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   Draco was the first up. He had an uneasy feeling; He looked out the window his eyes the same silvery blue-grey orbs with a tint of red. The Sun hadn't risen. He'd have to keep out of the sun. Prolonged Exposure like being up top; would cause severe burns. He reached into his Robes and put on sunglasses as the sun started to Rise. He looked over at Granger every time she stirred. Which happened to be quite a lot; she didn’t seem to be able to hold still in her sleep. She seemed to be having nightmares. This worried him a lot.. Not that he'd admit he was worried. He was a Malfoy. Malfoy's did not worry.

  Hermione slept in. Something she never did. Draco tried waking her, so she could at least eat. But, nothing he started to pace. He did routine searches of the ship. Something was seriously wrong. That’s when he caught it. A foreign scent was moving back and forth in front of the room they stayed in. He pressed himself against the shadows becoming them he let his vampire instincts take over. The male seemed to be talking on some weird metal device. He could hear his voice and the one replying. This freaked him out a bit but kept calm.

  The sailor was talking in a language he didn't understand. It sounded vaguely like Bulgarian. Draco decided to interrupt. Stepping from the shadows he looked over at the sailor.

"Can I help you sir?" He spoke silkily and calmly; making sure to give a questioning underlining tone. He held the room keys and stood in front of the door. He leaned against it with his arms crossed. His sunglasses hid his now blood red eyes.

"U-uh n-no sir. Sorry to bug you. I-i was just passing through!" With that he ran down the ships corridor. He sighed and was about to follow when he heard Granger scream. He quickly opened the door and ran over to her.

"Hermione? What is going on? “He looked at her trying to act normal. The scream unnerved him. He looked at her. She was sitting up her eyes red and puffy her hair a mess and looked awful. Even when taunting her he never got her this upset. It unnerved him.

"D-draco your ok!” She cried out. The dream seemed so real she for a moment forgot to hate him. No one not even Draco deserved what it was. She flung her arms around him and held him tightly ignoring the feel of his cold skin.

"Well of course I'm ok. I'm Draco Malfoy. It would take a lot to get me hurt."He awkwardly patted her back with one hand before pushing her away.

  "Stupid, Arrogant, Ferret!"She hit him in the head hard with her pillow. She cried out but laughed feeling stupid. They sat there in awkwardness. She didn't want to Tell him about her dream, Yet. It seemed stupid and like she was going to tell him anything he could use against her later.

  Draco winced. He didn't know it was even possible for Pillows to hurt! "Damn it woman calm down. You’re acting crazier than a hippogriff!"

"Crazy! I'm crazy! Who was it who set fire to my robes?" She glared at him sternly.

"Oh, yeah! That was great, I forgot all about that." He smirked sadistically.

   Hermione was about to reply when Draco put his hand up. The ship had become to quiet. He pulled her with him his wand out. Hermione clutched his wrist and pointed her wand out. It was eight at night Draco led her on deck looking around. He smelled the death and decay before seeing vampires surround. There were about twenty vampires.

   Hermione started shooting incendio spells at them. Draco ran ahead and took out the first four easily, snapping their necks. Hermione meanwhile was doing a good job at keeping ten of them from hr she had created a circle of fire around them She rounded and started to shoot spells at them. They seemed impervious to most spells but incendio and stupefy. A tall ugly one with yellow fangs stood in front of the boats. He appeared to be the leader. the others backed off hissing fire reflecting of their wicked and pale skin. Their eyes were a yellowish and they smelled of death and decay. Even Hermione could smell it..

"Give us the girl Draco." The leader spoke in a voice that sounded like blades cutting against iron. It was harsh, cold and full of malice. "She is a threat"

"Not a chance. Find your own witch to torment. This one’s mine" Draco smoke in a easy tone but Hermione knew him well enough t know he was far from relaxed.

"Who are you?" Draco kept his wand out inching to the side. The other vampire followed they were starting to circle the flames lighting up the place in an eerie red and gold glow.

"I'm Dmitri, Head cleaner, It is my job to make sure your not distracted, Give us the girl. We won’t harm her..much." He cackled an ear splitting noise that made Hermione flinch.

“No, I don't think so." With that before Hermione could even blink he picked her up and jumped off the ship. Waving his wand a rug shot out of Hermione’s bag. Flying carpets were Illegal but he didn't care they were soon out of reach. He looked at Hermione healing the few cuts and bruises she had.

  "What was that?!" She asked "They asked you to bring someone."

  "They think you’re a threat obviously. They have reason to be afraid. Whatever they are hiding they have to fear you. You’d figure it out. I think they know that. “He spoke calmly. They went silent before landing in an alley just outside the wilder lands of France he sighed trying to figure out where to go from here..


 "Not good, Dalaf! Keep an eye on their every move. We need to know everything there strengths and weaknesses. We can't let them win ...' the leader to the left spoke quickly and with venom. “Get Damien and Damascus on this! Inform axel that we have a threat." This is not good.... He's stronger than I expected. So is that woman

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