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Taking Chances


I continued to sit at my desk for who knows how long with my elbows resting on the table, and my head laying between my hands. My mind raced through possibilities on what to do during this situation. Dumbeldore never told me any instructions on what to do if a situation like this ever occurred. Voldemort had told me about this, this monstrosity he was doing to Draco months before, but I never thought it would ever come into the position of my teaching. Now as I sat there pondering on what to do, I knew I had a decision to make. Play the part of the “faithful” Death Eater and not do anything for the sake of Dumbledore’s final request, or do what the professor side of me would do; save Hermione Granger from the monster Draco had become. I let out a groan as my brain stressed over the decision.

Even as the scene played out before me earlier in my own classroom, I couldn’t risk not making the right decision and just sat there watching. Now Draco has taken that muggle born out to who-knows-where to do who-knows-what to her.

Probably to kill her. A part of my mind whispered softly to me and I let out another groan. If I did save her, no one would know, right? I could possibly keep it from getting out… Well, nothing was going to happen if I just sat there. With my mind set, I strode quickly from my desk and set out to find a mudblood and a beast.


Granger stared up at me in shock as my words sunk in. She blinked a few times and shook her head to clear her thoughts; making her brown curls swish around her head. I turned from her and strode over to the tree where my memories had come back to me. My heightened eyesight showed me the tiny scrapes along the bark where I had slid down the tree.

I let out a deep sigh and said, “Listen Granger, you don’t have to answer now. I- I just need to figure things out for a second okay.” I chuckled softly and turned back to her, “And I’m sure you have plenty of questions for me regarding… well all of this.” I gestured to myself.

I ran a nervous hand through my soft, blonde locks and sighed, “You see, you’re the only one I can ask for help, you know? Knowing our past now, I know it will be hard for you to accept me- but you’re the only one! You’re the only one who’s seen who I really am!”

She continued to just look up at me with shock filling every inch of her face and I realized how hard this was going to be. Sure I needed someone to talk about all that has happened with, but I had to pick the most stubborn Gryffindor in all of Hogwarts!

It seemed as though I’d have to try a different approach. Pity wasn’t working as well as I’d thought, so it seemed. And although Huffelpuffs are known for kindness, Gryffindors weren’t as isolated as we Slytherin. Perhaps that was the way to gain her help, through friendship. I sighed and rubbed a hand over my face, sinking to the grass besides Granger. This was going to be difficult.

I lowered my gaze to a small flower growing besides us in the dirt. The small flower was a velvety purple with small, white swirls coming out from the center. My mother’s old teachings of politeness slowly came back to me, and I hesitantly reached out to pick it from the ground. Once the delicate flower was in my hand, I slowly and softly laid it in Hermione’s lap. Girl’s liked flowers, right? Maybe this would win her over. No matter how much my head screamed in horror, I bit down my lip and quelled the urge to hex the flower. If this is what it took to gain her trust, then so be it.

Her eyes looked up to mine once more with confusion and chocolate met glowing blue. I smirked at her apparent puzzlement and remarked, “Oh stop it, Granger. It’s not like I asked to court you! Just a simple gesture is all!”

She blushed slightly at the thought and looked away. I chuckled a bit to myself, “Shy, are we Granger?” I got to my feet and held out my hand for her. Bewilderment still etched on her face, she placed her hand in mine and I pulled her to her feet. “Don’t worry, a few schemes with me terrorizing the students and you’ll be the fiery Gryffindor you are at all times!” I teased with a chuckle.

She yanked her hand out of mine, “I would never-,”

I interrupted her protests, “I was only kidding! Come on Granger! You of all people should have figured out that one!” I leaned in closer, a mischievous glint in my eye, “However if you are ever in the mood for menacing the school, you know who to call.”

She swatted me away with a scowl, “In your dreams Malfoy! Anyways, I have to go. Unlike you, I actually have places to be!”

I shook my head in amusement as she began to march back to Hogwarts. After much deliberation, I called out to her, “You are considering my request though, right?”

She didn’t turn but simply waved a hand back at me, “Yeah sure, Malfoy.”

I had hope! Albeit with Granger of all people, but still a hope.

I lay there on my back staring up at the ceiling; my mind buzzing with thoughts. I was in the Slytherin Boy’s Dormitories, my mind relishing in my old memories. I smiled to myself as they consumed the entirety of my conscious, taking center stage.

