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 Author's Note : Hey everyone :) First off, I'd just like to apologize profusely for the hiatus I've been on. Unfortunatly I had the worst writers block I've ever had. On that note, I'd like to give a big thanks brittany for suggesting an amazing story and helping break my month long block. Now without further ado, the long awaited Chapter fourteen :)


                “Hermione, this young man says he knows you from school.” Her mum said as she walked back into the dinning room, followed by Draco Malfoy. She couldn’t believe her eyes, Draco was standing in her dinning room, looking at her apprehensively with a soft smile.

                “Can I talk to you for a moment?” she asked him, making her way into her living room with him following. As soon as he entered she twirled around, making sure the two of them were out of view before beginning. “What are you doing here, in my house?” she asked, slightly bewildered.

                “My father is back from Azkaban, and we’re gotten into a really bad argument, he wants me to marry a pure blood and I don’t want to. I can’t stay there for another week Hermione.” He said, pleading slightly towards the end.

                “Alright, you can stay here if my parents allow you too. I’m sorry Draco.” She said, wrapping him in a quick hug before continuing back into the dinning room. “Is it alright if he stays here for the remainder of vacation? He’s got no where else to go.” Hermione asked, turning to each her mum and dad, hoping they would say yes.

                “Of course that’s fine dear, nobody should be alone on the holidays.” Her mother said, looking at Draco fondly. “Lizzie can share a bed with you honey and this young man can stay in the guest bed.” She said, quickly making him a plate of food and having him sit at the table. “What was your name again?” she asked him, placing the plate of food in front of him.      

                “Draco, Draco Malfoy. Thank you so much for letting me stay here.” He said, thanking each her mum and dad in turn.

                “Oh it’s no problem at all. Hermione, why don’t you run up and change the sheets on the guest bed, make sure they are nice and fresh for Draco here.” Her mum said, and she quickly nodded and made her way from the room, Lizzie following. Once they were up in the guest room, Hermione folded back the blankets and started peeling off the sheets.

                “He’s quite the looker, you never mentioned that in all your letters and when we talked.” Lizzie said, leaning against the door. Hermione’s cheeks flushed a pale pink as she nodded in agreement with her friend.

                “Yes he is physically appealing.” She said quickly, throwing the sheets into a small pile and moving to put new ones on.

                “How could you not want to snog him senseless? Honey, if you don’t want him, can I have him?” Lizzie asked, picking up the dirty sheets and throwing them in the hamper. Hermione just laughed, dismissing her friends’ question, and made her way back downstairs. As she neared the dinning room, she heard Draco speaking, and she slowed down, hoping to hear what he was saying.

                “My father and I don’t get along; we both have very different views and plans for my future. Sometimes, it can get to be a bit too much. Thank you so much for letting me stay here. I truly am grateful.” She heard him say. Smiling softly at how kind he was being, she made her way into the room, standing against the wall.

                “I can show you to your room if you’re done now.” Lizzie said, motioning for him to follow her. “I’m Lizzie by the way.” She said, holding out her hand. He shook it gently and introduced himself as well, making his way out of the room behind her.

                “Honey, wasn’t the boy that bullied you for quite some time, named Malfoy?” her dad asked gruffly.

                “Yeah that’s him.” She answered, gesturing to the empty doorway.

                “Do you think you might have gotten the wrong impression of him? He seems charming and very polite now.” Her mum asked, taking empty dishes to the sink, and Hermione followed suit.          

                “He’s changed a lot these past couple months, into a whole new person almost.” She muttered, her mind drifting back to the morning where she had woken up to see him sitting in the common room, the sunrise reflecting off of his platinum blonde hair and mesmerizing her. Her mum eyed her curiously before taking the plates from her arms.

                “Your father and I can do the clean up.” Hermione thanked her and then made her way to the guest room, wondering if Lizzie was getting to know him or not. Lizzie was standing near the bed, looking towards Draco with an amused expression while he stood at the end of the bed, wearing a hesitant one.

