January 15th 1981


Elizabeth smiled at the small child. “Do you like the bear?” she asked.

“Beou!” The child held up the stuffed bear; her mother smiled. Elizabeth placed her wand on the nearby nightstand.

“Now dear it's time for bed” whispered the young woman picking up the child. She walked out of the living room and towards the bedrooms in the back. The little girl held her stuffed animal blowing raspberries. Once inside the small bedroom Elizabeth sat Katherine down on her bed.

“Mummy, sweep wit me?”

“No honey, you need to sleep alone” whispered the young woman with some impatience as her daughter stood up. Katherine shook her head as she held her teddy bear to her chest.

 “Please dear it's been a long week and I-” she began exasperated.  Elizabeth wasn't used to being kept inside for so long. Fabian insisted it was the best for her, and for Katherine. 

Elizabeth took the stuffed animal from her daughter. Tonight she could tell would once again be a sleepless night. She was alone in the house for the first time; usually either Fabian or Gideon would stay behind.

Today neither could; both had duties with the Order.   

“Don't worry” she whispered more to herself than to her daughter. “Gideon said he'd check up on us tonight” Elizabeth went on as she watched her daughter suck on her thumb. “That means he'll, hopefully know where Fabian is...”

Elizabeth blinked the rising tears away, if she were to lose Fabian…

“No” she thought poking at Katherine’s nose. “Stay positive, we’re safe” Elizabeth watched her daughter try and get a hold of her finger. “He won’t hurt us…”

“Fab” Katherine repeated with her thumb in her mouth. Elizabeth nodded.

“Yes Fabian dear...” For a moment Elizabeth watched her child. Curious blue eyes looked up at her as Katherine stared at her finger. She pulled her finger away from her daughter “now go to sleep dear.” As Elizabeth tucked her daughter in, a small ball of silvery light appeared between them. The little girl stared at the light clapping and giggling. Elizabeth’s heart skipped a beat, it was a patronus, and by the look of it this one belonged to Gideon.

“He's coming!” His voice was desperate. The young woman's face was drained of all color as the small owl slowly disappeared.

“No!” she yelled at the disappearing owl. Elizabeth picked up her daughter holding her close.

Her heart raced, it couldn’t be anyone else. Maybe Gideon was playing a prank; no not even Gideon would play such a joke.

Elizabeth shook her head bolting out of the bedroom. They couldn't have been found, not now. Her daughter, what would they do with her? Elizabeth fought back the tears as she reached into her pocket. It was empty. She stood in the hall with only seconds to choose a path. If she took the broom they could catch up, but if they apparated…

“My wand” she whispered making her way back into the living room, she spotted it on the edge of the nightstand. Elizabeth walked over to it reaching for it, she'd soon be safe. All she had to do was apparate out of here.

The wand flew off the table; she turned finding herself facing a masked man his own wand pointing towards her. Elizabeth ran into the study, she shut the door behind her. It wouldn't hold him off for long. Elizabeth laid Katherine down.

“Think Elizabeth think!”  she thought looking around the room, if only she had her wand. “You idiot! You should’ve kept your wand with you” her eyes lingered for a moment over the window. She could get out through the window…

“Mummy door!” said Katherine walking towards the door.

“Katherine!” called Elizabeth as she heard the lock click. The little girl ran back towards her mother.

The door creaked open as Elizabeth, pulled her daughter towards her. If this was the end, then so be it. At the frame stood a masked man.

“To think that he would keep you safe….pathetic” he whispered. Underneath the mask she caught a glimpse of blue eyes. For moment she lost her breath, all she could feel was her daughter squirming in her arms. Her grip on her daughter tightened her breathing now shallow.

“You...” Elizabeth clenched her jaw. “You monster!” she spat now standing, her thoughts of giving up now long gone “you coward. ” Unconsciously Elizabeth released her daughter as she backed into the desk. Fabian had once taken a wand in a duel with a Death Eater; he kept it in the drawer claiming that it might of use someday. She would use that wand to get rid of him once and for all; her hands met the cool wood of the desk.

He simply stared his eyes now on the little girl that pulled on his robes. She smiled up at him with open arms. The man pointed his wand at the child. “NO!” Elizabeth leaped forward pulling her daughter away before the man could even utter the curse.

