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      "Malfoy!" Hermione nearly screamed and jumped as far away from the bed as possible. "What on earth? How did you? How is this possible? You’re a boy! Boys aren’t supposed to even be able to get into the girls dormitories! And this is the GRYFINDOR girl’s dormitory. To get in you'd have to be a Gryffindor. How did a Slytherin get in here!." She was pacing and jumpy looking for how he got in. She was also babbling and making no sense what so ever. Malfoy had done something thought impossible. He did something Granger didn't know and confused her into babbling lunacy.

   Why Hermione was freaking out, Draco sat up with his trade mark smirk. Sitting on the edge of the bed watching her pace His eyes were his normal Mercury-silver orbs. But, He watched her much like a Like a snake watches its victim. He enjoyed getting her flustered. The fact that no one else could just encouraged is ego. He kept this to himself though before speaking.

  "If you would settle down Granger, I'd tell you. But as is you wouldn't even hear me over your inane babble!" He smirked watching her gather her thoughts. He waited for her heart beat to slow back down to its normal familiar rhythm. This caused Malfoy to calm as well. His eyes followed her as she went and sat down on the opposite bed of hers which he sat on."

  "Obviously I am here because of the letter. Harry's become suspicious and up there waiting for you." He watched Hermione and felt something stir as he heard her heart beat skip a bit. Did she have feelings for Potter? He pushed this out of his mind before he lost his temper and with Granger the only one in the room she would get the brunt of it and he didn't want to hurt his only chance at survival. He interrupted her thoughts.

  "So I decided to wait here for you. I knew you would come up here to read a bit. As for how I got in here. I overheard the password and spoke it. The fat lady had to let me in. I moved quickly past everyone that was in here which was only two. Everyone else was down at Dinner. Like the Slytherin Dormitories I knew if a male touched the steps it would become a slide. So..I used my new powers of a vampire and made myself weightless so it wouldn't sense me and walked up. “He smirked an spoke with a hint of sarcasm like it was the most sensibly thing in the world.

  Hermione's mouth formed an O shape as it clicked. She felt stupid. Of course, there were loads of ways vampire Malfoy could have done to get in there. She pictured him crawling on the ceiling or something. She was presently surprised at how practical his method had been.

  "So, you decided to help me?" He spoke in a quite almost a whispering voice. Before he hearing footsteps come up the steps he shut the curtains around him and became quiet just as Lavender Brown and Parvati Patil walked into the girls dorms.

"There you are Hermione." said Parvati

  "We've been looking everywhere for you. Harry's worried and wanted us to check on you. He told us to tell you he wants to speak to you tomorrow after breakfast in the astronomy tower." Lavender said talking sweeter than usual. Since he and Ron got back together Lavender's tried to be civil to his best friend.

  "Ok' Hermione spoke with confusion. It wasn't like Harry to tell people to tell her he was looking for her. She felt a strange butterfly feeling in her stomach. Something wasn't right. "I'll do that."

  The two girls nodded and went back downstairs to the common Room. Draco opened the curtains again. His eyes were red he felt Hermione’s subtle body changes and it pissed him off he took a deep breath to calm. He didn't need to breath anymore it was more out of habit then anything.

  "Yes, I have decided to help. Does Dumbledore know? when do we go? How do we get there? “She asked all these questions why being slightly off. She was worried about How Harry and Ron would take this. Draco clenched one of his fists into a ball and spoke normally though he wanted to shout at her to focus.

    "I'm glad. Yes Dumbledore is aware. We have to travel there with little magic as possible. We will take a boat to France and figure out what we are going to do from there. We leave tonight so get everything packed. I'll also stop at the hospital wing and potions storage and get potions and ingredients we might need. I need to go to the forest to feed. I probably won’t be able to feed for a while. Also if you’re so worried about Saint Potter and side kick Weasel. Go Wright them a letter. They will get it tomorrow when we are already gone. “With that he disappeared quickly down the stairs not even giving her time to react or say anything.

  Malfoy stormed into the forest his eyes searching for a deer or something to feed from. Dumbledore had given him permission earlier that night. Had the old coot known? He shook his head and ran after a deer. Kicking up the leaves with the wind created do the speed he ran. Not snapping any twigs or anything he tackled the deer. He easily pinned it. He needed to sink his fangs into something anything. He didn't know where this sudden Rage came from. He bit into the Deer Injecting venom so it wouldn't feel any pain. He wasn't sadistic. He fed. Pulling away before the heart beat stopped. He stroked the beasts neck easing it's passing the creature sensing this and relaxed under his touch. The light slowly fading from its eyes as it passed.

