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Chapter 14

“This is stupid, Lily,” Anna grumbled, hugging her robes tightly around her as a cool October wind blew through the trees. “We’re not any closer to figuring out how the Well works than we were a month ago.”

“I just… I don’t understand,” I sighed in frustration, leaning my back against the cool stones. “None of the wishes we’ve tried have worked. What are we doing wrong? What are we missing?”

We had spent the last couple weeks at The Well trying out different wishes. We had tried everything from world peace to ice cream for breakfast, but nothing had worked. And we were quickly running out of ideas.

“Maybe… maybe it just doesn’t actually work,” Scarlet suggested, dangling her fingers lazily in the water and watching as the fish passed obliviously through them.

“No, I think it works…” I muttered, turning around and kneeling at the edge. “There must be something we’re missing. It’s going to be something so obvious.”

"Lily, we’ve tried everything,” Anna shrugged, kneeling down next to me. “Maybe we should just give up. There’s a reason it was abandoned, you know? A reason no one ever mentions this place…”

“Annie’s got a point,” Scarlet glanced apologetically over at me. Both of them knew that it frustrated me beyond belief that we hadn’t been able to figure it out.

“Come on, let’s go back inside before we freeze to death, ok?” Anna suggested, tugging on Scarlet’s sleeve.

The two of them started walking away from the Well and I stood up slowly, my hands caressing the brim of the Well. I guess it really didn’t work. The golden fish, oblivious to our presence, continued to swim idly around in the dark water.

I turned to go, letting my hand slide around the brim of the Well as I followed after my friends.

I jerked to a stop, my hand colliding with something solid and I snapped my head back towards it. There was nothing there… just the smooth stones and my hand.

But I could have sworn I had felt something…

“Wait!” I called to Anna and Scarlet’s retreating backs and they turned back towards me, puzzled expressions on their faces. “I think I’ve found something.”

I took a few steps back, retracing my steps and I kept my eyes trained on my hand as once again it collided with something solid.

And invisible apparently.

“What is it, Lily?” Anna asked curiously as she and Scarlet stopped next to me, staring down at my hand.

“Did you see that?” I asked them, looking down at my hand.

“See what?” Scarlet asked skeptically, glancing up at me as if I was crazy.

“Look,” I slid my hand around the brim of The Well again, and just as before, my hand stopped abruptly at whatever was in it’s way.

“I don’t understand,” Scarlet frowned, exchanging an impatient look with Anna.

“There’s something stopping my hand,” I explained, leaning over the Well as my fingers explored whatever was impeding it.

It was rounded, and not smooth at all. It was rather lumpy and it felt… scratchy?

“Sweet Merlin’s beard,” I breathed, my fingers closing around it. “It’s a rope.”

I heard an intake of breath from Anna and Scarlet, and I pulled gently on the rope, not sure what would happen.

The rope gave easily and I pulled it. It was an odd sensation, pulling on a rope that was invisible. Was whatever it was attached to invisible too? Or was it simply a rope? Was this just another dead end?

Adrenaline pulsed through my veins though I tried not to get my hopes up. This could lead to absolutely nothing… or it could be the missing piece to the puzzle. It could be the answer to all our questions and it could be the key to how The Well works.

“Look!” Anna gasped, leaning over the Well and pointing down into the water. “Something’s coming up!”

I pulled harder, my heart beating excitedly as something broke the surface of the water. The little fish swam anxiously away from it and this puzzled me. They had been totally oblivious to everything else that passed through this water. Why was this so special?

Anna, Scarlet and I stared at the ledge of the Well, none of us moving. An old, ornate book rested on the brim, perfectly dry though it had previously been submerged in water for who knows how long.

“What on earth is that?” Scarlet asked after a moment of silence.

“I think it’s a book,” Anna said and Scarlet rolled her eyes.

“Of course it’s a book,” Scarlet scoffed. “But a book of what?”

“Only one way to find out,” I shrugged and reached out a hand towards it.

