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Maid Marion / Nina Clark 



“Scorpius,” I questioned indecorously “Is this really necessary?”


He stopped tying the string knot on the parcel and looked up at me with a raised brow. “Yes.”


I ignored the fact that he spoke as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. “I just mean, surly doing this makes you as bad as her.”


“Probably,” he agreed. “In fact, it probably makes me worse. But I’m not complaining.”


“You’re such a tyrant.” I accused. “What would Robin have to say about this?”


“Robin is currently banging a maid, he left Little John in charge; Tuck has to listen to John.”


I pushed the parcel off of his desk and it hit the floor with a bang. “Tuck has a big stick that he will beat John with if John doesn’t keep his trap shut.”


“John senses that Tuck is testy this fine, autumn morning.”


“John senses right,” I finished, slumping back in to the second chair.


The Slytherin dorms managed to acquire desks in our third year. I didn’t want to ask how, and I still don’t. But the wood is dark, a shade of pine that doesn’t brighten up the dark rooms in the slightest – not even with their desperate attempts. Each lad has one, each with a chair, crammed in to the room. Scorpius was currently sat at his.


He raised a brow and folded his arms over his chest. “Does Tuck want to talk about it?”




“Does Tuck need a hug?”


I shook my head. “Tuck needs John to know that if he sends that trick parcel to Rose Weasley, he will absolutely die.”


“John can handle it.” He dismissed airily.


But Tuck can’t.



I pushed my fringe back, resting it over my parting. Today I was content. I sat in my arch way and followed the usual procedure. Feet are tucked underneath me, dark blue jeans tight and green jumper, baggy.


Today I had been left alone. Scorpius and I had spent this Satruday morning together. He planned to ruin Rose Weasley and I sang to myself while partially lecturing him why what he was doing is wrong. Lunch was uneventful. I sat with Scorpius once more, quickly joined by Tom and his friend Dominic Tides. Dominic was their fourth roommate, a Slytherin – a rude one at that. But he kept his mouth shut around Tom.


Keeping myself busy in the way that I had, had allowed me to successfully keep my mind off of the one thing that would hurt me. Albus. I didn’t want to think about what he was doing with Nina, they had been inseparable today. I had to keep myself occupied. And that is exactly what I had done.


Albus left Nina after dinner and spent the time with us, just like old times. His brunette girlfriend sat with the Sherriff. Despite being Captain Hook, she really did look a little lost without him.


And now I sit alone. I looked out over the grounds and see the golden leaves, the leafless trees and the muddy pathways. I only wish that I could be as free as they. I pulled a thread on my jumper as my thoughts were interrupted.




I looked up to the blonde. “Nina? Are you alright?”


“I’m fine thank you.” She said.


The wrap I had around my legs seemed to tighten. “Are you sure? You seem sad.”


“I’m fine. I just had a hard day.” She dismissed. I watched as she sat down in the arch, mirroring my position. “I actually came here to ask you something.”


“Oh,” I said. “Ok.”


She took a deep breath. “It’s very out of order to ask it though.”


“Malfoy is my best friend,” I reminded. “Out of order is something that I’m used to.” Yet, somehow my heart seemed to hurt at the anticipation of her question.


“I want to know what’s wrong with me.”


I raised a brow. “You?”


“Yes,” she said. “You and Scorpius seem to avoid me like the plague if you can.”


I was a little lost for words.


I opened and closed my mouth like a fish, forming myself in to Nemo. My eyes darted from her to the brick work and decided to stay with the cement. My reason for wanting to avoid the Captain was of pure jealousy, I can easily admit that – but only to Scorpius. And I didn’t even need to speak that out loud. But to me Scorpius’ reason was unknown. He stated it was because she was ‘like the others’, but which others?


I pulled down on the ends of my hair. “I’m sorry.”


“It’s ok,” she reassured, resting a gentle hand on to my knee. “I just want to know. I really like Albus, I really, really do, and I want it to work out. But I know that he feels torn between choosing me and the two of you. I don’t want him to have to make that choice – because I know which one he’ll pick.”


Then pull out.


“I’m sorry,” I said again. For an odd reason I felt ashamed. “I’m being selfish.”


