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Holly and Phoenix Feather.

Hermione was awoken early on the second day after being thrust into 1976 by a beaming Mrs. Potter.

"Good morning, Hermione!" The spirited old woman cheered happily. "Guess what you and I will be doing today?"

Hermione in response merely rolled over in bed and moaned. "Sleeping in?"

Mrs. Potter laughed. "Oh pet, heavens no! We've got a long day of shopping ahead of us!!"

Hermione's eyes snapped open in response to this statement, her jaw dropping. "Shopping? ...But I don't have any money, Mrs. Potter."

Dorea laughed again. "Oh, pet, that's why you have me!"

"But Mrs. Potter I'm already imposing on your hospitality! ...I can't take your money too."

"Oh tosh! Hermione; What did I tell you when I asked you to stay with me?"


"I promised I would dress you up!"

"Now wait a second, you said 'not too much!'" Hermione insisted.

"Well. I lied." Mrs. Potter laughed gaily at Hermione's stunned expression. "I'll have you know that I was a Slytherin at my time in Hogwarts, my dear. We are all quite sly creatures."

"No kidding..."

"So anyway, yes, let's go shopping!"

"What about Sirius and James?" Hermione tried desperately, "Are they coming too?"

"To spoil our fun? No, of course not! Besides, you can show off our purchases when we get home, I'm sure they'll be impressed!"

"Mrs. Potter..."

"We'll also buy you a wand. Surely you feel quite naked without one, no?"

Hermione gaped at the woman in shock. "...My wand? I'll get my wand back?"

Mrs. Potter smiled gently. "Of course, my dear. After all, what is a witch without her wand?"


Leaving a still slumbering James Potter and Sirius Black in Potter Manor, Mrs. Potter side-alonged Hermione to Diagon Alley later that morning and Hermione was not at all surprised to find many of the same stores she saw in the district still around in her time. Flourish and Blotts looked quite busy that day with many people rushing in and out laden with books, the Magical Menagerie smelt as terrible as it always did and Hermione couldn't help but smile when she saw that Quality Quidditch Supplies was around even then too.

Beaming at Hermione when she saw her happy expression, Mrs. Potter cleared her throat. "First things first, Hermione, lets go and get your wand."

Hermione's eyes lit up at Mrs. Potter's words and she nodded fervently, grabbing the older woman's arm in her excitement. "Lets hurry then, Mrs. Potter! Can't be waiting around all day!"

The old woman laughed and nodded and didn't mind at all when Hermione began to weave through the crowds in the busy district, seemingly knowing where to go already. Though Mrs. Potter believed Hermione's story (however unbelievable it was), the woman still was shocked by what she had heard. Had this young girl really gone through so much pain and suffering in such a short period of time? It was certainly quite disheartening to know that even twenty years in the future Voldemort was still causing so much trouble. Though there was still quite the crowd in Diagon Alley that day the people there were a lot more subdued than what they usually were on a typical shopping day...and the crowd was smaller too. Mrs. Potter was still lost in her own thoughts when Hermione stopped abruptly, causing the older woman to stumble.

"Oh!" the younger girl squeaked, "I'm sorry Mrs. Potter! I didn't mean to stop abruptly, but we're here!"

And indeed they were.

Ollivanders: Makers of Fine Wands since 382 B.C was written in peeling gold letters above the black door that marked the entrance to the shop and though the display windows certainly needed a bit of a wipe down, a single wand that some had argued once belonged to Merlin lay on a faded (though not as faded as it was in 1991) purple cushion. The store was as small as Hermione remembered and when she and Mrs. Potter stepped inside, a once forgotten tinkling of a bell marked their arrival. Glancing around, Hermione noted that the store was exactly the same as it was when she had first come into the shop in 1991, though Hermione didn't find herself surprised by this at all. Thousands of narrow boxes containing wands were piled right up to the ceiling and the spindly chair, though a lot newer looking was still propped up in the corner. The room was coated in a thin layer of dust. Some things would never change.

"Lady Potter," A familiar old voice intoned as the door softly closed behind Mrs. Potter and Hermione and both turning to the speaker, they were met with a familiar white haired and silver eyed Ollivander. "It is good to see you again."

"Ollivander," Mrs. Potter smiled kindly in greeting. "This is Hermione Potter," She suddenly added, ignoring Hermione's stunned expression, "and she would like a new wand, if you please."

Ollivander turned those chilling silver eyes in Hermione's direction and the young girl couldn't prevent a shiver.

"Miss Potter, I welcome you to my store." He paused again for a moment, and it felt as if he was looking right through her. "Your wand arm, if you please?"

Wordlessly, Hermione held out her right arm and watched, mesmerised as Ollivander procured from his pocket a familiar silver tape that instantaneously began to measure from Hermione's shoulder to her finger, then from wrist to elbow, shoulder to floor, knee to armpit... Hermione remembered the first time she and her parents had come to Ollivander's for Hermione's wand and all three were flabbergasted as the measuring tape proceeded to work all on its own. Being older and wiser, Hermione, while not as impressed as she used to be couldn't help but admire Ollivander's easy use of wandless magic.

