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Harry POV


Ginny. All I can think about is the red haired witch who stole my heart. Three months after the war, and still nothing. All I can do is lie here, on my blow up bed in Ron’s room daydreaming about his baby sister. Merlin, if only he knew.


The ceiling is now my canvas, where I can paint imaginary scenes of Ginny and I together. In a way, I don’t deserve her back. All she did was love me, back in my sixth year, but when I broke up with her, all was lost. It was as if the light had gone out, the stars had been disappeared from the sky, and the canvas had been wiped clean, forever.


In the background an owl hooted, and Ron’s snores echod. But all I could hear is Ginny’s voice, soft, sweet and gentle.


Ginny POV


Harry. All I can think about is the boy who lived. I really wish there could be someway we could be together again, I really do. My bed feels soft, my body fidgeting on the clean purple sheets. But no position feels right. I just want Harry.


Whenever Hermione is asleep, I lie awake thinking about him, my Harry but nothing ever makes it better. It just makes things worse. I hope, with all my mind that someday things can be made better between us. Nothing ever feels right now; all I want is Harry, the boy who stole my heart.


Right now, Harry is probably asleep, dreaming about some other girl, Cho, or maybe Parvati. But he is all I ever dream of. Hermione’s soft breathing echoes the whirring of my imagination, as I slowly become tired, and try to fall into a deep, deep sleep, never to be woken for one hundred years.


Harry POV


I honestly don’t know whether I can take this any more. Ginny needs to be mine. Her hair, her smile, her face. All of her needs to belong to me. So quietly, I get out of bed, and being careful not to wake Ron, tiptoe out of the room.


I make my way to the staircase, and carefully climb the stairs, remembering the day’s events, Ron finally won Hermione. I smiled, remembering Ginny’s face when she saw the happiness of Hermione after three hours of kissing. Yes, three!


I stop outside Ginny’s room, wondering whether I am actually going to do it. I am scared. I have defeated the darkest wizard of all time, but I can’t tell the girl I love how I feel about her. Typical.


Slowly, I push open the door, and there, in an elegant sleeping form was Ginny. So beautiful, but so simple. Sleeping Beauty.


I went over to her bed, and knelt beside it, and watched her small body rise up and down, up and down. Her face was wrinkled up, as though she had seen something very unpleasant in her dream.


She looked as though she was in pain. A pain so great it could kill. I couldn’t let the pain spread through her body, so I leaned over and kissed her.


Her eyes fluttered, and her mouth opened. Ginny shook her red hair from her face, and wiped her eyes. She sat up, saw me and gasped. "H, Harry, what are you doing here, if Hermione wakes up-, wait, did you just kiss me?"


"Er, what makes you think that?"


"You just kissed me you idiot, I’m not stupid you know."


She was now fully awake, and was waiting for an answer. How dumb am I? Why did I just do that? Oh yeah, I need to tell her how stupid I was. But I didn’t want to do it with words.


After a quick brain storm, I took Ginny’s face with my hands and kissed her. You could see her surprise, it was written all over her face.


When Ginny pulled away, she said, "I forgive you."


I smiled, and pulled her into a tight hug. Ginny was now finally mine.

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