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"Face it Harry we are lost." Ron grumbled for the 20th time that day. It had been a week and they realized too late they had no idea where in Romania the castle was. It had to be hidden of course. They hadn’t exactly thought things through; before they had rushed out to go after Hermione.

"I know, what do you suggest?" Harry sighed and sat down on the bench they were somewhere in Brasov Romania.

"Well" Said Ron slowly contemplatively. "If Hermione were here, She'd have us look in the library. Maybe there’s a book or archive of castles built."

"Wow, that’s actually pretty smart Ron. We should go do that. I'm sure there’s a library around here somewhere." Harry got up and headed toward the youth hostel that they were staying at. Surely there was a flyer or something that had a map and on the map hopefully a library. The whole time his mind was racing. Please be ok Hermione...



 "Ha, you don't know where you’re going either." Draco drawled it was a week into the trip and they had done nothing but argue. They were somewhere in Romania but they had no idea where.

 "Well at least I got us in the country, If we kept going your way we'd be in Siberia or something." Hermione glared at the vampire who just gave her his infamous smirk and kept walking. Occasionally He helped her over tree roots and fallen trees. Mostly out of annoyance because she was going to slow.

 "Shh, I hear something." Draco stopped dead in his tracks; his head tilted listening to something. It was when Hermione stopped and held still that she heard it from a distance; Music and chattering of people. He motioned for Hermione to follow behind. They walked over to a clearing. Gypsy's busy and going about their lives. They were going to turn around when a woman’s voice spoke from behind them.

 "We've been expecting you Draco, Hermione." The woman that spoke had long wavy blond hair and deep dark blue eyes and wore peasant clothing with a shawl around her arms. "Do not be alarmed" She said when she noticed Draco holding onto his wand and was half way in front of Hermione."Come Follow" She wandered into the camp. Hermione and Draco followed not seeing a choice. Draco wrapped an arm around her waist in case they needed a quick getaway. Everyone in the camp stared at them.

  "Sit" She said. "My Names Aurora I am one of the vampire’s wife. Axel you'll get to know him soon enough." They both sat like she asked them to.

  "What is it that you have to tell us that is so important?" Said Draco in his normal drawl and usual tone of disrespect he held for most things.

  "Can you tell us how to get to where we are supposed to be Miss?" Hermione spoke in a much calmer nicer tone and more respectful. Aurora smiled.

  "It’s twelve miles north dear but first. I have a prophecy to tell you." Hermione had to keep herself from rolling her eyes. She knew prophecy's existed however. She didn't much care for random divination. If she couldn't read or see it herself she couldn't comprehend it.

"Well?" They spoke at once.

  "Beware the council dears, they seek to kill the girl, and they want you to fail Draco. They will think of the hardest tests they can throw at you, do not falter. You two hold the key to the councils undoing and how all vampires are governed. The only vampires if I were you I would trust are Damien and my Husband Axel. Be Careful with Damascus. He it is uncertain where his loyalty lies. And our three kings aren’t to be taken lightly dears. Protect each other and you'll be safe."

  Right protect each other Hermione thought rolling her eyes. That was difficult sure they had been doing it for a few weeks now and come to think of it as they were growing up in weird ways; but seriously getting along not a chance.

"Here take these.” Aurora handed them a dagger each and two necklaces one of the sun she gave to Hermione and the other the moon. "You have to figure out what the necklaces do and mean on your own. For now just know that they will help you"

  They were led out of the camp and they started walking north having a lot to think about both just as confused as the other.

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