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Melody Lupin Chapter 2 (Diagon ally)

After we apperated to the Leakey cauldron and Snape left I saw a tall man, Hiya Hagrid did Dumbledore send you to get my stuff.

He turned looking confused then he remembered, OH I am to let you into the ally but Dumbledore told me the buy you one thing so you go off and shop and I will meet you by the joke shop then we will go alright. Alright I said running into the book shop.

After I got my books, potion ingredients and new robes I headed for the joke shop. When I got there I saw Hagrid sitting there with an owl cage he was trying to hide.

Hey Hagrid I hollered, he jumped as I came running up to him. He smiled at me and pulled up the cage that reviled a new owl, yer dad told me to pick her up fur ya her name is Avery.

“Yes” thank you Hagrid I love her.

So Hagrid took the owl and I started to run around. So Hagrid left me in the middle of the street and headed back to the Leakey cauldron leaving me jumping and running around. When I finally came to my senses I realized I was all alone so I started to yell for Hagrid.

When I couldn’t find him I sat in the middle of the street crying. All of a sudden out of nowhere someone tripped over me over me and I tried to run but before I could he grabbed my hand.

Where do you think you’re going? Malfoy! Ya how did you know? UM WELL LETS SEE YOUR FATHER IS A SUTPED PRICK. Well any way watch where you are going to filthy mudblood. HEY I AM JUST AS PURE AS YOU AND IT IS NOT UP TO YOU WHERE I DO AND DO NOT REST! But out of know where a girl I am guessing the same age as Malfoy came skipping over.

She looked at me and said “Hiya midget” then turned to Malfoy. “Why must you harass children, you know that’s my job!” With that she spun around and walked of around the same corner which she came from. Malfoy got up and offered me my hand to help me up.

When he helped me up he pushed me back down when the girl yelled “DAMN WRONG WAY” so she stormed passed us again and wan walked face first into a wall.

I giggled a little bit and pulled my self-off of the ground and walked in to the Leakey Cauldron to see Hagrid talking to a youngish boy.

I ran up behind him and gave him a big hug “Hiya Harry! How have you been lately?” But before I could get an answer I saw Snape sitting on the table looking at me impatiently. I sighed and got up picked up all of my stuff and walked over to Snape where he apperated me back to my home.

As soon as we touched the floor to my living room I started to run up stairs. I was on the second flight of stairs when my father grabbed me and pulled me down stairs

”NO I WANT TO GO TO BED, SO PUT ME THE FUCT DOWN RIGHT THE FUCK NOW!” He just continued dragging me down the stairs and soon plopped me down onto the couch and stared at me.

“What happened in Diagon Ally after Hagrid left?” Dumbledore asked quietly. That sure got Snape’s attention.

I looked and them both and murmured “Malfoy is an ass hole and that is all I am going to say” Then started to walk away.

I started to walk up the first flight of stairs “sorry what was that? I didn’t catch that.” I turned to see the two of them standing at the bottom of the stairs “I said MALFOY IS AN ASS HOLE AND THAT IS ALL I AM GOING TO SAY!!” With that I turned and stormed up stairs, into my room and cried myself to sleep at my desk.

I woke a few hours later to a thumping noise I shot up surprised to see professor Snape holding my memory from earlier that very same day. He walked over to my bed and sat down “don’t let people like that get to you.” He said rubbing my choler.”

Thank you for being there for me I know people say your mean and a bad guy but I think you and a good guy.” I said before falling back asleep.


After we apperated to the Leaky Cauldron, I looked over to make sure Hagrid was waiting for the young Lupin. When I saw that he was there I apperated with a small pop back to Dumbledore’s house. I looked around and realized that he dismissed all of the order members I spoke

“you wanted to see me head master?” “Ah yes Severus I have something we must discuss………” After a lot of yelling and screaming he finally asked me to go and pick up Melody.

I did as I was told and apperated to the Leaky Cauldron. When I got there I saw her talking Potter and Hagrid. I sat down and looked at Melody impatiently.

When she looked at me she said goodbye and walked over looking sad and crying. She grabbed my left wrist and we were off.

As soon as we touched the ground in her living room she ran upstairs but to be dragged back down by Dumbledore and placed onto their couch

“What happened in Diagon Ally after Hagrid left?” he asked quietly. She looked at the both of us that murmured something that I couldn’t here.

She got up and started up the first flight of stairs. Dumbledore and I followed after her. She was only half way up the stairs when Dumbledore spoke “sorry what that? I didn’t quite catch that.” “I said MALFOR IS AN ASS HOLE AND THAT IS ALL I AM GOING TO SAY!!”

With that she turned and stormed away. “Kids” I murmured to know body in particular.

We sat down and talked about the coming up school year and soon enough it was time for me to go home. “Ah Severus may you please check on Melody before you go?” He asked me. I nodded and walked up stairs to Melody’s room to see her sleeping at her desk.

I lifted her up and put her into her bed and walked over to her desk to see a memory sitting on her desk. I walked over and picked it up and ran back down stairs.

”Dumbledore may I please use your pensive for a moment?!” “Ah go straight ahead.” With that I ran at full speed to their basement and pored the memory into the pensive and there I saw earlier that day.

When I heard the name that he called her I pulled out of the memory strait away and ran back up stairs and into Melody’s room.

When I opened the door I couldn’t see and I tripped onto the ground with a loud thump.

When I got up I saw he staring at the memory in my hand *Oh shit!* I thought to myself.

I looked at her for one more moment then walked over and sat on the side of her bed and spoke “don’t let people get to you.” I started rubbing her shoulder “Thank you for being there for me I know people say your mean and a bad guy but I think you and a good guy.” She said to me before drifting off back to sleep.

I snuck back down stairs and wished Dumbledore a good night and walked out the door apperated back home and fell asleep.

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