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“But you have to go,” Dom whined. “You’re one of her best friends!”


I sighed tiredly. “I was one of her best friends, Dominique. Was. Emphasis on the past tense.”


“Oh please, Rosie still loves you. She just doesn’t know it yet.”


That takes the cake for the biggest bunch of bullshit that I’ve heard all day.


I glared at Dom. “If she actually wanted me at her birthday party, then she would’ve told me herself. She wouldn’t have gone to one of the two remaining people in Gryffindor that is still talking to me, and said, ‘If Price isn’t off fucking Davies, then she can come, I suppose.’ Shit doesn’t work like that, Dom.”


“It does if you have the right attitude!” Dom exclaimed brightly.


It made me want to smack her.


Very, very hard.


“Well, either way, I’m not bloody going.”  I said in a rough voice, leaning back on my library chair, and folding my arms across my chest.


“Fine,” Dom said in a disappointed voice. “I guess I’ll just have to go by myself.” She looked down dejectedly, and sighed.


Seriously? I’ve known her for years, and she thinks I don’t recognize her signature guilt trip?


I’m appalled.


“Really, Dom? Really?” I said, bored by her attempts.


She just didn’t want to bloody quit though.


“I just thought that maybe you’d want to do this one little, small favor for me considering that most of my family is upset with me because I’m still friends with you.” She said in the same sad voice, sighing dramatically for theatrics.


Oh balls.


Does your best friend ever do this to you, Albert? Throw in the guilt trips so that you do something that you really, really don’t want to do? Because it’s bloody evil.


“Fine!” I sighed heavily, and contemplated smashing my head against the table.


I did, and realized that it was a probably a stupid thing to do as I got a giant headache instantly.


For the record, it seemed like a good idea at the time.


“Thank you, Eggs! You won’t regret it, I promise!” She squealed, suddenly done being ‘sad’, and attacked me with a hug.


Won’t regret it. Yeah, fat chance.


“So when were you going to tell me about Rose’s party on Saturday?” Noah asked randomly in the middle of our conversation about cheese.


It was actually quite thrilling, let me tell you.


We were discussing our favorite types. Mine is mozzarella, and his is cheddar. And then I was like, ew, how can you like cheddar? And he was like, well, it’s a lot better than stupid mozzarella. And then I was like, you’re stupid. And then he was like, no, you’re stupid.


But that whole conversation is beside the point.


“Why would I deem it necessary to tell you?” I asked slightly nervously because I was sensing an upcoming fight.


For reals, we fight all the time. We’ve only been dating a week and we fight like we’re some old married couple that pretends to like each other, but really fights all the time, and the only thing interesting thing that they can seem to find to talk about comes from a cow.


It’s a riveting life style choice.


“Maybe because I’m your bloody boyfriend?” He nearly yelled causing the attention of the other Claws in his common room.


He’s so fucking dramatic. I’m the one with the boobs in the relationship. Shouldn’t I be the dramatic one?


“Well, it’s not like you can go, so what would be the point in telling you?” I asked reasonably.


“What do you mean I’m not going?” Noah asked, his eyebrows furrowing together as if he was genuinely confused.


Is he serious? Is he seriously serious right now?


I nearly laughed. Okay, I did laugh, which only seemed to confuse and annoy him even more.


“It could be that my entire house hates you, and if we showed up together, I’m fairly certain that they’d chuck party favors at our heads.”


Hey, I had a point there.


“So you’re embarrassed of me?” He said, and frowned.


Yeah, that’s it. I’m bloody embarrassed of you. It’s not the fact that I don’t want my house to kill you or maybe the fact that I don’t want them to hate me even more? No. It’s because I’m bloody embarrassed of you.


Because that makes so much fucking sense.


My boyfriend is a dipshit.


“I’m not embarrassed of you,” I said, rolling my eyes.


“Then why can’t I go with you?” He asked in a demanding voice.