The time I cast my first spell, my first broom ride, even my first kiss with Astoria Greengrass. I shook my head smiling; times were so much simpler back then. I rolled over onto my side, still deep in thought. I was at a crossroad about the whole Voldemort thing. For up until my memories came back, I was so sure that ‘Voldemort is my master and is like a god to me!’

And bloody Granger! I sighed and squeezed my eyes shut, knowing this wouldn’t be easy. Merlin, she was the last person I would want to help me, but beggars couldn’t be choosers. My mind set, I got to work figuring out my next step of Operation Granger.


My chest heaving from my run to the Forbidden Forest, my eyes quickly scanned the area for Mr. Malfoy and Miss. Granger. My forehead creased in confusion and my lips pulled downwards in a frown as I began to realize they were nowhere to be found. I rubbed a hand over a nearby tree, the bark protecting it transformed into a crumbled pile on the ground. Across from this I noticed the remains of ropes hanging loosely around a second tree. I exhaled slowly as I noticed someone was once tied there.

Although they were nowhere to be seen, I knew one thing for a fact, I would certainly be keeping a close eye on the two of them for a while.


I stood in front of the mirror in the Girl’s Dormitory and looked at myself in my reflection. With gentle fingers I began to un-weave the delicate flower from my hair. Once detangled from my hair, I lowered it down to my eyes and stared at it. Even hours after being picked, the flower still glowed bright and its petals sprung out with life. I whispered a small spell to keep the flower alive and placed it in a vase of water on my bedside table. I smiled down at it, surprised that the feeling bubbling inside of me was warmth, instead of loathing.

Malfoy’s new state was… a shock to say the least. I had never really thought about Malfoy beyond, ‘A Dirty little Ferret,’ but after today my mind was constantly consumed with the mystery of Draco Malfoy. He seemed set on gaining my trust, but he was mistaken if he thought it’d be easy. All those years full of taunts and hexes he sent my way were not going to be erased over a simple flower. But it was a start.

I slipped into my pajamas and padded over to my bed. The Dormitories were silent, as I was the only one there. The rest of the girls were probably out making out with some bloke, or sneaking around the corridors. I fingered the flower’s petals once more and softly laughed at the reaction of my fellow Gryffindors at dinner. Who knew just a simple flower could cause such a commotion!

As I plopped down into my seat at the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall for dinner, all of their eyes whipped towards me. I was confused for the longest time until I noticed that their eyes were not on me, but on the flower weaved into my hair.

At that moment I was bombarded with questions, “Who gave that to you?”

“Is it your boyfriend!”

“Are you in love with someone?”

“Why didn’t you tell me!”

“How long?”

“Who is it?”

“Awww… Mione’s got a lover!”

“Is he cute?”

“When did you-“

“SHUT UP EVERYONE ONE!” I shouted playfully and laughed as they all immediately went silent and stared at me for answers. I laughed once more and explained, “You guys! I don’t have some ‘secret lover’ right now! Just a – uh- good friend of mine gave it to me. Yeah that’s it!” I gave a nod and began to place food on my plate. But they didn’t buy it. As they slowly trickled away from where I was seated, they all threw non-convinced glances in my direction. Ginny who was besides me rolled her eyes playfully and also began to get food.

Even Seamus threw me a wink and said, “Whatever you say Hermione, we’ll play along for you.” My mouth flew open in protest but no words came out. I just sat there in disbelief with my mouth opening and closing like a fish.

Ginny giggled, “Hermione, love, you better shut your mouth before bugs fly in there.” I snapped my mouth shut with a huff and wordlessly ate my dinner.

I laughed again as I slid into my covers for sleep. I loved my friends, each and every one of them. And I quickly dosed off with a smile playing across my lips.

As usual, I arrived to class first and quickly went about arranging my belongings upon my desk. Within a few minutes, the rest of the class dragged themselves into the room, plopping into various seats before dozing back to sleep. I clucked my tongue in disapproval and awaited Professor Binns to begin his fascinating lesson.

My lips curved down in a frown when I noticed a familiar blonde to be missing. Not that I was looking for him or anything, just curious as to where he might be. Class began and still the Slytherin hadn’t strolled into the classroom, throwing out an excuse to the professor, as he usually did. My fingers absentmindedly began to tap my quill against the wooden desk, creating a sound for my distraction.

I reluctantly gave up and returned to listening to Professor Binns, cursing myself for tuning out of the lesson. Not a moment later, the sound of feet pounding on the tiled floor began to crescendo and a familiar boy dashed through the doors, his hair disheveled.