“No you’re not,” she disagreed. “It’s ok to feel how you do. I mean, if someone started dating Rose and was with her at all hours, I would feel possessive too. The three of you are so close. I get how you feel.”


I wanted to tell her the truth, to tell her that she is wrong. But I simply couldn’t find the words. How would that have been fair? It wouldn’t.


I nodded in response.


“That is how you feel though, right?” She questioned. “I haven’t just made a silly assumption. I’m not overlooking things?”


I shook my head. “I miss him,” I said quietly. “Albus was always nice to me, Scorpius is a joker. Without the nice, all you get is the wit.”


“And Albus makes your trio?”


“Yes. But he always was destined for more.”


She pursed her lips. “I don’t understand.”


“He’s Robin Hood,” I explained. “He saves the poor from the rich, the weak from the strong.” My eyes simply couldn’t meet hers. “Scorpius and I are merely his friends. John and Tuck. One day he will be King; he will beat the Sherriff and take out the Kings guard. I know he will.”


“Okay then,” she said sweetly. I know that she didn’t understand. “So who am I? If Albus is Robin, you’re Tuck and Scorpius is John. Who am I? Rose is obviously the Sherriff.”


I take it back, maybe she did. “How did you-“


“Know?” She finished for me. “You’re a lovely girl, tolerate of everyone. Yet Rose seems to despise you, we’ve never known why. She is the only one that you and Scorpius both share a mutual dislike of. And you’re smarter than Scorpius, a better person too, therefore making you Tuck.”


I nodded. “In that case, you’re Marion.”


“Maid Marion?” she questioned with a smile. “That’s so lovely. Is it odd that I am excited about being in your story?”


I wanted to correct her. Tell her it’s not a story. But she was right, what else could it be?


“Not at all,” I rectified. “Albus started it; he took my story book in our first year and gave us all roles.”


I wasn’t about to tell her that she took mine, that I was forced to switch at her arrival in to his life. Once again, it wouldn’t have been fair.


Her sweet smile cracked to a grin. “That’s our Albus for you eh?”


“Yeah,” I agreed half-heartedly.


Her hand went from my knee. “I just wanted to talk to you, that’s all. I mean, I want to be friends. Leave Rose out of the equation, she doesn’t deserve to be in it, not the way she treats you. She doesn’t get a say.”


“Friends.” I nodded. “I can do that.”


“And speak to Scorpius for me?” She asked. “Please?”


“Why can’t you do that?”


She blushed a light shade of pink. “Let’s just say that Scorpius and I aren’t on speaking terms.”


“You used to be friends,” I recalled. “Last year, but then one day he just stopped talking about you, I never bugged him about it.”


“He is a very stubborn boy,” she added. “I would talk to him if I could.”


I bid her a goodbye and left her in the arch, wanting a quick escape.


Speaking to Scorpius would be an activity that is very low on my priority list. I have very little intention. He despises Nina, with a burning passion. It’s odd that he changed his opinion of her so quickly last year; they used to be close. Albus never once showed an interest in her until afterwards.


It’s about time that I get to the bottom of this. But I will save it for a rainy day, as for now, I need to befriend my roommates a little more. Albus is happy with Nina, and I should support that. My first step, staying away from the Slytherin Dormitory, and making friends with the girls in my own.



AN;  I hope that you enjoyed this chapter! Sorry again for the long wait for the update! I hope to update quicker now; considering that it’s summer and all.
Again, a rather pointless chapter, set only for getting to know the characters a little more. However, the next chapter new characters are introduced – I hope that you like them!
What did you all make of Nina? I want to hear all of your thoughts!
I will update soon, a preview of the next chapter, maybe?


“Do you know you’re not making any sense?” I asked.


Scorpius looked up from staring at the floor. “What?”


“You,” I pointed out. “You’re only muttering every other word; all I got from the last sentence was ‘bugger, slut’ and something about a ‘jammy dodger’.”


It’s not the best, I know – but anything else would have had to have been taken from where I introduce the new characters, and I didn’t want to give anything away. Any guesses as to who they are? :) They’re OC’s, not cannon, but a relation – honestly, just take a guess! :)

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