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Disclaimer: Everything you recognise is JK Rowling's, and what's left is mine :)
Also, so sorry for the long wait! I've been up to my neck in work and my own drama... I don't know how fast the chapters are going to churn out in the next month, but I should be continuously writing by mid-June once I'm done with uni. 


---Chapter 9 – Some Things Never Change---


“What is he drinking?” Penny asked, scrunching up her face in repulsion. 

We all looked over to stare curiously at Adam, who was giddily sipping from a black can with weird neon green designs on it. 

“It’s called an energy drink,” Adam replied smugly. “My Muggle cousin sent it to me in the post, told me it’s all the rage out there and girls dig guys who drink it.” 

“What girls? The mentally handicapped?” Penny murmured under her breath

Miranda and I looked at each other, and sniggered.

“Laugh if you will but you’re obviously just jealous of my impossibly good looks,” Adam winked, while puckering up his lips at us.

I was going to be sick on my breakfast.

How in the name of Dumbledore did I ever fall for his charms?

I guess to be fair to younger me I was extremely stupid back in the day. Now I’m smart and sophisticated, and totally beyond superficial reasons for fancying someone. 

“Ignoring the fact that I just swallowed my own vomit, Keegan, did you finish the assignment for Charms today?” Miranda said, turning her attention onto me.

“Yup, finished it a couple days ago.”

“Why the hell do you always finish things so early!” Miranda glared, irritated at me for apparently being a nerd. I was a Ravenclaw! We’re genetically engineered to be overachieving bastards…  

“Err… because I had a free period? And I was… bored?” I tried to give her a satisfying answer, but apparently, that only annoyed her more. 

Bored? You were bored so you did work? Normal people go like… enjoy the sunshine or something when they’re bored!” she yelled at me. 

Why the hell was she so moody?


“Whatever, I need new friends,” Miranda muttered grumpily before grabbing her bag and stalking off out of the Great Hall.

“Okay. What the bleeding hell was that about!” I cried out, staring pointedly at Elbie who shrunk back under my gaze. 

“Okay, okay! She’s pissed off at me because I blew her off last night to work on my Astronomy assignment,” Elbie said in a quiet voice. “And err, my partner for the assignment happened to be Elizabeth Harp.”

The Elizabeth Harp?” Adam asked dreamily.

You see, Elizabeth Harp is this beautiful Hufflepuff seventh year and when I say beautiful, I mean like ‘a ray of light shines on her’ kind of beautiful. She has just perfect everything, and the thing about Eliza was that she was even more beautiful because she was kind and sweet to everyone—even Slytherins. To top it off, Miranda’s first boyfriend dumped her for Eliza, who only actually went on one date with him. So it was understandable why Miranda got so angry and jealous, and why Elbie conveniently forgot to tell her whom his partner was. 

“Yup,” Elbie replied glumly. “I didn’t mean for her to find out!”

“You should never lie to Miranda,” Penny warned while waving around her bread roll dangerously close to my face. “She finds out everything.”  

“It’s true, the girl’s like a witch doctor!” I nodded in agreement. 

“A witch what?” Seamus asked, now looking up from the book he’s been reading all sodding morning, the book he won’t put down to even say hi to his mates. I have this theory that all Ravenclaws were stark-raving lunatics because when we’re upset, we do extra reading.

Actually, it’s probably why we’re all so bloody smart. 

“A witch doctor, it’s a person Muggles believe to perform voodoo magic or whatever, they know things,” I explained to him. 

“How do you know these things?” Seamus chuckled.

“Who cares how she knows these bloody useless facts? What I want to know is can you please fix things for me?” Elbie asked me, widening his eyes in a way that I assumed was supposed to be endearing me to him.  

“Elbie, please refrain from insulting me and then asking for my help at the same time in the future,” I scowled. “But I’ll help you – only because I fear for the wellbeing of the student population if we let loose an angry Miranda. Plus I’ve got Charms now with her so I’ll try to calm her down.”

“Thank you, thank you, Keegan!” Elbie cried out while launching himself at me from across the table, knocking over his goblet of pumpkin juice. 

I rolled my eyes. This is whom Miranda chooses to date? And whom I choose to hang out with?

Merlin, there was something wrong with the lot of us…

I easily pushed off the pathetic git before grabbing my bag to head towards Charm.  

I managed to slip into the classroom a minute before I would have been deemed late much to the satisfaction of Professor Flitwick. Normally, he had no moral inclination to be nice to anyone—okay fine, he loved everyone, but he loved me best! Not in a weird way! But I was his favourite student.

