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Playing House with Malfoy by DMlover
Chapter 2 : The Parenting Project
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AN: For those of you who have already chapters 1-9, I just want to let you know that I had to make a few changes to the story and therefore the storyline is a bit different then what it used to be. So I advise everyone to read from the very beginning so they don't get confused in later chapters.


AN: I don’t own anything from Harry Potter.


                Hermione lay in bed, completely and utterly relaxed. For once she wasn’t worrying about finishing her homework on time, or making sure she ran to the library to return a book on time before classes started, anything. She just wanted to stay in bed all day without a care in the world.


                She stretched lazily feeling warm and completely content. She snuggled closer to the pillow she had clutched against her chest. Although for some reason, the pillow she held was unusually hard, hard and smooth and oh so warm. She stayed like that enjoying the feeling of the pillows and linens surrounding her body like a warm embrace.


                She inhaled deep, taking in the spicy, outdoorsy scent surrounding her and listened to the soft steady beating beneath her ear. She stilled, listening to the beating that wasn’t coming from her own heart, and smelling the spicy scent that wasn’t coming off her linens, and she was pretty sure that her pillows weren’t hard or warm.


                She felt something caressing her back. It slid up her spine, then back down, finally pushing her forward forcing her to snuggle further into the warmth in front and beneath her. She slowly opened her eyes trying not to panic and came encountered with a naked chest. A male naked chest.


                Hermione jerked back, almost falling off the bed, waking up the man who was currently in bed with her. His silver eyes shot open and stared at her sleepily.


“Who the bloody hell are you?”


She couldn’t breathe, it couldn’t be. “Malfoy?” she whispered too shocked to say anything else.


                Draco was having the best dream ever, warm and fuzzy was the only way to describe it regardless of how sappy it sounded. He didn’t want to wake up, screw classes he could probably afford to miss one day. Until the warm thing that was covering his body moved causing the whole bed to jerk.


                He opened his eyes to see what the commotion was, he was still blurry eyed from sleep, but he could still make out that a half dressed woman was in bed with him.


“Who the bloody hell are you?” he said sitting up trying to rub the sleep from his eyes.


“Malfoy?” the woman asked shock filling her voice.


                He looked at the woman more closely, taking in her appearance. She was small and petite with long soft looking curly brown hair falling over her shoulders. But it was the eyes, large brown eyes, staring back at him that he would recognize anywhere.


He couldn’t breathe. “Granger?”


                Hermione watched as Draco got out of the bed and glared at her. She was trying to rack her brain, wondering how Malfoy got into her bed. She distinctively remembered going to bed alone, falling asleep alone. But she couldn’t remember how it would be possible, how would he make it into the Gryffindor common room?


                It didn’t help that he was standing on the opposite side of the bed wearing only a pair of black boxers. If she thought he looked built and had nicely toned muscles while wearing clothes, then she wasn’t giving him enough credit. She had no idea he looked like this without clothes. She kept glancing at his smooth, well-toned, naked chest down to his slim waist that helped display his perfect toned abs. Strong broad shoulders led down to nicely muscled arms. He had the body of an Olympic swimmer, slim but perfectly muscled, without being huge and bulky.


                She turned away, suddenly embarrassed for openly ogling him, she just prayed he didn’t notice. She could feel the blush creeping up her cheeks.


“What are you doing in my bed Granger?” Malfoy sneered at her.


She recovered quickly from her embarrassment. “You’re bed?” Hermione snapped. “What are you doing in my bed, Malfoy?”


He crossed his arms over his chest, which just made his perfect body stand out more. “Why would I want to slip into your bed? I’m not that desperate.” He continued to glare at her. “And will you cover yourself up; it’s disgusting to even look at you.”


That prick, she thought then looked down at herself, expecting to see her fuzzy pajama bottoms and tank top. Instead, heat flamed up her face and quickly crossed her arms over her chest. What the bloody hell was she wearing? She had on a short, very short, plum colored silk teddy with lace trimming the edges. There was a small slit up the side, exposing the top of her thigh and the top barely had enough material to cover her breast, which were a bit bigger then she last remembered them being. Keeping one arm covering her breast she tried to pull down the bottom of the teddy further over her legs, which only resulted in dragging the top down even more, exposing more of her flesh. She gave up and just went back to crossing her arms over her chest.


She glanced up at Malfoy to glare at him, and if she wasn’t mistaken she could’ve have sworn that she caught him staring at her legs, but it was probably just her imagination going haywire. Now he was smirking at her, clearly enjoying her discomfort.


“Yeah, well you should do the same. Your skin is so pale, it’s practically blinding me. It makes me wonder if you glow in the dark.” He glared at her, she knew it was an immature thing to say, but she just wanted the attention away from her.


