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King John
Albus Potter



Albus bumped my knee with his. I pulled my thighs up to my chest and tried to kick forward, only catching him in the foot.


He seemed to only get agitated as the first years passed and stared as we sat in the archway. He was Albus Potter, the famous second son. His brother, James, had always learned to block out the stares, but Albus – well, he had never really made the effort, thus ended up uncomfortable.


“Could they be any more obvious?” he muttered.


I sent another kick and this time he flinched a little. “Give them some credit; everyone wants to stare at the best looking boy in school.”


He sensed my teasing. “Marilyn is here?”


“Harsh much?”


“True much?” was his rebuttal. “If she was any manlier with her ways then she might as well officially switch gender.”


I didn’t point out that she was actually incredibly feminine, or that she was beautiful. “Well, Scorpius seems to like her.”


“He what?” Albus exclaimed, startling a few passing students. “He is ‘friends’ with Marilyn.”


“It’s okay Ally, I know they’re not just friends. I’m not a child.”


He looked up and nudged me with his foot. “You’ll always be to me. You’ll always be that first year that introduced me to fairytales.”


“I still can’t believe that before me, you hadn’t heard of them.” I said. “I thought your Dad was raised by two muggles.”


“He was.” Al said shortly. “But it wasn’t exactly a loving upbringing. Back to Scorpius-“


“What about me?”


I looked up to my left to see the boy in question. His hair wasn’t slick usual, the style that he spent hours trying to do, to straighten and prevent kinks. His eyes were sleepless.


I moved up, making space in the archway for him. He didn’t sit down.


Albus cleared his throat. “Ran was just talking about your relationship with Marilyn.”


“What relationship,” Scorpius asked. “She’s horrid; I wouldn’t touch the girl with a bargepole.”


A part of me smiled. “Good.”


He still didn’t take the offered seat, but instead stepped a little closer to me in the emptying corridor. “Ranny, I’m sorry.”


“It’s okay,” I passed with an airy wave. “I know that you didn’t mean it.”


“But it’s still not okay for me to have done it.”


I simply looked to the stone around me. Scorpius wasn’t one to apologise. He only did on the odd occasion; if he thought the problem was life or status threatening, or possible if he thought he was going to lose the person on the other end.


Apologising wasn’t a willing thing when it came from a Malfoy. But he was kind inside.


I smiled warmly. “Forgive and forget?”


Scorpius pondered for a moment and chewed on the inside of his cheek. “Deal,” he took the seat that I offered and slapped his hand down on to my thigh before diving in to a story about the upcoming Quidditch Match against Hufflepuff.



“Please tell me you are wearing green!” Albus begged shaking me thoroughly.


I laughed lightly. “I can’t! Yellow is my house colour!”


“But it’s a Quidditch Match!” he replied. “You always support Slytherin!”


“Unless it’s against my own house!” I said pointedly. “And besides, Jack gave me his old scarf especially.”


Albus snorted and hired his voice several octaves. “Oh Jack, lovely Jack. Marry me Jack!”


“I do not sound like that!” I whined.


“Point proven.” He teased as he threw his arm over my shoulders. “You do too sound like that, and besides, what do you see in Jack – he’s tiny, he is a small little man with eyes that are too big for his head.”


“He is also chatty, kind and thoughtful,” I rounded. “But I don’t fancy him Ally.”


He raised a brow. “Yeah, I don’t believe you. Imagine what this must be doing to Tom, he has to watch you and his little brother get married and have kids, all the while he is in love with you. Oh, the horror!”


“Stop being so dramatic!” I ordered with a smack around the back of his head. “Tom doesn’t fancy me, I am not going to get married and I do not fancy Jack!”


“I’m teasing, Ran.” He reassured. “Calm down. Besides I would rather you went for Jack anyway if it was my choice for you. He’s the Gates brother that I can control. Jack is scared of me; Tom has a bloody mouth on him.”


I took a deep breath and tried to hide my smirk. “You want me to go out with Jack because you can scare him, but not Tom because he’s stronger than you.”


“Tom is not stronger than me – physically bigger, maybe, but not stronger. I am the strongest man in the world.” He said, tensing his arms around me for a demonstration. “And if it was actually my choice, I would chain you up in the astronomy tower away from all male specimens. I don’t want you to date anyone.”


“Sorry Dad, I’ll turn off my wiles.”