“Lily, don’t,” Scarlet smacked my hand away. “You have no idea what’s in that book. It could be full of Dark Magic.”

I glanced over at her worried expression and quickly pulled out my wand, aiming it at the offending book.

Specialis Revelio,” I recited softly but nothing happened.

“I don’t think it’s cursed, Scar,” I glanced back over at her. “That would have shown any dark curses someone put on it.”

“What if you didn’t do it right?” Scarlet asked and Anna burst out laughing.

“Oh please, it’s Lily,” Anna laughed, gesturing to me as Scarlet’s mouth twitched slightly.

“Fine, go ahead,” Scarlet conceded, rolling her eyes.

I reached out my hand, my fingers just barely touching the ornate gilded cover of the book. Nothing happened upon contact so I pressed forward, my fingers curling around the edges as I lifted it away from the brim of the Well. I could feel the heavy invisible rope still attached as I set it carefully on the forest floor.

The three of us crowded around it as I opened the cover to the first page.

The Book of Wishes was printed in large blue and silver letters across the entire page.

“What the—“ Scarlet started but I cut her off.

“I know what this is!” I gasped suddenly, scrambling away from it back towards The Well.

“Lily, what—“ Anna asked but I wasn’t paying attention to her anymore.

“I wish I knew how the Well worked,” I recited quickly as I stared into the dark water of the Well. I snatched the piece of parchment that floated towards me and brought it back to where Anna and Scarlet were still sitting.

“Look, it says it right here, in that poem,” I said, brandishing the aging parchment at them. “But say your wish, don’t be dismayed / Into my waters, watch them fade / Watch them drown, come have a look, / I’ll keep them in my secret book / So speak your wish, no need to wait / And let The Well decide your fate.”

“You think this is the book that poem is talking about,” Anna breathed her fingers tracing the large letters on the page.

“Exactly,” I said excitedly, reaching my hand forward and turning the page to the first.

Elaborate handwriting covered the page, all in the same script though the wishes written were all vastly different.  Some had long slashes through them, making them almost unreadable.


I wish these dark times would end, and we could all be as we once were…

I wish I could be good at something—anything.

I wish I had all the chocolate in the world.

I wish I didn’t want too many things.

I wish I had never found out I was a wizard.

I wish my Potion hadn’t exploded today… how embarrassing.


“Oh, my god,” Anna said slowly as we flipped through the pages. The wishes continued like this, page after page. There were hundreds, thousands even. Too many to read.

“I wonder if these people realized that their wishes were being written down,” I asked breathlessly. “Look, there’s mine.”

I pointed to the last several wishes in the book that I recognized as my own.


I wish I didn’t still like him.

I wish I knew how this thing worked.

I wish we could have ice cream for breakfast tomorrow.

I wish Gryffindor would win the next Quidditch match.

I wish for world peace.

I wish I knew how the Well worked.


“What do these crossed off ones mean?” Scarlet asked, flipping back a few pages to where some of the wishes had a slash through them.

I wish he would be happy without me,” I read one of the crossed off wishes and frowned. “Maybe that means they came true or something.”

“There aren’t many that have been crossed off,” Anna noted, running her fingers down the list of wishes. “This Well must really be picky about the wishes it grants.”

“There has to be a method to it,” I said quietly, flipping through the pages some more. It was amazing to see how many wishes had been written down.

Did other people know about the Well? Did they know how it worked? Or did they just think it was a common wishing well? You know, toss a coin in and maybe your wish will come true…

And why had some of the wishes been granted while others hadn’t? There seemed to be no rhyme or reason to it.

“We should get inside soon,” Anna said, pulling me back to reality. I glanced above us at the full moon hovering through the trees and nodded.

“We have to come back soon though,” Scarlet said, completely absorbed in the book. “I want to read more of these…”

“Those are people’s private wishes, Scar,” Anna frowned at her, pulling the book across the mossy ground towards herself. “How would you feel if everyone knew what you had wished for?”

“But maybe we can figure out how to get a wish to come true from reading them,” Scarlet pressed, curiosity burning behind her midnight blue eyes.