                “It’s ok, she knows about Hogwarts.” Hermione said as she leaned against the wall eyeing the two of them. Draco looked instantly relieved and pulled out a small trunk from his pocket, it quickly expanding to its normal size once he set it on the ground.

                “Why did you come to me and not Blaise?” she asked.

                “He’s on vacation right now with Rebecca, I didn’t want to interrupt.” He stated, taking a seat on his trunk. Lizzie shifted awkwardly in the dark room, before reaching towards the lamp and switching on the light. Draco turned to her, a curious expression on his face, and he made his way towards the lamp, peeking into the shade. “Where’s the fire?” he asked, touching the light bulb gingerly, yanking his hand back when it burned him. “Is it in this?” Hermione walked into the bathroom and came out with a wet washcloth and made her way over to Draco, taking his hand in hers and placing the wet cloth on his fingertips.

                “It’s called a lamp. It’s got a cord in it that plugs into the wall and lights the glass bulb up.” She said, letting go of his hand.

                “Elektrity, right?” he asked, sitting down with a smile on his face, like he knew what he was talking about.

                “Close, it’s electricity.” Lizzie said, putting extra pronunciation on the word. “So, you’ll be here for the rest of vacation?”

                “Yeah, means he’ll be meeting everyone.” She replied.

                “Everyone?” Draco asked.

                “Her whole family is coming over for New Years. It’ll be one big ol’ Granger get together.” Lizzie replied.

                “Can I be your date?” he asked Hermione, a smile appearing on his face.

                “I’ll think about it.” She said, smiling softly at the thought.

                “Well if she says no, you’re more than welcome to bring me.” Lizzie said, stepping forward. Hermione laughed at her friend before dragging her from the room, leaving Draco to unpack.


                Pansy stood in the corner of the room, watching Draco and Lucius exchange a heated argument. Curious, she moved forward, trying to get as close as possible without either of them noticing.

                “No, you’re forbidden from that filth Draco. You’re my son and you’ll listen to me.” Lucius hissed.

                “You’re not a father to me, I will not choose a bride based on wealth and status alone.” Draco sneered back.

                “You’re making a mistake Draco.”

                “I’m not. I’m making the right choice. Tell mother I love her.” Draco said, an air of finality in his voice. Pansy peeked over to see turn away from his father and quickly make his way from the room. Standing there, sipping at the champagne, she wondered who he wanted who his father thought wasn’t worthy. Quickly realizing that it who ever he wanted wasn’t her, she became upset, wondering what worthless girl could have stolen Draco’s attention away.


                Narcissa walked through the crowd, smiling and shaking hands with everyone she saw. From the corner of her eye she saw Draco storm out of the room, and made her way towards her husband, curious as to what had happened.

                “What’s happened?” she asked, placing a hand on Lucius’ arm, concern flooding her eyes.

                “He refuses to pick a suitable bride.” Lucius spat.

                “Where did he go?” she asked, worried that her son would be out in the cold on Christmas.

                “He’s left and he sends his love to you.” Was all Lucius said in answer to her question and it wasn’t what she wanted to hear.

                “Where did he go Lucius?” she asked sternly, needing an answer from her husband.

                “I’ve no idea.” He said, looking her in the eyes. If she was angry before at her husband, it was nothing compared to what she was feeling now.

                “You drove my only child away. You better make the right Lucius. Let him follow his heart, because, I swear, if he doesn’t return, I will never forgive you.” She said, making sure her husband understood her before, she too, stormed out of the room, leaving him to take care of the guests.


                Ginny watched as her mother started to clear the table and in the commotion of everyone getting up to leave, she grabbed a hold of Harry and pulled him off to the side. He looked at her with surprised eyes and she couldn’t help but let her imagination wander, though she quickly brought herself back to reality.

                “Who was that then?” she said, gesturing to the front door with her shoulder, arms crossed over her chest.

