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Ranny Baker



I sat back in my chair, rubbing my tummy through my cashmere jumper, my short nails narrowly missing the material. I sat in Potions, my cauldron boiling in front of me. Most found the fumes unbearable at this time of the morning, but I like them. I like what they do to your head.


The feeling of wonderful nausea over took my senses. I understand the oxymoron, but this sickness was nice. It was jumpy, a sweet sick. My head felt lighter and my skin went paler, but my cheeks brightened in colour and my eyes along with them. I rubbed my tummy once more and stretched back, just in time for Albus to karate chop me in the gut, sending me crashing back in to my chair.


“Mean!” I exclaimed as I sat back up straight.


He smiled. “You smelt the potions fumes again; I just wanted to make sure you were ok.”


“By hitting me?”


“No,” he contradicted. “By karate chopping you – thus, making it fun for us both.”


I attempted to hold in a snort, but failed. “Ok then. Just watch your fingers.”


I sat up and swiped his hair out of his eyes as he continued to chop the spindle string for our potion. I commented that he needed a haircut, but he simply elbowed me in response. He cut faster, slicing the ingredient with a perfection that astounded me. He looked back to me when it was done, throwing it piece by piece in to the old cauldron.


“Don’t let Professor catch you sitting down,” I said as he did.


“You were sat down a moment ago – rubbing your tummy if I dare add.”


I bit down on to my lip and let go of his hair. “But I was sneaky about it. I was on watch.”


“Of who exactly?” he questioned. “Professor Alderton - the sixty eight year old hypochondriac?”


I shook my head. “Not just of him, if he is the King, he has guards. Even King Arthur had guards.”


“He didn’t need them,” Albus argued. “He had Merlin.” He waved his knife childishly like a wand and pointed it to me.


“But Professor Alderton has a Merlin too,” I said, pointing to the Ravenclaw boy sat at the front of class.


Albus put the knife down and raised a brow. “Theo Corner?” he questioned. “He’s Merlin? That boy can’t tie his own shoelaces without assistance.”


“But he’s got an aura about him,” I said quietly, leaning over closer to Albus. He mirrored me. “I think he’s sneaker than you believe him to be.”


“Funny,” Albus pondered. “That’s what Tom says too.”




“Yeah, roommate Tom, how many other Tom’s do I tolerate?” he asked as if it were simple, which, in reality, it was. “He thinks that Corner is always around when we get caught for our pranks, he says that we should be more careful – that he tells on us.”


I smiled and Al prodded a dimple of mine. “I think that Tom is smarter than you give him credit for.”


“He would be over the moon if I told him that.”


I raised a brow and pulled my hair over my shoulder. “What’s that supposed to mean?”


“It means,” he sighed. “That Tom likes you.”


“Well he talks to me without being mean.” I acknowledged. “He is a kind boy, so I’m glad to hear it.”


“No, Ranny, love.” Albus turned a stool to face him and patted it lightly. I took it. He rested his hands on to my knees, one eye on the potion. “I mean that Thomas liked you more than that, as in he likes you likes you, like I like Nina.”


“For a shag?”


“Ranny!” he almost gasped. “Wh…who? Who told you that?”


“No one,” I said quickly.




I shook my head. But Albus simply said my name again, warningly. I sighed. “He said that, that is what you liked Nina for. But I don’t think that’s like Tom to say something like that. I’ve known him for a long ti-“


“Did Scorpius really say that?” he interrupted.


I nodded. “Yes, you know that he doesn’t like Nina.”


“Yeah,” Albus shrugged. “He makes is obvious, but I thought that he would trust me enough to think otherwise.”


“Ally, you know that he didn’t mean it. He said it ages ago. He was annoyed.” I tried to rectify. But it was too late; I should have simply kept my mouth shut. “He’s changed his mind by now.”


“No he hasn’t.” Albus denied. “But thank you for trying to lie – it means a lot.”


“Don’t be like that.”


“Be like what?” he questioned. “I’m just annoyed that I don’t know this, why would Scorpius tell you something like that? He never talks like that around you.”


“He has lately.” I admitted with a shrug. “He has for a while. It was odd at first, but now I’m used to it.”


Albus shook his head, his hair falling in to his eyes. “You shouldn’t be. Ranny, why didn’t you tell me that Scorpius shouted at you?”


“What?” I questioned. “Did Tom tell you?”


“Tom knew?” Albus echoed. “Bastard. No, actually I had to find out through Rose as she spitefully told me about how close you and Scorpius seemed.”


“What do you mean? Look, Ally, it happened weeks ago, it doesn’t matter.”


“It does to me,” he almost whined as he stirred the potion. “Look, Ranny. Yes, I am annoyed that he shouted at you, yes I am annoyed that you simply took it, but I’m upset at the fact that I didn’t know about it. You used to tell me everything.”


I looked to the floor and answered truthfully. “You haven’t been there to tell.”





The camera flashed in my face as I stood on the inner wall of the Astronomy Tower. “Scorpius!”


“Ranny!” he replied, mimicking my whine. “Calm down love, I’m just taking a picture.”


“I thought that you wanted to photograph the sky!” I pointed out, jumping off of the wall and on to him. He crashed on to the floor and I landed on his chest. “Not me.”


He shoved me off. “Cheeky!” Rolling over so that his bum was firmly digging in to my rip cage, he sat on me. He lifted up the camera to the sky and pointed the lens back towards us. “Say cheese!”


I practically squealed with accidental delight as I tried to push him off, he took more and more photographs of my squealing face. Each flash came with a harder laugh.