“Either way, we really should go,” I said, staring into the forest around us.

Anna set the Book of Wishes on the brim of the Well and gave it a nudge. We all watched as it splashed water everywhere, sending the goldfish into a frenzy as it sank back down into the depths of The Well.

We hurried out of the forest, clutching our robes around us as the cold October wind swirled around us.

We walked quietly through the deserted halls to our common room, our footsteps barely making a sound on the cold stone floor. My ears were straining for any signs of professors or prefects who may be patrolling but we were lucky not to run into anyone as we raced up the Grand Staircase to the seventh floor.

I turned the corner and for the second time tonight, knocked into something solid. And invisible.

The unexpected contact scared the shit out of me and I opened my mouth reflexively to scream but a hand shot out of nowhere, covering my mouth. This only terrified me more.

“What the—“ Anna gasped as James Potter materialized before us, his hand pressed tightly over my mouth, muffling my scream. Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew appeared behind him. I swear they hadn’t been there before…

“Shhhh,” Potter hissed at me as I struggled against his grip. “If I let go, will you promise not to scream?”

I nodded my head and he let go of me. I stumbled backwards so that I was standing next to Scarlet and Anna, staring at the Marauders.

“Where the fuck did you lot come from?” I hissed, still breathing heavily from shock.

“Language, Evans,” Potter clucked his tongue at me, his hazel eyes twinkling.

I crossed my arms, waiting for him to give me a real answer.

“Invisibility cloak,” Sirius grinned, raising his hand that appeared to be holding onto to nothing. But as my eyes adjusted to the dim candlelight of the hall, I noticed a kind of flowing material, barely visible, hanging from his hand.

Potter rolled his eyes irritably at his friend, as if he hadn’t actually planned on telling us about it.

“Is that a real invisibility cloak?” Scarlet asked, reaching out a hand to touch the flowing material.

“Yes,” Potter said curtly, shooting a look at Sirius, who smiled apologetically.

“Sneaking out after hours, are we?” I raised my eyebrows at them and they exchanged a wary glance that I didn’t miss.

“You yourself are out pretty late,” Potter countered, dodging my question.

“Where’s Remus?” I asked, suddenly realizing his absence. I saw Peter glance worriedly at Sirius but Potter spoke up.

“Sick,” He said quickly. “Dinner didn’t agree with him tonight. He went to Madam Pomphrey.”

“Hmm…” For some reason, I didn’t quite buy his story. But where else would Remus be? I hadn’t seen him in the common room earlier.

“Yeah, we were just going to sneak in for a visit with him,” Peter spoke up and Sirius nodded.

“That’s funny,” I blinked at them. “Hospital wing’s in the other direction.”

Peter winced slightly as I caught his mistake and Scarlet, Anna, and I continued to stare at them, waiting for an explanation.

Potter sighed, taking a step towards me.

“What’re you gonna do, tell McGonagall on us?” Potter smirked at me and I stared resolutely back.

“I wasn’t going to tell anyone,” I shrugged. “I just wondered why you’d bother lying to us. We’re out after hours, too.”

“You, Lily Evans, aren’t going to turn us in for being out?” Sirius repeated incredulously.

I heard Anna and Scarlet giggle behind me and it only reinforced my decision. After all, Scarlet would hate me if I got Sirius in trouble and I was still trying to show her that I could get along with those dimwits.

“No, I’m not going to turn you in,” I said exasperatedly. What was it going to take for them to believe me? “Besides, if I told on you I’d have to admit to being out after hours myself.”

“So we have a truce?” Potter raised a sly eyebrow at me and I scowled.

“Last time we had a truce, someone went and fucked it up,” I reminded him evenly and his mouth twitched in a smile.

“I solemnly swear I won’t fuck it up this time, then,” Potter raised his right hand and smiled charmingly at me. I bit my lip to stop myself from smiling back.

“Alright then,” I rolled my eyes, grabbing onto Anna and Scarlet’s arms and dragging them behind me as we skirted around the Marauders.