I sighed, knowing that I was fighting a losing battle. “Fine, you can bloody come.”


His face broke out in a huge grin, and he kissed my lips quickly before standing up abruptly. “Thanks Pricey! I have to go work on my Charms essay.”


Then he fucking left, leaving me alone with a bunch of Ravenclaws.


Awesome boyfriend I have. Just bloody awesome.

“Please wear it, Eggs.” Dom pleaded, practically getting on her knees.


She was holding up a strapless, short black dress that had intricate patterns woven throughout the soft material. It’s not that I didn’t love the dress, it was gorgeous, it’s just that it was one of those attention-seeking dresses.


I could just tell that my boobs would practically be shoved up to my chin if I wore it, and that my legs would look a thousand miles long. I really wasn’t looking to be stared at tonight.


“Dom,” I sighed, looking at the dress again, and wanting desperately to just stay in my sweats and sleep all night.


“At least try it on,” She begged, pushing the dress into my arms, and not really giving me a choice as she shoved me into the bathroom.




At least we were lucky to get the whole room to ourselves because Rose was getting ready with Lily in the 4th Year dorms, and Alex and Lizzie were getting dressed with some of their 7th Year friends.


I put on the dress, and looked at myself through the full-length mirror that Alex insisted on having so she could stare at herself for hours upon hours of the day.


Well, I was right about the boob and leg thing, but the surprising thing is that I didn’t look trashy. I mean, the dress showed more than enough of the parts that guys wanted to see, but I didn’t look like one of those girls that girls would be like ooh slut.


Dom is a genius.


When I walked back into the room, Dom was finishing up putting on her own dress, which was a one shoulder black dress with a dangerously low back.


Her blonde hair was already done, and cascading down her back in soft, gentle waves. She was only wear a little bit of make up that included mascara, lip-gloss, and just a touch of blush.


She looked beautiful, but what else is new?


“You look great!” Dom exclaimed, her face bursting in happiness, as she led me over to her make up chair so she could do my hair and make up.


I usually fight her more about this kind of stuff, although she did have to put a body bind hex on me to put on the mascara of death, but I was simply too nervous for the party to be running away from the other things.


My palms were sweating like crazy and I kept having minor internal panic attacks about people throwing things at Noah and me.


Dom twisted my hair off to the side into a low, purposefully messy, bun thing that actually looked really pretty. She added a small amount of smoky gray eye shadow and generous amounts of mascara to make my eyes look mysterious, dark, and alluring. She put on a faint amount of blush that gave my cheeks slightly more color than they usually did, and just a touch of lip-gloss.


When I looked in the mirror, I decided that Dom seriously needed to go into some form of cosmetology when she got out of Hogwarts.


“Tonight is going to be fun, okay?” Dom smiled encouragingly at me, and took my hands in hers.


“Right.” I laughed sardonically as she led me down the stairs into the common room to where the party was being held.


When we walked in, the party was already in full swing. Everyone around us was in either black or white as it was one of those parties where everyone is forced to wear drab, boring colors while the birthday girl got to ‘shine’ in some sort of bright color.


I, personally, thought that it was a stupid idea, but hey, whatever floats Rosie’s boat on her special day.


Dom ditched me to go dance with some attractive Hufflepuff so I was left awkwardly standing by myself, trying to avoid the glares and stares of everybody around me.


I started to people watch AKA creep on fellow students doing weird or dumb things due to alcohol or just plain stupidity. It was actually pretty enjoyable.


I watched Louis get smacked across the face by some chit that he grabbed the arse of.


I saw Lily throw up on some random guy’s shoes, and then laugh like a maniac. Damn, it’s only nine fucking thirty and she’s already smashed. Liiiiiiggghhhtttt weiiighhhtttt!


Then I watched Al yell at Lily for getting hammered like the protective older brother that he is, while she just giggled and prodded his face with her finger.