 “I'm not here for the child” he sneered watching as Elizabeth held her close.

“Thorfinn…” she whispered as he pointed his wand at her. Elizabeth put Katherine down this time though she held onto her mother. “Please, you can’t, I’m her mother…she’d be alone…”

“I came here with other purposes, but seeing as the Prewetts are-“ he glanced at the child then at Elizabeth “unavailable I suppose you’ll do…”

Elizabeth bit back the tears as he continued “then I’ll have Greyback get rid of the child.”

“Kill me, but please spare her!” Elizabeth sobbed kneeled beside Katherine pulling to her chest. “Please...please have a heart.”

A flash of green light filled the room.  


September 1st 1989

"Please behave, you two!"  Their mother called after the train as it began to move.

"Don't worry, mum," said Fred smirking while his twin called back to his mother, "we won't blow anything up!"

Their mother gave them a look of disapproval as the red-haired boys sat back in their seats, laughing.

George wiped a fake tear from his eye. "Classic," he managed to say as Fred nodded in agreement.

Today was their first day and all they could do was wonder what school would be like for them. All of their older brothers had successfully made names for themselves whilst enrolled in Hogwarts. Bill, the eldest, had been Head Boy during his tenure. Then there was Charlie, who was now in his seventh year, and was the Captain and star Seeker of the Gryffindor Quidditch. Finally Percy, as arrogant and self-centered as he may be, was undoubtedly destined to follow in Bill's academically elite footsteps.

Fred and George Weasley, on the other hand, weren't stupid by any means. They were above average at Quidditch, this was true, but they were never going to be Captain-worthy. What the twins excelled in was the art of hijinks.

The compartment door opened only to reveal a tall red-haired boy looking down at his brothers with the same brown eyes he shared with them. Charlie was only slightly bulkier than the twins, his muscles toned from years of Quidditch practice.

"Look, I just wanted to tell you guys to take it easy, at least for the first week," said Charlie with a slight smile. He knew Fred and George may be ready for Hogwarts, but he wasn't so sure that Hogwarts was ready for Fred and George, not just yet.

"Mum told you to keep an eye on us?" asked George.

"Yeah," Charlie nodded, "but it's not me you guys have to worry about."

"Yeah, we know," said Fred with a smile, "it's Perfect Percy we gotta worry about."

"He was already yelling at us before Mum got started," said George for good measure.

"-behave yourselves-"

"-don't embarrass the family-"

Charlie couldn't help but laugh at their impersonation of Percy - it was rather dead-on.

"Nevertheless, just try and take it easy boys," he said, and with that he waved them goodbye, leaving them alone. They sat there in silence, each wondering about what it would be like when they got there, sure their brothers had explained the process already but George couldn't help but wonder if he'd be separated from Fred, worst of all how would they be sorted?

"You don't reckon they'll put us in different houses?" asked Fred in a whisper as if there was a risk of being overheard, but just before his brother could answer their door opened revealing a small girl. Her black hair was pulled back in a ponytail revealing her pale face.

"Is anyone sitting there?" she asked, her distinct blue eyes darting form one twin to another. "You're Weasleys right? I mean with the red hair and freckles n' all-" she began before sitting without formal invitation.

They nodded as she smiled pleasantly in response, "Uncle Egil mentions your Father on a rather regular basis, he works in the Ministry as well. Between the three of us, I think your dad may love Muggles more than my Uncle Egil and that's impressive."

The boys blinked as she looked onto the floor, now playing with her thumbs.

"I'm Fred," Fred said, extending his hand and she quickly took it.

"-and I'm George-"

"I'm Katherine Rowle," she said as the door opened again there now stood a small dark-skinned boy with lengthy dreadlocks. The boy walked his head held high he looked around.

“Good there's still a seat left!”

He sat down and the girl extended her hand, "Katherine."

“Lee” the boy turned to the twins who extended their hands. He turned towards the window taking in the scenery while the remaining three stared at each other.

The four sat there in silence until Fred suggested they play Exploding Snap. After a few rounds the four began to talk about Quidditch, amongst other things. "So how about you, Lee?"

"Well, er– Fred, right...?"

Fred sighed heavily as his twin snickered, "Honestly, it's been three hours and you still can't tell us apart?"

"Sorry, George-"

"Just joking, I am Fred, go on," he smirked slyly.

