Chapter 2


As Jamie and Lillian come to terms with their new identities they mull over the one question they have to answer for themselves…Who is the love of Harry’s life?

Jamie POV

Harry had come back after two hours; he explained, after a frantic Hermione bombarded him with questions, that he was questioning Dumbledore, and subsequently Remus about Aryanna, and why he knew nothing of my sister.

“What happened to her?” I asked desperately. He looked at me nervously, before taking a deep breath and explaining.


“She died three days after you,” he began and I felt my breath catch in my throat “Remus and Sirius never mentioned her because they felt they failed her.”

“How?” He looked uncomfortable and took a few minutes to answer, apparently trying to answer my question without giving anything away.


“Well, Remus had to go into hiding, because it was at the height of the wizarding war, and because of his condition, he was being hunted down, and Sirius,” he took a deep breath, “was framed for your murders.” He finished pointing to myself and Lily.

“That's absurd!” I yelled. The others jumped but Harry didn't even look surprised.


“I know,” he said matter-of-factly, “but he spent thirteen years in Azkaban for it.”

“What? He's been let out now hasn't he? I mean the real person has been caught and Sirius is free?” I asked. I was highly irritated. Harry merely nodded. I got the strange feeling he was hiding something. “Who?..” but Harry stopped me before I even gotten the question out.


“No, I can't.” He seemed angry now, and made his way to the stairs leading up to the dorm room. He stopped and turned back to me. “I'm sorry,” he gulped, “from what Remus told me, she sounded like a great person.” I paused not knowing what to say.

“She was amazing,” I choked out, he smiled.

“Just remember, she's still alive and well in your time,” he said then continued up to his dormitory. This thought made me smile, and with a sudden realization, my fondness grew for him.


Lillian and I had sat for a further half an hour trying to get some information off Hermione and Ron, but the two remained tight lipped. So with a heavy sigh Lillian and I were put under Harry’s invisibility cloak and escorted by Hermione to the Room of Requirement. Despite my protests that I knew my way, she chose to escort us none the less. After all, as she put it, ‘I don’t know you well enough to trust you’, to which Lillian replied with a snort and a know-it-all smirk.

When she had made sure that Lillian and I were safely inside the Room of Requirement Hermione went back to her dorm room, leaving Lillian and I in an uncomfortable silence. You would think that after what we’d been through the past twelve hours, all we’d be fit for was bed…nope. Instead we sat on the plush red couches that resembled the ones in the Gryffindor common room in an awkward silence.


“Do you think it’s Hermione?” I asked her in a desperate bid to fill the awkward silence. I mentally slapped myself; way to go Mr Big Shot; could you sound any more insanely random if you tried? My mind taunted.

“Pardon me?” she replied in that oh so sweet voice of hers, bringing me out of my revere.

“The one Harry’s supposed to be with; do you think it’s Hermione?” I repeated.

“Oh, I don’t suppose I’ve gave it much thought,” she mused somewhat confused at the random conversation, “well, I suppose it could be any girl. Harry seems to be quite popular. It could be that Weasley girl.”

The Weasley girl in which Lillian was referring to was Ron’s little sister. She was a year younger than Harry and he could see why Harry would be attracted to her. She had luscious red hair and chocolate brown eyes, that seemed to go well with her milky skin colour, and her fiery temper was certainly a plus for most guys. But to Jamie she wasn’t what Harry was looking for, she certainly had a crush on him, but he got the feeling that Harry wasn’t into her like that.

“Do you think it’s Hermione?” she asked once again snapping me from my thoughts.
“To be honest, yes. They’re already so close and I don’t know they just seem to fit. The way she was worried about him when he went off, and the way he had to answer to her when he came back, it’s like she’s his wife,” I paused whilst Lillian laughed, “they seem like they want to be more than just best friends.” I mused.

Hermione, to Jamie, was just as beautiful as the Weasley girl, but in a less obvious way. Her hair wasn’t a luscious due to the frizz, and her teeth are slightly bigger than the average persons, but her deep brown eyes, slightly tanned skin and pert, red lips seemed to cancel out the negatives. The most obvious beauty to him, that Hermione possessed was her caring nature and big heart, she never failed in seeing the good in everybody. Her eyes would glisten every time she saw Harry and she seemed to be the ‘mother’ of the group. She was also very smart, something that he himself found very attractive.

“It’s weird isn’t it? That Professor Dumbledore would send us twenty years into the future just to help someone find love.”

“I don’t think that’s the sole reason,” I replied and she looked at me quizzically. “I think it’s something much more important than that, but I think we have to figure out what, ourselves.” she nodded seemingly agreeing with what I had said.

“He really helped you earlier, didn't he?” OK, her turn to sound random. I arched an eyebrow in response, “Harry, when he pointed out that Aryanna is still alive in our time.”

“Yeah he did,” I sighed happily.

“You knew straight away who he was didn't you?”

“Well, I had an inkling, but when I saw him, there was no doubt.”

“Oh definitely, carbon copy,” she smiled.

“I wonder who his mother is?” she squirmed in her seat.

“Well, I’m going to bed, goodnight,” she said suddenly standing up and walking to the stairs.


“Goodnight,” I replied meekly, startled by her abrupt departure. I watched her hips sway as she walked up the stone steps, I inwardly groaned at the feeling that had crept upon me at that moment. This year was certainly going to be a long, hellish ride.