                “Malfoy.” Harry stated. This answer caught her off-guard and it took her a moment to process what he had just said.

                “What did he want?” she asked, curious as to what he could be doing looking for Harry on Christmas night.

                “To know where ‘Mione lives. I guess he just wanted to see her.” He said, shrugging his shoulders, his green eyes looking deep into her own brown ones.

                “I wonder why he’s going after her, a pureblood like him. He must’ve changed.” She concluded. She watched as the emerald green eyes travel up above them and a soft smile played at his lips. Following his gaze, she looked above them and saw a little bit of Mistletoe hanging from the doorframe where they were standing. Harry’s gaze fell unto her and she could feel her cheeks flush a soft pink. He moved closer to her, his body pressed ever so slightly against hers, and she lifted her face towards his. As his lips came softly down on hers, a warm feeling spread throughout her body and it felt like something had fallen back into place.

                This was the feeling she had been missing, the feeling of being complete when she was with Harry. All too quickly his lips broke away from hers, leaving her slightly breathless.


                The next couple of days passed quickly. Hermione and Lizzie had showed him this thing called a telly which played a sequence of moving pictures that told a story. It was quite amazing, apparently, there were quite a few moving pictures Hermione owned and she sat with him as he watched all sorts of things. Movies, she called them. They were quite fascinating.

                Before anyone knew it, it was New Years Eve and Mrs. Granger was calling everyone down to breakfast. Draco hurried downstairs, all dressed and ready to go for the day, while Hermione and Lizzie moved slowly into the dinning room, still wearing pajamas and rubbing the sleep from their eyes. Glancing at Hermione, he marveled at how adorable she looked, gently rubbing her eyes, her brown hair slightly bushy around her face.


                Placing a plate of bacon unto the table, Mrs. Granger glanced up and saw the soft expression Draco wore on his face as he looked at her daughter. He was a very kind and polite boy, and quite the charmer. The past couple of days she had been keeping an eye on him, not because she didn’t trust him but because of the way he looked at her daughter. It wasn’t in a way where she was worried that she might be harmed; it was as if he was looking at her like she was something fragile he had to be careful around; gentle glances here and there and always keeping an eye on her when she spoke, a small smile playing at his lips. She knew her daughter was clever, but would she notice the way this young man watched her? Would she realize that he, and she was almost positive about this, had feelings for her?


                Hermione made her way up the stairs to her bedroom with Lizzie, both girls wondering what outfits they should wear for the evening’s party. Making her way to her closet, she opened up the double doors wide, browsing through the rack of clothes that hung in her closet. Quickly spotting what she wanted, she pulled out a black dress. It was modest and respectable, with a scoop neck; the dark material covered her shoulders and hung right above her knees. Turning to see what Lizzie had brought to wear, her best friend was laying out a dark green pencil skirt and a cream ruffle shirt.

                They were about to separate into different sides of the room to get dressed when a soft knock sounded on her bedroom door. Draco stood in her doorway, a modest grin on his face as his eyes rested softly upon her.

                “I don’t have anything but dress robes.” He said, hands in his pockets. A bolt of shock coursed through her body as she realized that he had nothing to wear.

                “Oh!” was all she managed to say before she raced down the steps and into her parents who both were sitting in the living room. “Draco has no clothes for this evening. Can you bring him to get something?” she asked, looking at her father, her voice frantic.

                “Calm down ‘Mione. Yeah, tell the lad to come on down, we’ll take a ride to town and get him something suitable for tonight.” He said, getting up and making his way to the front door where his coat and hat hung on a hook. Breathing a sigh of relief, she made her way back to Draco, glad that they had solved the wardrobe problem quite easily.

                “Draco? Father said he can bring you into town to find something suitable, he’s about to leave.” She said, walking into her room and coming to a stop beside him.

                “Great.” He said with a smile as he hurried from her room and down the steps, off to find her father.