Well okay, he loved me because I was the Ravenclaw captain but I was bloody brilliant at it so he loved me even more. Lots of love. 

Pffft… modesty, what is that?

I gave Professor Flitwick my brightest smile before bouncing into the seat next to Miranda who harrumphed at me. 

Okay, getting her to cheer up might be a tad harder than I thought… Maybe I should begin with something exciting! 

“So Gryffindor plays Slytherin today! I actually hope Gryffindors win!” I trilled happily. 

“Can we please not talk about Quidditch for once?”

“Oh yeah… of course,” I mumbled stupidly. Okay, maybe that wasn’t the best route to go. I guess not many people get excited about Quidditch the way I do. 

Erm… what else is there?

“Hey! Are you excited about the annual Halloween party?” I whispered, trying to sound super excited about it—I actually am not too fond of the Halloween parties, too many slutty girls, too many groping guys and far too much alcohol is consumed... 

“I heard Fred and George have something special planned for this year,” I added. 

“Hmmph,” Miranda sounded. “Is it Elizabeth Harp on fire?”

Ouch, harsh.

“Oh, come on, Miranda,” I sighed, exasperated now. “I get why you’re upset but this is Elbie we’re talking about. The boy is so head over heels in love with you, his perve-dar probably permanently turns off when you’re not around!”  

“Perve-dar?” Miranda arched an eyebrow, her lips curving slightly upwards.  

I held back a triumphant grin. “Yes, perve-dar! Every bloke has one, it goes off when a girl bends over or someone’s top’s too low or…” 

“I get it, I get it,” Miranda chuckled, finally lighting up. “And I know, I’m a psychotically jealous bitch. I can’t help it. Harp’s my weak point.” 

“I know.”

“But I still refuse to forgive Elbie that easily,” Miranda smiled mischievously. 

“You’re evil.”

“I’m conniving and he loves me for it,” she shrugged lightly. “Besides if he doesn’t, I’ll beat him into loving me anyways.”

I sometimes wonder at the mental sanity of my best friend. 

“Don’t look at me that way, I’m totally joking,” she chuckled before turning back to the board. 

She wasn’t. I can see it in her eyes, the way they crinkle in contentment at the knowledge that her own boyfriend was also terrified of her. It was worrying and probably unhealthy but who am I to judge sanity? 

I sighed and too turned back to the board. Today, we were learning about a rather simple charm, the Refilling Charm. It was taking a lot out of me to physically jot down everything Professor Flitwick was saying but the Ravenclaw in me wouldn’t let me stop. But then again I was only fifty percent Ravenclaw according to the Sorting Hat. 

I tugged at the hem of my skirt. It felt scratchy on my skin and I hoped I would soon become accustomed to the feel of skirts. I mean I wore the occasional summer dresses, much to the delight of my dad but I just preferred wearing trousers. They were much more practical in everyday life and I could run in them. 

But I knew it wasn’t the skirt that made me so agitated this time. It was an old manky brown hat only a few metres in front of me. It was the Sorting Hat that was making me so agitated and I couldn’t stop fidgeting with the hem of my skirt

I just wanted it to be over with. I didn’t want to have to walk up to the blooming thing and have to wait excruciatingly for my sorting

What if I was a Slytherin! I couldn’t be a Slytherin!  

I mean… was I that evil? 

I did put a wobbleworm in Eden’s porridge a couple months back. I also punched Oliver in the face. Well in my defence, Oliver was being a jerk and making fun of me again.

“Keegan Riddell,” Professor McGonagall announced loudly. 

I felt my heartbeat start to speed up and my hands went all clammy. I stood there frozen to the spot and turned around looking for only one person. He stood a bit further down the queue than me. His brown hair looked tame for once and he looked much more at ease in his uniform than I did. 

Oliver looked at me, smiling encouragingly before mouthing ‘go’. 

I felt my stomach turn but quickly walked up to the high chair and sat down awkwardly, remembering to cross my legs as not to flash the entire school. The hat lurched to life and I knew only I could hear him speak at this moment

“Hmm… very interesting indeed,” he mumbled. “You’re very intelligent, bright and inquisitive, with a definite thirst for knowledge… but you’re very stubborn and headstrong. You’re loyal till the end, you’re strong and very brave.” 

“Well… what does that make me then?

“What do you want it to make you?” 

