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The Seven Dwarfs
Jack Gates


It had appeared that living up to the agreement wasn’t what any of us had bargained for. At the mere mention of me talking to Nina in a civilised manner, Scorpius blew his top.


Breaking the news to him gently had made no difference.


He plodded around like a baby, bawling his fists and knocking over lamps and pillows in the Slytherin Dormitory. Papers covered the floor as he pushed them, Albus’ letters to his father found themselves being pushed off of the desk and landing in the bin. Scorpius was always one for the dramatics. Within minutes, he had calmed down, yet he was still muttering.


“Do you know you’re not making any sense?” I asked.


Scorpius looked up from staring at the floor. “What?”


“You,” I pointed out. “You’re only muttering every other word; all I got from the last sentence was ‘bugger, slut’ and something about a ‘jammy dodger’.”


“Oh, right.” He said in a manner that made him seem a little lost. “Urgh, I said that ‘When I find Albus, I’m going to kill the bugger for ever dating the slut, and then that I really fancy a jammy dodger’.”


“I’m sure my Dad could send us some, back from the muggle world.”


He shook his head. “Don’t send your Dad to that much trouble, the craving will pass.”


I played with the wood on the chair of which I sat in, running my fingers along the smooth oak. “Nina isn’t really all that bad you know, she apologised.”


“For what?” he spat. “Being a raging whore? You can’t apologise for that if it’s built in to your nature.”


“Scorpius, that’s a little harsh.”


“It’s the truth.” He said, sitting down on the edge of his bed.


I stood up from the chair, pulling my sleeves down to cover my hands a little more; I walked towards the bed next to his and sat down. “Scorp, what do you have against Nina? She said you’re not on speaking terms.”


His upper lip curled in anger as he looked at me. “She told you that? Well, seeing as you’re best buddies now, why don’t you go and ask her?”


“Why don’t you tell me?” I offered. “And stop being such a baby.”


“You wouldn’t understand.”


I rolled my eyes and chewed on the inside of my gum. “Scorp, you and Al always use that as an excuse, it’s always the fact that ‘I would understand’. I’ve never cared about it before, but look around you Scorpius, Albus isn’t here, I’m the only one caring.” I stood up. “I’ll be in the Great Hall for lunch, when you’re done moping and want someone to listen, come and find me.”


“Ranny wai-“ But I had already closed the door.


He had sent a parcel to Rose Weasley only a week before. She opened it in The Great Hall, consequently turning her hair an unflattering shade of blue. He signed the card with a simple ‘S’. It was enough to let her know it was him.


I left the Slytherin Common Room and headed upwards, towards the Great Hall.


No one I knew was at the Slytherin Table, no one I liked sat with the Gryffindors, if in doubt, I sat with Lily Potter, a delightful girl only two year below. She was Albus’ little sister. In the eyes of her brothers, she was a handful, to other students, she was lovely.


I walked towards the Hufflpuff table and took a seat. As I poured myself a cup of tea, two boys moved up a few seats, one sitting next to me and the other across. The dark haired one, the one across from me, helped himself to a bread roll and cut in to it.


“You’re Ranny, right?” he asked. I nodded. His voice was deep, too deep to match his features. “I’m Jack; we’re in your Charms class.”


Nodding I grinned. “Yes, you sit behind me. You’re Perry – right?”


The boy on my right nodded as I did. He had cut his hair, where it used to tease the tops of his eyebrows, it now is barely long enough to run your hands through. He was known for his silence, Perry James never spoke.


“Perry and I thought that we’d join you.” Jack began. “We’d never seen you sit here before.”


I shrugged and swirled my spoon around in my tea. “I usually sit with the Slytherins, but they’re not there.”


Jack turned to look at the table. “There seem plenty of them to me.”


“Not the ones that I like.” I said quietly.


“It seems odd,” Jack spoke “The fact that you’re on friendly terms with the Slytherins’ – especially Scorpius Malfoy.”


“What’s wrong with Scorpius.”


I felt Perry nudge me from my right. He may not speak, but he was certainly strong. He was the Keeper on the Hufflepuff Quidditch team, his strength showed in his light shoves.


Jack let out an uneasy laugh. “He put my shoes in the black lake every day for a year.”


My mouth fell agape. “He…he, he what?”


“Third year was really shit for me,” he said sadly. “But that’s all in the past now. I’m a new man.”