                She looked around her room to find her bathrobe, she usually kept it nearby. She looked towards her school trunk, since sometimes she would drape it over that, except her school trunk was nowhere to be found. In fact, this wasn’t even her dormitory. It was an actual bedroom. Hermione looked at the bed, for the first time. It was huge, definitely not the twin bed she usually slept in.


“Where are we?” Hermione asked starting to get worried.


“What are you talking about Granger?”


“Look around Malfoy. Does this place look familiar to you?”


She watched him take in the bedroom, looking at the ivory walls, to the bathroom on the opposite side of the room, to the large bay window with a cushy looking bench seat. Finally settling back to the large king size bed with a black and ivory damask bedspread up against a deep scarlet red accent wall.


“Where have you taken me Granger?” Malfoy asked angrily.


“I haven’t done anything, Malfoy! I’m just as clueless as you are right now.” She yelled back, storming towards the bathroom looking for a bathrobe or something to cover up with.


                She found it hanging on a hook behind the bathroom door. Although it wasn’t the one she usually used, it was still better than what she was currently wearing which was practically nothing.


Malfoy followed her at her heels.


“Well I’m certainly not responsible for bringing us here.”


She rolled her eyes, already disgusted by his behavior and shoved past him.


“What’s that?” Malfoy asked.


She sighed, tying the belt of her robe tighter around her body. “What’s, what Malfoy?”


“That noise?”


                What noise? She was about to ask when she heard it too. It sounded like…sounded like a baby crying?


“It sounds like a baby.” She told him, but he was already walking out the bedroom door.


                Hermione followed him out the room which led to a hallway. Draco stopped in front of a closed door, where the crying was coming from. Before she could stop him, he slowly opened the door. The crying became louder. He stood in the doorway not walking in. She walked up next to him and peered inside.


“What’s that?”


She rolled her eyes, “What does it look like Malfoy? It’s a baby.”


“I know what it is Granger, what is it doing here and who does it belong to?”


She sighed, “How would I know?”


“Well make it stop that…crying.”


“Why do I have to do it?” she asked.


“Because you’re a girl.” She glared at him. “I’m sure you know how to handle that thing more than I do.”


She shook her head, “I wouldn’t be so sure of that.” She muttered.


He apparently ignored her, “Right, well I’m going to go look around and try to figure out who that-“ he gestured to the crying baby, “-belongs to and where we are.” He shoved her further into the room then started walking further down the hallway.


“Malfoy come back here!” she hissed, but clearly he wasn’t going to.


                She faced back towards the crying baby. She didn’t know a whole lot about children, especially babies. Once or twice she helped her cousin babysit, but her cousin was older so she took care of most of the work. All Hermione had to do was play with the children and keep them entertained.


                Taking a deep breath she slowly walked into the room and turned on the light. In the light she could finally make out the source of the crying. A baby with curly blonde hair stood in its white crib, clutching the edge of the railing. It would have been cute if it wasn’t screaming with a red, puffy, tear stained face. It reached its arms out to Hermione.


“Mama!” it wailed.


Hermione approached it slowly. “It’s okay. I won’t hurt you.” She said in what she hoped was a soothing voice.




Hermione reached the crib.


“Mama,” the baby held up its arms like it wanted her to pick it up.


Hermione put her hands under its little armpits and lifted. “It’s okay, we’ll find your mummy and get this all sorted out.”


                Once Hermione cradled the baby over her shoulder, the crying became less intense. More like a fussing kind of noise.


She began rubbing its back trying to sooth it. “It’s okay…” she looked around the room; it was a soft lavender color, with white wicker furniture. Big colorful letters were displayed on one of the walls, spelling out C.R.I.S.S.Y.


“Crissy.” Hermione murmured. “Is that your name? Crissy?”


The baby hiccupped then sniffled.


“Crissy. That’s a pretty name.” She continued to rub Crissy’s back to calm her down as she quietly looked around the room.


                There was a small bookshelf on the far side of the room. Hermione went closer to look at the pictures sitting on the shelves. Her blood ran cold. It couldn’t be? She reached for one of the pictures. If she wasn’t mistaken, it was her, baby Crissy and…Malfoy. They were smiling and Malfoy had his arms around her while she held Crissy. Hermione set the picture down and grabbed another. It was her in a hospital bed holding a newborn baby and Malfoy was sitting next to her on the bed kissing her temple. Others displayed Harry and Ron holding Crissy, others had Pansy and Blaise, she scowled. What was this?  


                She started to shake, what was going on? She was about to set the picture down, when she noticed a huge ring on her finger, her ring finger. It couldn’t be? She couldn’t possibly be married to him? Draco walked into the room then. She didn’t say anything, didn’t even turn around.


