It was a warm day, as Ginny Weasley sat by her window watching her brother and his best friend play quidditch. Harry Potter. She was afraid of her feelings. Did she still like him? Did she love him? He dove on his broom, Ron looked around him, laughing. ‘What a stupid git. What is he laughing about?’ Ginny thought to herself. She looked at Harry. He wasn’t wearing a belt, and his pants were too big. His boxers were showing, bright lime green, with white and gray plaid stripes. ‘Why is that so funny?’ Ginny started laughing too, but still didn’t understand her brother. Harry looked at Ron, and jumped off his broom. He pulled up his pants and fell on the floor. He was laughing too. Ron fell off his broom from laughing. “Boys!” Ginny said out loud. “What about them?” A familiar voice said. Ginny turned around, only to see her friend Hermione. Hermione was the only person that actually saw Ginny for herself. She smiled and said, “They are so stupid.” “I know! I had to get away from them. So what’s up? You look kind of…. Well…. Confused and a little sad. Are you okay?” Ginny nodded, “You were always a terrible liar, Ginny. C’mon. You know you can tell me anything.” Hermione said with warm eyes. “I’m not sure if I like Harry so much anymore. How do I know if I like him, or love him, or have any feelings toward him at all?” She asked. “Well Ginny, if you look into his eyes, and you can see a future together, you love him. If you see a lot love and warmth, you like him. If you see nothing, well…” Hermione’s voice trailed off. Ginny smiled at Hermione and giggled. [WARNING, THAT IS NOT HOW YOU KNOW IF YOU LOVE SOMEONE OR NOT!! I JUST PUT THAT BECAUSE… WELL… I don’t know.. but she had to say SOMETHING… didn’t she?] “Ohh… ok. So... do you like him? Or do you like Ron?” Ginny asked. “What? Me like your dumb-witted brother? I don’t think so!” Hermione declared. “And you say I’m a terrible liar.” Ginny said with a laugh. “C’mon ‘Mione. You guys are so perfect for each other. You fight like a married couple, which is kind of like foreshadowing! I wish you two would at least go out. I’d love to see you two together.” Ginny said. Suddenly, there was a loud crash. Both girls looked up to see Harry and Ron sitting in a puddle of mud. Their faces were dirt-covered, their clothes were filthy, yet they were laughing. “C’mon, let’s go help those idiots.” Hermione said with a loud laugh. The girls ran downstairs and to the back yard. Hermione grabbed Ron’s arm while Ginny got Harry to his feet. “What was that about?” Ginny asked giving Harry a ‘you-guys-are-such-idiots’ look, then replaced it with a smile. After Harry saw her smile, he felt his knees give way and fell on Ginny. ***SPLASH*** Everyone roared with laughter. The two boys plus Ginny were completely covered in mud. “C’mere you guys…” Ginny got up and grabbed Hermione’s hand, which was still clutching Ron’s. Ginny pulled them to the back of the Weasley’s back yard and suddenly jumped. ***SPLASH*** The train of friends were now drenched with mud and chlorine water.[THEY JUMPED IN A POOL, INCASE YOU’RE STUPID AND DIDN’T KNOW] Ginny didn’t notice she was still holding Harry’s hand, but Hermione did. Hermione didn’t let go of Ron’s hand, but the girls had let go of each other. Harry had looked into Ginny’s beautiful brown eyes, Ginny splashed Harry with her free hand. “HEY!” Harry said with a smile. He splashed her back, still holding her hand. Hermione pushed Ron under the water by his shoulders. After about ten minutes of a splash fight there was a loud explosion, screams, and smoke. Everyone looked over at the Weasley home, and saw it on fire.

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