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Authors note: with this chapter besides grammar and spelling , I tried to make things more clearer.


  They looked up at the looming castle ahead. It looked like something out of a fairy tale. Dead gnarled trees a spooky mist and howls and hoots and slithering sounds. The castle itself was black. All the windows were broken and boarded up. It was tall with two towers nothing that could even come close to Hogwarts size. Hermione's hand griped Draco's Arm Tighter. He rolled his red eyes and removed her hand from him only to regret it. Her hands now removed now allowed her nails to dig into her palm, drawing blood. Draco hissed and grabbed her hand faster than she could blink He unfurled her hands and licked the wounds closed.

  "Damn It Granger. Do you want to be attacked? Your blood would attract Vampires from miles." He let go of her hand and headed through the thick wood. When they got to the broken gates that held spikes with skulls on them opened. Hermione had to summon up all her Gryffindor courage to step through. Draco Getting annoyed grabbed her arm and dragged her to the thick wooden doors. Both Doors had large Insignia's. Hermione recognized it as Vlad Dracula’s fathers. She had read about it. It was a dragon in front of a double cross, its tail wrapped around its neck. a circle around both.

"Ah, you must be Mr., Malfoy" Said a tall balled man covered in Tattoos they twisted around his body and there didn't seem to be an inch of skin left, and cold Blue eyes to match his demeanor.

"Draco or just Malfoy don't add the Mr.” He sneered

  "Sorry, You were the last to arrive...ah. I see your companion is still alive...Pity...” He lead them inside and down many stairs, the inside was worse off than the outside. The stairs were rotted and everything was covered in thick layers of dust and cobwebs. Almost every corner was occupied by huge spiders about the size of Hermione’s hand. Doors were off the hinges. The walls were falling apart the bricks were chipped f and falling out, Windows the ones that were intact had cracks and dust layered it. Mirrors were smashed and you couldn't tell what was in the paintings that lined the halls. When they got to the bottom of what seemed like the basement things changed.

  They were lead through a narrow passage and to a large blue door. Going through it Things seem Better Repaired. The hall looked spotless; as they went down the long hallway they past a hundred rooms. When they finally reached a cross way, Hermione noted the halls to the left and to the right both lead to more rooms. Hermione could see coffins and Boxes of dirt; from the opened doors. She was thankful she remembered some of England’s soil in her bag for Draco.

  Hermione looked around memorizing everything there were paintings and chandeliers’ lining the hallways and ceilings with blood red carpet. There seemed to be skulls on tables between each room giving Hermione a morbid feeling. She was reminded of Grimwald place. She instinctively moved closer to Draco. Who seemed if anything un-phased.

  They went down the north Hallway and were in a large foyer like area it was like they were in a mansion underground it was spooking her out that there were no windows. Though they were in a vampires dwelling so that was most likely the reason, and they were underground. It kept the sunlight out.

  There were stair cases going up on either side and met in the center were there was a mossy green door with a gold handle. at the bottom of the stairs there was a Gold door to their right and to their left the center was a red. They were lead through the Red door below that into a Meeting room. Hermione counted 30 Vampires. Most were newborns. She could tell by how quickly they reacted to her scent; that they were newborns.

 Draco Hissed and showed his fangs. They immediately got out of there crouched attacking positions and backed off. It seemed even as a vampire Draco held almost an air of authority; which could easily be mistaken for pompous arrogance Hermione noted.

  In the front of the drawing room behind the desk; stood three cloaked figures, two flanked the middle one. One was tall and raven haired with fangs that were white except for some red staining. Who spoke with a thick accent.

  "Now that our last...guests; have arrived.' Draco wrapped an arm around Hermione hearing the male speak toward Hermione with obvious dislike.

  "I should introduce myself. I am Axel. I'm the Dark priest and the head vampire of the trials. I will be the one setting out the tasks. Your first many of you have failed. It was to get your Mortal companions here alive. You were ranked by how long you lasted. It seems Malfoy was the only one to get his here in one piece. He’ll be the first to start the next Challenge. I will be telling you what this is shortly. First my colleague Damien has something to say.

  "Hello, I'm Damien" The one to the left spoke. His accent was a lot less thick and he was more easily understood. He was of medium Height with shaggy brown hair and red eyes. His teeth were more bloodstained. They both wore the same black suit with the Dracula insignia."It is my job to keep you all on task and on your toes. Make sure your guards always up. You don't know when I might attack." He spoke fondling the hilt of his sword. We will be testing you to the limits. If you don't die...You'll wish you had. With that he motioned for axel to continue.

  "Now before you all head to bed. I shall tell you your first task is actually a series of tests. How well you can adapt, How good your memory is, and how well you can handle under pressure, these tasks won’t kill. But, they will work on your nerves. Meet me here tomorrow and I will give you the instructions. Now all of you go back to your rooms. Draco, Hermione. Follow me, I shall show you to yours."

  Everyone shuffled out leaving Draco, and Hermione behind. Axel started to lead them down the right Hallway and took them to the middle. When he was sure no one could hear them he spoke.

   “I’ll help you anyway I can. Draco don't leave her alone with the other vampires. The council wants her dead; she was never supposed to have survived the trip here. They are furious. And the newborns won’t be able to control. Keep near each other its why I have you in a joined room. I will help you two in any way I can. I can't tell you what to do But I can give you hints..The council has way too much power. "

    With that said he left. Normally Hermione wouldn’t complain about sharing a room with a boy; but this was Malfoy. But she was tired, in a strange country with vampires that wanted to feed of her or kill her. So she didn’t argue. She went to the bathroom and changed into her pink pj's. When she was done and walked back out Draco was shirtless He had a good build probably from quiddich and the change. But he wasn't overly muscular. His stomach was tight and toned. He was only in black sweat pants. Hermione felt a blush creep up into her cheeks. she averted her eyes. She didn't hear Draco's Chuckle before he closed the lid to his now dirt filled coffin.

   With a grumble and a shake of her head she crawled into bed trying and failing to get that image out of her mind. She climbed under the Red satin sheets and black comforter she put her head on the pillow. It wasn't long before she fell asleep. Her mind was racing with strange thoughts about Malfoy. She didn't know what to think of him anymore or how she felt. Steering clear of that thought she thought of what the tasks would be. How would she survive? Could Draco even do them? Was this a doomed mission from the start? Why was there school in danger? Who are the council really? She didn't know that next to her Draco was thinking along similar lines. But he was more interested in her scent.



Authors Note. Well what do you think? Messages critiquing anything would be appreciated. I feed off reviews.


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