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 Myrtle was crying again – bawling, really, and Olive Hornby was trying to sleep. It wasn’t that Olive minded her (most of the time), but at 3:30 in the morning, she could be so damn irritating, especially when considering the fact that Olive had two exams the next day, and an essay due in Potions that she was only half-way done with. She slammed her pillow over her head, but still couldn’t drown out the noise.

She sat up and looked around at her fellow dorm mates. Mabel was, as usual, sleeping soundly, her chest rising and falling methodically with every breath. Olive felt a twinge of envy for her best friend’s sleeping habits. There were actually many things Olive envied her for. Mabel knew none of them.

Lottie’s bed, Olive noticed, was empty. Again. Every since she had taken up with…well, Olive couldn’t remember his name. But ever since Lottie had taken up with him, she was always missing at the most convenient times. She had been acting strange lately - the Lottie she knew from first year would never have been out after curfew. But, people changed, as Olive had observed throughout the next few years.

Aggie was, on first look, asleep as well. But, having lived with these girls for five years and counting, Olive had come to know many “tells” which showed that Aggie was just as awake as she was: The way her arm rested underneath her pillow, or the way her feet hung over the edge of the mattress. She was shifting almost constantly, lifting her head every few minutes to glance at the time before throwing her head back into the pillow.

“Myrtle!” Aggie growled finally. Myrtle looked up in Aggie’s direction, squinting, then reached for her glasses on her bedside table. Once they were properly on her face, she reddened even more, if it were even possible. Her eyes were puffy and her cheeks were swollen. “This is the third night in a row! What could possibly be that big of a deal?”

Myrtle sent Aggie a weak glare, wiped her eyes and sniffed. “Oh, well isn’t that rich,” she retorted. “Not everyone’s life can be as perfect as yours, Agnes Blake! Some of us have problems!”

“Oh, stuff it. What horrible problems do you have that require you to keep everyone up until ungodly hours of the morning?” Aggie moaned. “Did someone call your hair limp again or something?”

Olive sighed in frustration – quietly, so as not to attract attention – and looked discreetly over at Mabel. She was still asleep.

“I wouldn’t expect you to understand,” Myrtle huffed. “You’re a pureblood. No one’s coming after you.

“Like anyone would want to attack you,” Aggie mumbled. “You’d make one hell of an afterlife.”

“I heard that, you know.”

“I wasn’t trying to be quiet.”

“Oh, just leave me alone!” Myrtle wailed, launching herself into another fit of sobs.

Suddenly, the door creaked open and a soft groan came from the doorway. Lottie had apparently chosen to come back.

“Don’t tell me that racket was coming from my room?” She cried. “Charles told me it was probably Myrtle again, but I didn’t believe him.” Charles was his name, Olive remembered. Charles Wilkins. A sixth year Ravenclaw.

“Oh, good, I’ve got a reputation!” Myrtle wailed.

“Please stop crying, Myrtle,” Lottie continued. “You’re going to wake up the whole tower.”

Myrtle glared at her. “That’s right, who cares about whether Myrtle’s alright or not, just as long as everybody gets a good night’s sleep!”

“For Merlin’s – Silencio!” Aggie whispered, pointing her wand towards Myrtle. Then, she replaced her wand on her bedside table and collapsed into her bed. Myrtle gaped at her, clutching at her throat and trying her hardest to make any sort of sound, but nothing came out.

“Thank you,” Lottie sighed as she sat down on her bed and began taking off her shoes and loosening her tie. “Just wait until Charles hears that he was right. He’ll never let me live it down.”

Olive found it odd that Lottie would spread a story around about Myrtle if she would only be embarrassed by it, but kept her mouth shut. She propped herself up onto her elbow and glanced at Aggie.

“That’s against the rules, Aggie,” Olive piped up. “You shouldn’t have done it.”

“Nobody cares, Olive,” Aggie said. “Go to sleep.”



A/N: I know this is extremely short. It's an idea that I had and I just had to get it down (you know how it goes). Anyway, this won't be updated very frequently, and my main focus is still K&Q. I've just hit a bit of a block with that and wanted to try something else. This also won't be nearly as thought out or detailed as K&Q. But I hope you enjoy it!

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