                Draco followed Mr. Granger into a small shop, taking a look around once inside. Clothes racks containing suit jackets and pants filled one side of the store while mannequins in tuxedos filled the other. Following Mr. Granger to the nearest clothes rack, he sifted through the dress shirts, looking for something that would be fitting for that evening. Pulling out a dark silver dress shirt, he held it up to himself in a nearby mirror, deciding he wanted it when he realized how it made his eyes stand out.

                “You’ll need this.” Mr. Granger said gruffly as he handed Draco a back tie to match his shirt. Draco nodded his thanks and the two made their way up to the front counter. The shop was practically empty other than the employee that stood behind the counter, everyone having completed their shopping in advance. They quickly made their way back to the car, each thankful that the shopping trip was quick and easy.

                “Do you like my daughter?” Mr. Granger asked, turning to face him as he came to a stop at a red light.

                “Yes, I do. Though, I’ve been cruel in the past, so I doubt that she feels the same way, but I’m fine with that.” Draco said, looking the man in the eyes as he spoke.

                “My Hermione is a smart girl. If she thinks someone has changed, then she’s most likely right.” He said, driving once again as the light turned green. Draco sat there silently, staring out the window at the passing scenery, hoping that he was right.


                Hermione stood in front of her mirror, examining her appearance for the party. She had curled her hair and let it hang around her face, adding a bit of mascara to her eyes to help them stand out. Her modest black dress hugged her body, though not in a provocative way and her legs had a shiny look to them due to the pantyhose she had decided on wearing.

                “You look beautiful.” Lizzie said, standing beside her in the mirror.

                “So do you.” She said smiling, turning to her friend. Lizzie wore her long blonde hair in a sophisticated bun and had skipped out on wearing makeup other than a pink gloss she had added to her lips.

                “We’re missing one thing though.” Lizzie said, making her way over to her dresser. She picked up the two small heart necklaces and handed one to Hermione. “We forgot our necklaces.” Hermione smiled, placing hers around her neck before smiling at her reflection. The voices of arriving family members made their way upstairs and Hermione smiled, anxious to see her family again.

                Stepping from her room, Lizzie behind her, she made her way to the living room, knowing that was where most of her family would be congregating all evening. Stepping into the room, a smile spread across her face as she saw her entire family standing around, laughing and talking; her grandparents, five cousins and multiple aunts and uncles and, of course, Lizzie’s parents as well. Hermione said hello to her family as she made her way to the kitchen, looking for her mother.

                “Hey mum? Do you need any help with the party?” she asked as she saw her mum, pouring glasses of champagne for the guests. Her mum looked lovely in a cream cocktail dress with beautiful sash shoulders.

                “Actually I’d love some. Would you help me carry these drinks out to everyone?” she asked, placing down the empty champagne bottle and motioning towards the many glasses on the counter. Picking up as many as she could carry, Hermione walked back out into the living room and started handing them out to her nearest relatives, smiling all the while. Just then she heard her grandma say something about a ‘strapping young lad’ and she turned around to see Draco smiling and talking to her. Noticing how charming he was being around everyone, she couldn’t help but smiling. He really had this way about him when it came to charming everyone in the room. Just then he looked up, finding her with his piercing grey eyes and smiled, making his way over to her.

                “You look… amazing.” He said, his eyes focused on her face. Feeling her cheeks flush, she kept her gaze on him, not wanting to look away.

                “You look pretty good yourself.” she said happily. Feeling a hand on her shoulder she turned around to see her smiling aunt looking at the two of them.

                “Hermione dear, aren’t you going to introduce this young man to everyone?” she asked smiling.

                “Oh yes of course. Everyone,” she said loudly, successfully getting everyone’s attention, “this is Draco Malfoy. He’s a friend of mine from school who is visiting for the holiday.” Looking to Draco, she saw him flash a smile at everyone in the room before returning his gaze back to her. After the introduction was finished, her family quickly became interested in catching up with each other once again allowing Hermione time to find Lizzie and get away to the porch, Draco following. A wooden porch was connected to the back of her home with a small set of stairs leading to the backyard where a bundle of fireworks lay in the center of the lawn waiting to be set off.