“I’ve checked everywhere. There’s no one else in this house...what’s wrong?”


She turned slowly, feeling sick to her stomach. “I think we have a problem here.” She handed him the picture of the three of them.


Crissy choose that moment to speak up. “Dada,” she squealed pointing to Draco.


“What?” Draco shook his head in disbelief.


“Dada,” Crissy reached out her arms towards Draco practically climbing out of Hermione’s arms.


“No,” Draco said backing away. “No way. That’s not possible. Why does that thing keep saying that?”


“It’s not a thing.” Hermione said trying to get a better hold on the swarming Crissy. “It’s a baby, and she thinks you’re her father. And I think she wants you to hold her.”


“Absolutely not! I don’t know a thing about holding a baby. And it looks fine where it is.” He said backing up further.


Hermione rolled her eyes, if they weren’t stuck in this mess she would have laughed at him for being scared of a baby. “Her name is Crissy not ‘it.’”

“How do you know it’s a girl? Or that it’s named Crissy?”


“Really Malfoy?” Hermione propped Crissy on her hip. “Are you that thick? Look around.” She moved her hand around the lavender room. “Would you put a boy in this room? And I’m assuming her name is Crissy because it says so on that wall.” She pointed to the letters spelling out her name.


“That still doesn’t explain why you think she’s mine?”


“I think you mean ‘ours.’ And I don’t know for sure, but there are all of these pictures over here saying otherwise.”


Draco walked over to the bookshelf where the pictures were displayed. “I think I would remember if I had a baby.”


Hermione laughed, “And you think I wouldn’t Malfoy? All you probably had to do was stand there and watch. I was the one who would have not only carried the baby for nine months but also deliver it. Yet I don’t remember any of that. Yesterday I was a 7th year, 18 year old student at Hogwarts and then today wake up to this.”


Draco sighed running a hand through his hair. Hermione couldn’t help but not stare. Damn him for not putting on a shirt. She couldn’t concentrate very well with him walking around shirtless.


“See something you like Granger?” He caught her staring and smirked.


She glared at him, even though her cheeks were on fire.


He looked around the room. “Where are we and how did we get stuck here?”


Hermione switched Crissy to her other hip. “I don’t know, what is the last thing you remember?”


“Hell I don’t know Granger, going to sleep in my own bed?” He yelled, which upset Crissy and she started crying.


Draco looked panicked stricken.


Hermione tried to sooth Crissy back down. “It’s okay Crissy. He didn’t mean to scare you.” She murmured into her hair, rocking her back and forth while rubbing her back.


                Once Crissy calmed down, Hermione got an idea. She held Crissy out away from her body towards Draco.


“Say you’re sorry.” She told him.


“Sorry,” he mumbled.


“No, hold her and say it like you mean it.”


Crissy sniffled and held out her tiny arms towards Draco.


“Uh, I don’t know…” he said unsure.


“She’s just a baby. She won’t hurt you.”


He sneered at Hermione and carefully reached out and grabbed Crissy around the back. Once Hermione knew he had a good hold on her she let go. He held Crissy at arm’s length looking scared to death, while Crissy stuck her hand in her mouth and began to suck on it, making cooing sounds.  


“Now what?” Draco asked.


“Just hold her against your chest and you should be fine.” Hermione said as she turned and started walking out the door.


“Whoa, whoa Granger! Where are you going? Come back here. You can’t just leave me with this…uh Crissy.”


Hermione looked over her shoulder trying not to grin. “You’re doing fine. She seems to like you.” She said as she walked out the room trying really hard not to laugh.


Draco watched Granger leave the room, and then looked at the baby he was holding. “If you drool on me, you’re going back to Granger.” Draco whispered to the baby.


Crissy smiled then giggled. “Dada!”


Draco sighed than gave in and smiled at the baby, which he wouldn’t have done if Granger was still in the room. He put Crissy over his shoulder like Granger held her earlier and walked out the room.


                Hermione walked into the kitchen and looked around. This house was like her dream home, not to big, but not too small. Nice and cozy. She stood in the middle of the kitchen, not entirely sure what to do next. Draco followed in behind her carrying Crissy. He walked over to one of the walls next to the refrigerator where a calendar hung.


“It’s September 27th, 2016. Which means we’re six years older, which makes us what? 23?” Malfoy asked still looking at the calendar. “Looks like you still possess obsessive compulsiveness when it comes to organizing notes.” He said looking at a list of places, names and numbers of who to call in case of emergencies.


                Next to that was a list called “Draco’s Practice Schedule.” Draco looked over it and couldn’t believe what he was seeing.


“It says here, that I’m the seeker for the Ballycastle Bats.” He laughed. “I’m getting paid to play quidditch, this is so wicked! I’m a professional quidditch player!” He said tickling Crissy in the tummy making her giggle.