“Have fun!” Scarlet giggled back at them and we watched as they disappeared beneath the invisibility cloak.

“Lily, when are you going to stop surprising us with this new attitude of yours?” Anna laughed quietly as we walked quickly towards the portrait of the Fat Lady.

“When you start believing me when I say I’ve changed,” I said pointedly at her.

“Touché,” Anna giggled as Scarlet said the password and we scrambled inside the common room.

*                                  *                                  *                                  *

I glared across the classroom as Celia Carrington beat me to yet another question. That was the third bloody time already today. I don’t think Flitwick even realized my hand was raised too. Or was he just glad that someone besides me was answering questions for a change?

It had been an entire month of this and I was starting to get really annoyed.

“Urgh, who does she think she is?” I grumbled to Scarlet and Anna as Celia rattled off the textbook’s definition of a Caterwaul Charm.

“Are you jealous?” Anna asked, raising her light eyebrows at me and smirking.

“No,” I whispered forcefully. “I’m just… annoyed.”

“That someone else in this class is smarter than you?” Scarlet asked, glancing over at the red-headed Ravenclaw girl.

“Excuse me?” I hissed at her. Who said she was smarter than me?

“No, I didn’t mean smarter,” Scarlet hastily tried to back track but I scowled at her.

“Gavin Scott told me that Celia wants to be Head Girl next year… that’s why she’s speaking up in class all of a sudden,” Anna informed us and we didn’t have to ask to know that apparently Ravenclaw sixth year Gavin Scott had been her latest conquest.

“But, everyone knows that Lily’s going to be Head Girl next year,” Scarlet scoffed, glaring incredulously at Celia.

“Well, apparently you’ve got some competition now,” Anna shrugged sympathetically as Flitwick called on Celia for another answer to a question I didn’t hear.

“I wouldn’t worry about it too much,” Scarlet comforted me quietly. “You’ve been impressing the professors since first year. This Celia girl’s only starting to impress them now. They’re not just going to forget about you…”

“I guess you’re right,” I sighed resting my chin in my hands.

“Come on, cheer up,” Anna nudged me in the side. “We have Hogsmeade this weekend! That will be fun, won’t it?”

I nodded glumly, not even bothering to raise my hand for the remainder of class.

*                                  *                                  *                                  *

Rain lashed harshly against the castle walls, making me shiver as I wandered the corridors during my patrol later that night. I really hoped the rain would let up for the weekend… Hogsmeade would be no fun if we had to trudge through mud to get there.

My patrol was almost over, all I had left to check was the library and then I could go back to my dorm.

I rounded the corner and paused momentarily when I saw Potter’s robes disappear through the library door.

“Oi, Potter!” I called and he poked his head back around the door.

“Yessss?” He raised an eyebrow at me.

“I was just about to check out the library, but if you have it covered I’ll just go back to the dorm,” I said and Potter frowned at me.

“Nonsense, come with me,” Potter said, waving me over.

I sighed and rolled my eyes, falling into step with him as we wandered through the empty rows of library books.

“You excited about Hogsmeade this weekend?” Potter asked after a moment of silence.

“I guess,” I shrugged. “I just hope it stops raining.”

“Would that really stop you from going?” Potter glanced sideways at me and I smiled.

“No, probably not,” I agreed.

“You have a date?” Potter asked casually but I could hear genuine curiosity in his voice.

“What’s with the twenty questions?” I chuckled, sensing where this was heading. “And no…A few people asked, but no one that interesting. I’m just going with Scarlet and Anna. They both got asked, too but no one good enough. We figured we’d have more fun going together anyways.”

“You know—“

“I’m not going with you, Potter,” I cut him off and he just flashed a dazzling smile at me.

“I dunno, if I were you,” Potter said unphased by my rejection, “I’d be embarrassed to go to Hogsmeade without a date.”

“Well luckily I’m not easily embarrassed,” I shrugged as we continued to wander through the bookshelves.