                Draco leaned against the outside wall, watching Hermione and Lizzie talking quietly, leaning against the railing of the porch. Draco subconsciously played with the small box that sat in the bottom of his pants pocket, wondering if tonight was the night he should give this to her. Before he could even wonder how to present it to her, Lizzie slowly went back inside leaving the two of them outside alone. Starting to move closer to her, he noticed she shivered slightly and quickly closed the distance between the two of them, wrapping his arms around her.

                “Warmer?” he asked softly into her hair. Feeling her nod slowly, he smiled happily. With her hair in his face, he couldn’t help but smell the strawberry shampoo she had used to wash her hair earlier that day. Before he knew what he was doing, he had released her and moved beside her, pulling the small box out of his pocket. “I got you something for Christmas.”

                “When you were out with my dad today?” she asked him and he shook his head in response.

                “No, back at the beginning of vacation; I’ve had it for a while but I was just waiting for the right moment to give it to you. Handing the small black box to her he watched as she gently touched the red ribbon he had wrapped around the box earlier that week. She opened it slowly, pulling at the end of the ribbon and taking of the lid of the box. He heard a small gasp escape from her lips as she opened it to see the sparkling silver bracelet inside and watched as her eyes started to shimmer with tears. Just as he noticed her eyes she sighed and looked away angrily, trying to inconspicuously wipe away her tears.

                “I’m sorry. I’ll return it if you don’t like it. It was a rubbish idea anyway.” he apologized hastily, reaching to take the bracelet back.

                “No, I love it; it’s beautiful” Turning around quickly, she placed a hand on his forearm. “I just feel awful; I didn’t get anything for you.” She finished softly. Audibly sighing in relief, he took the bracelet from her smiling and placed it on her wrist where it sat delicately.

                “I don’t want a gift. I’m happy enough with spending my entire holiday with you.” He admitted honestly, staring into her soft brown eyes hoping that he was conveying exactly how he felt right there, in that moment. He watched her cheeks flush a soft pink when her mum came out onto the porch, looking for her.

                “Get inside you two; you’ll get sick if you stay outside to long; neither of you have coats. And shame on you Hermione, you know better than to come outside without any shoes. Not get inside before I decide to punish you.” Her mum said sternly, ushering the two of them inside and closing the sliding door behind them.


                Leaning against the stair banisters, she watched as Draco talked happily with her many relatives. If someone were to say that he, Draco Malfoy, would one day be having conversations with Muggles and have a smile on his face the whole while, she would have submitted them to St. Mungo’s to have the brain checked. Yet here he was, being charming and smiling happily all the while.

                “Hermione dear, what’s that on your wrist?” a familiar voice asked and she turned to see her mum picking up her wrist and examining the beautiful silver charm bracelet. “Honey, this is beautiful. Did Draco give this to you?” her mum questioned, gingerly placing each charm on her finger and examining it.

                “Yes, he just gave it to me while we were outside.” She answered, watching as the bracelet sparkled in the light.

                “Did you get anything for him?” she asked, letting go of her daughter’s wrist and a rush of guilt swept over Hermione.

                “No, I didn’t even think to.” She replied truthfully, upset that she didn’t even think to get him anything for Christmas. Sighing angrily, she excused herself from her mum and made her way to the kitchen, pouring herself a glass of champagne and sipping it angrily.