“Huh? I don’t know! I just want to get off this stool!

“Not an attention-seeker then…

“Merlin no! Only if I’ve been amazing at Quidditch or did well in school but no!” 

The hat laughed at my reluctance for attention, its rough gravelly voice echoing in my head. 

“What about Gryffindor?” it asked me.

I instantly looked over at the scarlet and gold table. I knew their amazing Quidditch reputation and I knew they were a good-hearted bunch of people. But I also knew Mum was in that House… and I just couldn’t… would not be associated with anything to do with her.

“What’s my other option?

“Ravenclaw, another great House.

“Fine, whatever, put me there…

“THEN IT’S THE RAVENCLAW HOUSE YOU GO!” the Sorting Hat bellowed for the Great Hall to hear and there was an eruption of whoops and applauses at the blue and bronze table. 

I quickly took off the hat and practically sprinted to the table. I sat down and was affectionately greeted by the Ravenclaw lot, and knew I had made a good decision. Yet at the same time, I also had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Oliver would go to Gryffindor. There was no doubt he would… he was the bravest and toughest person I knew, and there, he would forget about me.  

A small paper airplane hit me in the head, completely breaking me out of my reverie and back into present day. I looked around me in a flurry of confusion, Miranda was engrossed in the lecture, and the only person in the room looking at me was…


Keegan… can we please talk before lunch?

I want to apologise on behalf of Amanda amongst other things.


Well… he seemed sincere enough, right? It couldn’t hurt. Merlin knows his bint of an ex-girlfriend was a menace to society. I’m surprised he hasn’t stood up in the middle of the Great Hall screaming ‘I’M SORRY MY EX-GIRLFRIEND IS A PSYCHOTIC WHORE!’

To be fair, she hasn’t been ‘terrorising’ me as much lately. Just a few death glares, some petty pushing and I’m certain that at dinner once, she threw a bread roll at my head. I’ve let them all go, trying to be the bigger person and all that, but that bread roll…

No ma’am. I got my revenge and let’s just say, she looked as if an entire Christmas dinner was chucked at her face. And maybe it was…  

I quickly scribbled back my yes and decided to finally focus on the lecture in front of me. Refilling Charm… refills crap… awesome… 


“So Boggarts are quite frightening in that respect,” Professor Lupin told us after having explained to us what Boggarts are. I knew what they were, but like every other class, I paid full attention to every word that came from his mouth. It’s not my fault that my professor was a handsome old devil with the face of a rock-star, the voice of an angel and the intellect of well… a Ravenclaw—even though he had been a Gryffindor back in school.

The man was dreamy.

“Next lesson, we will be learning how to overcome Boggarts and our inner fears,” Professor Lupin said. “But for now, I will just have each of you write a one page essay on Boggarts, how to find them, what they are and anything you think I should know.” 

He winked at us and quickly dismissed the class.

“If you drooled any more, you would be sitting in your own saliva, you know,” a voice behind me whispered. 

I shuddered at the close proximity and turned around. 

“Wood,” I smiled. 

“Still with the last names, eh? All right then, Riddell, how are you today?” he chuckled, as we walked out of the Defence Against the Dark Arts class. 

“Can’t complain, what about you? Nervous? Frightened?” 

“I’m okay, just buzzing to kick Flint’s arse,” Oliver said through gritted teeth. 

Over the past few days, the rivalry between the two captains has been almost brutal. Oliver showed up to dinner last night with a bruised eye and Flint had a broken nose but neither said anything to anyone. Obviously, everyone knew, but no one saw and if no one was speaking, the professors had no proof. 

“Well be careful, yeah? Flint’s tough.”

“Worrying about me there, Riddell?” he winked.

“We may be friendly now but we’re not by any means that friendly,” I rolled my eyes at him. “Anyway, I’ve got to go meet… a friend. I’ll see you at the match!”

With that, I quickly ran down the corridor and towards the library. I had told Justin I would meet him here so I could avoid any eavesdroppers. 

He was waiting outside with his hands in his pocket, staring aimlessly at the stonewall. His curly hair flopped over his blue eyes and I couldn’t help feeling an attraction to the boy.

He was extremely cute and… ahh! Shut up, hormones!! 

“Hi Justin,” I said trying to ignore my brain. 

He turned around quickly at the sound of my voice. “Hi Keegan!”

“So err… you don’t really have to apologise, you know?”