"I'm a pureblood, we live in Yorkshire and I'm an only child. That's about all there is to know about me. What about you?" said Lee turning to Katherine who had barely spoken. She took a deep breath; the boys stared as she frowned. Fred and George tilted their heads curiously until she raised an eyebrow.

She whispered. "Merlin, you're identical!"

The twins looked at each other with fake expressions of shock upon their youthful faces. Fred clasped a palm to either cheek while George clutched his chest.

"Blimey, George, she's right!" Fred said in an exasperated tone. "How could we have never noticed this before?"

"I wondered why I kept being followed around by a mirror," said George, chuckling. "This explains everything! Thanks, Katherine."

It was always funny to them to have someone say that. Lee turned to Katherine and nodded. "I still can't tell them apart."

Katherine nodded in agreement. "I bet your mum can't even tell you apart!"

"You'd be right Katherine," said George with a small smile.



The sun began to set and it had been announced that it was time to change. The three boys slipped into their black robes, though as they did George couldn't help but sneak glances at Fred.

“They can't put us in different houses”, he thought as he fixed his robes. He had never been separated from Fred so now things wouldn't change, right?

They stepped out of the compartment into the crowded hall bumping into Charlie. He winked at them as they stepped of the train. What now?

"First years 'ere!" called out a voice, it was a large man holding a lamp. The twins stared at him. He was probably three times the width of a normal man; his hair was wild just as his beard.


"Four per boat! C'mon now, don't be shy"

The twins along with Lee and a bashful looking boy shared a boat. The enchanted boats crossed the lake revealing before them a large castle, sure Bill, Charlie and Percy had already told them about but to see it themselves was a lot more impressive.

"The giant squid!" squealed a girl form the boat next to them the boys looked over to the edge of the water as large silhouette swam under them. Lee gave it a low whistle, George couldn't help but smile while Fred tried to poke it with his wand.

They stepped into the hall and walked up the stairs, all of them looking around at the portraits, those who were muggle-born pointed, and some even stopped to watch the portraits move.

"Never seen a painting do that" piped up a small blonde girl as they stopped at the top of a staircase only to meet a stern-looking woman. She held a roll of parchment in her hand as she watched the group walk up the steps.

"Welcome to Hogwarts," she began. "Today you will be sorted into your houses, now your houses will be like your families." Fred elbowed George and gave him a nervous look. He gave his brother a strained smile.

The children suddenly began to file in; they were greeted by floating candles and the night sky above them. They couldn't help but let out a couple of 'wows' and 'look!' Even the purebloods were impressed; it was all so majestic just as their brothers had told them it would be. Still, how were the houses chosen?

Charlie had said they had to duel a troll, while Bill insisted they had to perform a complex spell. He felt a lump wanting to jump out of his throat. George looked around almost expecting for a troll to jump out at them. Fred was behind him holding on to the back of his robes. "A hat," said a voice, George stood on his toes to see what was all the whispering about. There was a stool with a hat on top of it, he could feel his face break into a smile.

All they had to do was try on a hat! A stupid old hat!

"Pathetic!" said voice in front of him, it was a girl an apparent attitude problem. She had long brown hair and dark eyes. From her neck hung a silver chain bearing a large S and some sort of Latin inscription.


"If you have a problem take it to the judge!" He heard another girl say, she stood to his left it was the pale girl from the train. For a moment George could have sworn he heard the first girl snort.

Suddenly the hat broke into a song everyone kept quiet including the first years. Though George felt someone tug on his robe, "Do you reckon' it'll ask us where we want to be?" asked Fred, George shrugged. Then it began the woman began to call out names.

"Ali, James,"

A tall brunette boy walked up. He kept pulling his robes and it seemed like he was muttering words while fixing his tie.

“That boy is bound to choke himself” whispered the brunette from earlier. “Bet that pathetic sob is going to be-”

“Could you shut up!” snapped the pale girl with the ice-like eyes. The brunette narrowed her eyes. Without their notice the girl's silly argument had gained a small group's attention.


George felt his stomach churn, great in alphabetical order...they'd definitely be last or close to it. He wished this would be over and done with.

Of he also wished for that brunette to stop clicking her tongue. It was starting to get on his nerves.