                Hermione watched him smiling slightly. It looks like Crissy and he were bonding quickly.


“Ba-ba.” Crissy patted Draco’s cheek to get his attention when he was still looking over the different lists and notes Hermione had hanging on the wall.


He turned to look at Crissy.


“Ba-ba,” she patted her mouth with her hand.


Draco turned to Hermione. “What is that supposed to mean?”


Hermione shrugged leaning against the counter. “Maybe she’s hungry?”


Draco raked his gaze up and down Hermione’s robe covered body with a teasing glint in his eyes. “Are you going to breast feed her?” He smirked.


Hermione’s eyes grew huge and a blush flared in her cheeks. It was fun to make her blush, he thought. She crossed her arms over her chest and glared.


“She’s too old for that.” Hermione said feeling self-conscious now.


“How do you know?” Malfoy asked.


“Because she has teeth Malfoy!”


He shrugged, “Only four little ones.” He smiled. “I’m sure she wouldn’t bite down hard.” Draco couldn’t help but tease her about this, it was too much fun.


Hermione blushed deeper. “Ugh, you’re insufferable.” She stomped over to the refrigerator and yanked it open.


                She could hear him laughing. She saw some baby food jars and a couple of bottles of formula; she wasn’t exactly sure what Crissy ate in the mornings so she went ahead and grabbed one of each.


“Hey Granger, come look at this.”


She shut the refrigerator door and turned towards Malfoy, who went over to where the dining table was. She walked over to the table and found what Malfoy was looking at. There were stacks of books on babies; everything from the development of babies, How to get your baby to start talking, How to become a good parent, how to prep your home for babies, and even some on what to expect when you’re an expectant mother.


 “What do you think all of this is for?” Draco asked.


“It looks like a pile of books on babies.” She told him stating the obvious.


“Yeah but what are they doing here on this table?” He asked shifting Crissy to his other hip.


“I don’t know, maybe we or someone was doing research on how to take care of a baby?” Hermione said locating a highchair and pulling it towards the table.


                She took Crissy from Draco and sat her in the chair, then sat down next to her. Hermione didn’t know a thing about babies…not really. Crissy had a couple teeth, did that mean she could eat solid food? Or did she still drink formula? She set down both a bottle of formula in front of Crissy as well as a baby jar full of applesauce. Crissy reached for the bottle, and brought it to her mouth and began to drink. 


                Draco walked around the living room looking for Merlin, knows what. She watched him pull out what looked like a photo album from the bookshelf and opened it up. Flipping through it he walked back towards the table where she was thumbing through one of the baby books that sat at the table.


“Looks like this is Crissy baby album. It says here Crissy was born August 14th, 2015. So that makes her what a little over a year old?” Draco asked.


“13 months.” Hermione said flipping to the section of the book that was dedicated to 12 to 15 month olds and started reading it.


Draco plopped down into a seat next to them. “How the hell did we get here, and how the bloody hell do we get back?” He asked resting his head on his hands.


Hermione put the book down and looked at him. “Well obviously we somehow got bumped into the future, or some alternative universe we were actually like each other and get along.” She told him with a sour taste in her mouth. “We need to retrace our steps, tell me exactly what you remember doing yesterday.”


“Why do you think this is my doing? What do you remember doing yesterday Ms. Know it all?”


“All I remember is attending classes, eating lunch and dinner in the great hall. Then we had our lab hours at six o’clock where we had to finish brewing the potion. Then Candlewick came in and told us what the project was and that we had to enchant a rock, and somehow that was going to turn into a baby…”


“This isn’t our project is it? I mean Crissy isn’t the rock that we added to the potion is it?”


“No it couldn’t be. Candlewick told us that the rock would only transform in the classroom during our Muggle Studies class. Outside of the class it would turn back into a rock. And this place doesn’t look anything like the classroom or anything that resembles Hogwarts. And we’re six years into the future. Something must have happened between last night and today. Unless…” She furrowed her brows in concentration.


“Unless what?” He asked her running a hand through his hair.


“Did any of the potion get on your skin last night after the caldron fell over?”


“Yeah, it ruined my clothing as well. Why?”


“Did you by any chance feel any tingling sensation after the spell was in place?”


“Maybe…why? He asked looking worried.


“Because after I casted the spell anywhere the liquid toughed my skin, it tingled. But it wasn’t strong, so at the time I didn’t think anything of it. But it still doesn’t make sense, none of the ingredients we used are ones used for a time traveling spell, and the potion we made definitely wasn’t anything strong enough to invoke time travel.”


“Maybe this is just one horrible dream that I’ll wake up from any moment.” Draco mumbled dragging a hand over his face.