“I know,” Justin smiled kindly. “I just know what she’s like and I know she’ll never grow up so I thought I should apologise on her behalf.”

“I don’t know if she’ll take too kindly to that,” I laughed.

“I know that too, but…” Justin looks nervous. “I wanted to apologise for my behaviour as well.”

Well… I didn’t expect that!

“What? What do you mean?”

“I came on so strong and I know I freaked you out!” Justin quickly rushed out. “I don’t know what came over me… it’s just Miranda mentioned you might be interested and I guess I jumped the gun! And Amanda loved all that overbearing crap but I know now that you’re not like that…”

Ooh, I was going to kill that girl! Why can’t she just leave my love life alone?

“I don’t know. I just kind of developed this crush on you but then I realised that I don’t even know you. Well the point is I was hoping we could be friends? And kind of see where it goes… or just friends!” he quickly said. 

I stopped thinking of the million ways I was going to kill my best friend and looked at the boy in front of me. What was so bloody wrong with me that I couldn’t like this amazing, adorable, perfectly sane and nice boy? Maybe the emotional side of my brain needed a little waking. Yeah! Maybe I was just asleep!

Without thinking, I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him down towards me till our lips met. At first, he went rigid and I nearly pulled back out of embarrassment but he quickly recovered. He instantly wrapped his own arms around my waist, pulling me tight against him, and kissing me with so much fervour I nearly died on the spot. I found that his lips were soft and tasted of peppermint, a taste that I also found I really liked. He pulled back for a split second only to look at me before kissing me more gently while his thumb was drawing circles on the middle of my back. 

When he finally did pull apart, I nearly collapsed. It was… unreal. It was overwhelming and blimey, it was bloody brilliant! I don’t think I’ve been kissed that well since… since… fuck if I know! I mean there was definitely more emotion put into that kiss from him but I think he just transferred some of that emotion into me.  

“I… uh… don’t really know where that came from,” I mumbled, a soft pink tingeing my cheeks.

“Well you can do that again any time,” Justin laughed. It was a soft ringing laugh, the kind that makes you smile. 

“Right,” I smiled back. “I… got to go… eat and stuff.”

Justin laughed again. He leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on my lips. “After that, we can be just friends unless you decide you want something more.”

I nodded dazedly before turning and hiking it back to the Great Hall. I pushed open the big oak doors, still in my daze, when I bumped into a big sturdy body.

“Riddell,” Oliver said happily, looking down at me. He furrowed his brows for a second, studying my face before a frown appeared on his features. “You’ve been snogging someone.”

“What! No! Shut up!” I nearly yelled at him.

“Your lips are all swollen and red, and you’re blushing,” Oliver noted. “Was this what your little meeting earlier was about? Some friend.”

“Look, Wood, it’s none of your business whether I snogged someone or not,” I snapped, annoyed now that he was butting into my love life too. 

“You SNOGGED SOMEONE?” Miranda screeched, causing a few heads at the nearby Gryffindor table to stare at me curiously. “Who! And where! And WHO!”

She dragged me away by the arm before Oliver had a chance to retort but he just sent me a disappointed look.

What the bloody hell? What right does he have to look disappointed at me if I wanted to go to some bloody broom closet and snog someone?

I wasn’t that pure and pristine little girl he used to know! Blimey, a girl has her needs too and I was positive he’s been in his fair share of broom closets!

“Right, so spill!” Miranda demanded excitedly. 

I groaned and proceeded to tell her what happened.


The atmosphere was deafening and the Gryffindors and Slytherins were practically shaking with excitement in the stands.

The Slytherin side were jeering and yelling things out at the Gryffindors who were sat opposite them on the other side of the stadium. I think the founders of Hogwarts realised early on that Gryffindors and Slytherins were probably going to murder each other if they were put next to one another.

The Hufflepuffs and us Ravenclaws were split between whom to support but most have decided to go with Gryffindor—mostly due to the fact that Slytherins were wankers. My entire Ravenclaw Qudditch team, like me, decided to support Gryffindor and were cheering wildly as the excitement and euphoria began to spread through the crowd. I donned my dad’s old scarlet and gold jersey and was waving a small scarlet and gold flag. Despite my little spat with Oliver earlier, I was still going to root for him. I was honestly trying to be friends with him again so I was not going to let his stupid weird mood swings annoy me. Not today anyhow. 

“Is this seat taken?” 

I looked up into a familiar pair of hazel eyes. “EDAN!” I cried out as I jumped from my seat and strangled my brother into a hug. 