While the tape was still measuring the circumference of Hermione's skull Ollivander disappeared and then appeared again with a blue box in his hands. "That's enough, now." He ordered the tape and it instantly crumpled into a heap on the floor. Taking the wand from out of the box, he looked at the piece of dark wood reverently before gently placing it in Hermione's waiting hands. "Alright then, Miss Potter. Try this one. Rosewood and dragon heartstring, ten inches, strong."

Hermione didn't even have to look at the wand to know it wasn't right for her and she didn't even have to wave it before Ollivander snatched it back and searched for another.

"Ash and phoenix feather, seven inches. Bendy." 


"Oak and dragon heartstring. Twelve inches. Unyeilding."

"Holly and dragon heartstring. Fourteen inches. Surprisingly swishy."

Ten, eleven, twelve wands piled up on the spindly chair as Ollivander continued to search for Hermione's wand and feeling almost exasperated Hermione was tempted to tell Ollivander to hurry up and find her Merlin be damned dragon heartstring and vine wand, her first and true wand. No others would compare. And after going through fifteen wands, Hermione's breath caught in her throat as Ollivander announced the next wand.

"Hmm, you're a tricky customer, aren't you Miss Potter? Not to worry, this is rather exciting--it's not often I have such trouble finding a person their wand! Lets try this one. Vine and dragon heartstring, ten and three quarter inches."

Hermione beamed when she saw the wand in Ollivander's hands. It was hers! Hermione took the wand from Ollivander and was startled to feel nothing. No sudden warmth in her fingers, no spark. No sign at all to show that this wand was once hers. What?

Hermione's wand was quickly snatched from her and she felt her heart break. "Hmm. And here I thought that wand was the one." Ollivander frowned at Hermione momentarily, before adopting a pensive expression. "I wonder..." He trailed off suddenly and disappeared around the back. "This one has always been rather unusual--holly and phoenix feather, eleven inches, nice and supple."

No, no. No, no, no, no.

Chills ran down Hermione's spine and tears filled her eyes.

No, not that wand. Any one but that wand.

In Ollivander's hands was a wand very familiar to Hermione.

No...not Harry's wand.

But it was.

A single tear slid down Hermione's cheek when she touched Harry's old wand and a tingle of warmth ran through her fingers.


With a flick of her wrist a shower of brilliant red and gold sparks erupted from the wand like a firework and both Ollivander and Mrs. Potter let out happy cheers. Once the cheers had both died down, Ollivander scrutinised Hermione with his silver stare.

"Will you be the one, Miss Granger?" He asked quietly, causing the girl's breath to catch in her throat. 

How did he know her true name?

She nodded sharply, determination filling her eyes. "I will."

Mrs. Potter forked over the seven galleons that Hermione owed for the wand and then left the shop. And it was only after Mrs. and Potter and Hermione turned the corner did she allow herself to shiver.


The young witch glanced up at the elderly woman and managed a weak smile. "It's nothing to worry about, Mrs. Potter. Everything's fine."

Some things are just better kept a secret.

It was a very subdued Hermione that was led into a bustling Twilfitt and Tatting's by Mrs. Potter after the Ollivander wand incident and upon realising where she was, Hermione promptly had a minor hissy-fit.

"Twilfitt and Tatting's, Mrs. Potter? Really? One set of robes in here costs an arm and leg!" 

Mrs. Potter laughed airily and batted an arm. "Oh nonsense, darling. Money is no object. Now, I'm only here to buy you a few pieces--I thought you might want to head into muggle London for some other things. But Twilfitt and Tatting's really is the best when it comes to wizarding robes and cloaks, my dear."

Hermione pouted. "But they're so expensive..." She whined, picking up the price tag on a sparkling blue travel cloak and cringing at the cost.

"Oh come, Hermione, live a little!"

"May I assist you at all?"

Hermione and Mrs. Potter both started at the sound of the sugary voice, and turning around they both locked gazes with a beautiful young witch who looked about sixteen. Dressed in floaty light blue robes that matched her eyes with a darker blue tailored suit that befitted the 1970's underneath. The young girl's jet black hair framed her heart shaped face and the girl wore barely any make-up, but the make-up she did wear appeared quite natural.

She looks familiar... Hermione thought as she continued to stare at the young girl. Where do I know you?

"Ah, young Miss Dorcas Meadowes!" Mrs. Potter greeted in delight, smiling at the young witch who beamed back at the woman. "It's been too long, dear child! How is your grandmother?"

If Dorcas was beautiful when she wasn't smiling, nothing compared to her beauty until she actually did.

"Mrs. Potter! Oh, this is a wonderful surprise, yes, my grandmother's fine, how are you?" Dorcas replied happy, her smile most definitely genuine.

"Quite well, child. Quite well indeed. How has your Summer been?"

"Well currently I've spent most of my Summer here at Twilfitt and Tatting's as an apprentice robe-maker and it's been just amazing. I've learnt so much already!"  Dorcas was still beaming and it was then that Hermione was struck as to where she recognised this young woman. She saw her a few times in Harry's photo album. There was one picture in particular that triggered her memory.