"It'll be alright," said a small voice. George turned to see the small girl from the train. He had forgotten her name, but she was unaware of the fact and gave him a smile.

"Clarke, Samantha,"

George stared at her as she turned to Fred, "Everything will turn out okay." A tall blonde girl with large glasses walked past them wearing a smug expression. She quickly her seat on the stool sitting up straight.


She turned away from the boys leaving them dumfounded.

"Diggory. Cedric,"

The boy pushed through the crowd, and George had to admit he was feeling better already. There was something so reassuring...

"I wish that hat would hurry up," he said confidently turning to Fred, "don't you?" His twin began to turn green.

Cedric ended up in Hufflepuff, Angelina Johnson, and Lee Jordan in Gryffindor now it was–

"Rowle, Katherine,"

The girl, whose name George had just previously forgotten, began to move forward towards the hat her frizzy hair hitting a couple of people in the face. That was her...on the train the odd one, whispered George as he watched her sit on the stool. It took a while –

As the hat spoke the girl's face had suddenly gone red.

He held his breath and he watched as she closed her eyes.


Soon it would be their turn...where but where...

Every time their names got closer George would sneak a chance at the frizzy girl. How come she was so sure?

"Weasley, Fred!"

Fred took a deep breath as he walked away without looking back at George. Maybe he felt he had to show some bravery, after all he was the older twin. He sat on the stool and George watched as he searched the Gryffindor table for his brothers.

Fred laughed and George cracked a smile. This hat would never know what hit it.

George's eyes locked with Fred's. Please Fred Gryffindor...


Fred ran towards his brothers wearing a smile. Now it would be George's turn.

He sat on the stool and saw Fred giving him the thumbs, Percy nodded while Charlie winked. He closed his eyes "Well what a surprise" said the hat "twins... I see you are no different than your brother-"

The Hat yelled, "GRYFFINDOR!" George jumped up from the stool and ran towards the Gryffindor table taking a seat next to Fred happily. His brothers patted him on the back and the small girl clapped along with the others. He owed her one...and those words would stick with him for years to come.

The boys enjoyed their feats along with their brothers. To their surprise Percy seemed proud of them a Charlie kept introducing them to his teammates. George smiled though looked around for the girl trying to thank her, his eyes found her at the edge of the table eating her meal in silence. She wore a frown her eyes so different form the ones he had seen minutes ago. He felt Fred poke him.

“Ow what is it?”

Fred smiled “just to let you know it's over were supposed to go to bed.” George nodded standing up along with rest of the Gryffindors.

“First years here!” yelled a blonde girl who fumbled with her Prefects badge. “C'mon kids we haven't all night!” The twins walked in her direction both of them tired and hoping to get ready for bed.

"You stepped on my foot!" yelled a boy with brown hair. A dark-skinned girl taller than him frowned, she threw back her long braided hair.

“Then move it!” she snapped as the boy stared. “Don't make me say it again or I'll-”

“Everyone keep calm or I'll give you lot detention!” the Prefect's voice was crisp and that was all it took to get the two first year's attention. Fred and George snickered at their frightened faces. They were sure Molly Weasley was far worse than any teacher in this school and so far they had lived (only barely thought George nodding to himself.)

“Detention sounds like a lovely experience” whispered Fred to the girl whom rolled her eyes.

“Maybe for you, but my mum would kill me” she snapped George raised an eyebrow.

“Believe me our mother is probably far worse than yours” she turned to George her eyes gave her a look of confusion.


Fred and George laughed “actually he's my mirror image” answered Fred “I'm Fred.”

George smiled shaking her hand “George.”

She pursed her lips “Angelina Johnson.”

They arrived at a large portrait that contained a fat woman dressed in pink. She currently leaned against the side of her portrait apparently listening to what another large woman was whispering to her.

The first years chuckled as the woman suddenly gasped causing their Prefect some frustration. She cleared her throat once...twice...three times before the Fat Lady turned her mouth formed an 'O'

“The password's exordium of terminus ” said the irritated Prefect the Fat Lady swung open muttering under her breath about rude teens.

“Welcome to Gryffindor house” began the prefect leading them into the circular room. It had a fireplace and nice swishy armchairs decorated in red and gold. George smiled to himself; this would be their home for years to come.


A/N: This story is going through minor edits. 






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