                The Weasley family all sat in the living room, laughing and talking while Celestina Warbeck sang loudly in the background. Ginny sat across the room, eyeing Harry as he laughed at something Ron had just said. They had almost kissed just a couple days ago and it felt like something had fallen into place. Her memories of the two of them together back in her fifth year had been flashing through her mind and she couldn’t help but imagine the two of them together. They hadn’t talked since they almost kissed; the Weasley house was full and bustling because of the holidays. She was hoping that tonight she would be able to find a moment to talk to him and perhaps kiss him this time. Just then Bill and Charlie ran inside beckoning everyone outside because they were ready to start the fireworks.

                With only a few minutes till midnight, everyone got up and made their way outside, Ron and Harry towards the back. Realizing that this may be her only chance, she quickly got up and grabbed his hand, holding him back. Turning to look at her, she noticed his green eyes sparkling and she took a deep breathe before doing what she was about to do. Before giving him time to say anything she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him with everything she had. She felt him respond and wrap his arms around her and deepen their kiss.

                Pulling away, she examined the smile he wore on his face before pulling him out to the yard where they stood wrapped in each others arms as they watched the firework display.


                Everyone was standing outside looking up at the night sky as beautiful bursts of green, red and silver exploded above their heads. It had taken a little while for her uncles to finally light the fireworks but it was definitely worth the wait. Leaning against the wall as he had down only a couple hours before, his eyes flickered from the fireworks back to Hermione. He watched as she gazed up at the sky with wonder and the only thing on his mind was how absolutely beautiful she looked at that exact moment.

                He wanted so badly to go over to her, wrap his arms around her and watch the display together though he knew she needed her space right now. She was most likely still working through the feelings she had for them and he knew that if he pushed her, she would close up to him and deny everything she felt for him.

                He chuckled to himself when he thought about how much he had changed the past couple years, moving from one extreme to the other, knowing hardly anyone would believe that he had changed.


                Her family had dispersed a little after the fireworks had ended and now, at one thirty in the morning, mostly everyone in her home was asleep; everyone but her. She had been tossing and turning ever since she had lain down. Her mind was buzzing with thoughts of Draco and she softly touched the silver charm bracelet he had gotten her. There were four different charms on it and she admired each one, a heart, an owl, a book and a small dragon. Suspecting that the dragon had something to do with him, she was still stumped on what the rest were supposed to remind her of. Lying on her bed, staring at the ceiling, she sighed loudly, breaking the silence that was pressing against her eardrums. As she lay there, a faint whimpering sound reached her ears and she stopped breathing for a moment to see if she could hear it again.

                Sitting up in her bed, the sound once again reached her ears. Deciding to find the source of the noise, she moved out of her bed and made her way to the door. Once she was in the hallway, she realized that the sound she had been hearing was coming from the guest room. Slowly opening the door, she made her way into the room. A soft glow was coming through the window and cast a light across the room. On the bed, she saw the figure of Draco tossing and turning, whimpering softly. Frozen on the spot, she was debating whether or not she should make her way towards him or just go back to her room.

                Knowing that she wouldn’t be able to sleep if she went back to her room, she walked closer to Draco, noticing that he was drenched in sweat, his blonde hair sticking to his face. His grey t-shirt was drenched along the neck line and sleeves and as she took a seat on the side of his bed, she noticed tears making their way from his closed eyes. Without further ado she took off her own t-shirt (she was wearing a tank underneath) and began to wipe the sweat from his face. Stroking the hair from his face, she quietly shushed him, trying her best to be soothing.

                Slowly he woke up and she dropped her hands, suddenly feeling embarrassed.

                “Hermione?” he mumbled softly, slowly opening his eyes to see her.

                “Yes it’s me. It’s alright now; you were just having a nightmare. It’s all over.” She said soothingly.

                “Y-you came to soothe me?” he asked looking up at her, a dead look in his eyes.

                “As soon as I heard you, what…what were you dreaming?” she asked, her curiosity getting the best of her.

                “Nothing.” He whispered shortly and she felt suddenly dejected.

                “Would you like me to leave?” she asked, wishing she hadn’t been so nosy now.

