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Hey guys, sorry for the ridiculously long wait! Hope you like it.


Mid-November rolled in with a flurry of papers, exams, and frigid weather. The Ravenclaw team huddled together around the common room fireplace after a particularly nasty practice in icy rain.

"I truly can’t wait for the Gryffindor-Slytherin match next weekend,” Darcy said abruptly as she looked up at her quietly studying teammates. “It’s about time something happened beyond papers and Astronomy homework.”

“Not to mention you can’t wait to spy on Rose’s date with Jack,” Phil added.

Scorpius twisted his head around awkwardly. “Another one?” he asked Rose, who looked miffed at how his movement had jostled the tiny armchair they were sitting in.

“I guess so,” she said. “He asked me if I’d like to watch the match together.”

“Oh,” said Scorpius rather blankly, collapsing back into the chair. “Well, have fun.”

Owen patted the one of Scorpius’ feet that he wasn’t sitting on. “Well, I know I’ll have fun,” he said mischievously to the whole group.

“You’re going to try and ruin their date, aren’t you?” Darcy said in a mildly disgusted tone. She shook her head. “Boys.”

“You’re telling me,” Lucy Wood said, barely visible in the middle of the couch. “Tim Finkley stole my sugar quill in History of Magic today.”

                                                     *   *   *   *   *

Phil and Al’s Prefect patrol that evening began uneventfully. They walked along holding hands, uninterrupted save for a lost first year looking for the toilets. Just as they were turning back towards the entrance to the Ravenclaw common room, however, the evening took a turn towards the semi-eventful.

“Ugh! I don’t want to see that.” Phil turned disgustedly away from the scene before them.

“Guys,” Al said unsuccessfully. He tried again. “Guys!”

“What?” Darcy asked, reluctantly pulling away from Owen.

“First of all, ew,” Phil said. “Much as you guys are cute together and all, he’s still my brother.”

Darcy rolled her eyes. “Was there some other reason you two wanted to talk to us?”

“Well, you are out after curfew,” Al said.

“And we are Prefects,” Phil added.

“What, are you going to take away House Points from Ravenclaw, Phil?” Owen asked.

“Well, Al certainly might,” Phil said.

“Oh, please. He’s not going to take away points from your House right in front of you, Phil,” Darcy said.

Al did not respond to this.

“Well, if you’re finished, then?” Owen asked them. The pair returned to their snogging.

Phil and Al shook their heads at one another and continued on their way.

A little while later, Darcy and Owen came up for air. “Don’t tell me that you’re bored with everything besides Quidditch,” Owen said mischievously.

Darcy looked at him.

“All right then,” Owen said. “If snogging’s that boring, you won’t care if I go and finalize my plans for the match?”

“Oh, fine,” Darcy huffed. “I’ll help you sabotage their date.”

Owen grinned. “She belongs with Scorpius anyhow.”

“Well, obviously.”

“He’s been kinda mopey lately,” Owen said concernedly.

“It’s very sad,” Darcy agreed briefly before starting up the snogging again.

                                                    *   *   *   *   *

Despite the weather, the Gryffindor-Slytherin game caused great excitement amongst the general Hogwarts population that Saturday morning. For many it was the one bright spot amidst the drudgery of schoolwork until Christmas Break.

For others, it wasn’t.

"I don’t want to go to the match,” Rose grumbled. “Quidditch is only fun when you’re the one playing it.”

“Shut up, Rose.” Even Phil’s sunny nature hadn’t withstood the general gloom – either that or she had a really bad cold. “You love watching Quidditch.”

“Not today I don’t,” Rose said and decisively pulled her blanket over her head.

“This is why you shouldn’t make us practice for three hours in the freezing rain, you know,” Darcy said wisely as she pulled on a sweater. “It makes people sick and crabby.”

“Why are you so cheery?” Phil asked petulantly.

“No reason,” Darcy said airily. “I’ll see you at the match!” She practically skipped out of the room.

“Well that was odd,” Rose said, finally getting up.

Phil sneezed.

                                                        *   *   *   *   *

Rose sat down at the Ravenclaw table for breakfast.

“Where is everyone?” she asked Scorpius.

“Darcy and Owen left a few minutes ago. They were both suspiciously jolly,” he grumbled through a mouthful of sausage.

“Why does everyone have to be so cheerful lately?” Rose asked, stabbing a piece of toast rather violently with her fork.

“What’s wrong with you? You don’t have a cold, even if Phil does,” Scorpius responded.

"It’s just a blight of a day,” Rose glowered. “Besides, I could ask you the same question. I saw you scare the living daylights out of that First Year who asked you for some pumpkin juice when I was walking over here. Why are you in such a bad mood?”

