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Not A Flower by Shelby95
Chapter 24 : On Thin Ice
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Not A Flower is based upon the Harry Potter series written by JK Rowling. All characters and situations other than my own are sole property of Bloomsbury Publishing, Arthur A. Levine Books, and Raincoast Books [Copyright©1995 to present]


When Elizabeth woke up on Saturday, her sheets were in a pile around her bed and a bottle of emptied Firewhisky was on her nightstand. Her head ached to the point where Elizabeth could have killed Dumbledore for an aspirin as she tried to remember the events of the night before. She remembered going to the common room, finding the banners already hanging and the party rockin’. She remembered James giving her bottle after bottle of Firewhisky, then Anthony, drunk to the point where he could barely stand up straight, kissed Aurelia, asking her to the dance, to which she eagerly agreed. She recalled making out with Sirius and then finding Lily in the corner, drinking Firewhisky and dancing with Mary MacDonald as she laughed and toppled over herself. Most of the night, however, was one big blur that seemed to be spinning around in her head.

As she groaned and pulled herself out of bed, she searched for a hangover potion in her nightstand. When she came upon it, she downed it quickly and felt immediate relief, then pulled the curtains away from her bed to only be met that she was certainly not in her room. The Marauders were all crashed out on top of their beds or on the floor, in only their boxers and ties. Elizabeth looked down at herself and noticed she was in her matching leopard bra and underwear, then at the floor where Sirius was snoring soundly on a pile of muggle cards. Strip poker.

“Jesus,” She laughed quietly, walking around the sleeping figures as she searched for her clothes. She soon found her pair of jeans and tank top which she pulled over her head. Elizabeth struggled to pull her pants on, and when she finally did, she saw that James was already awake.

“What the hell happened last night?” She asked as she strode over to his bed, bending over him.

“We got bloody wasted, that’s what. To think we have to do that ball today, shit,” James said, rubbing his temples. Elizabeth’s eyes widened and searched for a clock. It was 12:15.

“SHIT! I’m supposed to meet Lily in 45 minutes in Hogsmeade to get our hair and nails done!” Elizabeth remembered the agreement she made with her sister as they were dress shopping. She quickly stepped over the boys on the floor and made her way downstairs into the common room, where she toppled over first years and ran up to her room, noticing it was empty. Swearing profusely, she stripped off her clothes and began to climb into the shower, only to see Anthony sleeping soundly in the shower. Elizabeth screamed loudly and grabbed a towel to cover herself, waking Anthony up. He awoke quickly, awfully confused.

“Whoa,” He said, looking up and down Elizabeth. Elizabeth rolled her eyes before she glared at him.

“What are you doing here?” She growled, tightening the towel around her body.

“Aurelia and I got up here... not sure how... anyways, I went into the bathroom for some reason and passed out... and then Lily woke me up this morning and I think I went back into Aurelia’s bed, and then... it’s blank,” He stood up, shaking his head and grinning sloppily at Elizabeth.

“No one is even here! Ugh, doesn’t matter, shoo! I have to be in Hogsmeade at one!” Elizabeth shoved a chuckling Anthony out of the room as she climbed into the shower, swearing at herself as the steam began clouding the bathroom mirrors.


Lily was impatiently waiting at the salon in Hogsmeade, glancing down at her watch every minute as the stylist walked past her often, glaring harshley. Just as she was about to get up and go find Elizabeth herself -- who was already 15 minutes late -- Elizabeth came running through the door. Her hair was pulled up in a bun, still dripping wet, and she was dressed in a pair of ratty gray sweats.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” Elizabeth said, breathing heavily as she flung her bag next to a salon chair and awaited for the hair stylist to come over. Lily rolled her eyes and sat next to Elizabeth, putting her feet in the bucket of water in front of her as two women circled around Lily, asking her what she wanted for hair.

“Darling, what do you want?” a petite black-haired women came by, her hair pulled up in an Asian styled bun, her makeup piled on her. She chewed on a pen as she looked at Elizabeth, glancing at Lily who was ecstatic to be pampered over.

“Oh, I don’t know,” Elizabeth shrugged, glancing at the mirror in front of her, “maybe leave it down, curl it? I don’t know, whatever you think will work,” Elizabeth lifted her hand to mess with her hair, but the stylist swatted it away and rolled her eyes, her nasally voice ringing.

“Alright, curly, I can do that. We’ll put a pretty little jewel in the back and you’ll look gorgeous,” The stylist said, clapping her hands with feigned enthusiasm. As another women came by and began massaging Elizabeth’s feet, Elizabeth glanced at Lily who had her eyes closed as the stylist began snipping away at her hair.