James then came over looking furious at his sister, and started scolding her for drinking. He looked amazing in his black dress pants and white button down shirt, and he somehow managed to rock a black bowtie.


It physically hurt to look at him. It physically hurt even more when I scanned the room and noticed that Apollo was looking at me. Well, more like looking at my outfit.


No doubt, this is exactly what is going through his mind: She is going to get raped in the dress! How could she wear that thing? She’ll have boys all over her…I’ll kill them.


I caught is infuriated gaze, and he looked like he was about to start reprimanding me, but decided against it. Instead, he glared at something behind me.


I didn’t have to turn around to find out that it was Noah because he wrapped his arms around my waist. I turned in his arms to mutter a quick hello, and when I glanced back, Apollo was gone.


I sighed, and Noah held up a glass that was full of a red liquid. “Need a drink?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.




I gladly accepted, and down the bitch in less than three seconds.


It burned, but then the warm feeling that I needed so much warmed my body, and started to relieve the stress I felt.


I smiled stupidly, and Noah smirked.


He went to fetch me more, and every time that somebody glared at us, I downed it faster. Noah refilled my drink over and over again as we danced together. Well, Noah was dancing, I was more twirling stupidly around in circles.


I hadn’t had such a good, carefree time in forever!


Well, more like a week, but still! I was having a blast!


I even complimented Rosie on her dress! It was a bright, red that made her stand out like the little rose that she is!


I told her that, and she made a funny face at me! Can you believe that? I mean, how dare she make a funny face at me!


But it’s okay! Cause I’m so happy!


Noah gave me another glass of firewhiskey, and I drank it quickly. It didn’t even burn going down anymore!


Noah smirked as I giggled happily, and stumbled as he spun me around. He leaned down to kiss me, and I eagerly kissed him back. “Do you want to get out of here?” He asked, raising a suggestive eyebrow.


I think he meant that he wanted to snog, and he’s a good snogger so why the hell not! I giggled as he led me over to a set of steps that led upstairs, and the blaring music become more faint.


Noah kept leading me up and up and up and up until he finally opened up a door, and began snogging me like crazy. I closed my eyes as he directed me over to a random bed without breaking the kiss.


He fell back onto it with me on top of him, practically straddling him.


Hey Albert! You know what I discovered recently? That I really, really liked snogging!


Hey Albert! You know what I don’t like? When blokes get too bloody handsy and put their hands on my arse without permission.


I slightly came to my senses and detached my face from Noah’s and took in my surroundings. I looked to my left, and saw a novelty duck light sitting on a dress…Apollo’s novelty duck light.

I looked on the nightstand next to the bed that we were snogging. I saw an alarm clock, the marauders map, and a quidditch captain badge. James’ quidditch captain badge.







Note to self: Do not spike the drinks of a party that you know your little sister is going to.


I’m mean, seriously? I’d rather not watch my baby sister barf all over some bloke’s feet. I’d also rather not have to practically baby-sit her while all she wanted to do was bloody dance.


“No, Lily! You’re not going to go out there and get arse rapped by horny little shits!” I yelled as she tried and failed to escape again.


Her escape plan? Watching when I blinked, and then trying to run away when she saw me close my eyes for a split second.


My sister really wasn’t the sharpest crayon in the box if you are picking up what I’m putting down.


“Hey, man.” Shane said, and Apollo nodded in greeting as they plopped themselves down next to Lily and me on the couch. I just stared at the party morosely as I watched people dancing and having a great time.


I should be bloody having a good time too! But no! I’m stuck making sure my little sister doesn’t pass out and get trampled by oblivious drunk dancers.


This is arse.


Lily then proceeded to puke even more. I, thankfully, had given her a trash can previously, but it was still disgusting.


Bitch can hold her own bloody hair back.


Shane wrinkled his nose and said, “You need to teach her how to hold her liquor like a man.”


I snorted in agreement as Lily passed out on the couch with vomit on her chin.