“Oh you’re not, are you?” Potter mused, stroking his chin like he was devising some prank already.

Don’t take that as a challenge,” I warned him as we headed towards the exit. The library was empty so we were free to go back to our dorm.

“Why? Because you know dating’s the one area I’ll always beat you in,” Potter smirked cheekily at me.

“Why do you have to turn everything into a competition?” I sighed in frustration. “I thought maybe this time you actually meant it when you called for a truce.”

“You should know me better than that by now,” Potter chided me playfully and I scowled at him.

“I’m not competing with you to see who can get a date to Hogsmeade first,” I said flatly as we paused on the grand staircase, waiting for a set of stairs to arrive.

“Because you know I’ll win,” Potter said easily and I crossed my arms.

“I don’t think it counts as a date if you have to inflate her first,” I replied and Potter burst out laughing.

“My god, I can’t believe I never realized how cheeky you are until this year,” Potter chuckled as we stopped in front of the Fat Lady.

“Come on, I’ve always been cheeky,” I rolled my eyes. “You just had your head too far up your arse to realize it before.”

“Touché,” Potter chuckled as we walked up the steps into the common room. “But come on, you can’t deny we have chemistry. Why don’t we—“

“Save your breath, Potter,” I cut him off again, smiling sweetly at him. “You’ll need it to blow up your date later.”

I turned on my heel, giggling softly as Potter’s roar of laughter followed me up the stairs.

“Goodnight, Evans!” I heard him call after me and one last giggle escaped my lips as I closed the door to our dorm behind me.

*                                  *                                  *                                  *

A cool autumn breeze picked up around Scarlet, Anna, and I as we followed the line of students heading towards Hogsmeade. Red and orange leaves swirled around us as we passed by the Forbidden Forest and we hugged our robes tighter around ourselves.

“Where are we going first?” Anna asked, her teeth chattering slightly in the brusque October air.

“Wherever’s closest,” Scarlet said grabbing our arms and pulling us towards village.

We pushed past the other students and hurried into Honeydukes, desperate to get out of the cold.

“Maybe we should pick up a few things to make Slughorn’s party next weekend more interesting,” Scarlet smiled mischievously, eyeing the barrel full of Hiccough Sweets.

Anything to make that party more entertaining,” Anna groaned. “We can’t even bring dates.”

Anna’s face crumpled in distress at this thought.

“You act like it’s the end of the world,” I laughed at her expression. “We don’t have dates today, do we? Besides, Slughorn just said we couldn’t bring any people who didn’t already belong to the Slug Club. We’re perfectly able to go with anyone who’s already a member.”

Really?!” Anna grabbed my arm, her face lighting up.

“Geez Annie, don’t be so desperate,” Scarlet threw a packet of belching powder at her and I caught it as it bounced off her forehead.

“I need to find a date,” Anna stated, staring around wildly at the student crowded inside the sweets shop. “Who do we know who’s in the Slug Club?”

“Pull yourself together, woman!” I grabbed Anna’s shoulders and shook her roughly. “You don’t have to find a date now. At least wait until we’re back at the castle.”

“Fine,” Anna nodded, looking down at the Belch Powder still resting in my palm. “Hey, you know what’d be funny? You should put that Belch Powder in Potter’s drink at the Slug Club party. That’ll teach him to try and start a dating competition with you. No one will want to go near him.”

“No,” I shook my head. “I’m done pulling pranks on him, remember? We finally have a kind of truce going. I don’t want to spoil it.”

“I still think it’d be funny,” Anna shrugged, turning her attention to the rows upon rows of jars filled to the brim with sweets.

I glanced out the big front window of the shop at the people passing by and my attention went immediately to a couple standing in the middle of the street.

James Potter’s shaggy black hair was easily recognizable but I was focused on the girl standing next to him. Her red hair blew lazily in the cool breeze and the blue trim on her robes sent a jolt of disdain through me.

Celia Carrington.