“But that’s horrible,” I said. “What he did to yo-“


“It doesn’t matter,” Jack dismissed. “He’s grown up, I’ve grown up. We’ve all grown up.”


I struggled to find words, instead I settled for letting Jack speak, he was a boy that turned out to be unusually chatty. I phased in and out of his speeches and listened to the chatter around me as a background theme.


Scorpius was mean. Not to me, but to others – there was no denying it. But Jack was harmless; I’ve never spoken to him, but seen him around, yes. He is the seeker for the Hufflepuff team. He was the boy with freckled cheeks and eyes that were just a little too large for his head.


“-won five, four,” he continued. I realised we were supposedly half way through a conversation. “I mean, of course I never stood a chance; Perry was on the other team. But that’s what happens when you have a split practise. But of course, our Captain never sees reason; she’s a beast - which is a little contradictory considering her size.”


Perry sent me a look of apology. He knew his friend well; Jack spoke for the both of them. The brunette wasn’t dumb; he knew that I was tuning out his friend unintentionally. He also probably knew that I would have no idea what he was talking about even if I was listening.


“-not tall, and I know that I’m not. But I’m still at least a head taller than her. Thinking about it Ranny, you’re rather short aren’t you.”


“Why are we over here today, then?” A deep voice, matching Jack to a similar tone, cut in to the latter’s speech.


I looked up to Tom’s curious face. The forth roommate, and Tom’s closest friend, Dominic wasn’t too far behind. Dom slid in beside Jack and smiled a hello to me while Tom took the seat to my left.


Dom helped himself to Jack’s roll and began to put butter on it. “Sorry lads, we didn’t mean to interrupt. Carry on-“


“Lads?” Tom interrupted, waving a spoon towards his friend. “I believe there is one lady sitting at the table at this moment.”


“Thomas,” Dom warned. “Jack doesn’t mean to be; that’s just the way he is.”


“Oh! Bugger off the both of you!” Jack exclaimed, yanking the spoon from Tom’s grip and giving it to me. It took me a moment to realise that it was the same spoon I had been using to stir my tea.


No one spoke to a Slytherin like that, let alone a Seventh Year. A first year, maybe, but only if you were older. But Thomas Gates wasn’t just any Slytherin, he was kind, yes, but he was still from the house of green. And when he had his back up…


But Tom merely smirked and playfully slapped Jack on the shoulder across the table. “We’re only playing, Jay, lighten up.”


“Do you two know each other?” I asked nosily, looking between Tom and Jack.


Dom laughed. “Ranny, they’re brothers.”


I furrowed a brow. “How? You look nothing alike … and you’re both in the same year.”


“What can I say?” Tom began. “I was born in September, and I guess that Mum and Dad just loved me so much they wanted another, that or they just couldn’t wait. Nine months later, little Jack over there popped out.”


I took a sip from my tea. “That means I missed your birthday, Thomas.”


“Don’t worry about it,” he dismissed with a supportive wink. “You can make it up to me through being my servant.”


“That’s not funny,” I said, allowing the warm liquid to soothe my throat.


He looked at me through wide eyes, eyes I realised he shared with his brother – yet, they seemed to be the right size for Tom. “Oh, I’m not joking, Ranny I expect you to work for me; I’m talking about making me tea, doing my homework, fetching me items I have left places, shining my shoes.”


“Sexual favours,” Dom suggested, only to earn a kick from his friend.


“Ranny, he’s joking.” Jack said lightly. “I’m not sure if Dom is though.” His accusation was backed up by glare to his brother’s friend.


“Oh, I don’t kid.” Dom said.


Thomas shook his head in disbelief. “Don’t be creepy.”


Jack watched as his brother helped himself to a sip from my tea before putting it back down in front of me. “I didn’t realise that you and Ranny are so close, Tommy.”


“Oh yeah,” he replied casually. “She’s like my other half, aren’t you Ran?”


“Look at her scared expression,” Dom teased through a mouthful of bread. “That just sums it all up.”


I listened to the round of laugher, finding comfort in the fact that Perry didn’t join in. He looked at me kindly and offered a smile, yet I wasn’t sure if it was for my benefit, or to join in with the others.


“Yeah anyway,” Tom rounded. “Jack and I are in different everything, classes, houses-“


“States of mind,” his brother interrupted.