'Moody says she was good friends with my parents,' Harry's familiar baritone rang in her head. 'She was apparently a really strong witch, too. Voldemort took her out himself in 1981 instead of sending his Death Eaters after her before the end of the first war.'

Hermione's eyes snapped open at this and released a shaky breath.

This girl was the Dorcas Meadowes? The Dorcas Meadowes that Alastor Moody greatly admired and mourned just as much after she passed away? This was the girl deemed too dangerous by Voldemort?

"Anyway, Dorcas, dear, this is Hermione and we're here today to shop for some dress robes, regular robes and a few cloaks. Might you have any suggestions?"

Cool blue eyes turned to Hermione and they closed slightly in a smile. "Hi Hermione I'm Dorcas. But most people call me Cas."

Hermione swallowed thickly before managing a smile. "Nice to meet you. And please don't take Mrs. Potter's words to heart, I don't need that many new clothes..."

Mrs. Potter snorted in response. "Ignore Hermione, Dorcas dear, and pick out whatever you think would look wonderful--Hermione deserves nothing less. And what did I tell you about humouring me?"

"Fine, fine." Hermione pouted and was then lead off by a Dorcas who certainly appeared in her element.

Hermione ended up with several sets of robes ranging in colours and shades in blacks, blues, purples, emeralds, reds and golds as she had 'the perfect' skin tone that would suit any colour. Though Hermione had only wanted one, Mrs. Potter insisted on two sets of dress robes, one that came in a very pale, dusty shade of pink and another than came in a silky shade of silver. Mrs. Potter had argued that she needed three travelling cloaks, and insisted on the black, red and navy blue ones. 

In all, Hermione spent at least two hours inside the wizarding clothing store and after all the suffering ended up quite friendly with Dorcas. Dorcas had in the end told Hermione that she was looking quite forward to seeing her at the Hogwarts Express and wished her a happy Summer until then. Laden with shrunken bags, Mrs. Potter then took Hermione to Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour for an icecream for lunch before dragging Hermione toward the Leaky Cauldron. When Hermione protested this Mrs. Potter merely laughed in response. "Oh darling, you thought we were done? Silly thing."

Hermione was exhausted by the time she and Mrs. Potter returned home to Potter Manor.

Though all her bags were shrunken, Hermione was definitely laden down with many different bags of all different sizes, containing clothes befitting that era. Maxi, shift, mini and halter dresses coming in a variety of different bold designs, along with some dresses that befitted the hippy styling as well; Bohemian dresses with flowy skirts, not to mention Mrs. Potter had discovered Hermione's first "little black dress", which Hermione herself was quite fond of. Short dresses seemed to be all the rage in the 70's apparently, as were hot pants. Normally, Hermione was one to cover up but the 70's fashion seemed to dissuade that and thus Hermione was now the owner of many pairs of hot pants, miniskirts and bohemian ones as well that came in denim to polyester and once again a wide variety of bold colours, patterns and designs. As it was Summer (and it was an incredibly hot one to boot) there weren't very many jumpers, but Hermione was lucky enough to find a couple of plain knitted ones that she would probably wear at Hogwarts and she fell in love with a burgundy trench coat that she had found and Mrs. Potter had liked too. Hermione was now the proud owner of a pair of very form fitting leather pants (that reminded Hermione a lot of the ones that Olivia Newton John wore for the end sequence of the musical Grease) and quite a few pairs of jeans in various styles, cuts and colours, though Hermione favoured skinnies. She bought heels, flats, wedges, boots and even a pair of stilettos, though Hermione doubted she'd ever wear the spiked heels.

In all, Hermione was now the owner of a wardrobe larger than the one from her own time and thus kept thanking Mrs. Potter repeatedly as they were walking to the Diagon Alley apparition point, though Mrs. Potter merely laughed and told her that she had a lot of fun. But now that Hermione was back in the Manor all she really wanted to do was just sleep the rest of the day away, but two things prevented this. Firstly, Mrs. Potter had decided that Hermione needed to have some tea with her in the parlour and secondly, they had guests.

Upon appearing on the first floor corridor, the sounds of what Hermione thought were a young girl screaming came from the grand staircase that led to the second and third floors and glancing over at a smiling Mrs. Potter, Hermione raised an eyebrow in question. Mrs. Potter winked.

"BOYS!" The old woman suddenly screamed, laughing aloud when Hermione clapped her hands over her ears.

'Well,' Hermione mused with a smile, 'looks like it was Mrs. Potter who gave Harry his lungs.'


The screaming stopped.

Hermione was not at all surprised to find a cackling Sirius was the first one down the stairs after a few minutes, followed closely by a grinning James who rubbed his wet eyes underneath his glasses. Hermione's breath caught in her throat when a younger, copper haired Remus Lupin who had a light in his eyes that Hermione had never seen before came next and then a young Peter Pettigrew descended the stairs too and Hermione couldn't help but gasp.

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