I know I switched from third person to first person, but I like it better this way so deal with it. Love ya!!! 


 When I finally stopped spinning, I stumbled backward out of the fireplace dizzily, and promptly fell over and hit my head on a coffee table.

“Crap! That hurts!” I moaned as I rubbed my head. Before I got a chance to really take in my surroundings and get up off the floor, a silver eagle patronus entered through the window, and landed in front of me.


“Now I know I said we can’t really talk, but I have to know,” came Michael’s voice through the patronus. “did you fall flat on your face?”


I laughed and cast my own patronus, a silver phoenix. “No! Give me more credit than that… I hit my head on a table.” I told the patronus before it disappeared through the window.


Michael’s quickly returned. “Really?” It said. “You couldn’t have lied? Kyle guessed that one, and now I owe him ten galleons!” 


I quickly cast my own again and give it another message. “You guys bet on how I would make a fool of myself! I can’t believe you! Well…actually I can, but that’s not the point. Got to go, sianara!” My patronus flew out the window again as I stood up to look around. As I did, I realized I wasn’t the only person in the room. Sitting at a desk in the middle of the room was an older lady, surrounded by four boys. Usually that wouldn’t bother me at all, but they all looked totally astonished.


“Um…I’m Skyler Clark, is one of you Professor McGonagall?” I asked timidly. Usually I’m not shy, but their looks were kind of creeping me out.


Finally the older woman spoke, but her response wasn’t exactly something I wanted to hear.


“Did you just cast a wandless and wordless patronus?” She asked slowly.


“Uh…yeah. I mean I guess. I never use a wand or say spells out loud…” I trailed off because of the look on her face.


“Boys, please wait outside my office. I will deal with you in a minute. I need to talk to Miss Clark alone please.”


They all stood up and slowly exited the room.


“Miss Clark, would you please have a seat? I would like to talk to you. We need to plan your backstory, and obviously we need to talk about your powers because you are obviously quite powerful.” I sat down in one of the chairs across from her before she continued. “Now, I think it is best if people don’t know much about your past. Of course people will want to know why you transferred here in your sixth year, and you do not have  a French accent so you cannot have gone to Beauxbatons, and you do not have a German accent, so you cannot have gone to Durmstrung. That leaves us with the option of homeschooling, which is true, and gives reason to why you are more powerful than other kids your age. I know you are an orphan, but what should we tell people, because you will not be getting mail from your family, and won’t be going home to them during the summer, but you cannot have been homeschooled if you were an orphan. We could have you be in a magical foster home. That way, you could have learned magic, grown up with a magic background, and still not have to worry about a story about your parents. Yes, I like that.” McGonagall was rambling on, but I felt it important to pay attention. Anyways, it was kind of funny to see her ramble, but it seemed her mind was somewhere else.


“ Now, I know you are a very powerful witch, and that is part of the reason you’re here, but I need to know the extent of your powers.”


“Well, like I said before, I cast all my spells wandlessly and wordlessly. I more think of what I want to happen and it does. I don’t tend to actually use the actual spell all that much. My hand is kind of my wand because when I was little no one approved of letting me have a wand, and besides, no wand really worked for me. Anyway, as for the extent of my magic, l learn everything very easily. My brother told me I am way beyond sixth year learning, but he wants me in sixth year classes. Although, if I could, I would rather be in seventh year DADA. Would that be okay?”


“Yes, that would be fine. And I’m sure you will fit right in, and I can tell you are very talented. Now, we need to sort you into a house.” She stood up, and grabbed a ratty old hat off the table on the other side of the room. She placed it on my head, covering up  my view of the world.


“Well, well, well, let’s see here. It has been a while since I have sorted someone older than a first year. Let’s see here, you are nice, but too competitive to be in Hufflepuff. You are very smart and resourceful, but you do not exactly like school, so Ravenclaw would not be a good match. You are cunny, ambitious, and competitive, but you would not be good in Slytherin. And with the amount of braveness and courage you possess, I don’t think there is any other option but GRYFFINDOR!” It called the last part out loud.


“Very good, Miss Clark. I used to be head of that house. but now it is Professor Lupin. Now, I will send your things down to the dorm down there, and since all the boys outside my office are in Gryffindor, I will let them show you around. Will you please wait a moment?” I nodded and she walked to the door and opened it. All the boys were sprawled out on the staircase, chatting to each other. They all stopped immediately though, and looked at McGonagall wearily.


“I will let your prank go this time, as long as you show Miss Clark around the castle and back to the Gryffindor Common room. Am I understood?”


“So, your saying as our punishment we get to hang out with a super-hot chick? Maybe we should pull pranks a lot more often!” said one of the boys. McGonagall gave them a stern look, but then turned around and motioned for me to come to the doorway. “This is Skyler, I expect you to be on your best behavior.” McGonagall finished before turning away and walking back to her desk.


I looked at all the boys and took their appearances in. One of them had raven-black hair, and hazel eyes with green specks in them. He was tanned, tall, and very muscular. Another  had red hair, but not the kind of red that looked bad on boys. This actually made him look even more hot, somehow. He also had hazel eyes, and was tanned and tall and muscular as well. The third boy had sandy-blonde hair and bright blue eyes. He was paler, but somehow it worked for him. The fourth boy had light brown hair, and dark green eyes. He was a little shorter than the other three, but not by much. He was still probably like 5’ 11”. They all smiled at me and the raven-haired one stood up.


“I’m James Potter. This is my cousin, Fred Weasely,” he pointed to the red haired one, “this is Dylan Cross,” he pointed to the brown haired one, “and this is Matt Parker.” He said as he pointed to the blonde one. “And might I add we are VERY happy you chose to join us here at Hogwarts.” He added with a charming smile. I could tell we would be good friends. 



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