He cast a glance over at the translucent Professor, only to find he had not noticed his arrival, and possibly not even his absence.

Malfoy’s eyes searched the mass of occupied desks for one that was vacant, before finally spotting the one next to mine. Flashing a crooked grin in my direction, he plopped into his chair without a moment to lose.

For the most part, Malfoy was silent, much to my relief. But as all good things do, this came to an end. If only Professor Binns didn’t lecture over the myth of the Crumple-Horned Snorkack!

“Another myth of the wizarding world is the one of the Crumple –Horned Snorkack.” After hearing the ridiculous name, Malfoy promptly began to snicker silently.

He leaned over to me and whispered, “Does he really expect us to believe this load of rubish!”

I glared at him for interrupting the lesson and retorted tersely, “He said it was a myth, Malfoy! Now quiet down, I’m trying to concentrate!”

But Malfoy only quirked an eyebrow as if to say, “Are you now?” and I shook my head, not a bit amused. Not a bit at all.

However Malfoy didn’t stop there! After whispering wise cracks about the lesson to me for a while, he thankfully stopped. But before I could thank Merlin, he began to mimic him!

I glanced at him questioningly as he dug through his bag before pulling out his textbook triumphantly. He caught my stare and smirked before doing the one thing I thought I’d never see; Draco Malfoy impersonating a ghost.

He hung his head and shoulders in a theatrical slouch before flipping the textbook open and pulling it close to his chest. I opened my mouth to ask what on Earth he thought he was doing, but before I could he began to mutter in a monotone voice, “In the year 1991, a boy named Harry Potter was enrolled at the school Hogwarts. He was a gangly boy with a head of untamable hair-,"

I pursed my lips at the insult to one of my dearest friends and quipped, “Now wait a minute! As I recall you didn’t have the dreamiest hair during first year either!”

But he paid me no heed. If anything, he only grew more ridiculous as he began to wag his fingers for emphasis and speak of things you could only find in a Quibbler article.

“His favorite class had to be potions, taught by the esteemed Professor Snape who is known to resemble a Blast Ended Skrewt.”

I stared at him in horror at such a comment, but I couldn’t help bursting into giggles seconds later. I swatted his shoulder and reprimanded him in-between bouts of laughter, “Malfoy! You shouldn’t say that about him! He’s a Professor!”

Malfoy finally looked my direction and grinned, “Miss Granger, you need to calm yourself. I do believe you are disturbing the class!”

I widened my eyes at the accusation, “Why you little ferret! You better stop this right now!” But my words held no malice as before, but had been replaced by light teasing.

With that Malfoy transformed back into his mockery of the ghost and scolded in a monotone voice, “Miss Granger, there is no need for name calling. If you do not stop this you will have detention, a full hour of reading about the glorious wizard, Draco Malfoy.”

I snickered, “Is that so? I had no idea this book existed! You should probably-,”

But we never did find out what he should have done with the imaginary biography of Draco Malfoy, for at that moment class ended. My eyes widened in horror, “You prat! I didn’t get to take any notes! How am I going to pass the upcoming exam?”

But instead of apologizing, which would have been a sight to see, he leaped from his desk and gave me quick salute, “Well I wish you luck with that! Good day to you Miss Granger!” And with eyes full of mirth, he exited the classroom, a light bounce in his step.

I shook my head, a small smile gracing my lips as I packed my belongings and left as well. As I replayed Malfoy’s stupendous performance in my head, I realized Malfoy wasn’t that bad after all.


My spectacular performance in History of Magic was followed by many others, each progressively growing more outrageous. I chalked up imaginary points in my head for every laugh or smile that escaped her stoical demeanor. I congratulated myself as she grew friendlier towards me, knowing it wouldn’t be long before I gained her complete trust.

Of course distracting her in class did affect her grades slightly, so we began to study together in the library after dinner to make up for it. Slowly her grades returned to normal and mine in turn began to excel! After a few weeks, the desk left of hers became my customary seat, and the sight of us huddled together over a Potions Textbook became routine.

I as well began to look forward to seeing her across the hall, to see her small smile before she turned back to her friends with a chuckle. I realized that I was beginning to slowly become a boy she held close to her heart, but never to replace Potter or Weasley.

About a month later I decided it was time to tell her everything. From Voldemort’s plan all the way to what I had become. Even after all this time I could still sense the questions she kept at the back of her head. My mind set, I scrawled a note on a scrap of paper and handed shoved it in a pocket of my robes, determined to give it to her at the end of our next class.

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