“Maybe we can track down Candlewick and see if she knows anything about what happened? Surely she will have some answers for us.”


“And how do we do that? I doubt she still works at Hogwarts, she seemed pretty flaky to me, and she couldn’t possibly last long there. Especially if she has students randomly disappearing on her clock.”


“Well it wouldn’t hurt to start there and see if she still works there, or if there are any other professors who might know what happened to us?” She told him.


“This has to be a mistake I wouldn’t marry you if my life depended on it.” He told her.


“Yeah well I wouldn’t marry you if you were the last guy on the planet.” Hermione glared at him.


“Good.” He sneered.


“Good,” She retorted. “I’m going to finish feeding her.” Hermione said as she reached for Crissy. “You go…put a shirt on!”


“But Granger, I thought you liked looking at me without a shirt?”


Hermione blushed but covered it up by rolling her eyes. “In your dreams Malfoy.” She said then turned and walked back into the kitchen.


                Hermione tried feeding Crissy applesauce, which ended up being a much more difficult task then it appeared. The majority of the food ended up either on Crissy’s face or on her clothes, more than it did her mouth. The little bugger thought it was funny to spit it out rather than swallow it.


                Once Hermione felt that Crissy had enough to eat, hopefully four small spoonfuls of applesauce would be enough to last her until later. She realized Crissy was in dire need of a changing, not only her clothes which were now a gooey mess covered in applesauce but also a diaper change. Hermione wrinkled her nose, she could make Malfoy do it, but she knew all too well who would win that argument and it wasn’t going to be her. Besides she would have to do it at some point.


                She picked Crissy up after managing to clean her sticky face and hands off, and then took her to the nursery. It took her a few tries at changing her diaper, but she finally managed to do it right without magic. Once she had Crissy all nice and clean, she went over to Crissy tiny wardrobe to pick out an outfit. It was only September, so it was probably still warm out. Not that she was planning on taking Crissy outside or anything. Hermione finally picked out a cute yellow outfit with purple fairies dancing on it.


                Crissy was in her crib playing with a stuffed dragon that was purple with green and blue scales. Crissy didn’t like that she had to let go of her friend in order to get dressed but she managed to do so without much of a fuss. Once Hermione snapped all of the tiny buttons to her little outfit, she picked Crissy up out of her crib and was prepared to turn around and walk out the door. When Crissy flung her arms out as if wanting to reach back in the crib.


“Ga-ga,” Crissy cried.


Hermione realized Crissy wanted her dragon or ‘Ga-ga,’ so she reached in and grabbed it for her then handed it to Crissy. Crissy immediately clutched her little fingers around its tail and hung on to it, smiling brightly up at Hermione. Hermione couldn’t help but smile back. She really was quite adorable even if she was half Malfoy.


Hermione reached out and tickled Crissy on the tummy like she saw Malfoy do earlier, and was rewarded with a giggle and a toothy grin from her daughter.


“Come on little one; let’s get you situated so mummy can get dressed.”


 Hermione was still wearing that piece of nothing silk under her fluffy bathrobe. And the sooner she got into some real clothes the more confident she will feel about this parenting stuff.


Hermione walked with Crissy back to the living room. She noticed Malfoy in the kitchen eating breakfast, and thankfully he was fully dressed. She could tell he showered, because his hair was still slightly damp.


She put Crissy down in a play-pin that was set up in the corner. Crissy continued to play happily with her dragon, babbling little nothings to herself. Hermione watched a bit then decided to go into the kitchen and ask Malfoy to watch Crissy while she got ready for the day.


She walked and that’s when the smell hit her. “What the bloody hell is that?” Hermione asked plugging her nose so she wouldn’t have to smell it.


Malfoy looked up from the Daily Prophet he was reading. “What?”


“That smell?” she said looking around trying to see where it was coming from.


Malfoy sniffed the air, “What are you talking about Granger? I don’t smell anything. All I smell is coffee.”


                Coffee! Just the sound of it made her stomach twist. Plugging her nose wasn’t enough. She was going to be sick. Everything was happening so fast. She tried to breathe, but every time she took a breath, she inhaled the scent more.


                Sweat beaded on her forehead and she could feel it running down her back. She couldn’t stop it; she looked around frantically, then ran to the sink and threw up. Once the nausea and the churning in her stomach stopped, she managed to rinse her mouth out and straighten up wiping her mouth with the sleeve of her robe. She looked over, suddenly remembering that she wasn’t alone, to see Malfoy staring at her in horror or maybe disgust.


“Are you sick?” Draco asked looking like he wanted to bolt at any minute.


Hermione ran a shaky hand through her hair, not at all worried that it possibly resembled a bird’s nest. “I don’t think so. I was fine a moment ago.”


“Okay good.” He said as he picked up his empty bowl of cereal and coffee mug.


