“Excuse me? Hi. You’re sleeping on my shoulder, and I’m starting to go numb. Mind removing your face?”

How rude.

I opened my eyes and squinted slightly against the light of the morning, letting out a soft yawn and picking myself up from what was evidently someone’s shoulder. Judging by the hard feel of the arm and the deep voice, I sensed that it was a man.

“I’m very sorry,” I said as pleasantly as I could, stifling another yawn behind my hand, “I tend to not notice what I’m doing when I’m fast asleep. Say, I didn’t punch you or anything, did I?”

I turned around to smile brightly at my pillow. If he didn’t look so disgruntled, he would have been very attractive. Actually, who am I kidding? I found him attractive regardless. He had dark brown eyes and curly black hair, and I couldn’t help but think that he might possibly be the most beautiful looking man I had ever seen.

He currently looked extremely alarmed. “You punch people in your sleep?”

I laughed loudly. “I was joking! You’re quite gullible.”

He looked like he was about to argue for a second, then decided against it, rolling his eyes at me and turning back to look out the window. Something about the action intrigued me.

“I’m Luna,” I informed him, craning my neck slightly to look at his face. I liked to look people in the eye when I was talking to them.

I waited for him to reciprocate. Nothing.

“What’s your name?” I tried.

“Rolf Scamander,” he said shortly.

“That’s an interesting name. Rolf Scamander,” I tried it out, feeling the way it moved in my mouth. “Rolf – Scamander! Are you related to Newt Scamander?”

“Grandfather,” he grunted.

“Oh, wow! Your grandfather is brilliant,” I said, my eyes probably lighting up with excitement, “he’s written one of my favorite books, actually. I probably have it somewhere around here – oh, Harry and Ron vandalized it. They’re always drawing on books, it’s quite annoying. I wonder how Hermione puts up with them sometimes –”

“I’m sorry, but will you please shut up?”

I blinked, alarmed. I had a tendency to spew random nonsense whenever confronted with an awkward situation, it was true. But my friends nearly always laughed it off with me, save for the occasional time when Harry put his hand over my mouth and told me to breathe and get my head out of the clouds.

I decided that, beautiful or not, I didn’t quite like Rolf Scamander very much. It surprised me, because I like almost everybody.

Must be the Hornooks. They bring feelings of anger, you know. Anger, resentment and irritation. I flapped my hands around a couple of times, just in case.

“What the hell are you doing?” Rolf Scamander asked me, catching me mid-swat.

“Getting rid of the Hornooks,” I told him smartly, “they give people feelings of anger, resentment and irritation. They’re bothering me at the moment.”

He stared at me as though I was certifiably insane. Come to think of it, I probably am. I get that look a lot. Neville told me it’s endearing. I think it’s just a nicer way of saying that I’m completely mental.

“Have you escaped from Mungo’s?” Rolf Scamander finally asked me.

I tried to turn it into a joke, laughing softly. He didn’t join in. “Of course not,” I reassured him. “I’m perfectly sane.”

I think.

He rolled his eyes suddenly. “Are you trying to impersonate the loony girl who fought with Harry Potter in the war? Because, honestly, although people do think she’s cute, you’re coming across as absolutely crazy. And, sorry, you’re not impressing me.”

I stared. “What are you talking about? Why would I impersonate myself?” People impersonate me?

“You’re Loony?” he asked incredulously.

“I’m Luna Lovegood,” I corrected. Hadn’t I already told him my name? “Although people did like to call me ‘Loony’ when I went to Hogwarts.”

“Dear Merlin,” he muttered, “she’s just as crazy as the textbooks say.”

I was rather offended. “Excuse me, I can hear you.” And I’m quite sure the textbooks don’t say that I’m crazy. Just a little odd. No one really understands me, is all. If you looked at the world through my eyes, everything would be crystal clear. Just because I think uniquely doesn’t make me crazy. It just makes me different.

“Look.” he rolled his eyes again. He does that a lot. I wonder if it’s just my presence that evokes the eye-rolling. “I’m honored to meet you and all, but I’d really rather be left alone.” I didn’t miss the sarcasm dripping off of his every word.

“I’m not forcing you into conversing with me,” I pointed out. He glared slightly at me and turned back resolutely to the window.