   It was then that Draco witnessed a strange thing. He saw the spirit of the deer. It nudged his hand before bouncing off into nothing. This was strange. He read all he could on vampires and never heard of any known ones seeing anything like this. He made a note to ask Granger sometime. Just not right now. He felt he had to keep this a secret. He closed his eyes the new blood heightening his senses he stood up and walked and went to the dungeons first. Grabbing ingredients from the potion's storage before going to the hospital wing grabbing any and all potions they could possibly need in any emergency and went to wait for Granger in her dorm. Noticing all her stuff was packed except for a beaded bag. He opened it instantly feeling weightlessness as well as an undetectable extension charm. He put what he gathered carefully into the bag. He laid down waiting. He still pondered about the deer.

   Meanwhile Hermione was up in the owlery writing a long letter explaining everything to Harry and Ron. Apart from the owls occasionally hooting the only thing that could be heard was the soft scratching of a quill on parchment. When she was done she attached it to Hedwig's Leg gently using her finger to scratch lovingly at the bird’s chest. Can you wait tell tomorrow at breakfast to give this to Harry? Hedwig hooted showing she understood and nibbled Hermione’s finger affectionately before going to her perch to rest.

   Hermione looked around the castle as she walked back. She memorized the landscape, the halls as well as the lake. This could very well be the last time she would ever see Hogwarts. When she got to the dormitory she noticed Draco already waiting. He was a little less pale. She figured he had fed.

"Ready?” He asked moving to stand in front of her. He Held out her bag for her, which she took with a polite thank you.

"Yes, as ready as I'll ever be. Lead the way Malfoy. “she spoke in a playful yet annoyed tone.

   "As you wish Granger.” He took the bait for the familiar comfort of there back and forth banter (more often than not insults) He lead the way down the stairs. Hermione took one long last look at the boy's dormitories sad that she was leaving her best friends behind. They walked for two hours when they got to Hogsmeade. Draco thinking of something he picked her up bridal style and ran. It wasn't long tell they reached a boat and he put Granger down who was now shaking. She hit him hard with a pillow she conjured.

"Don’t  ..." She said between hits. Draco was laughing uncontrollably at her. Her anger amusing him and he could tell he had startled her again. Two points for Malfoy.

"I got us here didn't I?" He spoke why sneaking them easily onto the ship. Hiding in the storage docks for now. Waiting for them to get out at sea more before letting them go on deck.

'   Oh well I suppose ferret “Score number one for Granger. When he was sure they were far enough out. He went out on deck listening to heartbeats he went to each room before finding one empty. He told Hermione to wait why he got the keys. He knew they had magic but he needed to at least appear they had keys. When he got back Hermione was already In the room Nodding to the key's. There were two beds Hermione took one why Draco took the other one. He needed sleep he drifted off quickly though he was still awake in a sense. He could hear ad feel everything going on i the room. He focused on the door and window. Just in case someone tried anything. Barely three hours into their journey and he already on edge.

Little did he and Hermione Know his instincts were right. They had to be on edge. Someone was watching and testing.

What of the Malfoy boy? ‘The middle figure asked the left his leader. Who was much shorter than him or the other.

"We need to keep an eye on him. Out of all the newborns and other vampire’s competing. He will be a threat; especially if he brings the girl Hermione here.

"But sir" Said the one on the right looking into the orb observing the new vampires "Wasn't it your idea to let them bring a companion?”

"Yes, But I didn't tell them that They won’t survive. This witch will be a threat. If she figures it out." He went silent.

"I doubt she will m'lord " Said the center figure.

"Don't be quick to judge Malfas" said the one on the left. To the middle malfas "It's important to my plan..." We need the Malfoy boy. But, if he is to be successful on keeping the girl alive. We have problems. "Dalaf!" He spoke to the one on the right “Get the cleaners on these two. Tell them not to harm the boy. But kill the girl.

"Yes my lord." Dalaf ran off to give the orders.

"We have problems" Said the leader once Malfas left to go attend to the preparations. Talking to what appeared to be nothing; Except for a faint low growl of a reply.

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