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Chapter five

It's human nature to compete, we compete for territory (trying to beat everyone to the best house), food (supermarket brawls) and most of all mates. Now, we may not compete in the ways that animals do or the way our ancestors did before us. But that competitive nature is ingrained into our lives and it's dominant in some more than others. Because sometimes, winning is absolutely everything and as many say, 'all's fair in love and war'.


At first, I was furious at Arisa for saying that, how could my best friend say something like that to me? But as the words sunk in, replaying like an obnoxious song on the radio, I began to see the honesty in her words. I like to play things up and it's funny, sometimes. But the oh-so-painful truth is, I like Louis, like making a massive spectacle, like flashing and glittering in the spotlight for attention. We are two people who thrive in the limelight.

I'm an attention whore. Why? I don't even have a clue.

And thinking about it, the people's attention that I want I can't get by screaming and squirming at everything. My parents want to talk to me, and I don't reply. And I don't even know what to do with Louis. Its night right now and I'm scribbling random snippets of poetry about my new found lame-ness.

I stay up for most of the night, only to be awoken by Arisa prodding a tired me, harassing me that it's time for the first of our many detentions.

“So is it true, did you guys really get detention for trying to camp out in the chamber of secrets?” Izzy asks as she messes around with her hair. Our roommates stop their gossiping and strain their ears to hear Arisa or me answer.

“Yeah,” Arisa says.

I pull the covers over my head once she's distracted, telling the rest of them about our great escapade, while being bluntly honest and telling them about the rancid smell and the butt freezing cold. Arisa yanks the blanket away from me, exposing my skimpy pyjamas to the cold air of the room. I squeal and she laughs.

“Get ready, we need to try and keep to McGonnagall's good side and that means being on time for detention, which means eating breakfast quickly.”

I tiptoe to the bathroom and get ready in minutes. My brain tells me how nice it would be to have a nice long bubble bath, I resist and come out. Arisa and I walk briskly to breakfast, knowing that we don't want any snooty prefects docking points and getting us in anymore trouble.

As we make our way into the great hall, we pause for a second and glance at the hourglasses. Hufflepuff is still winning. They always win house cup and always lose the quidditch cup.

I nibble my toast and listen to the blondies discuss ways to improve our quidditch team with the captain. The captain being McLaggen.

Man, my life sucks.

Now that I think about it, it wasn't the smartest idea to date my quidditch captain because if we broke up quidd-itch (Because having a broom under your legs is itchy) would become quidd-awkward.

McLaggen eventually goes away and I let out a big sigh, Arisa puts her hand on my shoulder as a pity gesture then goes back to eating her food.

"Oh yeah, just to let you know, you guys have been invited to Vic and Ted's wedding, they finally set a date after the four years of engagement and after they had a kid," he says.
"It's about time," Lorcan says.

He then glances to my left, with a bemused look at Izzy. I turn to her and she's blushing. Am I missing something here? Is there a secret relationship or crush I'm not aware of? I poke Arisa's thigh, then glance between the two of them.

"I've noticed," she whispers to me, then clears her throat and says clearly and loudly, "we should be off to detention."

Ugh, detention. It's the school's way of telling you, we would like to put you in jail but we can't because you're too young and you didn't actually break any laws.

"You know, we’re going to have a hell of a lot of detention," Arisa says and we all groan.
Mystery Incorporated did not get detention, they went and solved mysteries and had fun. This is going to be a big fat ball of suck.

We arrive at the trophy room and of course, we have the classic Hogwarts detention of cleaning and polishing the trophy room without magic. Hooray! Note my sarcasm. Once, Louis' uncles were telling us about all the different detentions they'd ever gotten, his uncle Harry had to help Gilderoy Lockhart answer his fan mail. This then sparked the adults to punish us by helping Harry with his fan mail, because we cut the hair off Molly's dolls. Let me tell you answering fan mail is a blast, women sent him their knickers (well, one did) and all sorts of weird letters.

Our detention is absolutely boring, you have to pick up the trophy, wipe it down then polish it with some other stuff. The worst part is Filch is here breathing down our necks so we can't even talk to pass the fun.

Bah, humbug.

It took three hours, three bloomin' hours before we finished. I've lost the will to live.
When we finish, Filch looks at the trophies, deems them acceptable and tells us to get out of his sight. We oblige gladly. Arisa and Lorcan disappear around a corner, leaving me and Louis.

“Patch, walk with me?” he asks, shrugging his shoulders looking ever so adorable.

This seems like a set-up. Everything is a set-up. Conspiracy theory time!

"Sure,” I say, agreeing with it anyway, looping my arm as he begins to pull me along.

Louis always does things like this pulls me along as if I’m a doll, because he thinks I’ll trip over and break my nose if he isn’t holding me. I pull my arms out of his protective hold, if I’m going to be more mature, I’m going to assert my independence and not just go through things nilly-willy, only if I want to.