It was late when Scorpius caught my arm in the dungeons. I was walking back to the Hufflepuff dormitories when I felt a force tackle me to the ground, through a tapestry that concealed a hidden passage behind it. Scorpius had used it many a time when he had a ‘conquest’ of sorts. I like to think of them as damsels’ in distress of which he has saved from someone else’s suspecting lips.


The blonde held up the camera and explained his plans of seeing the Northern Lights, of which were visible through a telescope from the Tower for this night only. We were that far north, you could see them. They were simply beautiful. Scorpius tried to take pictures through the telescope lens but failed. He settled for the landscape instead.


A cough came from the doorway behind us both.


Scorpius turned and grinned. “Alright mucker?”


“I’m not interrupting anything am I?” Albus asked nervously.


Scorpius laughed.


Albus and I had not spoken for the remainder of that Potions lesson, the last twenty minutes were spent in silence, stirring and chopping. When he poured the contents of our potion in to a beaker, he didn’t smile like he usually does; Al is a master at potions, when they work out, he smiles – and they always work out. He simply placed it on to the teacher’s desk in silence and walked from the room, collecting his belongings on the way. I hadn’t thought of what he had said, only what I had.


“Nope,” I said quietly. “Scorp, I can’t breathe.”


“Oh, shit, right.” He exclaimed, jumping up from my chest. I rolled over and stood up, helped by Albus.


His brows tightened. “Scorpius, you never swear in front of Ranny.”


“Yeah, well,” he shrugged. “Things change, love take the camera will ya’?”


I nodded eagerly as he placed it in my grasping hands. I snapped one of his face; confused his expression read. Albus only laughed. Click. Another picture.


“So,” I asked quietly. “What brings you to this neck of the woods?”


Albus shrugged, his shoulders looked broader in the dark light. “I thought about what you said today, you were right.”


“Someone want to fill me in?” Scorpius asked.


“Ranny pointed out to me that I hadn’t really been around lately.” Albus said carefully.


Scorpius brushed his blonde hair from his eyes in one swift hand movement. “Oh Ranny, only the kindest words come from your lovely gob.”


“Oi,” I replied snappily and took a picture of his pointed index finger in my direction. “I only tell the truth.”


“Yeah,”Albus added. “It’s called being a Hufflepuff.”


“There is nothing wrong with being a Hufflepuff.”


“Thank you Scorpius,” I said.


His defence seemed kind, until this, “Apart from when you wear your uniform correctly, you look like bees’.”


“You’re also all push overs.” Albus said.


Turning to Scorpius, they two of them began to act out a scenario that seemed vaguely familiar to me. Albus pretended to be a Hufflepuff, he accidently knocked in to Scorpius’ shoulder. The blonde turned around with a menacing expression, cowering Albus to the floor.


“That doesn’t happen.” I told them truthfully, snapping pictures despite it.


Scorpius sniggered. “Yeah, but it’s funny.”


He helped Albus from the foetal position on the floor.


“When you’re a Slytherin, maybe.”I replied.


In almost no time at all Scorpius’ fingers reached forward and turned my frown in to a smile. He nudged Al’s arm. “Unfold her cute little arms, she doesn’t suit sulky.”


“Somehow, it still turns out cute,” Albus said as he shook his head and pinned my arms to my side.


I wrestled out my right arm and batted away Scorpius’ hand. Forcing a smile on to my face I turned to the boys. “Happy now?”


“Very,” they agreed together.


I took a picture of the grinning lads; the flash seemed to momentarily daze Scorpius, giving enough time for Albus to grab the camera longingly. He took a picture of my face, shoving the lens in to my cheek.


I tried to grab it, my fingers grasp narrowly missing the Nikon my millimetres. I groaned in despair, smacking Scorpius with my arm.


I tried to hide my grin. “Do something!”


“Albus, no, stop.” He deadpanned, his expression not faltering from nonchalant for a split second. “Give the camera back to its rightful owner.”


Obediently, the raven haired boy handed the object back to Scorpius. They shared a smirk only liable to Slytherin and fist bumped each other in some form of recognition.


Al threw his arms around me and picked me from the floor. After spinning me in circles for a few moments, he grinned cheekily. “What would you say to staying over in our dorm tonight. Scorpius can hit the floor and you can steal his bed. It will be like old times.”


“Does the said candidate get a say?” the blonde asked.


I shook my head.


“Cheeky.” He replied.


Albus smiled. “Then it’s settled. I say we sneak back to the dungeons.”


“But up here we are on our own, anywhere else there will be others.” I said quietly.


Scorpius stopped slapping Albus and turned to me. “It’s called being sociable Ran.”


“I’ll tell you what,” Albus proposed. “Me and Scorpius will go to the dungeons, and you can stay here, eventually we shall wait at the bottom of the tower and tell you to let down your long hair.”


“Yeah,” Scorpius agreed, ignoring my glare. “But Albus’ weight will break your pretty hair; I shall have to climb up and save you.”


“Let’s just go to the dungeons.” I sighed.


The blonde grinned. “And if we get caught, it’s Ranny’s fault; she made us go to the Astronomy Tower.”


“Yeah!” Albus agreed. “The girl can be pretty persuasive with her wiles when she wants to be.”


I smacked them both in the arms. “Just leave me alone.”





AN; I’m so sorry for the long wait; I haven’t been very well lately, and I’ve got a lot going on, but I’m updating when I can!

I hope that you all enjoyed this chapter, despite its pointlessness. I will update soon with the next; it’s called ‘Maid Marion’ and includes more of Nina, faffing around and also Scorpius’ mischievous side. Thank you for reading – and don’t forget to leave me a review, no matter short or long; I appreciate them all! 

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