Albus stopped walking with a gobsmacked expression. “Sarcasm does not suit you, love.”


I only smiled.


“I have to go,” he said quietly. “I said that I would meet Nina by the lake, I’m already ten minutes late.” He gave me a kiss on the head. “Bye Ran.”


He walked down the corridor and I watched as he left. Albus leaving was a reoccurring thing now. He would make a date with Nina, forget about it for a little while, remember and then leave in a mad dash to make it up to her.


Scorpius said that it was a boy’s thing, that it happened to every male, but I knew that it did. Albus never forgot a day out with Scorpius or me. He was never late to helping his sister or his parents. He was always on time – sometimes even early – in my opinion; it was something he saved for Nina.


It was only moments before I felt a pair of strong hands come down on to my shoulders. “You are wearing green, right?”


“Tom?!” I questioned. “We’re you ears dropping?”


“Not at all,” he dismissed. “Well, maybe a little. But you’re wearing green.”


I laughed a little too high. “Says who?”


“Say’s me.” He replied strongly as he guided me down the corridor and towards the Great Hall. “And if you’re only wearing yellow because my little brother gave you a scarf, Ranny I plenty of green items, I’m sure that Dom will be more than willing to lend you his green jumpsuit.”


I refrained from asking why Dom had a jump suit, or why he brought it to Hogwarts. “I’m good thank you. I’m going to support my own house.”


Tom sucked in a deep breath and mimicked fainting. He didn’t quite make the floor before standing up straight once more. “You’ve always supported Slytherin, maybe you’re the lucky charm.”


“Well I guess, we’ll just have to find out, wont we?”



I stood with my arms folded. My jaw jittered in the cold as I rubbed my forearms roughly. The weather had descended in to madness as thunder rumbled in the air. This factor was yet to put a damper on the atmosphere. Many students put up an umbrella, only for it to pop inside out.


“Malfoy passes to Gates, and Gates heads towards the hoops,” Lee Jordan Jr announced theatrically. His voice was commanding and caught the attention of the stadium. “Good save by Perry James!”


The cries of the crowd got louder as a grunt of outrage replaced the commentary coming from the teacher’s box. One of the Hufflepuff beaters keeled back over their broom after being hit in the fact with a bludger, sent by Tom. His expression was screwed, his eyes turned to slits. He repositioned the bat within his grip and flew towards the offending bludger.


Lee’s voice laughed. “Johnson’s out for blood – I’d watch it if I were you Gates.”


A calming voice laughed from beside me. “I miss what Lee used to be.”


“Me too,” I agreed.


Louis Weasley was a charming young lad. Although only a year younger, his genes – courtesy of his mother – turned him in to a gentleman. He had no interest in playing Quidditch, watching it he could deal with, but he portrayed no more interest than that.


He pushed his blonde hair back and threw his arm around my shoulder. “You’re like a little ice box,” he acknowledged. “It’s not even that cold, you wuss!”


I tugged on his red Gryffindor scarf and whipped him in the face with the end of it. “Respect your elders Weasley.”


“You make it out like your old enough to be my Gran,” he said. “And trust me; Nanna Weasley was never as pretty as you.”


My eyes narrowed. “Stop it.”


It was no secret that he used his vela charm to it’ full potential when he could. He had girls trailing at his heels. But he never acted upon it; after all, he was a gentleman.


“I swear, Potter is losing it!” Lee’s voice cried angrily. “Do something Al! Punch the Hufflepuf bastard!”




“Sorry Professor,” he apologised quickly. “Its 40-60 to Hufflepuff and Malfoy dodges an opposing bludger.”


His voice turned to a drone. There was a time in his life that Lee Jordan Jr was the most renowned commentator the school had ever seen; he surpassed his father with flying colours. But then he got older. His curse words got worse, and he made enemies in certain Quidditch players. His comments were deemed no longer suitable by Professor Flitwick and he was put under watch. He used to say the funniest things, but now he wasn’t allowed to.


He refused to lose his position; he loved it too much. But he was a little careless, sometimes his biased opinions came out – he was a Gryffindor after all.


Louis’ arm retracted from around my shoulder and turned to a seventh year Ravenclaw. We stood by the side of the Hufflepuff stands ‘the perfect place’ as Lou liked to refer to it.