James Potter had come to Hogsmeade with Celia Carrington? Ugh. Normally I couldn’t care less who Potter swapped spit with in Madam Puddifoots but this was just too much.

Granted, he probably didn’t know how much I disliked her, but still. It was a stupid, annoying coincidence.

“Lily, what’re you looking—“ Scarlet tugged on my sleeve and then stopped when her eyes landed on Potter and Celia. “Oooh, looks like Potter’s found himself a new girl.”

“It’s Celia… from Charms,” I grumbled and Scarlet’s eyes widened in surprise as she glanced back at Potter and his date.

“Well that’s… unexpected,” Scarlet said, grabbing Anna by her collar and dragging us both out into the street.

“What’s unexpected?” Anna asked, rubbing her neck while Scarlet steered us towards the Three Broomsticks.

“Potter’s here with that Celia bird,” Scarlet informed her and Anna wrinkled her nose.

“Speaking of Marauders…” Anna said, throwing a sideways glance at me. “Scarlet, are you meeting up with Sirius later?”

“No,” Scarlet answered, seeming confused. She twisted a piece of her dark hair between her fingers. “Why would I be?”

“No reason,” Anna said lightly and I rolled my eyes. Her attempts to be nonchalant were pathetic. “It just seems like you guys are really close and I simply wondered…”

“No,” Scarlet shook her head fiercely. “Definitely not.”

“Are you sure?” I ventured and Scarlet shot me a look. “Because sometimes it seems like—“

“No. He’s off with some fifth year tart today,” Scarlet said sourly and Anna and I exchanged a wary glance. Yikes… time to drop that subject. Talk about touchy.

“What are we gossiping about, ladies?” The devil himself appeared behind us, throwing his arms casually over mine and Scarlet’s shoulders.

“Nail polish,” Anna answered quickly and I shot her an exasperated look. Nice cover up, genius.

“Well,” Sirius frowned slightly. “As fascinating as nail polish sounds, I’m off to meet up with Remus and Peter at the Three Broomsticks. Care to join us?”

“What happened to your date?” Scarlet asked, her tone carefully light.

“She was dull as dirt, that’s what happened,” Sirius grumbled, and Scarlet’s mood visibly lifted. Sure… there’s nothing going on between them. And I’m a flobberworm.

“We were heading to the pub, too,” Anna said brightly. “I guess we could join you for a drink.”

“Excellent,” Sirius beamed and we pushed open the wooden door to the pub.

The large tavern was bustling with students, and we quickly claimed the only empty table left, a corner booth with a wrap-around bench against the wall.

Sirius waved Peter and Remus over when they entered the Three Broomsticks and they all brought over drinks for us.

“You ladies invited to Slughorn’s party next week?” Sirius asked after we had cheers-ed with our butterbeers. 

“Ugh, yeah,” Anna groaned. “We were trying to think of ways we could spice it up a bit this time. Talk about dull as dirt…”

Sirius laughed. “I’m sure James and I can think of something…”

“You two weren’t invited?” I asked, directing my attention towards Remus and Peter who both shook their heads.

“Haven’t done anything to catch Slughorn’s attention,” Remus shrugged carelessly, not seeming upset by this at all.

“And I’m kind of hopeless in potions,” Peter muttered miserably and I got the impression that the snub meant more to him than it did to Remus. “I don’t think Slughorn even knows my name.”

“Slughorn’s opinion doesn’t count for everything, Peter,” I said, trying to make him feel better. “The parties are boring anyways. You’re not missing anything…”

Peter gave me a shy smile and opened his mouth to say something but was cut off as someone squished into the empty seat next to him.

“Afternoon, gents,” Potter clapped his friends on their shoulders and nodded towards Anna, Scarlet and I. “Ladies…”

“How’d your date with the Ravenclaw bird go?” Sirius asked as Potter took a generous sip of Peter’s butterbeer.

Potter shrugged as if he could care less. “A date’s a date, Padfoot.”

He glanced over at me and winked as if to prove a point that he could actually get a living, breathing date. I rolled my eyes at him. Whatever.

