood,” Alicia snapped at me, pulling me back by my wrist. “Keegan’s a good girl so you go fix this! However you have to!”

“Why is everyone so adamant I bloody fix this? If you all love her so much, why don’t you guys go after her,” I snapped, my patience quickly dithering away. 

“Because we’re not the one she secretly fancies!” Alicia snapped back.

I stood there stunned into silence, the alcohol playing out fantasies in my head. “She doesn’t.”

“Well… she may not realise it, but she does… we think,” George smiled innocently at me. 

I rolled my eyes at all of them and decided I was done with this conversation. I swiftly made my way back across the throng of people towards the bar and poured myself two cups of punch.


As soon as I turned towards the dance floor, my eyesight was once again bombarded by the sight of Justin and Keegan snogging as if their life depended on it. 

Ugh… this is stupid…

So stupid that I downed both cups consecutively and quickly.

“FINE! FUCKING DO IT!” I yelled out, hoping they heard me and not entirely sure what the hell I was getting myself into… and whether this was the alcohol talking or not. 

I knew this Halloween Bash was a bad idea. 


“What? Who is? But… really? Oh okay,” Justin quickly spluttered, confusion evident on his face. “Sorry Keegan, I’ll be right back. Erm… Hufflepuff emergency.”

Keegan stared blankly at her snogging partner and weirdly enough, when he left, she didn’t seem all too bothered about his absence. I couldn’t help but wonder whether she really fancied him at all. 

All right, this was my chance. Come on Oliver, lad, you can do this! 

I strolled through the dance floor, probably with a bit too much swagger but then again, I was bloody Oliver Wood, Quidditch captain extraordinaire! 

Also the Quidditch captain that talks to himself inside his head… right…

As I closed the space between Keegan and I, she looked up at me with those damn hazel eyes and in those few seconds, I noticed her eyes wander across my body and I couldn’t help but smirk at her. 

She thought I was fit… Keegan Riddell thought I was fit! Merlin, this is rich! 

I grabbed her by the hand and surprisingly, she allowed herself to be pulled to the far corner of the room where Fred and George had set up fake willow trees that I think were supposed to be the Forbidden Forest. 

Well… it was now or never.

“Keegan…” I said apprehensively, watching the light from a nearby torch flicker in her eyes, he hazel eyes that I’ve looked into a billion times over but eyes that I can’t seem to ever read. Merlin knows, it has always frustrated me… 

“Yes, Wood,” she said, her words slurring slightly. “What do you want?”

“I want to apologise,” I blurted out. Now or never. “I’m sorry about everything I said, about how I yelled at you and I know you were just trying to help… and I was just such a prick.”

“Such a prick,” she repeated.

“Right… that.” 

“You know, Woooood, I feel like you apologise way too much!” she poked her finger into my chest. And I won’t admit this to her but it kind of hurt… she has a very pointy finger. 


“You… you what? You’re sorry?” she growled at me. For some reason, that throaty sound coming from her was not in the least bit threatening but was actually kind of… err… arousing. 

Again, I just have to point out that I’m a red-blooded male…

“Don’t do that,” I told her softly.  

“Do what?” she growled again, poking another finger into my chest. 

That, you nitwit! 

… is what I should have said and leaving is what I should have done, not, you know shove her up against a tree and stare down at her like a bloody sex-starved creep!


But I couldn’t help it! That sound coming from her small frame, that bloody outfit and her punch-red lips. Not to mention I was not in the best state of mind… all of this combined was just too much for my seventeen-year-old body to take, and dear Merlin, was this girl way too enticing for me right now! 

“W-Wood, what are you… doing?” she breathed. I could smell the alcohol and if I moved in a bit closer I bet I could smell her cucumber-scented shampoo. She was the only girl in this bloody school that used that scent. 

“Shh…” was all I could manage to say as I moved in closer to her.


I rested my forehead against hers as I snaked my hand around her waist, pulling her hips towards mine. My lips were now hovering just above her; if I moved even a fraction of centimetre forward, my lips would graze hers but that thought alone froze me in my spot. I was fighting, fighting so damn hard against what my body wanted because if I kissed her, there was no turning back—back to whatever the hell we are now. I could almost hear the humming of the electricity between us, the air seemed to be charged with it and it seemed to be pulling me closer and closer to her… but somehow, some-bloody-how, there was still that logical portion of my brain still alive and it was telling me to run.

God, how I didn’t want to run at all… all I wanted was to taste those lips, the hollow of her neck, the spot behind her ear…

“Oliver,” she whispered, as if she was afraid she would break the tension between us. 

I looked into her eyes again. At this close proximity, I could make out the flecks of amber that I knew were there and the little freckle beside her right eye. I took one hand that I had had enclosed around her waist and brushed the pad of my thumb along her cheekbone. Her skin was so smooth. 

“I… I don’t know what I’m doing,” I managed. 

She nodded as something flashed across her eyes and then her hands were suddenly on my belt buckle pulling me closer towards her. 

Oh well, we weren’t that good of friends anyways, right?

“Oliver? Keegan? HOLY SHIT! I’M SO SORRY!” someone exclaimed then I heard a crash and glass breaking.

I jumped away from Keegan and turned to look at Miranda lying on top of Elbie as she consistently thwacked him across the head, screaming to move and leave them alone.  

Keegan seemed to have gained some control over herself because I have never seen the girl move that fast in my life.   

Merlin, what just happened?

A/N 2: Hey okay this is gonna be short since I already wrote one. Just wanted to remind you guys to review and tell me what you thought of that ;) SEXY, NO??? I think so. hehe... favourite lines, favourite moments, etc. :) 

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