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Author's Notes: This is fanfic #2 for me and my first chaptered one. I already have the first couple chapters written, so I'll be posting them quite rapidly. The pace will slow down eventually, unless I feel like sitting in front of my PC and typing everything up on one of my few days off from work...probably won't happen though :) Oh, and this is another typical Head Boy/Head Girl scenario, but more for the convenience of setting than anything else.


The Unexpected Gift

Hermione Granger looked up adoringly at Harry Potter. “How is it that you always know what to get me?” Her eyes trailed back down to the book, A Perfectionist’s Guide to Peculiar Potions. It was Christmas at Hogwarts, and the seventh years were required to stay for the holidays as there were always many events scheduled for their last year.

“Oh, I don’t know,” Harry winked at Ron Weasley, who had also gotten Hermione a book, this one entitled A Perfectionist’s Guide to Tricky Transfigurations.

“I guess we just want you to be so busy reading, you’ll forget to lecture us for once,” Ron stated, sharing a silent laugh with Harry over Hermione’s head.

“Ha,” she tossed back, “You’ll never get off that easy.” She threw her arms around first Harry then Ron, murmuring her thanks again.

“So that’s the last of them. Help me take the lot up to my room?” she asked. After they had finished carting all her presents to the Head Girl’s private room, they returned to the Head’s common room.

“Hey…there’s still one left,” Ron pointed to a small box wrapped in silver paper sitting on the coffee table.

Confused, Hermione picked it up. “I could’ve sworn I opened them all. And there’s no card.” Shrugging, she began to unwrap it. Inside the silver paper was a scarlet box, which opened to reveal a deep green jewelry box. Handling the velvet box carefully, Hermione quickly glanced up at Ron and Harry. Seeing their looks of confusion, she knew they had nothing to do with it, which had been her original thought. She was almost afraid of what was inside.

“Come on, Hermione! Open it already!” Ron begged.

Hesitantly, she lifted the lid. Inside lay the most amazing thing she had ever seen. She reached out a shy finger and traced it along the chain of the golden necklace. The pendant was a single blood red ruby shaped in a teardrop. In the center of the necklace were two teardrop earrings, also ruby.

“Do you…do you really think this is for me?” she asked.

“Well, I don’t think anyone would be giving Malfoy women’s jewelry,” Harry replied, his faced contorted in disgust. Draco Malfoy had been named Head Boy this year, which meant he shared a common room and bathroom with Hermione.

“And he left for the Slytherin common room ages ago, so he couldn’t have left it here, meant for someone else.”

“I guess…I guess you’re right, Ron.” Hermione couldn’t tear her eyes away from the sparkling jewels. No one besides her parents had ever bought her jewelry before.

“Well, Ron and I have to be off now; we haven’t even started the Potions essay that Snape gave us, and I doubt there will be any other free time this holiday.”

Still staring at the box in wonder, Hermione just nodded as her two best friends stepped out of her dormitory. She slowly walked up the stairs to her portrait, never taking her eyes of the necklace and earrings. “Jumping Jackrabbits,” she said to the picture of herself, which immediately swung open to reveal her goldenrod and scarlet room. She lay down on the king-sized bed, still holding the box as if it were the lost treasure of ancient kings. It was then that she noticed a little corner of parchment sticking out from the edge of the box insert. She lifted out the necklace and earrings, still attached to the insert, and retrieved the note.

Hermione: I tried to find something that would match your timeless beauty, but I’m afraid this was all I could find. I hope you like it. –Your Secret Admirer

She couldn’t recognize the handwriting, but she had a feeling it had been bewitched for just that reason. She would have to ask around, see if anyone had been seen buying something like this openly. She finally turned back to the jewels that lay on her bed. Taking the necklace first, she clasped it around her neck. It was the perfect length, the ruby hanging at the junction of her collarbone. She walked towards her vanity as she put on her teardrop earrings. Hermione knew that whoever had given her this gift knew her very well indeed, because she had never seen anything that she liked better.

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