Ignoring him, Tom carried on. “It’s probably why you don’t really see us together, I mean, I was born with the looks-“


“While I got all the brains.”


“I have the charm and the smile.”


Jack snorted. “Yes, while I sit over here looking like a Goblin.”


His brother turned to him obliviously. “Did you say something, Jack?”


“Apparently you’re an invisible Goblin.”


“Yes, thank you for that Dominic.”


Dom sent a bready grin to his brother’s friend, and continued to chew with his mouth open. Tom shook his head towards his friend and opened his mouth to speak. Yet the arrival of Albus silenced him.


“Are we joining the Puff’s today?” he asked, shoving himself between Tom and me. He flicked his hand towards his roommate; he moved up reluctantly to make space for his friend. “Good afternoon, Ranny.”


“Hello,” I replied.


“Have you seen Scorp; I can’t find him anywhere?” the question was directed to everyone at the table.


I nodded and put my chin in to my palm, resting my elbow on to the table. As Albus helped himself to my tea, I realised all hope of me drinking it myself was lost. “He is currently sitting on your bed, sulking.”


Albus put my tea back on to the table. “What did you do?”


“Me?” I questioned. “I didn’t do anything. He decided to be mean and so I left him on his own.”


“Again?” Tom asked, leaning forward a little.


“Yeah, again?” Albus said airily, turning around to Tom he showed me his back. “I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that actually, Gates.”


I sighed. “Oh Ally, leave it.”


“How come you knew about Ran’s argument with Scorpius before I did, and if you knew about it why didn’t you tell me?”


“Are you really asking me that?” Tom replied. “It’s a bit petty, Potter?”


“And I’m a petty person,” he stated for an answer. “So why didn’t you tell me?”


Jack sent me a smile from across the table. “Are they always like this?”


I nodded. “Frequently. Their dorm is like a war zone, its Dom and Tom against Scorp and Al – always.”


“Oi!” Dom butted in. “Not always. Not when you’re there. We cool it for you, my little flower.”


Neither Jack nor I moved for a moment afterwards. I simply decided to forget the pet name and carry on with the conversation. “Actually, he’s partially right. When Albus isn’t there, Scorpius tends to get along with them. I think that Al is just a difficult person really.”


“Yeah, I’m not going to hold you to that.”  Jack said pointedly. “But Ranny, can I just say – I hate your dorm mates, the girls I mean, the Hufflepuffs.”


A girl’s voice answered Jack’s statement. “Oi, Baby Gates, those girls are my friends.”


“Yes, Nina, with the standards that you made by picking your other friends I can’t say that I’m surprised.”


“Jack,” Tom warned, with a kick under the table.


His brother ducked down to rub his leg better. “You’re such a wanker sometimes you know that Tom.”


Nina took a seat on the other side of Dominic and smiled at her boyfriend.


For that lunch, we sat at the Hufflepuff table, for the first time as a group. Tom argued with Jack, bickering only as brothers could. Dominic turned their arguments in to playful banter and picked at the food that surrounded him. Perry said nothing, but seemed to join in with the conversation all the same.


We were one big happy family. But I didn’t sit with Albus; he moved to sit with her.


An; there was the next chapter. I hope that you’re all enjoying this so far! And thank you for all of the reviews for this story! I’m so glad that you’re finding this as interesting as you are!
Speaking of reviews, I would be incredibly grateful if you’d leave one.
Maybe even just a single term, ‘Robin’ if you liked it, and ‘Hook’ if you didn’t. (Thumbs up for my pathetic attempt at fairy tale irony). But then some more characters after it because I think that it has to be a minimum of ten :D

What did you think of the new characters, I hope that it’s not too many to introduce, I know at some points I’ve read stories and been completely confused over the amount of characters! But now Ranny has Seven ‘Dwarfs’ to chat with!

The next chapter is called, ‘King John’, here is a little preview;


Albus snorted and hired his voice several octaves. “Oh Jack, lovely Jack. Marry me Jack!”


“I do not sound like that!” I whined.


“Point proven.” He teased as he threw his arm over my shoulders. “You do too sound like that, and besides, what do you see in Jack – he’s tiny, he is a small little man with eyes that are too big for his head.”


Good old Al and his blatant displays of over-protectiveness and slight jealousy. The next chapter is twenty two pages of writing, twelve more than this one, so I hope that you enjoyed it! Thank you for reading!

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