“So, what happened last night?” Elizabeth questioned, looking at Lily through the mirror. Lily opened one eye and began chuckling, careful not to shake her head.

“Well, Aurelia and Anthony hooked up. They’re going to the dance today, not sure where Aurelia disappeared off to: I think she’s with Marlene. Then, you and the boys were dancing like crazy and singing this odd wizard song I had never heard of. It was pretty much drinking and partying, then you disappeared with the boys at the end of the party. Which was about four in the morning,” Lily said, laughing as she massaged her neck.

“Jesus,” Elizabeth mumbled, blinking slowly, “I remember bits and pieces, but not a lot. I must have been really wasted,”

“Yeah, no shit. You damn started stripping when David Tungsteen asked you to said you had a smokin’ body,” Lily remembered the scene, Elizabeth stripping off her Quidditch shirt to show her bra before sirius came over and hexed David.

“Oh, shit. Well, good to know. I don’t remember ever drinking that much,” Elizabeth said as the stylist signaled for her to walk a few feet to get her hair washed. Lily followed her stylist as well and glanced at Elizabeth who looked absolutely petrified.

“Don’t worry about it, I’m pretty sure that James spiked the punch. You only had one bottle of Firewhisky before switching to punch. I was pretty wasted, too,” Lily said and Elizabeth glared at no one, thinking about how she was going to punish James for getting her wasted off her rocker.


It was another three hours before the girls had finished their entire routine: their hair, nails, and makeup was done. It was now four o’clock and the girl’s had two hours before the dinner began, which the ball followed.

“What are we going to do?” Lily glanced at her reflection from a window and admired her straight, red hair cascading down her shoulders. There was a small Lily flower that dangled by her ear and was clipping part of her hair back, showing her long earrings. Her makeup was basic: natural colors except for her eyes, which were lined with black eyeliner and mascara, as well as light lavender eyeshadow.

“I suppose we can go get a butterbeer, or stop by Zonkos,” Elizabeth said, fingering her ringlets and fuzzing up her bangs so that they were messy, yet elegant across her forehead. She wore almost no makeup, except for a light, salmon lip stick and black mascara and eyeliners, which made her green eyes sparkle in the sunlight. 

“Let’s pick up a drink, sure. As long as we avoid alcohol,” Lily chuckled as she grabbed Elizabeth’s arms and began running toward The Three Broomsticks, rushing into the musky filled bar. Many of the Hogwarts students were in the pub, and as they chatted away, heads began turning toward the twins, jaws dropping just at the sight of their faces.

“Awkward,” Elizabeth droned, pulling Lily toward the bar and sitting on a wooden stool, scratching it across the tile floor. Elizabeth whistled over Tom, who scurried over and smiled a barely-tooth smile.

“The usual?” Tom questioned, pulling out a Firewhisky.

“Nah, Tom, thanks. A Butterbeer will do me fine,” Elizabeth smiled, “one for my lovely sister here, too”

Tom nodded, slightly disappointed, and handed the two girls their Butterbeers. As Tom walked away, Elizabeth cracked open her bottle and took a long swig.

“How have you possibly been able to get Firewhisky here?” Lily questioned, glancing at Tom who was at the other end of the bar.

“James’s parents know him. Not sure how, but he’s pretty lenient with us. As long as we don’t get drunk,” Elizabeth nodded, taking another sip of her drink.

“Alright, I can’t believe I’ve never asked this, but how many times have you been drunk?” Lily asked, turning towards her sister.

“Last night was my first. Usually I have one Firewhisky and it gives me a little energy, but no where near intoxicated. I then go straight to water,” Elizabeth said, knowing Lily would be happy.

“Oh, thank God,” She breathed in relief, leaning against the bar. Elizabeth laughed lightly before scanning the bar.

“Malfoy looks really bloody unhappy,” Elizabeth said, locking eyes with Lucius Malfoy’s cold, crystal blue eyes. He seemed to be checking her out, his eyes gliding up and down her body, even though it was covered by ripped sweats and an off-the-shoulder sweatshirt.

“So do Crabbe and Goyle,” Lily nodded toward the two tall, thin boys by Lucius who were blabbing about something that didn’t seem to interest the blond at all.

“He gives me the creeps,” Elizabeth mumbled, turning back to the bar, tracing her fingers across the dusty granite. 

“Join the club. Why Sev hangs out with him, I just don’t know,” Lily sighed, noticing that the door bell had rung and Severus came strutting in, throwing a discrete glance toward Lily and her sister.