He chuckled awkwardly and pushed me away. “Erm, hi to you too, sis. By the way, I’d like you to meet Cameron.” He turned so I could see the small blonde standing shyly beside him. “Cameron, this is my sister, Keegan.”

“Hi Cameron!” I grin wildly and embarrassingly  (for Edan) at her.

“Hi Keegan, I’ve heard so much about you,” she smiled politely back. 

I shook her hand and ushered them into their seats. Edan sat next to me, probably so I wouldn’t have the chance to speak to Cameron. I nudged him in the side and waggled my eyebrows.

Edan rolled his eyes and kicked me in the shin to shut me up. 

All right. Got it. I’m embarrassing!  


“SHUT UP!” Miranda cut in. She’s sitting on my other side. “We already know all of them! Merlin, it’s like you’ve never been to a match before!”

“Well it’s exciting,” I huffed childishly, crossing my arms over my chest.

But my childish excitement was soon forgotten as everyone’s attention was now glued to the two Quidditch teams as they took flight.

I watched eagerly every time Angelina, Alicia or Katie would have the Quaffle, but as I had expected, the Slytherin Chasers were just as fast and their Beaters were just as ruthless—not saying Fred and George were ruthless but they were good at what they do, which is cause destruction.

After the score was tied 40-40, I turned my focus to Oliver to watch him. His brows were furrowed in deep concentration every time there was a sudden jerk his way. I knew he was beating himself up over the four goals he let in but it wasn’t his fault. They were good, nearly impossible, goals to save. 

About nearly an hour into the match, the score was still at 40-40 and the Snitch was still nowhere to be seen. There had been a moment earlier when we all thought Potter had seen the Snitch but it had been a false alarm.

It was growing to be a tiresome game, both for the players and the audience. I knew people were getting restless and bored due to the stalemate of the match but I also knew how easily deterred a player can get if they catch wind that the audience were losing interest. If there was one thing a Quidditch player hated to be, it was boring. 

I stood up and waved my flag around manically. “GO GRYFFINDOR! COME ON GUYS, YOU CAN DO IT!”

“You seem very enthusiastic for Gryffindor to win,” Edan said as I sat back down. “Does that have anything to do with your reconciliation with our mate, Oliver?”

I knew what he was getting at and Merlin, I’ve had a lot of people ask me this sodding question.

“No, we’re just friends, Edan,” I reply nonchalantly. “Nothing more, nothing less.” 

“Alright, if you say so,” he chuckled before turning to whisper something in Cameron’s ear. Her blue eyes instantly brightened up and she giggled in mirth. 

I turned my focus again back to the match so I wouldn’t have to look at my brother being gross and flirty with some girl. It was sickening. He was still a baby in my eyes. And yes he’s had quite a few girlfriends but it was all still sickening! I mean… just imagining him kissing her makes me want to vomit in my mouth. Gross, gross, gross… 

“HOLY SHIT!” Miranda cried out right in my ear.

I quickly perked up, hoping Potter had found the Snitch but the match was just as boring as it had been ten minutes ago. So I turned to stare at Miranda curiously, but she merely just pointed over to the Slytherin stand and there, right at the bottom, was my missing dorm-mate kissing a Slytherin that I have never seen before. 


“I KNOW!” Miranda screeched in disgust. “Is that where she’s bloody been going to every night? Is that why she’s been hiding from us?” 
“Apparently!” I growled, mirroring the anger in Miranda’s voice. “That stupid, stupid, stupid, STUPID girl! She runs away for nearly a sodding week and we now find herself canoodling with a Slytherin!”

“Shush, Keegs!” Miranda kicked my shin violently. I yelped but she ignored my outburst of pain. As she always does. 

“Simmer down before any of the boys catch on, we don’t need Seamus to make a scene right now,” Miranda whispered urgently to me.

Oh Merlin, Seamus!

When he finds out, he’s going to be devastated! And he’s probably going to go to Azkaban after he kills the Slytherin, which I know he will. Probably with a machete… I always imagined him with a machete.

“I’m going to kill Lucy,” Miranda murmured under her breath.

Well that stinks because then I’ll literally be best friend-less because when Miranda goes to Azkaban, Elbie will die of heartbreak then Adam won’t want to live without Elbie. I’ll be all alone! Except for Penny but she’s more like an annoying cousin that I have to love. 

