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Hermione laid on her bed that morning, still thinking about Draco and their kiss that happened weeks ago. She could still feel the taste of his lips and how it felt with his against hers. She smiled wistfully, wondering when she'll see him again.

"Hermione," Narcissa knocked softly. "I'll be going now. I'll see you and Scorpius in a weeks time."

"Alright, Cissa." Hermione replied. Then, silence ensued in her room again, except for the faint sound of clicking heels against the floor as the elder woman walked away.

That afternoon, Hermione Granger sat on her chair in her engorgio-ed library/study room in the cottage, staring into space, and thinking. She was working on her report about another spotted Death Eater in Diagon Alley. Yes, even though it's been three years after the war, Death Eaters were still around. Not a lot that it's life threatening, but a little. The Auror Department was shocked when each case rolled around. New and unheard Death Eaters seemed to be coming out from nowhere.

Her recent file, and the one she was currently working on, was a Death Eater aged in his late thirties. His name was Sabastian Rookwood. He was quite a good-looking man, too bad he was a Death Eater. He had quite a good built, had dirty blond hair and blue eyes, like one of those typical Muggle celebrities she sees on TV when she visits her parents. He worked for Voldemort and has close acquaintance with the Greengrasses.

Hermione was frustrated over these Death Eaters' spotting- they keep appearing every time they finished a report.

She can hear thuds of footsteps running towards her study. She smiled and leaned back, closing her eyes in the process, waiting for Scorpius to come in.

"Mama," Scorpius said loudly as his head bobbed up and down along the table towards her. "Can I have a broom?"

"Why do you need a broom?" Hermione asked, raising her eyebrows. It was a normal Monday morning, except instead of Narcissa playing with Scorpius it was Hermione. Narcissa had decided to pay her friend and ex-classmate, Severus Snape, a visit at Spinner's End.

"Nathan has one. It was fun!" Scorpius grinned.

"You flew on one?" Hermione frowned. "Scorpius, you could've gotten hurt!"

"Uncle Blaise was there, mama!" Scorpius said, his grin fading. "Please, can I have one?"

"It's too dangerous, sweetheart!" Hermione raised her voice a bit to emphasize her point. "We'll wait for daddy to come home alright?"

"I want a broom!" He stomped his feet. Hermione was at lost. She had never seen Scorpius throwing a tantrum and didn't know what to do. "I don't want to wait for daddy to come home! I want a broom now!"

"Well, how about we wait for grandmamma to come back?" Hermione tried. "She knows more about brooms than I do."

"NO!" He shouted. "I want a broom now!"

"Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy!" Hermione scolded. "Either you wait for grandmamma to come home or you wait for daddy!"

"Daddy's never coming home!" Scorpius shouted, tears already forming. She sighed, wondering why the Malfoys (except Narcissa) she knew had the ability to change their emotions in a matter of seconds. "Daddy doesn't like me!"

"Oh, sweetheart," Hermione said softly, kneeling down to his height. "Your daddy does like you, your mummy and daddy had a fight. He just needs sometime to think. He'll come home soon."

Oh, how she hoped that was true. She wanted to see Draco soon too! It's been hard trying to continue on with her life after that night. Every minute spent awake, the taste of his lips lingers on hers and his face strayed on her mind, blocking other thoughts.

"No! Daddy won't come back!" He shouted as he pushed Hermione away from him. "I don't like you!"

Hermione gasped at his statement and could only watch as he ran out the door. She stood there for a few moments before his actions fully registered in her mind. She cursed her stubbornness and immediately followed him.

Scorpius was a fast runner for a three-year-old. Hermione tried as hard as she can to catch up with him as she looked around to locate their surroundings. She gasped as she realised where they were heading.

Knockturn Alley.

"Scorpius! Stop!" Hermione shouted. The people she ran past was giving her weird looks, but she didn't care. All she cared was whether if Scorpius heard her or not.

"Scorpius?" Hermione shouted frantically when she lost track of Scorpius after he turned a corner. Then, a familiar shout reached her ears, and she ran towards that direction.

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