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I Know am really slow....please try to understand...i hope you like this chapter...


 Hermione was excited about the girls night Ginny had planned but not as excited as she would have been in the past. She always felt a part of her missing.

"What are you thinking 'Mione?"

Hermione turned to face Ron. He was smiling at her. She returned his smile.

"Nothing Ron just thinking what Ginny has planned for the night. You know i really don't have to go. if you want i can stay back."

"NO NO. You really need a night out from all this frustation. It'l' be a nice break for you. Now come on stop being a child and get your self ready for tonite."

Hermione made a face. But she should have known better this pair of brother and sister would not let her talk herself out.


Hermione was as usual before time. She stood in front of the venus that GInny had fixed. She looked around but Ginny was no where to be seen. She was shocked that this new club Velocity was doing so well. She tried to look for the end of the long line in front on the entrance, but no success it was way to long.

" ' Mione. Hey 'Mione"

Hermione turned to the voice and saw Ginny. She as usual looked dashing in her red halterneck top wid a denim mini. Red was her color. it went greatly with her hair color.

" Hey GInny you look great."

" Thanks 'Mione. Wish i could say the same for you. Why are you in grey. You look so dull. Looking at you has completly put my mood off."

" Well i think that this is the perfect dress. I actually thought...."

"You think way to much. even for yourself. Okay enough with the talking. Now lets go in."

Hermione looked at the gaurd standing at the entrance. Ginny showed him some passes and he smiled at them. Letting them in.

Hermione was awesturck when she entered. Words would be put short if the place was described. It had a great antique. The place looked like some underground tunnel. The bar ran along one length with some couches at places. And the D.J was setup at the opposite direction. The music had filled the place. And it seemed that any moment and the place would burst releasing the music.

" Two gins please."

"No Ginny i would rather not drink."

"Oh come on dont give me that crap. Stop being yourself for one night. Now drink up."


But Ginny shoved the drink in her hand and thanked the bartender. They moved to one of the couches and sat there watching people dancing there bodies to eachother. It didnt look vulger but divine in a way.



"Your early?"

"Ya i had to make some arrangements for the great Draco Malfoy."

Draco gave him a crooked smile.

"So what are we exactly doing here?"

"This my friend is the new club Velocity. And tonite whatever is going to happen is going to change your life for ever."

"Okay now you sound like you have been hit on the head by some witch from Hamelet."

"Just wait and watch. Your gonna thank me foe this night."

With this said they both headed towards the entrance and entered the club. Draco liked the place. He now knew why Blaise had chosen this place. Because it was full of adventure yet dark just like his life.

They both headed to the bar and ordered there drinks. Blaise looked around and saw many girls eyeing him and Draco. But tonite was not about him. It was about Draco.

"Hmm i see quite a few girls eyeing you."

"Ya i know they like feeding there hungry eyes once in a while."

"Maybe i would get in someones pants tonite."

"You would....given that your sitting with me."

"Ohh comeon Draco you seriously think that these girls here would let you bed them?"

"You doubt that?"

"Yes i do."

"Think before you speak Blaise."

"Okay. Lets find out if the Sex god is still the Sex God.?"

"You really wanna do this?"

"Doubting your own standard Draco"

"Never. your on."

"Okay lets see...."

Blaise looked around as far as he could to search for the perfect girl. And then his eyes dropped on just the girl he wanted them too.

"See that girl there in grey?"


"Bed her."

"What are you serious...? Look at her man she look like shes walked out of the 18th century."

"I don't care. You on or not"

"Fine am on."


Draco and Blaise shaked hands and then got back to drink. While a mischeifous smile played on Blaise's lips.



I hope you like this chapter......



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