Hermione POV


Hermione was in a panic! Professor Dumbledore had requested to see her personally, and that was never a good thing. She was a straight O student, granted she had got into her fair share of trouble, considering she was best friends with Harry Potter, trouble seemed to follow that boy everywhere. But she was always respectful to the teachers, even Professor Snape, who really didn’t deserve any respect and failed to conclude why Professor Dumbledore would need to speak to her. None the less she took a deep breath and knocked upon the large oak door in front of her, with a very shaky hand.

The door swung open to reveal the old head master, sitting behind his overly cluttered desk. “Ah Miss Granger, do come in,” he greeted with a friendly smile. She cautiously stepped in.

“You asked to see me Professor?” she said in a timid voice.

“Yes, Miss Granger. I am afraid I need to ask you for a big favour, one that you must keep quiet, even from Harry,” he explained. She felt even more uneasy. She hated keeping a secret from Harry, it felt unnatural to her.

“What is it Sir?” she asked curiously.

“As you know, I am the one who brought Jamie and Lillian here, but I may not be around long enough to send them back,” he started slowly.

“How do you mean sir?” she asked now worried.

“We both know I am no spring chicken any more and I need you, when the time is right, to send Harry’s parents back to their own time. Once they’ve completed their mission you are to send them along with the time turner that Lillian has back twenty years. You do that by turning the dial twenty times anti-clockwise and twenty-one times clockwise. Their mission will be complete when Lillian realises that she loves Jamie. It will be very tricky, as I’m sure you and Harry will have formed a tight bond with them during their stay, and you will have to go against Harry’s wishes to do it, but you must,” he explained. Hermione stood puzzled.

“Professor, you sent them twenty years into the future to find love?” she asked somewhat astonished, the old professor nodded in response. “How am I supposed to do this? Harry will never forgive me!”

“You must, Miss Granger. If they don’t go back, then Harry won’t be born.” Hermione nodded and walked out, too stunned to say anything. This was without a doubt the craziest thing Professor Dumbledore had ever asked her to do. I mean sending two people twenty years into the future to find love was barmy. Even by Professor Dumbledore’s standards. There was only one thing that was going to help her through this and make her feel better and that was the books in the library. So with a heavy sigh she changed direction and set off for the library, if she was going to do this she would have to do it properly and that started off by researching time travelling.

She had been there for hours and the information was no longer sinking in. She found that time travel was a tricky concept. It was recommended that the person time travelling would remain hidden because if the time traveller was seen by themselves or other, it would be catastrophic. That much she knew as she time travelled in her third year. It also slightly explains why Dumbledore took the risk in sending James and Lily here, their future selves were dead. But he would have to change their appearance so the likes of Remus and Professor Snape wouldn’t recognize them. Then there was the fact that he was hiding them until the school year is out. Which brought Hermione to the question; was the headmaster planning on introducing them as new students for their seventh year? Or did he know something the rest didn’t? Hermione would prefer the later but you never knew with her professor.

She was just about to pack up and go for her morning classes when a head appeared out of nowhere. She jumped and her mouth hung open in a silent scream. The head that had appeared was not one she recognised; the person was male with short brown hair and navy blue eyes. “Calm down it’s me, Jamie.” The head laughed in a whisper. She breathed a visible sigh of relief. She checked to see if they were alone and was even more relieved when they were.

“What are you doing here?” she whispered harshly.

“I wanted to show you my new look, plus Lillian wanted a book,” he added at her questioning stare.

“Well do you like it?”

“Eh, it’s OK. You want to see Lillian, she’s not pleased. Her hair has turned into a golden blonde and her eyes are a mocha colour.” He pulled a face. Hermione smiled.

"Do you like her new look?"

“No, I prefer her long dark red hair and bright green eyes,” he replied, his eyes were glazed and he had a goofy grin on his face.

“Could you be any more obvious?” Hermione laughed. Jamie blushed. “What book are you looking for? Maybe I could help.”

“Is it that obvious that I have rarely been in a library before?” he asked amused.

“If you’re anything like Harry then yes.” He nodded and seemed to off in a world of his own, before snapping back with curiosity.

“Who’s his mother?” he blurted out, desperate to know, he was praying to Merlin it was Lily.

“Jamie,” Hermione whined.

“Tell me how I can find out?” he begged.

“Just look into his eyes. They’ll tell you everything,” he nodded. “What book are you looking for?”

“It’s called; an in-depth view of love, volume one to three.”


“That’s the same as me,” Hermione said excitedly. She stretched up and summoned two copies of the book that sat at the very top of the massive book shelf.

“What do you need it for?”

“Could ask you the same?” Hermione retorted.

“I not supposed to tell you,” he replied.

“Same here.” They looked at each other suspiciously before Hermione spoke up.

“Harry and I are supposed to help you and Lillian fall in love,” Hermione said in realisation.

“...and Lillian and I are supposed to help you and Harry fall in love,” Jamie said.

“I don’t love Harry!” Hermione exclaimed looking away from him.

“Like I don’t love Lillian?”

“Shut up,” She blushed. “What are we going to do?”

“We could keep it a secret, work it out between ourselves.” Hermione looked uncertain. “You can trust me.” He said sincerely. Finally Hermione nodded and they shook on it. After that Jamie left to go back to the room of requirement and Hermione left for class, both had promised to talk again soon.

A.N. Well what do you think? Just to clarify it’s not a Hermione/James story but they do bond and become close. Something major will happen in the next chapter. Review please.



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