                “Do you want to?” he asked in return and she shook her head before stroking his hair gently once again. Hearing him sigh contentedly, she smiled to herself and started humming a soft melody to help him sleep. Eventually his chest rose and fell steadily and he had drifted off to sleep and with one last look, she left the room headed to her own bed, asleep before her head even hit the pillow.


                Draco woke up the next morning, a soft lilac colored t-shirt clutched in his hand and then he remembered he had woken from his nightmare to her by his side, trying her best to soothe him. Smiling softly at the memory, he made his way downstairs to the kitchen, the smell of freshly brewed coffee awaiting him.


                Hermione awoke to a sharp tapping noise on her window and opened her eyes to see and owl waiting for her to let him in. Hurrying over, she slid the window open and the owl swooped in, landing on her bed with a soft thud. Taking the letter from the owl’s leg, she turned it around to see that it was from Neville. As she opened the envelope the owl swooped back out the window and Lizzie, who was now awake, shut the window after it. Smiling, Hermione pulled out a bundle of photographs and realized that he must have had the pictures from the Ball developed and sent to everyone. Making a mental note on sending a thank you to him, she started looking through the pictures, marveling at how beautiful they all looked that night.

                Looking through them she came across one of Draco, Harry, Ron and herself and then one of Draco and her alone. Thinking back to that evening, she remembered that Draco had come up to her and asked for Neville to take the picture of the two of them; it had upset Terry a great deal. Now as she looked down, she remembered the way his arm felt against her waist and the way she had leaned into him to inhale the scent of him. The Draco in the picture kept glancing at her now and again and she had never seen her eyes sparkle as much as they did there.

                As Lizzie happily looked through all the pictures, commenting on everyone’s apparel all the while, an idea struck Hermione and she quickly made her way to her closet. Pulling out a silver picture frame, she smiled successfully before moving to put the picture of her and Draco inside of it. Picking up a red bow that lay on her floor from gift wrapping, she quickly stuck it on the frame and hurried downstairs, Lizzie following curiously behind, the pictures in hand.

                Just as she was about to walk into the kitchen, her mum walked out, smiling at her.

                “Good morning honey, how are you?” she asked, placing a hot cup of coffee in her free hand.

                “I’m wonderful. Mum, have you seen the pictures of me from the Ball? Lizzie would you care to show her?” she asked, eyeing Lizzie who just smiled back.

                “Certainly, just look how lovely everyone looks.” She said, taking her mum by the arm and leading her away from the kitchen, shoving the pictures in her face. Turning around smiling, she took a deep breathe before entering the kitchen to see Draco, leaning against the counter looking over a newspaper with a coffee cup in his hand. Hearing her walk in, he looked up at her, a smile on his face.

                “I have something for you.” She said, moving closer towards him and pulling the picture frame out from behind her back. “You don’t have to keep that picture in that frame, I just thought the two went with each other.” She said awkwardly.

                “I think it’s perfect. Thank you so much.” He said softly placing both the gift and the coffee mug on the counter before moving even closer to her.

                “Your welcome.” She said a little breathlessly, realizing that they were now only mere inches apart. Remembering the last time they had been this close he had kissed her, her stomach did a series of flips and turns as she thought of them kissing again. Vaguely registering that his arms were outstretched around her, waiting to embrace her in a hug, she quickly closed the distance between the two of them, her lips resting on his. At first he didn’t respond but after a second or two, she felt his lips respond to hers and they were kissing each other with such passion she had no idea where it all came from. Hearing voices outside the kitchen door, the pair broke apart almost as quickly as it had started and she was left wondering when she had finally fallen for him.


Author's Note : So what did you guys think? Was that a good enough chapter to sate everyone until the next one comes out? I had a nice time writing about their time together over break and I really liked how Draco acted around Hermione, though if you disagree, feel free to let me know! Wether you loved it, hated it, thought it fell flat or thought it was one of the best chapters I've ever written, feel free to leave a review below and let me know :) I love hearing from you guys!

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