Merlin, what an angry human being. He must be absolutely plagued with Hornooks.


I’m bored.

I don’t think those words have ever flashed through my mind before. Usually I’m always busy, always thinking. Either I have something on my mind, or I have someone to observe, or perhaps even a book to read – but right now, everything is boring, and I am bored.

I glanced over at Rolf Scamander again. He was intently reading a book, his eyes never leaving the pages of the words in front of him. I tried discreetly looking over to see what he was reading. If it’s that interesting, maybe I’ll ask Hermione to get it for me.

“Stop staring at me.”

He didn’t look up from the page, but his tone was patronizing.

I sniffed. “I was not staring at you.”

“Fine. Stop observing me,” he acquiesced.

I sighed in annoyance. Honestly, he’s not even that nice to look at. Fine, maybe he is, but still.

“Why do you assume that I’m looking at you?”

“Because you are,” he said in a superior tone, still not looking up from his book. I didn’t like having a conversation without eye contact. It made me feel as though I was talking to an inanimate object. When I saw someone’s eyes, I could read to their soul.

“Actually, I was wondering what book you were reading,” I said.

He let out a little huff. “Then perhaps you should have just asked me instead of staring at the side of my face.”


What would Ginny do in this situation? Probably start yelling at him. Actually, no – she would have already gotten him to fall in love with her. She’s so full of life that it’s hard not to be attracted to her glow. But after she let him down by telling him about her fiancé, also the Savior of the Wizarding World, she would have started screaming at him.

Okay…what would Hermione do? Probably shoot a biting remark and then walk away with her dignity still intact and held around her like an aura. Actually, Rolf would have fallen a bit in love with her, too. Hermione may not realize this, but she is breathtakingly beautiful in a way that no one can achieve.

“What are you reading, then?”

I guess that’s what Luna would do.

Sometimes I wonder why I’m not in Hufflepuff.

He shot me an irritated look, then held the cover up a bit. I tilted my neck to read it – The Uprising.

“Oh.” Surprise colored my tone. “I was interviewed for that book.” I hated every minute of it.

“Congratulations, you’re famous.”

I decided to ignore him after that. After all, he’s just an irritating man who happens to be sitting next to me on a bus. He’ll be gone soon.

For the next quarter of an hour, I stared at the swaying chandelier in the middle of the bus and wondered what it would look like if the chandelier fell. Probably like a million shards of raining class. A small part of me wished that it would fall, just so I could see something beautiful.

I nearly jumped when I felt a light tap on my shoulder. My blonde hair, somehow tamed so that it no longer looked like a scraggly mess (er…thank you, Ginny?), slid around my shoulders.

“Yes?” I asked politely, hoping that I didn’t sound too shocked at being addressed by him. Instead of talking to me, he held out the book and pointed to a passage. My brow furrowed slightly as I leaned forward to read it.

After many weeks of imprisonment inside the damp dungeon of the Malfoy Manor, Ollivander and Luna Lovegood felt as though their lives were close to an end. However, it seemed almost as though by miracle, one night it all came to an end as the Trio was brought to Malfoy Manor for questioning and undetermined imprisonment. Hermione Granger, the muggleborn of the group, was kept upstairs, tortured to near insanity by Bellatrix –

I sat back with a sharp intake of air and closed my eyes tightly. I wasn’t going to think about it. No, I’m not thinking about it. I’m not thinking about that feeling of cold helplessness, or the rough hands that left marks on my arms, or the screams of my best friend echoing around and around and around –


“Did that really happen?”

My eyes still closed tightly, I pushed the book away. “I don’t want to read any more.”

There was a heavy pause.

“I’m – I apologize if that upset you, I was just –”

“Yes, it all really happened,” I cut across as quietly. “Excuse me, I need to…use the loo.”

By the time I had gone to the bathroom, splashed water resolutely over my face, and made my way back, he was already back to the book. He didn’t even bother glancing up as I sat down next to him, tripping slightly because of the constant jerking of the bus.

I don’t care – I’m getting off next stop. 

i know it's been forever. please review anyway? luna's kind of new for me to write :) but she's adorable, i looove writing as her ^_^

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