“Did you guys see Aphrodite tonight?” Apollo asked suddenly, looking at his hands.


Ah, so that’s what was bugging him tonight.


I tensed slightly. I was still bloody pissed that she betrayed the team for that stupid fuck.


“Yeah, I did mate. She looked hot.” Shane said stupidly.


I tensed even more, and Apollo thumped him across the chest.


Shane only saw Biter as a little sister, but it was still a idiotic thing to say.


We both glared at him. Apollo, because he always glared at someone that found his little sisters attractive, and me…I guess just a protective thing.


For the record, she looked really, really pretty tonight, beautiful even. And hot. And even kind of sexy. Last year, if you would’ve told me that Aphrodite Price looked sexy, I would have laughed in your face and told you to back off my little sister, but this year, I kind had to agree.


Biter really grew up this year. She still had the maturity of a two year old, but looks wise, she was just different.


As much as I missed her, I was still furious about the whole Davies thing. She bloody well knew that we all despised him, and yet she still went on the fucking date with him!


It’s fucked up man, fucked up.


“I can’t believe you said that about my little sister!” Apollo growled getting into defensive brother mode.


I love that mode. Especially when it means that I get to beat up one of Lily’s boyfriends.


But before an argument could break out in which Shane would get hit a few times, a panicked looking first year came running over to us. She had light brown wavy hair and green eyes.


It was the firstie that Biter hung out with! “You’re Aphrodite’s brother right?” She asked Apollo frantically.


Random question: What was a bloody 1st year doing at a 4th year and up party?


Just wondering…


“Yes,” He said, getting into worried, paranoid brother mode.


“Well, she and that Davies bloke that everybody hates so much just went up the boy’s staircase, and I’m pretty sure that she is drunk cause he’s been shoving drinks down her throat like the whole entire night!” She said this all very quickly, but we got the gist.


Apollo, Shane, and I all exchanged worried and furious glances before jumping to our feet, and pushing through people to get to the staircase.


We charged through every room on our way up finding a lot of random couples snogging, but no sign of Davies and Biter.


We eventually reached our dorm room. The door was shut, but we could hear the voices of Davies and Biter.


Apollo and I were about to barge in and beat the living shit out of Davies, but for some reason Shane stopped us.


We shot him questioning looks, but he ignored us and motioned for us to listen.


“Get off of me.” Biter growled.


My eyebrows furrowed together, and Apollo’s jaw clenched.


“No.” Davies said simply, and I heard her squeak as if she was taken by surprise and pulled against him.


I unconsciously made an angry fist.


“Get the fuck off of my arm.” She shrieked sounding incredibly pissed. “You’re an arsehole!”


Finally, she sees the bloody light.


“You’re a bitch!” He retorted.


Douche move, bro.


“If I’m a bitch then why would you even ask me out in the first place?” She snapped.


“You act like I wanted to ask you out.” He scoffed, and laughed like the total shit that he was.


Wait what? I glanced at Apollo and Shane who also looked extremely confused.


“Excuse me?” Biter said. I could just see her eyebrow rising.


“What could be a better way to ruin the Gryffindor quidditch team, not to mention the house in general, than by dating the star seeker and precious little sister of Apollo Price?” He laughed again.


Apollo, at this point, was literally shaking in rage. Shane was holding him back from what will most likely be brutal murder. I will gladly help him with said murder.


“So this was all part of some big bloody plan?” Aphrodite asked, her voice falsely calm, trying to refrain from showing hurt.


“Of course it was. You didn’t actually expect me to like you?” He laughed once again as if it was hilarious to ever consider liking my Biter.


His laughter was cut off by the sound of a fist colliding with his face, and we took that as our invitation to intervene.


I got the first punch, and I successfully broke his already bloody nose. Apollo got him in the eye, and Shane delivered a nice sucker punch to the gut.


Biter was hugging her knees, sitting on my bed, with tears pouring down her face.


