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Love Story. by Corko
Chapter 1 : Platform 9 3/4.
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A/N: Hey guys! This is my first go at a proper story so give me a chance! The first chapter is meant to introduce my new characters, so please don't judge the story by this chapter. I hope you enjoy it and please review. :)

Disclaimer: I, most unfortunately, own nothing of the Harry Potter book stuff. Just the original characters. I'm just saying this once, because it makes me sad.


“RACHELl!” a voice suddenly screamed in my ear. I turned around. “LILY!” I screamed back and her. Lily was my best friend. She was extremely pretty with auburn hair and beautiful emerald eyes. It was no surprise to anyone that half the boys in the school were after her.

“How was your summer”, I asked.

“Pretty good”, she said, “I went skiing with my family in Cyprus. It was hilarious! Especially when Petunia kept falling down on her arse!”

I laughed. “Is she still ignoring you?” I asked.

“Ya. But it was a blessing! All she was talking about all summer was her horrible boyfriend Vernin or something”, she said, "How was yours?”

"Brilliant!" I said, "We went back to Ireland to see everyone. Are Nicole and Clara here yet?"

Lily looked around. "I don't think so", she answered, "But the marauders are here if you want to go flirt with Sirius". She winked at me and started laughing.

I should probably tell you now that i am TOTALLY in love with Sirius Black!! We've been best friends since 1st year when we both got detention for playing a prank on the Sirius's cousin Bellatrix. I had already known James who lived down the street from my house and i got to know Remus and Peter through them.

Sirius and I are always playing pranks together. Mostly on the Slytherins and Snivellus (Severus Snape). But whenever we do he runs off to Lily and tells on us. Then she gets all moody and I'm like we were only trying to help him! (we had charmed shampoo bottles to follow him around) But unfortunately she didnt see the funny side...

Anyway so it causes a lot of arguments between us. I've been trying to convince her to stop being friends with Snape for years but she just ignores me.

"So do you want to find a compartment", I asked Lily. She nodded and I picked up my owl's cage and went in.

We found a compartment at the end of the train and sat down gossiping. I was telling her about a prank James and I pulled when the
compartment door burst open. Two girls came in.

"Nicole! Clara!" I shouted getting up to hug them. They were my other best friends.

Clara was very pretty with hazel eyes and long black hair. She was the flirty one in our group. She got more boys than I can count.

Nicole was also very pretty with light brown eyes and dark brown hair. She was more quiet than us and was always reading.

Together we were the maraudettes! I know what your thinking and no we didn't copy the Marauders name. I came up with it first. They copied me I swear!!

They train started moving and we were exchanging news when the door opened again.

Three extremely handsome boys walked in.

"Sirius! James! Remus!" I shouted hugging each of them. "Wheres Peter?" I asked.

"Down getting something from the trolley." said Sirius sitting down next to me. I put my legs into his lap.

"Already", I said," last year he at least came in to say hi first".

We played 8 games of exploding snap before Sirius and I borrowed James's invisibility cloak and went down to the Slytherin's compartments to let off a few dungbombs. We did it every year.

When we got back to the compartment the others were talking about getting changed. We sent the boys out of the compartment and got changed.

A few hours later the Marauders and I were planning this years pranks when the train started to slow down. We grabbed our cages and trunks and went out onto the platform.

I couldn't wait to get back to the castle. I was muggleborn so I didn't have a clue about magic until I got my letter. I had grown to love the castle and the Marauders and I had uncovered many of its secrets over the years.

I joined Lily, Nicole and Clara in one of the carriages and it started going up to the school.

"Do you think this year will be hard because of OWLs", Lily asked.

"Probably", I said," I mean they effect your whole future don't they. Besides you've nothing to worry about Lily". She was one of the smartest girls in our year and was by far the best a potions.

"That reminds me", she said,"I was made prefect!"

"Congratulations Lily!" we said. She smiled.

"Do you know who the other prefect is?", she asked.

"Probably Remus", Clara said,"He looked really pale, didn't he."

"Ya", I mumbled glancing at Lily. It had been the full moon 2 days ago and Remus was still a bit sick. Only Lily and I knew about his 'furry little problem' as James calls it. I found out in 2nd year and Lily found out in 3rd. We had been trying to help him and the Marauders and I had succeeded in becoming animagus's at the end of last year. We were going to accompany him this year.

We got out of the carriages and went into the great hall. It took ages for the 1st years to be sorted but at last some girl was made a hufflepuff and food appeared.

I was eating potatoes and talking to Lily about OWLs. I wanted to get top grades so that I could become an auror. Lily had wanted to become a healer since 1st year.

When everyone was finished Dumbledore stood up and started talking about unity between houses. As if, I thought looking over at the Slytherin table. No way in hell was I going near them.

He sat down and everyone got up and started leaving. Remus and Lily went off to help the 1st years. I walked up with Clara and Nicole. Clara was going on about Remus. She had fancied him since 3rd year. I went to my bed and changed into my pyjamas.

This year is gonna be different, I thought as I went to bed, by the end of this year I'l have Sirius loving me.


So theres the first chapter done. Review please!! =D

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Love Story.: Platform 9 3/4.


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