I had learnt to turn a blind eye to Louis’ antics; Father had raised me on the opinion that betting was bad. Louis accepted a payment of galleons, slipped them in to his bulging pockets and took down details in a small black book. I had watched his transaction enough times to know it off by heart.


“Six on Hufflepuff,” a fifth year said eagerly.


Louis laughed lowly and placed his hands on to his hips. “Aren’t you a little young to be betting?”


“You were in my year when you started taking them,” the fifth year right said.


I acknowledged as Louis turned to me for some sort of recognition. I simply grinned and wrapped my fingers in the small holes of my close-knit itchy jumper. “He’s got a point Lou.”


He huffed and took the bet. “If you tell anyone-“


“I won’t.” The child responded. “I promise!”


The pair of us watched as he returned back to the Ravenclaw stands and stood proudly with his friends. “He’s a smart kid,” I said with a smile. “He managed to charm Louis Weasley.”


“Actually, for a Ravenclaw, he’s pretty dumb,” Louis chuckled. Noticing my confused expression, he carried on. “He should have done his research; the Gates brothers got in to a fight. It’s seeker against beater – Tom gets really angry when he argues, he gets really passionate, Jack gets upset and weepy. Tom is on top form.”


“And you think that because the Slytherin beater is crazy, they’re going to win?”


Louis nodded. “Yep.”


I sighed and turned back to the game momentarily. Scorpius dived for the Quaffle and threw it to Albus. 50-60 to Hufflepuff. “You’ll eat your words Weasley,” I teased. “Hufflepuff will win.”


He shrugged and took another bet.


The odd student waved a banner in the stands, others chanted for their favourite team. The Slytherin corner was obvious, emerald green sparks shot from someone’s wand, shooting snakes in to the sky. The silver sparks followed and spiralled in to fireworks. School spirit was easy to find, but Quidditch Matches managed to shod any work previously done for house unity.


A threatening chant erupted from the Gryffindors as they cheered for the Hufflepuffs, the upper east area of the stands dancing in red and gold. It matched the contrasting boos and hisses from their opponents.  The octave of which they sang at began to increase as Hufflepuff scored again. The doors of the stadium rumbled with the thunder.


The nearby Professors cast a charm, pulling shelters over the top of the stadium, protecting the stands from rain and wind. Their positions were odd; they were always stationed between the divides of each house, ready to split up the fights – two of which had already occurred. It got harder for them to control when different houses began to mix where they stood.


Louis nudged me in the shoulder and pointed to a whining prefect. He was being assisted out of the back doors of the stadium by two Professors, each with a sour look upon their faces. The burn marks on the prefects faces was enough to alert us both to the six Professors that stood between a group of Slytherin and Hufflepuff students.


“He’s seen it!” Lee called joyfully. “Gates has seen the snitch! He dives for it! The Slytherin seeker is on this tail! Hit him Jack!” His shouts became more frantic with each word. “Elbow him where it hurts; knock him off of his broom. Do something – what are you chatting about? That’s not inappropriate Professor and you know it.”


“Mr Longbottom,” Mr Flitwicks high voice chimed though the mic, his tone being picked up. “Do something!”


Quietly Neville Longbottoms voice replied in a sarcastic drone. “Lee. Stop. Please.”


“Neville,” Flitwick whinnied.


“There is no stopping the Gates’!” Lee said, his grip on the mic making the static louder. “Little-Gates goes for the snitch while Big-Gates fires those two bludgers like he is a gun with bullets. Just give up Slytherin; you’re never going to win at this rate! Get in there Dom and help your friend or fall and hurt yourself, I personally would prefer the latter- of leave it Professor F, they can’t hurt me up here!”


The glare in Dominic’s gaze suggested that they could. Yet he flew opposite his brother beater and shot back the rogue bludger so it was chasing after Jack.


Lee’s voice rang out again, forming a gasp as its first syllable. “Perry James is down. Stupid Slytherin tosser, aiming bludgers like that, I wish I’d seen who done it, I really did.”


His voice seemed animated once again as Scorpius scored another ten points for Slytherin.


An undisputed cry called from the Hufflepuff stands as Jack’s fist clenched around the snitch. Its wings retracted back in to its golden casing and snapped shut. His arm punched in to the air as the Slytherin seeker hit the floor in a temper tantrum. Scorpius would go mental, as would Al.