Not a ‘are you feeling better?’ or a ‘do you need anything?’ from him. Then started to carry his dishes to the sink.


“Don’t come near me with that!” Hermione yelled.


Draco stopped in his tracks and looked at the items in his hands. “What?” He asked confused.


“That!” she pointed to this coffee mug, then plugged her nose with her other hand.


“Okay, okay. It’s gone.” He shoved the mug on the counter behind him and shielded his body in front of it, so it wasn’t in her line of sight. “Just don’t throw up again.”


She put her hand down and took a few deep breaths, which helped ease her stomach down.


He watched her tentatively. “Are you ok…Are you going to be sick again?”

“No I’m fine now. I think. Can you watch Crissy while I go get dressed?”


Draco nodded, but didn’t move from his spot, probably still hiding the coffee mug from her. “Where is she?”


“In her play-pin in the living room.” Hermione said, and then walked out the kitchen holding her breath.


                It wasn’t until she got to the bedroom that she finally took in a deep breath. What was wrong with her? She was feeling fine all morning then…bam! She drank coffee all the time; coffee, cappuccinos, lattes and never once had she gotten sick from it or especially from the smell of it. Maybe Malfoy just makes his extra strong? But that didn’t make sense either.


                The sick nauseous feeling came on her like a tidal wave. She went to the bathroom, ignoring the wedding photo she saw of her and Malfoy, sitting on top of one of the dressers, and shut the door. She looked in the mirror and grimaced. Her skin was a pasty gray and she still felt clammy from being sick. Her hair indeed looked out of control.


                She realized this was the first time looking at herself since waking up this morning. Waking up with Malfoy…she shuddered. There was no way they would ever even consider marrying each other in the future.


                She peered in closer to the mirror; she looked older, but not by too much. Her hair was longer, and she looked tired. Luckily no wrinkles or age spots on her face yet. Malfoy said it was 2016, which would make her 23 years old. Wow, she thought. By 23, she would have thought that she would have a career by then. Possibly in the Ministry or maybe at Hogwarts. But instead she had a child. Not that that was a bad thing. She knew she always wanted a family; she just thought maybe she would get her life settled first and have children later.


                Malfoy said he played quidditch professionally, Hermione wondered what she did? She took her robe off and stepped back looking at herself in the mirror. Just looking at herself in the silk teddy made her blush; she couldn’t believe that Malfoy actually saw her in this. What was she doing wearing something like that to bed? She prayed that whatever happened before they got here, that she wasn’t doing anything to try to seduce Malfoy. Of course they were married; it wouldn’t be out of the norm. But still it was too disturbing to think about.


                The piece of silk barely covered her body. She thanked Merlin that she was wearing knickers underneath it, because a couple of inches higher and she would be bearing all. Her body looked curvier then she remembered. Her breast were slightly fuller and her hips slightly wider. But all of that probably comes with the territory after you have a baby.


                She still had a nice figure, in her opinion. Healthy. And she kind of liked her new curves; it actually made her feel like a girl. Whereas before…or yesterday she had the body of a boy; no hips and small barely there, non-existent breasts.


                Hermione made sure to brush her teeth nice and good, and rinse out her mouth with mouth wash twice to get the taste of vomit out. She stepped under the hot water of the shower and immediately felt better. It was almost as if she was never sick in the first place. Maybe she ate something weird the day before. She was actually feeling quite hungry now. She realized that in all the excitement of the morning she hadn’t eaten anything yet.


                Once she was out of the shower, she cursed herself for not bringing in clean clothes. Once she was dried off she stepped back into her bathrobe and peeked her head out the bathroom door to make sure Malfoy wasn’t in the room. When she noticed that she was alone, she walked out and went over to what she assumed was the closet.


                She opened the door and was amazed by the size of it. Apparently her and Malfoy shared it, because on one side were men’s clothes, and the other women’s clothes. She spotted Malfoy’s quidditch robes hanging on the inside of the door. She walked in to get a closer look on her side. She had everything from casual t-shirts, to blouses and skirts, to pretty sundresses, to fancy party dresses.


                She picked soft t-shirt and a pair of jeans. The shirt fit fine, maybe a bit snug, but the jeans were a different story. They fit but she couldn’t button them up. She grabbed another pair and the same thing happened. She went through every pair and was about to give up and just wear sweatpants instead. She didn’t look that big and the jeans seemed like they would be the correct size. She finally picked the pair that fit the best and sucked in her breath until she could fasten the button. Her belly was slightly sticking out but she didn’t care, all that mattered was that she finally got her jeans fasten.


                She went back to the bathroom to dry her hair. Once it was dry she twisted it up into a tight knot and secured it with a clip. She didn’t bother with makeup, because she definitely wasn’t trying to impress Malfoy and she didn’t care what he thought of her anyway.