“I know. I think it’s his family, you know? He’s been beaten and bruised and treated like shit and now he’s just an absolute arse to everyone,” Elizabeth took another gulp of her Butterbeer and stared at Severus, who smiled softly at the boys. Yet again, Severus glimpsed at the girls before looking at Lucius and discussing something of mediocre interest.

“Doesn’t give him the right to be a fucking asshole,” Lily mumbled, pulling her drink up to her lips and downing the last of it.

“A little snarky, huh?” Elizabeth joked, but she knew she was speaking the truth: yet again, Lily had the temper of a fierce tigress, and she couldn’t help but let it show when discussing someone she detested.

“He had no right!” Lily spoke, shaking her head, “he had no right to call either of us mudbloods. I hate him,”

“Lily,” Elizabeth said quietly, putting her hand on Lily’s knee, “he really regrets it. That first year told me he waited outside the common room all night for you,”

“And not for you! He wants to apologize to me, not to you. He said it to you, not to me. You deserve an apology!” Lily stated in an all-knowing tone as she signaled for Tom to get her another drink.

“I don’t need an apology, I know he feels bad. We did used to be friends. I remember that time where you had that flower, and it was opening and closing its petals and Petunia was freaking out? Severus explained it to us... It had been, what, a year before our letters came?” Elizabeth pondered.

“A year at least. It was right after our 10th birthday, I think. We didn’t really discuss it much afterwards, you know? Petunia hated whenever Severus mentioned it, she would storm off, so we made a pact not to talk about it,” Lily stared longingly at Severus, yet some detest was still evident in her eyes.

“You would forgive him if he apologized,” Elizabeth nodded her thanks as Tom brought over Lily’s drink and took her own.

“Damn right I wouldn’t!” Lily said, snapping open her bottle, “ridiculous. It’s unforgivable. He’s a Slytherin for a reason,”

Elizabeth stayed quiet as she considered the words that came tumbling out of Lily’s mouth: at one point, Lily used to believe that no matter what house you were in, we were all equal. Now, after Severus made a mistake in saying the most hated word, she couldn’t forgive him. Elizabeth sighed and looked around the bar, locking eyes with Severus, who, for just a second, gave her a small smile before returning to his hard stare and talking to Lucius.

“He is sorry,” Elizabeth mumbled to herself, quiet enough so that Lily didn’t hear, “maybe we should go, it’ll take awhile to get back,”

“Alright,” Lily pulled out a couple knuts and placed them on the counter, grabbing her drink and walking out, Elizabeth close behind.

As much as Elizabeth loved her friends and her sister, she was incredibly impatient when it came to waiting for them to emerge from the bathroom. Elizabeth had been ready for over 30 minutes: she pulled on her dress, put on some silver jewelry, and was ready to go meet Sirius downstairs to eat early. However, Lily, Aurelia, and Marlene were insistent on spending as much time as possible to make sure they looked absolutely perfect.

“For Christ sakes, it’s ten minutes to six. I’d really like to eat before my stomach crawls out of my mouth and devours you three,” Elizabeth said, sitting down on the edge of her bed. Her dress crinkled slightly and Elizabeth adjusted her straps, sighing loudly and awaiting for the girls to emerge from the bathroom.

“Okay, I think we’re ready!” It was Lily who first came out, her ivory dress hugging her delicate curves lightly, her bright, fiery red hair hanging down her shoulders. Elizabeth smiled her approval, knowing that James would be incredibly jealous that Amos had gotten such a beautiful creature.

Next, it was Aurelia, who looked like she had put some extra effort into looking amazing for Anthony. Her chestnut hair was pin straight, pouring down right past her bust. She had on an incredible sexy red gown, which had a slit on the side and was a halter top. She went simple with her makeup: all natural and she also chose not to wear jewelry. Elizabeth felt suddenly self-conscious, but also incredibly happy that Anthony was able to go with her.

Finally, Marlene sauntered out, her blond hair pulled up in an elegant bun, curls flowing out in various parts. Her purple, haltered dress made her look incredibly seductive, showing off her body. She was smiling widely, glancing at the mirror and making sure her cat-like makeup was absolutely perfect.

“Girls, you look sexy, gorgeous, and beautiful. Really. Now let’s go before I starve to death,” Elizabeth stood up, smiling at her friends. The girls, however, were gawking at Elizabeth.

“Who knew you could clean up?” Marlene joked, receiving a glare from Elizabeth, “no, seriously, Elizabeth, you look gorgeous. There are going to be so many girls that are going to want to kill you: especially because you’re with Sirius,”

“Oh, well, thanks,” Elizabeth said awkwardly, petting the pearls around her neck before lifting her dress off the ground and walking out of the room and down the stairs. When she arrived at the bottom of the stairs, she saw Sirius awaiting her, smiling brightly.

