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I woke up early cause there was a loud bang down stairs on the door I quickly got changed in a yellow long sleeve shirt and a pair of short shorts and ran down stairs and threw open the door.

“Professor Snape is there a meeting today I did not know hold on. Father! Come on in Professor” I led him to the kitchen. ”Father” I yelled to my father.

“I’m coming, I’m coming” my dad said sarcastically.

“Father is there a meeting that you forgot to tell me about” ” Um ya why do you think I asked you to make all of those snacks” “Oh ok I’ll leave see you in a bit father”.

When he wasn’t looking I snuck to the basement to take a look at a memory in my father’s pensive.

*Yes father come down here. Wow you are finely talking it has been so long so what is it sweetie. Father I finely get to go to Hogwarts I said happily handing my father my acceptance letter. When he got it from me he started to rip it in to pieces and screamed I WILL NOT LET YOU GO TO THAT FUCKEN SCHOOL. WHY THE HELL NOT DAD I HAVE BEEN WATING FOR THIS FOR YEARS WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO RUIN MY LIFE I screamed back with tears streaming down my face. WELL IF YOU THINK I AM THAT BAD HOW ABOUTYOU LIVE SOME WHERE ELSE he screamed 10 times louder. Fine…. I will I replied running out the door I hope I never see you again I screamed running down the street.*

I came out of the memory just as my father was calling my name. I ran upstairs to see all of the order members sitting around the table except for Snape he was just standing at the far end in a dark corner. I looked at my father “Yes father is there anything you need?” He looked at me happily and handed me my 3d year letter for Hogwarts. I made a high pitch screech.

“So who will be taking young Melody to Diagon Ally?” I stopped squealing instantly and looked around the room thinking * Please not Remus that is the last thing I need.* I felt someone prying into my mind I looked over to the only person that could be doing that. When I saw Snape I completely closed my mind and started a stair down with him. Our stair down was interrupted by my Father speaking

“Severus you shall have the pleasure on taking Melody to meet Hagrid in the Leakey cauldron.” I looked at my father then back at Snape “You shall come back as soon as you can I must speak with you more in privet” I looked back at my father before Snape grabbed my wrist and pulled me out side and we apperated off to the Leaky Cauldron.

Snape P.O.V.
I woke from a voice coming from my fire place across from my bed. I shot out of bed and slowly walked to the fire place when I heard a voice.

“Severus… There is an order meeting starting in a few hours and I need you to come early cause I need to talk to you about something important” his soft voice spoke. “Alright when do you need me there” “ah in an hour should be good for you to get woken up” “alright I will be there in a little bit.” We cut the connection

*what does he want from me now * I thought as I quickly got changed and ran down stairs to eat. After I ate I got up and apperated to Dumbledore’s door and nocked loudly.

When the door opened I saw his daughter Melody *wow she looks so much like Ellissa* I thought as she lead me into the small house and hollered for her father telling him to come down stairs. When he came down stairs he talked to Melody then sent her off.

I looked over to see her silently creeping down some stairs and into the basement. ” Sur might I ask what is in your basement” I asked randomly as Melody’s body was out of sight. “Ah only some parchment extra quills and my old pensive” he told me quietly.

“So you remember the prophesy I told you about-“. “No I will not believe that she is my daughter, my daughter is probably dead somewhere in Canada in a ditch” I exclaimed.

Just I finished talking more order members arrived. Just before the meeting started Dumbledore called for Melody. She slowly poked her head out of the basement door “Yes father is there anything you need?” she asked shaking. He looked over to her and smiled and gave her, her 3d year letter to Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry. She then smiled and gave a high pitch screech. Dumbledore ignored her screeching and spoke “who will be taking young Melody to the Leaky Cauldron.” She stopped squealing instantly and looked around the room with a thinking look on her face.

I used legumes but all I could catch was not-Remus-last-need before she looked at me and cut off my connection to her mind. We stared at each other for a moment before Dumbledore spoke.

“Severus you shall have the pleasure on taking Melody to meet Hagrid in the Leakey cauldron.” I looked over to him than back to Melody who looked shocked when he spoke again. “You shall come back as soon as you can I must speak with you more in privet”. I got up and grabbed Melody by the wrist and pulled her out of the room and outside and apperated us off to the Leaky Cauldron.

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