Chaos ensued throughout the stands, the line between the Hufflepuffs and Slytherins merged instantly, taunts flying from both sides. A banner was wrapped around a small child as he was thrown on to the pitch by the Slytherins. Students began to batter one another while others ran towards the pitch to congratulate their favoured house.


Prefects ran through the stands in an attempt to control the students. It didn’t work.


Louis grabbed hold of my arm and led me towards the top of the stands. The bench beneath my feet seemed to shake as students began to pour from the stands. But Louis didn’t let go, he simply lead me higher and higher.


It was a battle ground, the survival of the fittest. When Robin Hood fought, he fought for honour and pride, the Slytherins fought now for jealousy and reason. The Hufflepuffs were being shamed.


The Quidditch Team shed their armour on the pitch and bathed in the attention. I closed my eyes and felt my sight flutter as I took a seat next to Louis, who had come to a halt about half way up.


“This should do,” he admitted with a shrug. He opened back up his little black leather book and began to take down notes. “The crowd are nutters at this thing. The ends always terrify me.”


I nodded in agreement. I didn’t like fighting, and this pointless war was on going, always re-ignited every term. I enjoy the game, but not the aftermath.


My hands retracted back in to the sleeves of my thick jumper. The cold bit them painfully. I blinked and wiped the water that fell from my eye as the wind attacked my sight. Today I hadn’t made an effort. I wore patterned black leggings, with black flowering patterns and my big red itchy jumper.  It was the companion to my green one.


Louis smirked and put his book down, brushing loose hair that stuck to my face back. My hair was dry, it always was, and it was big and puff like a birds nest. I used a handful of pins and tamed it to my head. I made no attempt to look particularly nice.


“Is that where you keep your pets?” Louis asked teasingly. It was a comment that received a small slap.


He smudged the yellow paint that was streaked lightly across my cheeks and merged it with the black line underneath. It was only a small amount, but enough to prove house pride. The girls in my dorm were doing it before I left. Nina had insisted that I partake in their antics.


The flash of shocking blond hair caught my eye. A sweating Scorpius ran up the benches in a practised motion towards me.


Lou shook his head as he began to count out his money. The stands by this time were empty. “What is that bloke doing?”


“I think he’s trying to get to us.” I said.


I stood up and climbed down two benches by the time Scorpius had made about seven. He caught me by the arms.


“Good game,” Louis chuckled. “Did you loose on purpose?”


Scorpius visibly bit the inside of his cheek. “Don’t push me Weasley.” His took hold of the front of my jumper and pulled me down another step. “Ranny, Al’s in the Pansy Wing, he was hit with a bludger in the second half.”


My eyes widened. “Is he okay?”


“He’s lost the feeling in his right arm,” Scorpius replied. “Nothing that Madame Lore can’t fix.”


“I can’t believe that you missed that Ranny,” Louis said only half listening to the conversation. His quill was still lightly scribbling on to his page. “Your eyes are usually glued to Albus during a match.”


I shook my head in disbelief. “I can’t believe I missed it either.” I stepped down another bench on to the same as Scorpius’, “Can we see him?”


“Come on, I’ll take you.” He offered. “Are you going to be alright here Lou?”


Louis nodded. “I’ll just finish up here, I’ll give you your money later Malfoy.”


I smacked Scorpius’ fingers away as he tried to pull me faster down the benches. I made it down in my own time, but caught up running across the field. I stepped over the abandoned equipment and brooms – left to pick up later. The odd student stood in our way, still exiting the match at a similar pace to a snail.


Albus was never careless, he never got hurt. He always dodged the hit. But this time he didn’t.


It wasn’t until we reached he top of the first staircase that I realised my naivety. “Scorpius,” I began. “If Louis owes you money, doesn’t that mean that you bet against Slytherin.”


He sighed. “I was hoping that you wouldn’t figure that out.” He didn’t stop jogging but double backed to grab my arm and pull me along. “Its simple statics, Tom and Jack were in a fight, yes Tom gets angry and Jack gets mopey, but that doesn’t make Tom stronger, it makes him careless.”


“Louis said that too,” I remembered. “But not the second part.”


Scorpius nodded and turned a sharp corner. “Without Tom, Dom – bless his heart – isn’t much of a beater, but with Gates, they are an unbeatable pair. If Tom isn’t on good form, then neither is Dom. Plus Albus wasn’t in a good mood, his ability was shoddy today. So, I decided to gain 40 galleons. But let’s keep this our little secret, yeah?”