“I have my reasons,” Scorpius said darkly as Jack Reynolds walked over from the opposite end of the Ravenclaw table.

“Hey Rose, hey Scorpius,” he said, somewhat glumly. “You ready for some Quidditch?”

Just then a loud blast caused everyone to look towards Jack’s old seat. A large package had exploded where an owl had dropped it. Everyone in the surrounding area was covered in shiny blue slime.

“Looks like Wilkins got the worst of it,” Jack said, laughing a bit. “Wonder what it is?”

“I think I might know,” Rose said, getting up to go investigate. “My Uncle George gave me a packet of experimental exploding taffy for my birthday last year. It was supposed to be really sticky.”

“You think someone stole it?” Jack asked.

“She thinks she knows who stole it,” Scorpius said as Rose made her way through the minor pandemonium.

“I found out why Owen and Darcy were so cheerful this morning,” she said when she returned, handing a piece of exploded package to Scorpius.

Scorpius examined the scrap. “He’s really rubbing off on her, isn’t he?” he asked, shaking his head.

“Who’s rubbing who?” Jack asked, bewildered. Scorpius and Rose looked at each other and broke down into hysterics.

After their laughter subsided, Rose answered, “Phil and Owen. He got her to steal the taffy so that they could prank us.”

“Oh,” said Jack, as a look of dawning comprehension crossed his face. “That blue stuff was meant for me?”

“Unfortunately,” Rose grimaced.

“I better go help clean it up, then,” Jack said. “Oh, and some got on James too. Now I feel really bad – he’s playing today.”

Rose looked up at the ceiling as Jack walked off. “I have very little desire to sit outside in the freezing rain today,” she grumbled, her bad mood returning.

“Well, on the bright side, poor conditions mean lower scores which’ll help us win the Cup. And look at Wilkins’ face!” Scorpius said, pointing towards the aforementioned’s attempt to pull taffy out of her hair, which only seemed to make it expand more. “Oh wow, I think she might be stuck there until a teacher takes pity on her.”

Rose laughed. “You always know how to cheer me up, Scorpius.”

                                                 *   *   *   *   *

Rose spent much of the match looking over at her friends and wishing that Jack hadn’t wanted quite such a good view of the pitch. She enjoyed talking to Jack but he spent nearly the entire match intently watching the Gryffindors with an almost pained expression on his face.

Rose looked back over at Phil, Owen, Darcy, and Scorpius for the umpteenth time. “Oh,” she said quietly.

Jack didn't seem to notice as he just stood there, looking fixedly at the pitch as James whizzed by.

“Hey, Jack,” Rose said nervously. “I realized I really think we should just be friends.” She said the words very quickly and waited for his response.

Jack turned away from the match to look at her. “What?” he said, confusedly. “Of course we’re friends.”

“Oh. Okay. Well that’s a relief,” said Rose.

Jack laughed somewhat sadly. “Silly Rose, did you really think I’d let something like a breakup come in the way of our friendship?”

He pulled her close into a friendly hug. “I mean, I know he’s your cousin,” said Jack. “But that doesn’t have to matter. Plus, I think it’ll work out. I’m going to make it work out,” he added resolvedly.

Now Rose was confused. Where did Al come into it? But she was so relieved at how well it had gone up until that point that she merely shrugged and smiled.

“You’re like my little sister, Rose,” Jack said, and hugged her again.

                                                       *   *   *   *   *

Scorpius watched as Jack held Rose in a tight embrace.

“Oh wow!” Phil exclaimed. “Hugo just scored!"

“Did you see it?” she asked, turning to Scorpius. “Oh, hey, are you okay?” Phil continued, looking concernedly at Scorpius’ face.

“Er, yeah, fine,” Scorpius said distractedly. “I think I’m going to go back up to the castle, actually.”

“Okay, well, bye, then, I guess,” Phil said as Scorpius walked glumly towards the castle. She turned towards Owen and Darcy. "Why are you two upset?" she asked them, somewhat irritatedly. "Weren't you disgustingly cheerful earlier?"

They looked at her sadly. "Didn't you want to see Reynolds coated in blue taffy?" Owen asked.


So that was chapter 9. Don't worry, the real drama is soon to come. And I'm super excited to get to it so the next few chapters should come quickly :) To anyone who came back to read this, thank you SO much for sticking with my story over my crazy long break in updating. I really really appreciate it.  To all, thanks for reading I hope you were entertained!


P.S. If you leave a review I will give you brownies! (well, not really but it will make me very happy and I'll love you forever).

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