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Authors note: Note the train scene is based on Anastasia Fox owns that movie I do not this is purely fan made and the scene worked wonderfully in this chapter. I tweaked it so it’s not exactly the same as it. But the general idea came from that movie. Ok hopefully you guys like this. I had to have re-written it at least 10 times. I just couldn't get it quite right. I think I nailed it though! And tell me what you think of Harry as the competition? Or should it be Ron or both? or someone completely different? You’re Thoughts! (What’s a love story without a bit of competition? yes I am a bit hyper.)



   Harry woke up the next morning to a tap at his window. Groggily he got up rubbing the sleep from his eyes with the palm of his hand. Getting up he went over to the window Opening it. His snowy Owl Hedwig Plopped onto his pillow. He instantly recognized Hermione’s Handwriting. His mouth went dry his heart skipping a beat. a letter meant one of two things, She was fine and had something to tell him. Or something went terribly wrong.

  Harry stood there holding the letter staring at it like it would bite. After 20 minutes he finally opened it his hands shaking. He was unsure if he even wanted to read it. He opened it up and quickly scanned the letter. Worry, Sadness, anger, and a slight feeling of desperation went through him. He needed to get to her. How would he do that though? Waking up Ron he handed the Letter to him so he could read, Harry paced back and forth why Ron Read.

Dear Harry, and Ron Since I know you’re going to be reading this too. What I am about to tell you Dumbledore can confirm, please don’t freak out. I know you will but, Try not to have a conniption fit or something. I'm with Malfoy, He's a newborn vampire. We are going to Romania. I need to help him with his trials, this somehow concerns the whole school Not sure how yet. He figured I was the only one who could possible help or figure things out.

I'll miss you guy’s loads. I would have told you this in person but I couldn't. I know you would have never let me go. I need to do this. Maybe I can find myself. You know I've been feeling unsure of where to go with my life after Hogwarts, This may help me find it. I'm safe. Don't come looking for me please.

Love you both, Hermione


"Don't worry? I'm fine? Is she mental?" Ron shot out of bed. "She’s alone with MALFOY who's a VAMPIRE on their way to vampire HQ. And she’s telling US not to worry? Not to worry, Codswollop. What are we going to do Harry?"

"Talk to Dumbledore, Get the information we need, Go after her what else?" Harry grinned to his best mate. Who seemed to have the same Idea as him and nodded. The desperation he felt to get to her to make sure his best friend was ok was at a peak and he was shaky. He Dragged Ron with Him Heading to Dumbledore’s office. He had loads of questions and he needed to get a move on help somehow. He didn't trust Malfoy within ten feet of Hermione.


    Hermione waited on a bench. They had found a train station; Luckily She had left over French money from when she had that vacation with her parents at the end of second year. Draco had gone to get the tickets. She was just about to wonder where he had gotten to after 20 minutes when he sat down beside her. With two tickets a map and a couple of sandwiches for her.

“Here, I thought you would be hungry. Not that I care or anything cause I don't but I do need you alive." he drawled why sitting down waiting for the train. "We have ten more minutes before it arrives."

   Hermione rolled her eyes. Was he really too proud to admit he was concerned about her, and her health. as she pondered this she concluded. Yes, yes he was. "Thank you Draco." She smiled gratefully before eating the two sandwiches handed to her. By the time she had finished eating the train had arrived. Draco put his glasses on before helping her into a car and sat down in one of the seats. The train conductor took their tickets and stamped them before pocketing them.

   Hermione was watching Draco Who had closed the blind on the train window to keep the sun from harming him too much. He had his eyes closed and appeared to be sleeping, she knew he wasn't however. By the fact that he tensed every time He heard something.

"Do you think you'll miss them?" Hermione asked after a while getting tired of the silence.

"Miss who?" Draco opened one red eye to watch her.

"Your friends, Zabini, Crabb, Goyle, Parkinson and all them." She looked over at him curiously.

"No" He replied honestly. He wasn't really close to his friends. Growing up the way he had caused him to keep at a distance.

"But, They were your friends surely you'll miss them a little?"She looked at him her brows furrowed in confusion. Draco plopped his legs up on the seat beside her leaning back.

"They were people I Knew, and spent my time with end of story" He replied with a bored drawl.

This caused Hermione to get angry and she stood up. "You won’t miss anyone?"

"No, and what is it with you and friends. People come and go it’s best not to get attached" He spoke in his same drawling voice but she could of sworn she saw a flicker of emotion before it was gone.

   She started kicking at his legs trying to get him to move them which he did. Why she was doing it though there conversation continued. "For one thing it’s what every other person once. For another they’re there for you. Oh just forget it! “With that she stormed out of the compartment heading toward the end of the car.

   She was looking out the window her arms crossed over her chest went she suddenly fell forward as the cart started to jerk and speed up. Draco was there in an instant, holding her up.

   "Wait here; I'll see what’s going on." His voice was sharp urgent and demanding. Hermione didn't feel like arguing at that particular moment so she waited. She watched him check the other cars, Disappearing as he went up the corridor toward where the driver would be. A few minutes later he was back his eyes narrowed and he was thinking. "No one’s driving this thing and it’s on fire. We are going to have to detach the car.

  "She went over opening the door as he spoke she blasted the cars apart with a spell and went to him using the wall to keep her steady her legs shaking since the car was going so fast.”We should just coax to a stop." She said holding onto Draco instinctively since he was the only thing that seemed to have balance. To her surprise he pulled her closer.

   It took over an hour for the train to stop. When it did they gathered all the supplies they could Dead leaves and twigs snapping and crunching under their feet as they walked Draco going over the map.

  “Well, there’s water. If we follow the stream we will most likely find a town and we can ask for directions. “Hermione spoke eagerly trying to get them un-lost. They had been walking around for what seemed like ever.

"There’s no Town on the map, nor is there a stream we don't need to ask for directions." He stared at her like this was obvious.

"What is it with Men and asking Directions?"She sighed irritated.

"What is it with Women and maps? Besides, when women ask for directions, they don't follow them, they do the opposite or don't listen at all so what’s the point?" Draco counter showing his fangs in obvious discontent.

"We do not!!" Men need to learn to admit hey need help.

"Yes you do, Women are contrary, they do or say one thing why doing or saying something else with a different meaning. Can't you make up your minds?!" Draco growled.

   By this time the sun had set. Hermione sighed irritatedly. Guiding them into the wood using a direction spell with her wand she started going east which is the direction they needed to go anyway. Following the tracks would be dangerous. They found traces of obvious signs of foul play when looking over the train cart.

"Let’s make camp."She spoke and summoned a tent putting protection charms around them before getting inside. Draco followed her inside. Still not speaking to her muttering about nothing is on the map.

"She laid down on one of the cots staring at the side of the tent. Thinking about harry and Ron and how much she missed them right now. She curled up. Suddenly she felt very aware of Malfoy watching her.

This was going to be a very long trip for both of them. They were already close to wanting to Avada Kadavera each other.


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