He strolled over to her, glancing up and down her body before finally arriving and placing his hand upon her cheek, “You look beautiful,”

Elizabeth smiled shyly and looked over Sirius, who was wearing a black tux, a small bow tie, and looked incredibly handsome as his muscles shined through the midnight blazer.

“You don’t look too shabby yourself,” Elizabeth joked, causing Sirius to chuckle before kissing her lightly.

“James and Peter are already in The Great Hall. I think Remus is awaiting for Sen. So, I say we go meet the boys,” Sirius grinned, bowing in joke fashion before giving Elizabeth his hand, who curtsied and followed Sirius out of the common room.


Elizabeth felt more awkward than ever: as Sirius, James, Peter, and herself sat at an elegant table, covered with flowers, crystal glasses, and a white, embroidered table cloth, she could feel the eyes of many upon her. She shoved her food around with her fork, feeling more self-conscious than ever.

“You’re not stuffing your face. This is a surprise,” James joked as he lifted a burger to his face, ketchup smearing over his top lip. Elizabeth began laughing as she gestured toward the sight before shaking her head, glancing back at the people who were staring at her. She noticed that Lucius Malfoy had his mouth open to the point where she could probably see down to his intestines as he stared at her.

“I feel weird eating while everyone is looking at me,” Elizabeth adjusted herself in her seat, attempting to avoid the creeping eyes as she looked down at her full plate.

“They’re just jealous,” Sirius whispered in her ear, sending a chill down her spine. Elizabeth glanced up at Sirius and beamed, grasping his chin and bringing him forward so she could give him a small kiss.

“Yo, not at the table! Gross,” Peter grumbled, shoving his fork in his mouth. Elizabeth chuckled as she finally took a deep breath and brought herself to eating. When she looked over at James, she saw he had a very grim look on his face and was glaring at something behind her. Elizabeth turned around and saw that Amos Diggory was walking in with her beautiful sister.

“Ah,” Elizabeth sighed, looking back at James who was violently stabbing his potatoes, “James, chill. Maybe they won’t last long, and having a temper tantrum is only going to prove her theory that you’re immature,”

James sighed and looked back at Lily longingly and then avoided eye contact as Lily giggled at a joke that Amos had told, “when is this dance going to actually start?”

“Looks like right now,” Peter spoke as Albus Dumbledore stood up from his spot with a clap, causing the students to stand up and the tables and chairs to vanish. Suddenly, the lights dimmed and music started playing from an unknown source, groups of students laughing loudly as they wandered to the middle of the Great Hall, dancing obnoxiously.

“I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to get through this without drinking,” Elizabeth scowled, watching Mary dance like a dying chicken with a Hufflepuff boy. James chuckled at her and wiggled his eyebrows.

“I can fix that,” James pulled out a water bottle with a clear liquid, causing Elizabeth to raise an eyebrow. James handed the bottle to Elizabeth, who opened it, took a swig, and began coughing uncontrollably.

“You brought Vodka to the dance?” Elizabeth said loudly, causing Sirius and James to hush her equally as loudly.

“As much as I love spending time with you, looking at these imbeciles try and dance requires to be at least a little buzzed,” Sirius said, grabbing the bottle from her and taking a small gulp.

“You two are bloody brilliant,” Elizabeth grinned and took the bottle, sipped it before smiling at James, “that’s all I’ll have for tonight. Enough to make me not want to shoot a first year. Now, let’s go,” Elizabeth dragged James, Peter, and Sirius over to the dance floor where she placed a charm on the bottle of her dress to prevent herself from tripping and began dancing: or what James would probably call squirming.

“You can’t dance!” Peter called over the music that increasingly got louder. Elizabeth laughed and nodded in agreement.

“I used to do ballet! Lily and I took it when we were young, but quit once our feet hurt like a bitch. No, I really can’t dance,” Elizabeth laughed again, spinning in a circle.

It was probably an hour and a half before Elizabeth felt like her feet were going to drop off and requested to go outside. It was around 10 o’clock and the moon was high, glistening above Sirius and Elizabeth as they strolled by The Black Lake, barefoot, their shoes in their hands.

“You know, I might have been able to get through that without a little Vodka,” Elizabeth smiled, perfectly sober. The Vodka had little affect on any of them: which they assumed had something to do with having less than a shot glass worth.

“Me too,” Sirius grabbed for Elizabeth’s free hand and smiled, looking back up at the sky.