I guess the 1st year had told Fred, Louis, and Al about Biter and Davies too because they suddenly came running into the room also screaming, “What the fuck is going on?!”


Not knowing how much of a shit Davies is because they didn’t hear the conversation previous to us beating him up, they tried to pull us apart, but Apollo and I couldn’t get enough.


Al and Freddy had to physically hold us back. Louis escorted the fucker down the steps, well, more like he pushed him roughly towards the door as he tried to stop his freely running nose and mouth.


As soon as he was out of the room, Apollo went into comforting brother mode, sat down my bed, and pulled Biter to his chest. She cried even harder as she hugged him, and he smoothed her hair.


It was so sweet it almost made me want to puke up some rainbows.


But I don’t puke up rainbows cause I’m a man.


Al then went into apologetic best guy friend mode, and he took her hand, and just held it without saying a word.


Al always had a way to express his emotions really simply with his actions rather than words.


I, personally, think he’s a poof, but whatever.


Freddy went into pervy, try to make you laugh mode, and he commented on how she looked hot in her dress.


Apollo hit him, which made Biter give a watery laugh.


Shane went into his own type of funny bloke mode, and he started cracking jokes about stupid things that people did at the party. Biter laughed in earnest, and curled up more onto Apollo’s chest.


I didn’t leave my mode of infuriated jackarse, and I paced the room, muttering obscenities about wanting to peel the skin off of Davies’ face and then making him eat it or pulling his tongue out of his mouth, dragging it around his neck, and choking him with it.


It would be a right good time if you ask me.


I could barely handle the rage that I felt when I thought about the fact that Davies used Biter just to fuck up the team.


What bugged me even more is that he actually succeeded for a while.


“James, calm down, mate.” Shane said, causing Biter’s head to pop up and look at me.


She still had tears streaming down her face, and I let go of some of my anger when I saw her.


I took a deep breath, and unclenched my fists. I took one look at my bed and sighed, but also smiled in amusement.


Apollo and Biter were taking up the majority of it, but Al had part of his arse on it too, and then Shane and Freddy were sitting at the foot of it.


Oh hells to the no.


Before I could complain though, Dom and Rosie came charging into the room with their hair falling down, and panicked faces.


Looks like that 1st year got to them too.


“Eggs!” Dom screamed, and ran to the bed…*cough*…my bed, pushed Al to the side, and gave Biter a huge hug. Al let out an angry huff, and tried to push Dom back off, and get his spot back, but now Rosie was trying to get in on the action. She pulled them both off so she could give Biter a hug, but then Al and Rosie attacked her.


The three proceeded to get into a fight that involved many name-callings, screaming, biting, and kicking.


Everybody just watched with big grins on their faces, while I, being the incredibly nice cousin and brother that I am, just simply put an extending charm on my bed to make room for them all.


Everybody seemed shocked when the bed began to expand beneath him or her.


Looks like I’m the only one in this bloody school with a brain.


“You guys are all gits.” I smirked as I plopped myself next to Rosie, and put my arm around her shoulder.


After sitting and talking for about an hour, Rosie started to fall asleep on me. Dom fell asleep on Al. Shane went to his own bed, Freddy hijacked Apollo’s bed, and Louis slept at the bottom of the bed.


Apollo and Al fell asleep too, and I looked at Biter. I gave her a look that hopefully conveyed that I was sorry for making her life hell since Hogsmeade, and she gave me a weak smile before her eyelids slowly fluttered shut.


I sighed before closing my own eyes.


I just needed to get her alone so I could truly apologize.


A/N: I’m so incredibly sorry that this took me so long to write! I had massive writers block, and every time I attempted to write, I just stared blankly at my computer screen. But hey, everything is good now, right? So YAY!


Leave a review letting me know if you still love me, and what you thought about the chapter. I don’t think I did James very well, but maybe you guys thought differently!



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