I nodded in agreement and pushed my hair from my eyes. “Why was Al in a bad mood?”


“He had an argument with Nina – watch it!” He added to a passing first year.


“He did?” I questioned. “Why didn’t anyone tell me?”


Scorpius shrugged. “I thought that you would enjoy it too much. I guess Al just didn’t see you today to tell you.”


I kept to myself that I had spent the morning with him; we sat in the Library and read through our Potions text for next lesson on Monday.


We pushed through the stream of desperate students, each wanting to see the team members in their worst moments, some wanting to see if they’re okay. I watched as Scorpius used his elbows to get through and followed on closely behind.


He pulled open the left door and shoved me through, closing it behind him. I watched as people shouted through the gap, asking after certain players, some in for their friends and team mates, others in for injuries. I ignored the names called.


Folding my arms across my stomach, I let Scorpius guide me to Albus’ cot. I wanted to butterflies in my tummy to stop. The wing was light and airy, especially considering the dark weather and skies above. The howls of the creatures could be heard from the forest not a mile away, in reply to the calls of thunder.


In the window to my left, birds flew past, birds with colours on their wings of bright orange and green, yellow and blue. A red phoenix flew - a resident animal that lives forever in the office of the Headmaster.


I looked down the rows of cots, each made neatly in to a welcoming and inviting bed - only a few taken, and mostly closer to the doors. I spotted Albus immediately. He sat on his cot, his green uniform lost, down to his tight under-trousers and black undershirt. His right arm was in a white sling.


Tearing away from Scorpius I ran towards Albus and slammed in to the end of his bed, my hands meeting with the cold bar. Al’s head snapped towards me and his scowl turned to a grin.


“Ranny!” he greeted. “You got here quickly.”


I climbed over the end of his bed and wrapped my arms around his neck. He laughed quietly and put his left arm around my shoulders as I sat beside him.


Scorpius reached us, his mucky face not yet cleaned. “Don’t you scare us like that again.”


Albus laughed, wiping a dirty hand over his sweaty head. “I’ll give it a go, but I’m not promising anything.”


I nipped at his arm, yet he didn’t flinch. “What’s the verdict?”


“Lore said that he couldn’t move it for a day or two, but once he gets the feeling back, he can take the sling off.” Tom’s said from my left.


It was the first time that I had realised they were there. Dominic had stripped off to the same point as Albus and sat carelessly in the cot beside him, his shoes kicked off revealing a pair of over-sized grey socks. Tom sat in a small white chair, a little too small for a lad of his size, leaning by the head of the bed.


Scorpius nodded, brushing his light hair from his eyes. “So he can’t feel his arm?”


Tom demonstrated by hitting it. “Nope.”


“Are you going to keep doing that?” Albus snapped, obviously irritated.


The dark haired boy shrugged. “Until you get the feeling back.”


“Ranny!” Albus whined in a high voice. “Ranny! Tell him off!”


Yet I couldn’t seem to find the words; my eyes were glued to another patient.


Jack sat in another chair, facing the opposing bed, along with the other members of the Hufflepuff Team. His elbows were rested on his knees and his head hung low. There was only one person that he would do that for.


Perry lay soundly in the bed. A blackening bruise covered his left eye, along with a trail of small cuts patterned upon the right side of his face. His wrist was wrapped tightly in a bandage, his fingers poking from the end. He was a keeper; they usually took the worse of the damage.


I looked back to Albus, who had noticed my gaze. “Yeah, it’s bad what happened to James.”


“He seems to end up like that a lot more than we do.” Scorpius added. “He always throws himself too much in to the game.”


Tom snorted. “If only he could dodge a little quicker.”


“That was a brilliant shot, mate.” Dom replied, leaning out of the bed to a dangerous point so he could high five his roommate. “I’ve never hit someone so hard they got knocked out.”


“You knocked him out?” I echoed in disbelief.


Sensing my tone, Tom shook his head. “No, no I didn’t.”


“Yes you did,” Albus replied. “You aimed for his wrist so that Scorpius could shoot easier.”


“But then the bastard used his other wrist.” Dom said angrily, sitting up a little took theatrically.