                Once Granger left the kitchen to go change, Draco went on to the living room following the cooing sounds coming from Crissy’s play-pin. He causally looked over the top and saw her playing with a stuffed purple dragon. He crouched down to get a closer look.


“Hey I had a dragon like that when I was little. Except mine was green. And his name was Gus.”


Crissy looked up at him, then back to her toy. “Ga-ga.” She squealed then stuck its tail in her mouth and began to suck on it.


                He shook his head and smiled. He couldn’t believe he was stuck here in a place where he had a baby and was married to Granger of all people. The baby was cute and all but he wanted to get out of here as soon as possible.


                Working alone in a classroom with Granger was one thing, but having to actually live with her was going to be a nightmare. Especially after he saw her in that outfit she was wearing when they woke up. He told her it looked disgusting on her, but he didn’t mean it. He couldn’t help but get turned on, seeing her in that thing. Granger actually had legs, and hips and brea…no! Not going there, he thought as he shook his head.


                The idea of raising a baby scared the hell out of him, so maybe having Granger here wouldn’t be all that horrible. Since she would go above and beyond to make sure the baby was taken care of even if it was a complete stranger to her. This is why she was known as the know-it-all at school, because she always did more than was asked of her. But in this case, it might not be a bad thing. At least he wouldn’t have to take care of kid by himself.


                Crissy seemed pretty occupied with her dragon, so he decided to look around the room a bit. He walked over to a bookshelf and looked over some of the books there. He noticed some school books from Hogwarts; those were most likely Grangers, since he had no desire to keep his books once he was finished with them. He didn’t cherish them as much as she did.


                He noticed a couple more photo albums on one of the shelves. He pulled one out and looked through it. Just his luck it was their wedding album. He shut it and started to put it back, but then curiosity got the best of him and he opened it back up. The couple in the pictures definitely looked like him and Granger. Whoever put this book together added their wedding announcements and a copy of their wedding invitation. From the dates on them, it would mean that he and Granger got married right out of Hogwarts probably not far after their graduation.


                In the pictures, they looked so happy. It was really weird seeing pictures of him smiling and laughing and just having a good time. He hadn’t looked that happy in a longtime. In every picture it was as if they had to be touching each other in some way. They were either holding hands, dancing, hugging or kissing. He scowled.  He had no idea why he would want to marry her in the first place.


“What are you looking at?”


He snapped the book shut, almost feeling guilty for looking at it, well not guilty, embarrassed was more like it. He turned around to look at Granger, who was standing behind him.


“Nothing.” He said casually as he put the album back on the shelf.


She arched an eyebrow up at him, but didn’t question him. “Okay.” Hermione said then walked into the kitchen.


                Hermione came back in the living room with a stack of books in her arms. He rolled his eyes.


“What are you doing?” Draco asked as she set the books down on the coffee table and sat down on the sofa curling her legs underneath her.






She let out a sigh. “One of us needs to know what to do and how to take care of a baby.”


“Well you can be in charge of that.” He said walking over to Crissy in her play-pin.


                He lifted her out of it along with her dragon and set them on the carpet. Then he sat down in front of them. He glanced back at Granger who was already writing notes from whatever she was reading. He pulled his wand out and was about to point it at Crissy’s dragon.


“What do you think you’re doing?” Granger snapped.




“You can’t point a wand at a baby.”


“Why not?”


“You might accidentally cast something. What if you hexed her by accident?”


“Oh Granger relax. I’m not going to hurt her. I’m just going to show her trick. Don’t you trust me?”


“No.” Hermione responded automatically.


“I guess that’s fair. Cause I don’t trust you either. But I won’t harm her.”


Hermione looked like she wanted to argue, looking from him over to Crissy. “Fine, just be careful.”


He shook his head then turned his attention back to Crissy. “Hey Crissy, watch this.”


                He flicked his wand towards her dragon and it came to life. It started purring like a kitten and rubbed its fuzzy head across Crissy’s are. Then climbed up her little body to lick her face with its felt forked tongue, causing Crissy to break out in giggles. Next it climbed down and started walking around Crissy in circles. When Crissy tried to grab for it, it would flap its wings and fly a few inches off the ground. Crissy reached up, giggling, trying to catch it.


“Ga-ga!” she squealed in delight when it shot out a puff of glitter from its mouth, that disappeared before it hit the ground.


                Draco watched in amusement at how much fun she was having with that dragon of hers. Every now and then, it would fly up to high for her to reach and he would have to grab it and lower it down so it wouldn’t stray too far from her. One time it bumped into Granger, disrupting her reading.


“Don’t you do anything else besides studying?” He teased her.