I hum to myself, rhyming words in my head like ugly and smugly. I don't know where he's taking me, because I still don't know my way round this castle. And I don't know why he isn't talking to me either.

“Is everything okay?” he asks, sounding worried.

Aha, I know where we are now. We're right by the almost deserted clockwork tower courtyard that always looks like the walls around it are going to crumble and fall down if you touch them.

“Everything's fine,” I answer.

He scrunches up his face, like he always does when he's thinking hard, which looks rather constipated and says, “you're acting differently.”

I step further away from him into the courtyard. "How so, good or bad?”

He ponders on it for a minute, I resist the urge to spin around in circles until I feel dizzy. I ignore my flipping stomach.

“Neither, it's just, you've been different.”

“Well, that's good,” I say, smiling inside but keeping a straight face.

“I prefer it when you're being normal,” he says earnestly.

“I am being normal, I'm just growing up,” I say adamantly, crossing my arms. It looks more mature than it sounds.

“This is about what Arisa told you, isn't it?” he asks and I don't answer. “ Growing up isn't being a bore and stopping being yourself, it's dealing with things in a mature way, and you're not being mature by trying to change yourself in a complete one-eighty,” he says.

“Who are you to judge?” I snap.

“I'm your best friend,” he says quietly.

It looks as if we have found silence. Awkward.

“And I like you,” he says simply.

“Of course you like me,” I say arrogance dancing on my tongue, like a feather in the air.

"No as in, like you, Sophie.”

He called me Sophie, he never calls me Sophie unless it's dead serious.

"Err... I have butterflies in tummy," I say stupidly. Got to love verbal diarrhea.

"So do I."

"And I feel really dizzy," I say. Oh my gosh, mouth stop moving,

"Same," he says.

Finally, I sort myself out and say," I don't know how I feel about anything, let alone you."

"Yes, you do."

"Louis, I don't," I counter.

"I don't believe you," he says, the volume of his voice rising in a crescendo.

I twitch, feeling antsy and eventually speak, "it doesn't work like that, you can't say something big and just expect me to go with it."

"You didn't even give it a chance," he says.

"I wouldn't risk my friendship with you unless I was in love you, like really in love with you," I say, and then the words flush into me like the water that swooshes into a toilet seat. Nice imagery, Finnegan.

Now that I've started, I can't stop, so I keep going as the words start to pound with an infectious rhythm, "you see, I want that my friend’s think I'm crazy kind of love, that reckless kind of love, the every time I see you, I fall to pieces kind of love, that no matter what happens you always get the best of me kind of love."

Holy shiznits, that was rather poetic.

“That's not real,” he says.

“It is, it is to me, if you don't believe in that, I wouldn't be able to think about having a relationship with you,” I say.

He thinks for a second and replies, “So, did McLaggen believe in that nonsense?”

I hold the tears back as he calls my deepest beliefs, one of the things I'm really sure about nonsense and say, “yes, he did.”

Louis notices the expression on my face, through my awful attempt at hiding how I actually feel about his horrendous conversation and he says, “Patch, are you okay?”

I look down at the grass, beneath my feet and slowly count the blades in my head to help myself forget how angry and upset I am, but it doesn't work and I snap, “don’t call me Patch, my name is Sophie.”

“But your name is Patch, you're Patch to me.”

“Well, my name is Sophie and my Patch was a splotch of dried skin, which is gone.”

"Yeah and so is your personality, you know, forget I said anything," he says as his fingers coil and he clenches his fist.

"Fine, I've got homework to be doing," I say, mustering my best argument voice.

My eyes swell and I blink tightly to hold back the tears, the expression on Louis's face quickly turns to a grimace. I'm not even sure what to think of this. I spin around on my heels and as I walk I way, he pulls me by the waist and spins me around, so that my face is within an inch of his.

I inhale and exhale, telling myself that it's alright. It's just Louis; I've got nothing to be afraid of. Nothing to be afraid of, if he hears me breathe.

And then his lips smash into mine. Not a painful explosion, an amazing unexplainable explosion. I kiss him back lightly, my tongue traces the inside of his mouth making me feel light headed and dizzy. His grip on my waist loosens and I pull away, blushing slightly.

"I've been waiting a long time to do that," he says.

"I'm still not in love with you, and a kiss isn't going to change that.”

"I know but I don't plan on giving up, we're not playing a game, but I'm going to win."

A/N: SO something happened. Really, I couldn't keep putting it off. Guess what? I found a real life Patch and Louis. Only she wont date him because she stops liking who she dates, so they have this strange best friends with benefits relationship.

Anyway. what do you think? Of louis, especially Louis. We've established Patch is thick and cute.

ALSO, to all y'all who might have skipped chapter four (looks suspiciously, I'd go read it. It's important to the plot, yah) :) 

Thank you all for your wonderful support. :)

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