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-:- INTRODUCTION: Behind the Headlines -:-

London, the 15th of March 2039

Ms. Barfield,

I have the pleasure to announce to you myself, that you have been promoted; starting from tomorrow, you will be working as a political columnist for our newspaper.

Normally, you should have received your promotion letter from Ms. Patil, who is responsible for such issues. I decided, however, to inform you myself, for I wanted to express my admiration towards you once again.

Congratulations, Ms. Barfield, you are one of the most efficient reporters we've had for years. Your persistence and hard work made you follow this story, clue by clue, when no one could ever imagine the horrible frame-up behind this wedding. With your latest article you have revealed what has to be the biggest political scandal of the decade. But, most importantly, you have proved that there are still honest journalists out there; women and men who cannot be bought; who will search for the truth until the very end.

I'm also in place, to thank you: as an editor, for your trust to the Daily Prophet; as a wizard, for your dedication to your cause and, as  a citizen, for your discovery. In addition, I have to announce you that I've been talking with Mr/ Roger Davies- our new- elected Minister, thanks to you- about your work. You'll be pleased to learn that the Minister is an admirer of yours too.

I wish you the best in your new career, and I hope that we will have the pleasure to publish more as successful articles of yours in our newspaper.

Yours sincerely,

T. A. Boot
Editor in Chief of the Daily Prophet


Olivia Barfield will be remembered by the wizarding society as the journalist who discovered corruption and dark motives behind heroic pasts and movements of reconciliation; a discovery that lead to the fall of two powerful families.

When her story will be told again in the future, when the events become history, people will be simple figures; their true colors forgotten; only their actions remembered.

Percy Weasley will be remembered as a man who craved power so much that he didn’t hesitate to use his own flesh and blood in his purposes. To them, he will be the man who fooled a nation and destroyed a family.

Lucius Malfoy will be the ruthless businessman who could do anything to achieve his purposes; a fallen aristocrat trying to take back what was permanently lost. With him, no one will be gentle.

But what about Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy? Were they just the means, justified by the end? Or did they pull the strings in this twisted game that caused nothing but pain and misery to those involved in it? Guilty or innocent, victimizers or victims

No one will know the truth. No one will want to find it out. These people (every single one of them: the truth-seeking journalist, the scandalous politician, the cruel Death Eater, the means to the cause), they all had their reasons; there’s more in these men and women than the things the eye can see and the journalist can write in an article.

Life is unfair. But, thankfully, literature isn’t.

A writer gives voice to those, whose own was taken.

What happened- the simple straw of events- doesn’t really matter. What matters is the story behind the scandal, the people behind the headlines, the motives behind the actions, the emotions behind the choices.

Sometimes real life is better than imagination. And at such times, literature comes to describe the events, to explore the characters, to show their intentions; to see them as human beings.

* A writer gives voice to those, whose own was taken: quote by Barry Ainsworth


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