“But hitting him in the head was an accident,” Tom said, reaching over and placing a hand on to my knee. “Ranny you have to believe me; I didn’t mean to hurt him. He got hit, the beaters from the Hufflepuff side where supposed to be there to stop it, but they weren’t.”


“He didn’t fall straight away either.” Albus said admiringly. “He shook it off and finished the game before blacking out.”


Dominic laughed. “Hard-headed bastard. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go and find our seeker, and deprive him of the ability to walk.”


I watched as he left the Hospital Wing, grabbing his boots from the floor. But my gaze went back to Perry.


“Lighten up Ran,” Albus said teasingly. “James ends up like that after most games, their beaters are really bad, the rest of the team have to be good dodgers. Lore will fix him up in no time.”


“But he’s still bleeding.” I said stupidly. “Doesn’t she usually stop that?”


“Not internal bleeding,” Scorpius explained. “She can’t stop that straight away.”


Albus turned instantly and sent Scorpius a glare of disbelief. “Now why would you tell her that?” he snapped.


Scorpius shrugged. “She’s not five.”


I turned back to Tom and blinked. “Has that ever happened to you?”


He nodded and snorted. “Frequently. In my second year I was in here for a week.”


“Getting hit with bludgers hurts more than it looks.” Albus explained, pointing to his slinged arm. “James just wasn’t quick enough. He’ll have nothing left if he keeps getting hit.”


“Maybe that’s why he doesn’t talk,” Tom offered. “I asked Jack once, but he just went really, really quiet.”


Albus smirked. “He’s been hit so many times he doesn’t have the brain cells left to muster it.”


I couldn’t help but feel offended for him as I heard the spite in Albus’ voice. Pulling away from his hug I stood up from the bed, pulling my damp hair away from my pale skin. “I can’t believe that you just said that.”


“What?” he questioned innocently and ran his working arm through his hair. “Ranny, it was a joke.”


“Well it wasn’t funny.” I folded my arms across my chest, unable to comprehend where I was going with this.


Al put an arm behind him on the bed and shifted forward an inch. “Ran, what’s gotten in to you? Last year you would have found that hilarious.”


I couldn’t reply because I knew that he was right. Last year I would have laughed, simply because it was Albus that had spoken. He could have said anything, and I would have smiled because I knew it was him that had spoken. But something ad changed.


“That was last year,” I said sadly. “But it’s just not funny anymore. You saying mean things, I’m not smiling at it.”




“Don’t Scorpius,” Albus interrupted. “If she’s got something to say, let her say it.”


I looked straight in front of me, to where his tie usually hung. But it wasn’t there. “You can be really, really nasty sometimes. And it’s horrible, especially to be on the receiving end.”


“I knew that you hadn’t forgiven me,” he deadpanned. “I knew it.”


“How would you know?” I asked. “You’ve never apologised, not properly.”


He sighed. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry I was a git. Is that good enough for you?”


My lips curved further down, if that’s even possible. “You just don’t get it do you?”


“Get what?” he snapped, his emerald eyes dark.


Scorpius laughed quietly and menacingly. “You are so blind sometimes mate, it actually hurts.”


“Get what?” he tried again.


With a shake of my head I curled my arms tighter around me, pulling my jumper up a little more than I would have liked. “You told me that we were best friends, that we would share everything.”


“We are,” he said. “We do.”


“Then why didn’t you tell me about your argument with Nina?”


He said nothing.


And for me that was enough.


Tom stood up. “Maybe you two should take a deep breath and just –“


“You want to know what we were fighting about?” Albus questioned angrily, a step down from shouting.


Scorpius pulled him back down to the cot. “No, Al, she doesn’t need to know.”


“You’re the one who said that she isn’t five.” He snapped.


“And people say I’m the one with the temper,” Scorp muttered, mainly to himself. “Albus, please, don’t tell her.”


“Scorpius,” I breathed. I felt betrayed. But he simply shook his head.


“Nina didn’t like my techniques,” Albus sneered. “She thought that I was too rough. In the bedroom department – if you know what I mean.”


Scorpius dragged his hands down his face and turned away from his friends. “Fucking hell.” He groaned in to his closed hands.


Tom laughed. “Nice one. Scared off your girlfriend.”


But I didn’t laugh. I didn’t move. I didn’t breath. For a single moment, I felt my insides shut down. An echo of ache shot through my heart. I tried to take a deep breath in my heavy chest. He wasn’t my Albus anymore; he hasn’t been for a long time.