Suddenly there was an eruption of cheers that vibrated all through the stands and my heart sank to the soles of my feet as I realised it came from the Slytherins. It appeared that in Miranda and mine’s fuming over Lucy’s new beau, we had missed that slimy Malfoy catch the Snitch. It must have been bloody spectacular because there was no way Malfoy was better than Potter! Even I had to admit that the Potter kid was by far the best Seeker Hogwarts has seen in a damn long time.

But as I leaned forward, I realised Potter was bleeding profusely from his ear and his glasses were nowhere to be seen. 
Ooh, those bloody Slytherins! They play dirty! They bloody knocked out his glasses causing him temporary blindness so they could give that talent-less Malfoy the chance to catch the Snitch! What I don’t understand is how they managed to knock it off… I swear Potter has special charms on his glasses to keep them there…

Before I could even come up with some logical explanation, a fight erupts down on the pitch. Oliver had tackled Flint to the ground and was now enthusiastically punching the git in the face. Not that I objected to this but I didn’t want Oliver’s temper to get him banned or even kicked off the team so I quickly ran as fast as I could, pushing and shoving past people—and I’m pretty sure I just punched a second year in the face.

Oops! I telepathically send the kid an apology just as I jumped over the barrier. 

I quickly sprint to Oliver’s side, grabbing him roughly by his arm and start to pull back. Oliver, caught off guard, stumbles into me. 

“Riddell, let go of me!” he growls, a dark gravelly sound that makes my hair stand on end. 

“Oliver, please,” I tried to stay calm. “Please before the professors get to you.”

I’m not entirely sure how many people saw the fight erupt but I was certain if I don’t get him out of here fast he was going to get into trouble.

“Yeah, go with your bitch, Wood!” Flint spat, blood dripping from his nose and bottom lip. 

I stepped on his ankle with all the strength I could muster. “Don’t make me kick the shit out of you too, Flint!” 

He cries out in pain and before he can say or do anything, I grab Oliver by the hand and pull him into the Gryffindor changing rooms. I’ve never been in here before, but it looks just as cramped as ours: one wall of lockers between the girls and the boys’ area and a long wooden bench by the wall.   

I sat Oliver on the wooden bench.

He looked awful, his hair was sweaty and matted to his forehead, he had dirt on his cheeks and all over his Quidditch robes, and his eyes were bloodshot with anger. 

“I don’t know how they bloody did it…” he mumbled, his hands clenching into fists so hard that his knuckles have turned white. “I don’t know how they managed to bypass Harry’s charms!” 

So the boy did have charms in place. 

“Look Oliver, they’re dirty lying cheating scum,” I told him. “What they did was lower than low but there is no way we’ll be able to convince the professors that Harry’s glasses were tampered with. Snape will stick up for them and it’d just get nowhere… but you can still be in the House Cup final! You can and I mean in order to do so, you have to beat us and you know I won’t go easy on you, but think optimistically, Oliver!”

He looks up after a brief second and stares at me, as if noticing for the first time that I was here. At first, his eyes soften slightly and he looks ready to agree with me, but then something flashes across his eyes. Something I can’t quite discern, but whatever it was, it resurged his anger.

“What the hell are you doing here anyway, Riddell?” he spat at me. “I bet you’re happy that we lost, this way our bet won’t even happen!” 


“Save it! Why don’t you go snog your ‘friend’ some more and leave me in peace, okay? I don’t need your pity!”

I couldn’t help it. All that attempt at trying to rekindle our friendship just burnt in front of me and all I could feel right now was pure anger. Anger and frustration and disappointment in Oliver.

“You are such an arrogant prick, you know that!” I roared, not caring how badly it hurt my throat to do so. 

“Merlin, I just can’t believe you sometimes! Here I am trying to be your bloody friend and try to console you and all you do is yell at me then bring up something so bloody inane, so stupid that I just… I just can’t even comprehend how your mind works, Wood! I just honestly can’t and I’m done trying! I guess some things never change!” I shouted at him. “Go to hell!”

I gave him one last livid look before I fled the changing rooms.

That’s it! I was done with Oliver bloody Wood! Sod him! 

 A/N: Soooo??? I know I'm evil. I know they just became friends, but hey! I can't make it that easy for them now can I?? ;) It'll be fine. The first bet is coming up soon and next chapter will.... be interesting to say the least  ^_^ Please leave a review on your way out, it lets me know what you think of it and really does encourage me. Merlin, I'm starting to sound like a broken record, haha. Well thanks for reading either way!! xxx

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