She looked up at him with a bored expression. “Like I said someone has to know what to do.” She said then went back to reading.


He couldn’t let it go. “Yeah, but do you even know how to have fun?”


Hermione put the book down. “Of course I know how to have fun.” She snapped defensively.


“Really? It seems like every time I see you, you’re studying for some test, or you have your nose stuck in a book, or you’re coming out of the library, or carrying around an armload of books at a time.”


“Oh like last night when you decided to show off and trip me on purpose in front of your friends, so you could point and laugh at my expense?”


He shrugged, “I told you to watch where you were going.”


She rolled her eyes at him and went back to reading.


“No really, what do you do for fun?”


“Why do you care?”


“I’m just curious. And don’t tell me you like to read or study or write term papers or anything that has to do with schoolwork.”


Hermione shrugged, “But I like reading and writing.”


He gave her a stern look.


“What? I read other books that aren’t related to school too.”


“What else?”


She thought about it, “I like hanging out with my friends.”


“Right with Potter and Weasley. And tell me Granger, what do you do with them? Sit back and watch them play wizard’s chess? Or follow them out to the quidditch patch and watch them practice?”


“That’s not all we do. We talk and hang out.”


“Oh come on Granger, there has to be something that you like to do just for yourself?”


“What do you like to do for fun Malfoy?”




She shook her head, “Figures.” She muttered.


“You’re turn.” He pushed further.


She sighed. “I like to dance.”


“Dance?” He made a face.


“Yes, dance. I used to dance all the time before I made it into Hogwarts. I was on a competitive team and everything.”


“So what happen?” He asked grabbing the dragon when it flew up to high out of Crissy’s reach.


Hermione shrugged. “I found out I was a witch and went off to Hogwarts. I used to take classes in the summer, but after a while I just didn’t have time to anymore so I just stopped.”

“If you could, would you pick it up again?” Draco didn’t know why he was asking these questions and actually engaging Granger into a conversation, maybe he was just bored or something.


“Probably, maybe, I don’t know. It’s been a while. And so much has changed since I was 11.”


                The rest of the day went fairly well for the most part. And to Hermione’s surprise Malfoy seemed to get on really well with Crissy. It was clear the Crissy was definitely on her way to becoming a daddy’s girl. Daddy? Malfoy? She still couldn’t quite wrap her head around that bit of information. She would have never guessed that he would be one to like children. But it ended up working out well, because it gave her time to study up on babies.


                She learned that in this stage in life babies are more impressionable than ever, because their learning to form words together and start mimicking things they see their parents doing. They also are becoming very active like learning to crawl around and sit and stand up. Some can even start walking around this stage.


                Around two or so Hermione put Crissy down for a nap. And at one point Hermione attempted to make Malfoy change Crissy’s diaper, but he complained the entire time that he didn’t know what he was doing and didn’t want to hurt her. So in the end Hermione ended up doing all the work and teaching him how to do it as she went, and told him that next time he was going to do it no questions asked.


                Once they put her down for the night, Hermione didn’t realize how tired she was. All she did that day was study and take notes, so she didn’t really have any reason to be so tired. It also brought up the question, where were they sleeping tonight?


                She didn’t really want to share the bed with Malfoy and she knew he wouldn’t want to either. From her tour around the house she noticed there wasn’t an extra guestroom. She really doubted that Malfoy would give up the bed easily, because normally he was extremely selfish like that. They walked into the master bedroom with the huge bed becoming the main focal point. As if reading her mind he spoke up.


“I don’t know about you but I’m not sleeping in the same bed as you Granger.”


“Good, I wouldn’t want you to.” She said yawning.

“So what are we going to do about it?”


“Someone could take the sofa and by someone I mean you.” She said.


“No way Granger. I’m not sleeping on that.”


“And what makes you think I am?” She put her hands on her hips and glared at him.


“Fine, we’ll flip for it. Winner gets the bed, loser gets the sofa.” He said pulling a coin out of his pocket.


“Wait let me see that. I just want to make sure you’re not cheating.” She took the coin and flipped it over to make sure it wasn’t a trick coin.


“You flip it and I’ll call it.” He said crossing his arms over his chest.


“Fine ready?” she flipped the coin in the air.


“Heads.” Draco called out.


She caught it and set it on her hand, it was heads. “Damn-it.”


He smirked at her as he grabbed one of the pillows off the bed and shoved it at her. “Sweet Dreams Granger.”

AN: For those of you who have read this from the very beginning, have probably noticed that I made a few changes. Candlewick is no longer there to help them out along the way. Their stuck in the future with no way of knowing how to get back. Did you like it? I know it's different from how it was before but hopefully I can make it work with this not being apart of their project. But anyway as always read and review. I love hearing everyones feedback! 

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