“I wish I knew less about you,” Elizabeth said randomly, admiring the couples across the courtyard who were talking. Sirius raised an eyebrow and looked at Elizabeth, her blond hair shimmering in the moonlight, “I mean, I know practically everything about you. There’s nothing for us to talk about,”

“Not true. We can talk about our days, we can talk about what we don’t know,” Sirius said, leading Elizabeth over to a patch of sand, where the couple sat down, digging their feet into it.

“Okay, then tell me about your day,” Elizabeth grinned, waiting to hear what Sirius had done while she was out being pampered.

“Well, I woke up at about two. On the floor. I had pretty much no recollection of last night, but James filled me in on what he remembered. When I found out that Tungsteen asked you to strip, I went and stalked him down and told him if he ever talked to you again, I’d have to cut his arm off,” Elizabeth chuckled at Sirius, “then Remus came and told me he didn’t know what to wear, of which I helped him transfigure some of his clothes into a tux. I played a little Quidditch, took a shower, and then I found you,”

“Now, that lasted us what, a minute?” Elizabeth joked. 

“Alright, then, tell me about the first time you ever used magic. The first time you remember,” Elizabeth wandered through her memories, wondering when she remembered using magic. Elizabeth’s eyes then became fuzzy and she remembered: something she hated talking about. She took a deep breath before she began.

“I was six and we were up in this antique cabin in Austria for Christmas. My grandparents had rented it out in the mountains instead of us staying at their house like usual. It was this beautiful cabin, it only had the essentials for electricity and was just amazing: it was made out of oak and was huge, there were carvings in the walls and I loved it. One morning, Lily woke up and told me that she wanted to go ice skating. It was a few days after Christmas and Petunia, herself, and I had received new ice skates. I told her we should wake up Petunia.

“So, we woke her up and wandered out to the lake only half a mile from the cabin. The sun was just rising and was shimmering on the ice across the frozen lake, and Petunia was yawning and said she was just going to sit and watch. Lily was so excited, she really wanted to use her skates. So both of us put on our skates and went to the ice, just on the edge. She stepped out first, and seeing that it was stable, I followed after her. We skated around for a little bit, joking and making noise in the middle of the woods, and then suddenly, we heard this crack.

“It was so fast, neither of us really knew what was going on. Lily looked down and saw that there was a huge crack below where she was standing and before she could move, the ice collapsed and she fell through. It had to be freezing, steam was coming up, maybe a couple degrees over. I ran over and she was so deep, and she had hit her head on the edge of the hole when she fell through and she was knocked unconscious. 

“Petunia was screaming and running over and I didn’t know what to do, she was so deep down. Maybe five feet and still falling. So I closed my eyes and begged for someone to help, I begged to be able to help her. I said I’d do anything just to keep her from dying. And then I opened my eyes and I couldn’t really see because my eyesight was so blurry because I was crying, but my hands were glowing this really dull blue, and suddenly Lily started coming up toward the surface, still knocked out. When she got close enough, I pulled her out and carried her off the pond.

“Petunia was taking off her jacket and we were about to wrap Lily in it and run home, when suddenly, I remember thinking about how she needed to be dry, and then she just was. She wasn’t wet at all: her hair was perfectly dry, her hands were warm, her breathing was steady. I remember looking at Petunia who seemed just as shocked as I was and then suddenly Lily opened her eyes. She remembered it, she remembered falling through the thin ice. None of us could understand how she survived or how she wasn’t wet. We thought maybe we imagined it, all three of us. None of us ever told our parents, but I remember Lily and I telling Severus when we got back, and he seemed intrigued, but not surprised. He said we didn’t imagine it, but didn’t explain,” Elizabeth breathed heavily, remembering the look on her sister’s face as she fell through the ice: her green eyes sparkling with dread as she looked down.

Sirius stayed quiet for several moments, watching Elizabeth, deep in thought, “What did Petunia think?”

“To this day she denies it ever happened. Lily and I don’t talk about it much, we sort of have this mutual agreement that we don’t want to discuss it. But after that, I remember Lily never wanted to go ice skating. She gave her skates to charity, and whenever I would go I remember her being terrified, always saying she wanted to come with me and make sure I was okay. We both remember, even if we can’t fully explain it,” Elizabeth spoke, thinking of how Lily told her that night how much she loved her. Elizabeth smiled a bit before locking eyes with Sirius, “now, it’s you’re turn.”

“Nothing that intense, for sure. I was just with Regulus and my parents at this pure-blood party during the summer and Malfoy was making fun of this muggle neighbor of his, and I remember feeling angry and then suddenly his hair caught on fire,” Elizabeth chuckled, nodding at him.

“Still, pretty good story,” Elizabeth smiled and leaned over to Sirius, kissing his frozen nose, “here, why don’t we go inside before you’re an icicle,” 

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Not A Flower: On Thin Ice


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