I settled for a single sentence. “What’s gotten in to you?”


“I think that more appropriate question is, what have I gotten in to?”


I waited for the scream, for the scratching of my organs to bleed as they tried to run from me. But nothing came. Instead Tom took a step forward and put a caring hand on to my shoulder. But I shrugged it off.


Tom waited for a moment before taking a deep breath. “Maybe you guys should forget this, resolve it later when you’ve both had time to think.”


“Stay out of this Tom,” Scorpius warned. He knew the both of us all too well.


“There is nothing to resolve.” I said sadly. Taking a step back from Albus I scoffed sadly. “I hope you and Nina are happy together – because she’s the only girl in your life that you have left.”


I walked towards Jack and Perry, before hearing him say my name.


“Will you stop?”


I did and turned back. “I want my hat back.”




“My hat,” I spat. “I want my Robin Hood hat back, you don’t deserve it anymore.”


“But I’m Robin Hood,” he said with a tone of disbelief. “I’ve always been Robin Hood.”


I shook my head. Robin Hood was a good man. He didn’t make people feel bad about themselves, he helped them and made them see the light. Albus had given himself a similar aura as King John.


“You’re no hero.” I breathed. But I know he heard it.


Jack didn’t batter an eyelid as I pushed through the crowd of the Hufflepuff team and sat on the arm of his chair, leaving behind me a silent Albus and two shocked dorm mates.


The tallest member of the team spoke first and got up from the end of Perry’s bed. The argument wasn’t  a quiet expression of feeling. It was one that Madame Lore had chosen to ignore, usually she threw you out – but she had a soft spot for Albus, as did everyone.


I ignored the heaving that I wanted to do, the little feeling inside me that wanted to explode and instead sat in silence.


“You must be Ranny,” the tall one said kindly. “Our Jack has said nice things about you.”


Smiling I nodded, but I felt nothing. “It’s nice to meet you.”


He put out his hand and I shook it. “I’m Dean, I’m in the year below-“ he went around the circle and introduced each player one by one. I listened, but I didn’t hear.


I placed a small hand on to Jack’s shoulder when Dean was done and brushed my thumb over his uniform comfortingly. “Well done for catching the snitch,” I congratulated, but my voice sounded weak, more vulnerable than I ever remember it being, empty. “It was brilliant!”


“Thank you,” he said quietly. I hadn’t spoken to him much, but that was the least that I had ever heard him say.


“Jack, mate, cheer up.” Dean said with enthusiasm. “This happens to Perry all the time. He’s got a hard skull that one.”


“Madame Lore said that it was cracked,” Jack muttered, I felt his breath hitch. “She said that he was going to be alright, that she had fixed it but … “


“You still feel the worry?” I finished. “You’ll always feel it Jack. You just need to learn how to deal with it. Perry will be fine – if he is as strong as your friends say.”


“Yeah, Baker’s right.” Another member chimed – one of their Chasers. “Perry will be fine.”


Jack nodded. But his plastered smile disagreed.


AN; Okay, so please, please, please, please, please, don’t hate Al – give him time. If you’d like to leave a review that consists mostly of Albus bashing, I won’t say anything against it, because he kind of deserves it. Get it out of your system and all ;)


So, Perry is hurt, Jack is hurting over it and everyone’s been thrown in to an awkward situation. What to do? What to do?
If anyone has a prediction of what may happen next, go for it.
And seeing as this is a fairy tale based story, how would you see this end - your own fairy tale. I will probably ask this again later, and see how your opinions have changed, because I’m cool like that :D


The next chapter should be up soon, it’s called ‘King Arthur’, I can see there is a pattern happening here with ‘Kings’ in this story :L Here is a little snippet.


“Don’t apologise,” Nina dismissed. “Ranny, I am so sorry, that was awful. I can’t believe they did that to you.”


“I can,” I said shortly. “They’ve been doing it to me almost every day for over six years now. It’s doesn’t affect me.”


Yes, it’s the return of some of the original characters; Marilyn, Rose and Nina ;) I’m bringing back the mean girls. I will update soon! Don’t forget to leave a review, pretty please - again, simply ‘ROBIN’ if you liked it, or ‘HOOK’ if you didn’t :). Thank you for reading!

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