“She’s in Slughorn’s little group so I think we’re going to go together to that party next weekend,” Potter continued and I quickly downed the rest of my butterbeer.

“I’m going to get another one, you guys want more?” I asked Scarlet and Anna and they both nodded as I squeezed past them.

I waited at the long wooden bar as the barman refilled our glasses.

“Lily Evans…” A smooth voice behind me made my skin crawl and I visibly winced before turning around.

“Hullo, Alex,” I said stiffly, staring rigidly at the boy leaning against the bar behind me.

Alex had gotten, if possible, more attractive since the beginning of the year. Of course, I had some classes with him, like Herbology, but I was usually too busy digging up various plants to really pay any attention to him. In fact, I had actively tried to ignore him fully since the beginning of the term.

His shaggy brown hair fell effortlessly around his face and his piercing blue eyes twinkled in the dim tavern light.

But I still hadn’t forgotten that first day when I’d seen him snogging some tart in the hallways just hours after trying to get back together with me. It was such a shame that something so attractive was so slimy at the same time.

“Having a good term so far?” Alex asked casually, leaning towards me slightly. My heart kicked it up a notch at his proximity and I struggled to keep my brain from going wonky.

I thought I was stronger than this… that I was making progress forgetting about him. So why did my heartbeat just double its pace?

“It’s fine,” I said coolly, resting my elbows on the bar as I waited.

“So… another Slug Club party next week,” Alex commented and I grimaced, forgetting that he was part of that ridiculous group. Stupid Alex and his famous uncle Alfred. This party was turning into more of a nightmare than originally expected.

“Yep,” I said, hoping Alex would get the hint that I didn’t want to talk to him.

“You going with anyone?” he asked, reaching a hand out and pulling a loose piece of thread from my sweater. I shrank away slightly at the contact.

“I don’t see how that’s any of your business,” I said frostily to him and his electric blue eyes widened in surprise at my tone.

“You’re still mad at me,” Alex guessed.

I huffed incredulously.

“Alright, fine,” Alex sighed. “You’re still mad at me…I told you I was sorry already. And if I recall, Severus Snape called you a mudblood in front of the entire school and you forgave him. I saw you two talking the other day.”

“That’s a completely different situation,” I said crossly, folding my arms defensively across my chest.

“I don’t see how,” Alex contradicted and I narrowed my eyes at him.

“I saw you Alex, with her,” I said angrily, keeping my voice down so as not to arouse attention from the other students. “That first day, after you… on the train… I saw you in the corridor with her.”

“Oh, that,” Alex’s eyebrows pulled together briefly but he shook it off quickly. “That was nothing. Come on, I know you still feel something for me… I can tell.”

I glared at him, momentarily stunned by his audacity.

The barman set three glasses of butterbeer down in front of me and I quickly paid for them.

“Leave me the hell alone, Alex,” I growled at him before turning on my heel and marching back towards our table. I glanced up in time to see Potter’s head snap back towards our friends.

Perfect. He had been watching.

Who wants to bet that this afternoon will end with me pouring butterbeer over Potter’s head because he says something inappropriate and/or offensive to me about Alex? Somehow, my ex always seemed to be a factor in Potter’s routine tormenting of me.

Bring on the word-vomit.

Sure enough, ten minutes later found Anna and Scarlet hurrying after me as I stormed out of the Three Broomsticks with a soaking wet James Potter yelling profanities after me.

Word-vomit indeed.

A/N: Ok so I know this chapter might seem a bit all over the place, but it was originally 2 separate chapters and they were both REALLy short and I didn't want to give you guys 2 small chapters in a row, so I mushed it all together. BUT I hope you liked it anyways :) 

The Book of Wishes has made its first appearance... any thoughts/guesses on that subject?

James is dating Celia... wtf, right? who saw THAT one coming?

Alex is still a jerk, but I bet you all saw that one coming :P

Slug Club party in the next chapter... any guesses as to what happens there? Will Lily go with anyone? What will James and Sirius do to spice things up?



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